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Last as Long as You Want In Bed

Here's an obvious fact that all men can't help but know is true - all women judge how we perform in the bedroom.

And there's one "statistic" that every women pays attention to.  If you can't last long enough in bed to satisfy the girl you're sleeping with, she's left frustrated and disappointed while you're left facing the embarrassment.....

Two simple sentences from Melissa, a girl who was part of a recent focus group I attended sums it all up:
"If a guy can't even last ten minutes than what's the point?  That's the kinda guy I laugh about with my friends when we have girls talk........"
And she's definitely not alone in thinking this way.....

Catch any girl in a moment of honesty and she'll tell you the same thing.  If a guy can't last a decent amount of time in the bedroom, there's a part of her that's flat-out disappointed.

They may not ever say it out loud after sex, but they're wishing that sex could last longer.......

And heck - we can sympathize.  Every man has been in a situation where they are left "teased" or turned on without being able to achieve an orgasm.
It leaves you frustrated and disappointed.

It's no different with women.  As much as we may hate it as times, it's a proven fact that a woman needs more stimulation and a longer sexual experience than a man in order to be satisfied and achieve an orgasm.


If you finish too quickly, you're not giving her what she needs.....

Sadly, most men aren't able to last long enough in the bedroom.  They simply don't have enough control over when they orgasm.
We've all experienced that embarrassing moment of having an orgasm within just a couple minutes......

It's an extremely humbling experience.  You never know what to do - should you apologize?  Make up an excuse?  Hope that she didn't notice?

If there's any "good news", it's that over half of all men suffer from premature ejaculation at some point in their lives.  You're not alone.
And better yet, it's something that can not only be fixed, but permanently cured so you never have to worry about facing the embarrassment of premature ejaculation again.
Most guys just figure that there's nothing they can do to "fix" the problem.  They might try different so-called "tricks" to delay when they orgasm, but these don't solve the problem.
You can't just start thinking of golfing or your grandmother during sex to try to fight off an orgasm!  Almost every guy has heard of this tactic but we all know it doesn't actually work.......
Here's the thing - you don't have to be embarrassed if you don't last long in bed right now.


Melt Away Your Humiliating Man Boobs

Let's face it, feeling like you're sporting Pamela Anderson's chest isn't a manly thing.

I know you hate it. You're tired of the snickers at the pool... if you even go. You're weary of wearing two shirts and slumping your shoulders to hide your chest as best you can. Maybe nobody will notice. Maybe you can avoid the looks and laughs for another day.

It hurts, doesn't it? Hey, man or not, you bet it hurts. It's no way to live... but you don't have to take it anymore.

One month from right now, your chest can be as flat as a board - not an ounce of extra fat. And you'll be on your way to having the cut pecs you see on those T.V. studs.

You probably don't believe that, and I don't blame you. Sounds too good to be true, but it's not. That's because all the scam artists out there trying to sell you supplements and fad diets aren't telling you the truth. Well, here it is...


Your Man Boobs Aren't Genetic, And You Don't Have To Spend Hours A Day And Thousands Of Dollars To Get Rid Of Them

If you're desperate to give your man boobs the boot, I'm offering you some serious hope... and more than that in a minute. You won't hear that from the diet, supplement and weight training freaks, of course.

No, they'll tell you that you've got to spend hours at the gym or face down on the floor doing pushups.

Or they'll say you have to abuse yourself with wacky starvation diets that can damage your health... and actually preserve your man boobs!

Or maybe they'll tell you take an insane pharmacy full of possibly dangerous pills to flatten your chest.

Stop the crazy stuff!
Have you had your man boobs since you were young... and you never did "grow out of them" like people said you would?
Have you tried exercising until your body's sore all the time... and STILL see your chest wiggle when you laugh?

Have you tried every diet out there... and the rest of you is pretty slim, but not your chest?


That's because you don't know the science.

Don't blame yourself. Thinking it's hopeless isn't your fault.

Boost your health and happiness in your relationship

You're there with a women... eyes are locked on each other.. the body language says it all...

Maybe you've just met or your together already... either way the temperature is right the mood is right...

You can tell from the way she's looking at you she wants you...

You get started to give her what she wants... She wants you...

But as soon as your in... Your getting hot... that feeling is rushing... your muscles start to tense, your can feel your heart beat & before you can even try to hold it in your done.

Your there thinking... trying to work out what to say... she's there wondering what's wrong...

Then she says something reassuring like "it's ok" but you both know it really isn't... You want to give her the time of her life in bed & she wants to have the time of her life in bed...

In your mind your wondering what she really thinks of you... is she more upset or amused by you or both?

Your hoping she wont mention anything but you know it's a problem and it's very clearly affecting both of you...

It's distressing, embarrassing not to mention painful... every time it makes you feel less like a man...

If its been going on for some time then it's getting worse... having to shamefully, quietly not talk about it...

Not knowing what she's thinking... hoping it's not about other men that can give her what she wants and please her needs...

If you were a woman & your man couldn't last longer then a few minutes, couldn't please you the way you needed it or even give you normal sex... Would your mind think about other men?

I know how insecure I was about her because knowing she was thinking about other men is where is started... I knew it was gonna happen one day but not as soon as it did...

She cheated... the funny guy from work...her reason? All my fault.

Premature Ejaculation isn't just a problem it's a huge problem...it's not just about sex it's about happiness, stress relief, closeness & intimacy...

Your feelings, your thoughts, your moods & ultimately success are all based on the happiness you experience in life.

If you can't give it... and she can't have it then you know where it's heading.

If Things Aren't Going Right Then
They're Getting Worse...

You need to understand this very carefully...

You're Not Alone...

Medical reports show that Premature Ejaculation is a problem for approximately 30% of men worldwide.

Worst is you feel something is wrong with you or that you have some medical problem ...chances are you don't.

Premature Ejaculation believe it or not has very little to do with physical abnormalities or dysfunctions...

In fact for many years... I thought I had a medical problem but I didn't... unfortunately it took me over 5 years and a divorce to figure that one out.

Even though it isn't a medical problem for most the impact of it is worse then a medical problem and can cost your ultimate happiness if not resolved...

After years of living with the problem, thankfully enough I found the one perfect method that changed me instantly from a 2 minute man into a regular guy with an edge...

This Is What Happened To Me...

For years I was suffering from a poor stamina but over time it got worse and worse...

I was at a point where I could only last at best for a minute in bed... it was bad...

In fact it was terrible ...I couldn't please my own wife - lasting longer than 1 minute was a miracle.

Every time it happened I felt worse & worse... I hated the feeling of seeing that look of disappointment on her face... we started to slowly drift apart... all because of my problem.

I tried everything... I went from Doctors to Counselors... I bought all the creams, pills and sprays that I could find... I went through hell - I even asked about surgery to fix the problem.


But nothing worked.

My life was on a slippery slope... we ended up getting a divorce after she admitted cheating on me because of my problem. I was depressed & it wasn't getting any better.

It was at this stage I promised myself I wouldn't let this bedroom problem ruin & carry on affecting the rest of my life... I had enough.

I needed to find a way to fix the problem... I wasn't going to stop until I found a way to end this shaming problem...

It was then after months of searching & researching I discovered a method so simple but so effective it was amazing...

I promise you I had tried everything but this worked like a charm... no other "cure" or "solution" came close to this method that changed me over night...

I had found something priceless... something I wish I had only found sooner.

A solution that really works & can fix your premature ejaculation problem within days...

I'll explain a few things that will open your eyes & shock you...be ready to end your problem forever...

Here Are The Reasons Why You Have Premature Ejaculation...

After countless hours of researching I needed to understand the causes of the problem...

Before fixing premature ejaculation you need to see where you are below...

1 - Biological: Your body can react in different ways and sometimes if you have an infection or other similar problems this can cause premature ejaculation. - This counts for less then 5% of men effected.

2 - Physical Dysfunction: Although it's responsible for causing more cases then the biological reasons your body is more likely to be out of tune rather than dysfunction. - This counts for around 15% of men effected. (explained further later on)

3 - Psychological: The biggest problem of all, the premature ejaculation circle, the mental pressures we face in day to day life has the biggest impact. Ever feel like this just isn't getting better? Combine this with some out of tune muscles and you have disaster. - This counts for over 50% of men effected.

4 - Sexual Experience: In most cases it's the lack of or better yet simply knowing why you ejaculate and how to control the sensitivity. Most men never think of sex as an action that you control, once you understand "how to" you can free yourself from the "psychological trap". Ever done any weight training? or "Resistance Training" If it's too intense for you & you feel too weak to control it, then you have your answer. - This counts for over 30% of men effected.

Most men suffering from premature ejaculation is being caused by one or two of the above reasons...

If you can see one of reasons above for your premature ejaculation problem?

Then you don't need to worry...

Chances are that you will be in either the psychological trap or the sexual experience corner... If that's the case... be ready to end premature ejaculation...

You're about to discover something so simple but so effective at ending your problem that you'll be able to see improvements almost instantly..


Natural Premature Ejac Solution

In a recent Poll we discovered:

93% of men wished they could last longer during sex before ejaculating.

Are you one of these men?

I know I was.

And check this out,

89% of all women asked, who admitted to being unfaithful to their male partner, said that they were driven to such an act of betrayal due to their man’s poor performance in bed and in particular, his inability to last long enough to allow her to have a vaginal orgasm!

Can YOU believe it?

That means WOMEN are blaming MEN for their own CHEATING!
ArE you sick and tired of the constant Frustration and Embarrassment of cumming “waaaaay tooooo sooooon?”

There’s nothing worse than that embarrassing sensation of “blowing your wad” long before your lady even begins to start vibrating. The look of disappointment and occasionally anger, is more than most men can deal with, without feeling about 2 inches tall and ducking for cover from the shame!

These ladies may sometimes seem to be sympathetic and understanding of your situation, but in truth, what you don’t realize, is that many of them are feeling frustrated RIGHT NOW, unsatisfied, sexually incomplete and some are even secretly “Pi**ed Off” about the situation, and they are looking for a solution or a new alternative to their cir-CUM-stance!

The woman (or women) in your life could be secretly desiring, or maybe even searching for other men RIGHT NOW who can fulfil all her needs sexually!

What If She’s Been Faking Her Orgasms, Just To Save Face And Get Through The Whole Damned Dilemma Without An Ugly Confrontation?

What If You’ve Never Given Her A “REAL” Orgasm At All?

Hey, I completely understand what you are going through.

Not so very long ago, I was right there with you! I was lucky enough that my work placed me in a position where I was meeting tons of totally hot and sexy women, and by working shoulder to shoulder with them on a daily basis, it was only natural for us to go out to dinner and have a few drinks after work, at least a couple of times a week.

You know the score, drinks flow, conversation leads to the occasional touch, then the well planned “Rub and Hug,” one thing leads to another, etc.

I could get them home, I could get them into bed, I could get them naked and I could get them as excited as all hell, … but then that’s where the problem began...

You see, I was suffering from what I called “Premature-Premature Ejaculation,” meaning a guy my age, with my energy and love of life, just shouldn’t be hanging on for dear life to last more than a couple of minutes inside of a “hot piece of action!”

But that was the reality of my situation, and it sucked!

So, like any smart guy who doesn’t want to permanently give up on sex decades before he needs to, I decided to do something about it.

Believe me, I tried anything and everything, as I was completely frustrated, totally embarrassed, running out of women who didn’t KNOW about my "little problem" (trust me, WOMEN TALK!) and desperate to do something right away, to save my sex life before my reputation was absolute mud!

Back Pain Can Be Fixed

Where Do You Suffer Your Back Pain Symptoms?

Lower Back | Sciatica | Leg & Buttock | Upper Back | Arthritis | Herniated Disc | Bulging Disc | Fibromyalgia

Engineer, Researcher, Author and Former Back Pain Sufferer – who used his mathematical, problem solving mind to find a solution for chronic back pain for himself … teaches you how to:

 Repair Your Sore Back & Sciatica Pain Naturally With Great Results That Are Noticeable, In Some Cases On The First Day, But Certainly Within Weeks For Most People Suffering From Chronic Back Pain
 Heal Your Back And Live A Better Quality Of Life By Making Simple Changes That Create Positive Results
 Sit and walk properly … so that your body is aligned correctly at all times
 Train your muscles to work with your spine rather than against it … making your structure stable, keeping you flexible and mobile under all circumstances
 To identify environmental causes that undermine your back slowly without you even realising it

Introducing: Daniel Carey, Engineer, Researcher, Author and Former Chronic Back Pain Sufferer

Dear Back Pain Sufferer,

You’re about to find out that back pain can be fixed – despite what you may have been told!

If your back pain or sciatica has occurred over time – we call this cumulative aggravation – and you are experiencing acute pain…

Then Keep Reading …
My Back Pain ruined my holiday

Daniel & Katrina In London

My name is Daniel Carey and I’m passionate about back care … both personally and scientifically.  Over the past 5 years, I have rigorously researched every possible solution for chronic back pain because it was literally destroying my life.

The last straw came when I was in London on the holiday of a lifetime with my partner, Katrina.  We were there for two weeks … and devastatingly for me … one of those weeks was spent either at the chiropractor or lying on the floor writhing in agony from back spasms while Katrina went sightseeing on her own.

This was our third holiday that had been ruined by my back pain.

If ever there was a time that depression would overtake me – this was it.

This distressing, frustrating and embarrassing week became the catalyst …

I HAD to find a solution … I was desperate … and couldn’t bear the thought of living the rest of my life like this!

ANGER, Frustration And Despair
– Turned Into “Back Pain Can Be Fixed”

Mind you … it wasn’t easy finding this solution … and you can probably testify to how hard finding permanent relief is. In my search for finding relief for my personal back pain, I received treatment from:

      Receipts for thousands of dollars on Treatments

      Therapist Receipts

 3 general practitioners (doctors)
 5 chiropractors
 50 massage therapists
 1 acupuncturist
 5 physiotherapists
 1 osteopath
 3 Alexander Technique teachers
 1 bodywork therapist
 3 naturopaths
 1 stretch therapist
 2 personal trainers

Some were great others were ordinary.

Although, I was happy that some of them gave me a piece to the puzzle for fixing my back pain, there was still something missing – I couldn’t achieve permanent pain relief.

It Was Time To Think Outside The Box

When I suffered chronic back pain … I was told, “I don’t know what the problem is, but if you keep coming back for a treatment for an hour each week … we can help you manage the pain with therapy and medication.”

Now … in my work as an Engineer … if I said to my employer, “I dunno what the problem is, but it will just keep happening and it will cost us 1 hour in downtime every week” – I would be sacked, as every hour of downtime is worth $70,000 to the company.

So … to be told I could manage my pain but not fix it … was totally unacceptable!

I was trained to look past band-aid solutions and find the root cause of the problem.  I put my engineering hat on and used my mathematical mind to find the missing link.  And, I did it!

Stop Smoking Online

How can I guarantee such an amazing transformation in exactly
one hour?

I’ll explain why it’s not only possible (in fact virtually certain) in
a minute, but first…

You know those strong cravings you’ve had in the past when you
tried to quit smoking? Like most people, you probably thought they
were physical chemical cravings.

But I’m going to prove to you – by removing all your cravings in
one hour – that they were just mental habits that made it seem like
you couldn’t live without the feel, taste, and social aspects of

You need to know this… The conventional wisdom that you must
have “withdrawal from nicotine symptoms” is a myth you’ve been
sold by the cigarette companies – and even more by people who
want you to spend hundreds on their patches, gums, pills, herbal
remedies, or therapy.

Believe it! They have a vested interest in your having felt
helplessly addicted.

Many of them want you to wait for the mail to arrive with a
bundle of CDs that take many hours to hear. They want to justify
their high price with a bloated package.

Others want you to come to their therapy office, or to come to
weekly meetings.
In one hour those feelings, attitudes and
habits are going to change, amazingly with
no effort at all! What’s the key?

The breakthrough is a form of gentle, safe, pleasurable hypnosis
that turns you into a non smoker. You access it right here online
in a minute. Also online, you read a booklet and you hear an
audio, all in one hour – and that’s it, the cravings are gone.

Then, to deepen your pleasure as a non-smoker, and make your
new mindset permanent, FreshStart includes a simple 30-second
breathing exercise you do during the 3 days after that.

Why will FreshStart work even if you (or friends of yours) tried a hypnotic method that failed? The critical difference is that FreshStart is a three-part combination therapy consisting of a booklet, audio track and breathing exercises –- with each element expertly designed to reinforce the others to end your cravings, permanently.

Imagine if someone could wave a magic wand, and you’d be a
non smoker for life, with no cravings and no weight gain.
Wouldn’t you want that? Of course you would, since it would be
a dream come true.
But what if you’ve been smoking for years
and “tried everything” to quit?

As you can imagine, virtually everyone who takes my one-hour
online stop smoking hypnosis had tried a lot of things before and
failed. They struggled and suffered and it was painful. And
here’s a pretty terrible consequence…

Since many of them were highly successful in other areas of their
life, they felt humiliated. Actually, some reported that it undercut
their self confidence in other areas of life to not have conquered
smoking. More about the confidence issue in a minute…
All that is totally behind you
starting right now.

No matter how many times you’ve tried to stop smoking, over how
many years, or what products and methods have failed, you’re about
to end your cravings forever – even if you’ve been a heavy smoker.

How can I be so sure?

94% of everyone who has taken this program has quit in one hour,
without cravings, without ever wanting to smoke again. 94%!

And when I say “no cravings,” I mean you won’t crave smoking,
you won’t feel struggle, you won’t crave food and gain weight,
you won’t feel nervous or fidgety. You just plain will feel good,
and you will not fail (again)!

I know of no other plan, program, or product that has that track

7 Seconds Pain Relief

Are you tired of suffering from constant pain in your neck, back or shoulders?

Do you feel tired, irritable and frustrated because everything you have tried so far hasn't worked?

Have you all but convinced yourself that it may never get better and that it's going to be like this for the rest of your life?

Does an average day of dreadful pain go something like this?

Mornings are hardly bearable and you barely manage waking up just because you're still feeling exhausted from a lack of sleep caused debilitating pain. Physically getting out of bed and starting to move is a whole other chore because of the pain and stiffness. If you're heading off to work, then you're faced with a very uncomfortable drive. If you're a full time driver then an entire day of terrible pain is ahead of you. Once you start working, standing or sitting at your desk the hours of burning pain is excruciating and makes it hard to get anything done.

Just getting up to move around still feels painful and there seems to be no answer.

Perhaps the pain is so bad you're unable to work which means a huge loss of income. This affects your self-esteem, your confidence and your ability to simply enjoy life.

Activities that you once enjoyed - hobbies, sports, fun with your family and friends, all become distant memories. All the physical agony in your body translates into the disruption of normal everyday activities - basically ruining your life as you once knew it.

You wind up in a vicious circle of trying to cope with the excruciating pain just so you can rest at night. Then, you're not able to sleep well at night because you can't get comfortable. You desperately try different positions but the relief that never comes.

Then it starts all over again. Back to beginning another day unable to work as much you would normally. Back to limited movement in your body and the pain that caused your short-temper, your frustration. You're close to the breaking point.

Enjoying everyday life is a complete struggle. Your body screams out in pain, but the suffering goes unheard.
Pain is ruining your life.

You don't have to continue with this suffering! You could put an end to this excruciating pain and did you know . . .
Getting relief from this pain can be simple and accomplished in only 7 seconds

Yes, you read that correctly . . . in just 7 seconds you could be getting relief from your agonising pain.
Sound too good to be true?

You're probably wondering how this is possible since you've been trying to find an answer for so long. Well, it is possible, and thousands of people have discovered that getting relief from their unbearable pain can be very simple when they know exactly what to do.

First, let me tell you who I am . . .

My name is Roy Palmer MSTAT NDT(INPP) and I've spent over 12 years helping more than 5,000 people successfully relieve pain in their neck, shoulders and back. Many of these people include athletes and professionals who rely on their body to perform at their absolute best (and when they have that much money on the line you better believe they choose the best to help them).

What I've discovered is that almost every solution to back pain prescribed by the medical profession is only effective in helping to temporarily relieve pain, but does almost nothing to cure the root of the problem.

Most of my clients have used painkillers, cortisone injections, physical therapy and more, but none of that worked. The solution was only temporary and within hours or days the pain would come back - sometimes worse then before.

It's like putting tape over a leaky pipe instead of fixing the hole in the pipe. It works short-term, but the problem still exists, and the the pipe starts leaking again in no time.

I found that the best way to reduce and eliminate pain is to help people recondition their bodies by using my super-effective techniques. The techniques themselves only take a couple of seconds to learn, but they will quickly start reducing your pain within the first couple of minutes, and gradually remove the pain as your body starts correcting itself from years of misuse and abuse. I understand the pain you're in as I was a sufferer myself until I discovered these techniques.

Since there is no possible way for me to personally help even a small part of the million of back pain sufferers, I decided to put this program together so people other than just my personal clients can get access to these incredible techniques.

This comprehensive guide provides you with all of my experience and knowledge, along with detailed symptom traits, and instructions for how to start fixing them immediately. I break down the powerful techniques for you to use and show you how to implement them correctly and eliminate your pain.

Just a few of the people who have had success with these techniques are well-known professionals like Academy Award nominated comedian, John Cleese, best-selling author, Roald Dahl, and award-winning actors, Kevin Kline and Paul Newman.

8-Years Depression Sufferer Dismisses His Psychiatrist

      Do you find yourself suffering from a persistent empty feeling over a long period of time?
      Have you struggled with guilt and worthlessness that will not stop?
      Do you ever fear the past and have constant bleak thoughts about the future?
      Do you ever feel nervous and afraid you might lose control or go insane?
      Do you feel utter hopelessness and believe that everything you do will turn into a failure?
      Thinking about cutting yourself and believe that it will relieve the stress and pressure?
      Have a difficult time making decisions and feeling irritated over the slightest things?
      Loss of interest in activities that used to bring joy, including sex?

It’s okay. It’s not your fault. You may even suffer physical symptoms like drastic changes in your sleeping and eating patterns, constant restlessness and lacking the power to concentrate. I feel your pain as I had been a depression sufferer for over 8 years and I can confidently say it is not your fault.

Let me tell you why you are here. You are here because you know that being clinically depressed is not the way you want to live your life. You know that by hook or by crook, there is a way for you to overcome it. Yet that solution eludes you simply because you did not experience this process of overcoming depression one step at a time.

You may have spent years looking for me, but I have spent the better part of my entire life looking for you to tell you this-- You are “stucked” in your depression because ineffective anti-depressants and mundane psychotherapy has allowed depression to take control of your life. Depression has been your experience so long that you have begun to believe it is what you are. But it is something you have- just as for example, one has “liver disease”.

Like a liver disease, depression is perceived by many to be fueled by complex and interrelated factors: genetic, biochemical, environmental. No matter what the root cause is (in which we will discuss shortly), we have unwittingly become good at depression. We have learnt how to hide it and work around it.

We may have even achieve great things, but with constant struggle rather than satisfaction.  Relying on these methods to make it through everyday, we deprive ourselves of true recovery, of deep joy and healthy emotion, or the feeling of being alive in this world. And ultimately, things will only get worse if the root cause is not treated.

Don't Assume...Know Your Depression Facts!

Assumption 1: Depression is a medical disease caused by neurochemicals

As past studies indicated, the physical symptoms are just that, symptoms and not causes.

Depression can feel like a physical disorder because you feel lethargic all the time, body aches and pain, change in sleep patterns and so on. But remember, all these physical symptoms are caused by depression and not the other way around.

Important to note is the fact that there is a reduction in neurotransmitters (monoamines such as serotonin and norepinephrine) in many cases of depressed people. However, low serotonin levels are a symptoms of depression, not a cause. This is clearly evidenced by the fact that if you give up your pleasure giving activities and engage in pessimistic thinking, the lower your serotonin levels.

Assumption 2: Depression is in your genes

Depression is learned, not genetic. This is because depression has much to do with styles of thinking, behaviors and interpersonal relationships rather than DNA, and therefore abundant opportunities for people to learn the depressive styles of their family. In this sense, they are more likely to become depressed, but not by the cause of their genes, but rather their inclination to learn what they see and follow.

Assumption 3: Depression is caused by traumatic events and bad experiences

If something terrible things were to happen to you or your loved ones around you, of course it is perfectly natural to feel sad, angry, hurt or in shock. Often traumatic events can be linked to the onset of depression, but this does not mean they cause it. This is clear as we're all aware of people enduring the most horrible circumstances imaginable without becoming clinically depressed.

So What Is The Main Cause For Depression?

Depression relies how we explain things to ourselves. It's about how we respond and make sense of events. Specifically, it is our thoughts that manifest into physical symptoms as well as empowered all the negative neuron signals through our brain.

That does NOT mean that people who become depressed are to be blamed, in fact, quite the contrary as our environmental line of thinking simply conditioned us to create our current perception of things. The good news is, this gives us the important insight on how to stop depression for good.

What my program (Depression Free Method™) does is give people the ability to immediately stop their self-denial and procrastination and provide them with the tool to change their destructive way of thinking. It is very simple yet amazingly effective.

Pilates For Horse Riders

Learn How to Become a Better Rider
Training the Riding Muscles for Riding.
By learning how to use core stability and independent muscle movement patterns you can train yourself to become a better rider.
This program is now one of the most effective available. It is followed by top riders all over the world. It is followed by riders just learning to ride as well. It is relevant to all riders, at any level, because it trains the rider, not the horse.
 (I guarantee this will work for you.)
Learn how to be 100% effective with your aids and ride
your horse or any horse with confidence and skill.
The control of the pelvis and the deep core muscles is the key to skilled riding in any discipline. This program will teach HOW.
Now the complete program is available on DVD as a free bonus
(in conjunction with the E-book)
Not sold separately

If you want to learn Pure Pilates but not all the horse riding movement patterns then look at *Pure Pilates and Posture Pilates training DVD Click Here!* for more Information.

Read on for more details

From Annette Willson (Rider, Physiotherapist and Pilates Educator)

I can teach you to ride with skill confidence and talent. I taught myself. I used to be a sloppy unbalanced rider. I hated it. I developed this program for myself because I hated bouncing at the trot and getting poor comments in my dressage tests. I had a poor riding posture and was not effective with my aids.

I watched the top riders and used my education as a Physiotherapist to train myself to have an effective strong seat in the saddle. I practiced my exercises out of the saddle and then applied the strength and learned movement patterns on my horse. I went onto compete up to international level in 3 day eventing. My dreams where achieved.

As I improved I was asked over and over “Who is teaching you”? Who are you getting lessons from? I said I taught myself. I did have lessons at times.

I was then asked for lessons and asked HOW do you stay balanced and still in the saddle. I decided to write it all down.

I have changed the format by demand from riders.

The E-book, Applied Posture Riding has been hugely popular but due to demand the program is now packaged and included as a free bonus into a DVD in conjunction with the E-book. The information from both is invaluable.

We all know riding is not as easy as the experts make it look. It is difficult to keep your balance and be effective with your aids. It is so hard to stay upright and look good in the saddle.

Of all the paces the sit trot; it is the most difficult movement to perform dignified and well. You can learn this skill.

Most riders bounce in the saddle, their legs flap against the horses’ side, their hands cling to the reins for balance and they tilt forward.

Many riders have difficulty keeping an upright posture through transitions and keeping their seat in the saddle at the canter.

When giving an aid, they bend their wrists, look down and lean forward. Their heels come up, their lower back stiffens. Their horse drops his shoulder, throws his head up and tightens his back.

Does this sound like your daily riding session?

Do you repeat this routine without improving because you don’t know how to fix it?

Bull Strength Conditioning

I’ve Been Told That It Is IMPOSSIBLE To Make Conditioning Fun and Effective.

That could not be further from the truth! The routines are effective AND enjoyable. You will have a sense of accomplishment and pride when you leave the gym.
Why Trust Me?

My name is Joe Hashey and I am the owner and head trainer at Synergy Athletics. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist I have authored the original Bull Strength Method Manual as well as been a guest presenter at seminars around the country.

I’m not some “internet guru” that has never trained anyone! I’m a guy that has actually run a training facility for years and changes physiques on a daily basis.

More importantly, I’ve been there…I hate telling this story, but I was once the pudgy kid. Playing college football, I tipped the scales at 315 lbs. I HAD TO CHANGE MY LIFE before I let heart issues take over my life like it has so many males in my family.

I buckled down and cut down to 250 lbs and have been building muscle and conditioning every since!

Now, as a new father I need to spend time at home with my wife and son. When I hit the gym I can’t waste time with ineffective conditioning.

The Ultimate Muscle Growth Workouts

Have a question?  I have probably already answered it below!

Q: Can I work out at home?

While I don't recommend working out at home with any workout plan, yeas you can work out with this program.

Q: Is there any specific diet I have to follow?

No, muscle growth has almost nothing to do with your diet; it's all about the workout.

Q: Will it help me lose weight?

The workout's focus is on a muscle growth, on building a attractive body shape. But there is a bonus that comes with it where I give a lot in-depth advice on nutrition and fat loss.

Q: Can I work out on the days and times I want or is this somehow fixed?

It is definitely not, you can work out whenever you feel or whenever it fits your schedule.

Q: Will this program still work for someone considerably older?

The program will work for you if you are 18 and it will work for you if you are 60 as well.

Q: What prevents Muscle Pyramid's training program from being just another average workout?

The answer is almost everything. The focus is on buildign a body that is the most attractive one. Plus you will not just blindly follow what I say, every concept is explained. You will not only transform your body, but you will understand muscle building & attraction as well.

Q: I'm an athlete and I'm interested in improving my condition and speed, will the workout help me?

No, it won't. This workout is focused on specific body shape that is attractive and muscle growth, not conditioning.

Q: How long does it take to ship me the wholo program before I can get started?

About five seconds, because there is no shipping. After the order you can download it and read it or print it right away.

Q: What if it doesn't work for me?

I wanted to make sure there was absolutely zero risk on your part to test it out and read through, so I wanted a Guarantee that I personally would be blown away with, and a 60 Days Satisfaction Guarantee is the result.

I am confident that if you follow the workout program exactly as outlined and do not find complerely transforming your body, just contact us and we'll refund your money.

No hassle. No questions asked. It's that simple.

Secrets Of Athlete Workouts To Achieve Rapid Fat Loss

Are you sick and tired of going to workout and not having a clue what to do?

Wouldn't you rather have a training system that will hold you by the hand, take ALL the guesswork out and deliver an awesome athlete workout that'll annihilate fat and gain lean muscle all at the same time?

Are you ready for an extreme workout that'll challenge you outside your boring comfortable average-Joe workouts so you can finally stop screwing around and create the body you were meant to have?

My name is Josh Schlottman and I'm the creator of the H.E.A.T. Blast 7 training system. I've been an athlete all of my life and through years and years of research I've finally developed a complete system for a complete body transformation.

When I was going through the design and blueprinting process I wanted to create this lean body training system based on athlete workouts that wouldn't require a bunch of fancy expensive equipment but based it on bodyweight and dumbbell training.

So even if you're strapped for time and and you can't even make it to the gym to get your workout in, all you have to do now is to push play on one of my H.E.A.T. Blast 7 videos and you're ready for an extreme workout for maximal fat burning.

Let Me Show You More

WARNING: These athlete workouts are on the extreme side and if you'd rather hang out on an elliptical reading a book for an hour than take your fat burning game to a whole 'nother level then this may not be the program for you.

Most, if not all training programs out there are training specific body parts only to leave you wondering why you aren't getting any real results.

The Bags, Bells, and Bodyweigth Training System

You’re about to unleash one of the most potent and effective athletic-muscle building system that has ever been put together.

If you’re like me, you want to be STRONG, RIPPED, and ATHLETIC rather than being just big, bulky, and kind of strong.

I’m also sure that you, like many people out there, don’t want to be so big and huge that you can’t move around properly or be somewhat functional.

Plus, traditional bodybuilding and regular old strength training programs are just plain boring and going out the window!



I’ve done the whole “bodybuilding” routine before where I wasted countless amount of hours in the gym doing isolation exercises, working out on machines, doing endless amount of sets and reps, while doing way too much volume.  In the end, results wise, all I ended up with was a little bit more muscle, LESS STRENGTH, and my athleticism had decreased!

But, it wasn’t until after I started playing around with some of the more different and unconventional types of training that I finally discovered and developed a “system” that would actually help me build lean muscle and increase my strength, all while helping me get lean and stay athletic!

I was sick and tired of the same old routines. All that appeared to be happening was I was stripping myself of my athleticism and bulking myself up to look like a HUGE bodybuilder!

I can’t think of anyone I know of that wants to be HUGE and SLOW like most professional “meat head” bodybuilders.

All the people I train want to look like an MMA fighter, Olympic sprinter, or a ripped up NFL football player.

This look gives you:


 But, when it comes to looking like this, you want to actually possess these traits as well.


Not just look the part!

We don’t want to be some sort of poser / model that is really just all “SHOW and NO GO”!

Over the years I’ve been training not only myself but countless others that have been proving my system that “trains against the grain” works!

These people include top level athletes and your regular “weekend warrior” types.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a competitive athlete or just “regular Joe” looking to get RIPPED and ATHLETIC!  This system works for those willing to work hard and put in the effort!

All of the people I have helped get results thus far, are SERIOUS about their training and what they want to get!

When you train like we do, you’ll not only build up a LEAN and MEAN physique, but also build up a STRONG MIND as well!

So, after many hours, days, weeks, and months of going through countless amounts of training sessions and seeing the results first hand, I’m ready to unleash the system that will bring YOU:


Weight Loss Workouts

You’re tired of the weight loss game and you’re done wasting your time spending hours in the gym working out!

You’re fed up with seeing your weight yo-yo up and down, and jumping from one “fad” diet to another…with nothing more to show than frustration and a sense of despair.

But most importantly, you’re tired of not feeling good about yourself because of the way you look and feel. You know you that the REAL you is somewhere inside but you just don’t know how to bring it out! You can’t get out of your rut.

But, thankfully, that’s all about to change. Just keep reading and I’ll show you how.

Before we get to that though, wouldn’t you agree that you’ve had a tough time losing weight and improving your fitness because, amongst other things, you have had no one to motivate, coach, and push you through your workouts?

And maybe, just maybe… you’ve struggled because you haven’t worked out consistently or because you’ve been doing the same boring workouts over and over that have done nothing other than lead to a big fat plateau, making it even tougher for you to lose weight?

Am I close?

Well, if so, then I’m about to make you a very happy (and fit) person - finally!

My name is Yuri Elkaim and over the past 12 years I’ve helped thousands of people just like you lose weight fast and get in the best shape of their life!

Believe me, I know what you’re going through. You’re not alone. In fact, as unique as you are, there are millions of people all around the world that are in the same boat as you.

What boat is that?

I’m talking about people who want to lose weight and get fit but can’t seem to do so.

Just like them, you haven’t lost weight and skyrocketed your fitness for one (or more) of the following reasons:

You don't have enough time to workout

You lack the motivation to workout

It's too expensive to hire a trainer

You don't know how to workout properly

You repeat the same workout(s) over and over again

You haven't seen results – your clothes still don’t fit and the scale hasn’t budged – and thus you've given up

You are not consistent with your workouts,

You feel intimated by or don’t feel like wasting hours in a sweat-filled gym surrounded by “meatheads” who are hogging all the equipment and grunting every time they lift a weight.

Now, these are just a few of many possible reasons that are probably holding you hostage from the body you deserve.

How do I know this?

Well, as I said earlier….

I’ve been doing this for over 12 years now and I’ve helped more than 24,000 people (from all walks of life) all around the world. I'm a certified kinesiologist, registered holistic nutritionist, and the strength & conditioning coach for the men's soccer program at the University of Toronto. I also played professional soccer for 3 years before which I graduated with a high honours degree in Physical Education & Health from the University of Toronto.

To put my knowledge into practice I immediately began training clients in just my 1st year of University and for more than a decade thereafter.

Needless to say, after a while, similar patterns in human behaviour resurface over and over again. We are all human after all. That's how I know what I know.

The Muscle Mass Advantage

You're Going To Like What I Have To Say!

Dear Friend,

Imagine walking into a room for the first time and commanding the respect of everyone inside instantly! What would it feel like to have all eyes on you as you parade your sleeve stretching arms, massive chest and rock-hard abs for everyone to see?

What you’re about to learn is muscle building fact. These are the exact same proven muscle building techniques that I recommend to my personal training clients on a daily basis.  The very same principles that I’ve personally used to pack on over 45lbs of rock-hard muscle mass quickly, safely and naturally - leaving my friends and family in awe of my new more muscular body!

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t achieve results like these too!

What no one has probably ever told you is that the muscle building process is fairly simple.  It’s just a matter of implementing the right principles at the right times and doing it in a systemized and committed manner!

Unfortunately No One Really Wants To Tell You
The Truth About Building Muscle Mass…
It’s Not Profitable And It’s Not Very Exciting!

How on earth are supplement companies going to sell billions of dollars worth of bodybuilding supplements once everyone figures out that 99% of all strength and muscle gains come from hard work in the gym, intelligent rest and recovery and a solid bodybuilding nutrition plan?

Nope…They Would Much Rather Keep
You Uninformed And Confused!

And if you were lucky enough to be one of those guys who already “figured it out”, and you were hitting the beach with swollen biceps, a huge chest and 6-pack abs - would you really want to let everyone in on the secret and share all of the attention from the ladies…Of Course Not!

Especially Considering How Simple The Whole Process Can Be!

So, if you're sick and tired of hearing the same old marketing hype that the supplement companies and muscle mags have been ramming down your throat for years now...The same lies and half truths that have been emptying your wallet and wasting your time, then keep reading...

I want to prove to you that you can trust me to help you gain more muscle mass than you ever thought possible quickly, safely and 100% naturally without bogus bodybuilding supplements, or unsafe "underground" techniques.

Why You Should Listen To Me...

Nick Andrade - Author of The Maximum Impact Muscle Building!Hi, I'm Nick Andrade a Certified Personal Trainer, Lifestyle And Weight Management Consultant and Avid Natural Bodybuilder with more than 14 years of "in the trenches" experience working with people just like you who desperately want to gain muscle mass, but have a limited amount of time to train.

I've had an incredible opportunity to see first hand what really works when it comes to building muscle mass safely and naturally, as quickly as possible!

I've wasted thousands of hours personally grinding through the latest "cutting edge" bodybuilding workouts to uncover the truth about packing on slabs of lean muscle mass as quickly and safely as possible.

Along the way, I've come to realize that the only thing standing between most people and the body of their dreams is access to the right muscle building information!

For years now, you've been misinformed and misled by dishonest supplement companies and over-the-top muscle magazines, promising a quick and easy way to gain muscle mass.

Well...I'm Here To Set You Straight -
Building Muscle Mass Is Extremely Hard Work!

It requires discipline and dedication...Not to mention well designed weight lifting workouts, accurate up-to-date bodybuilding information and a top-notch nutrition plan!

When it comes to building muscle mass or any other fitness related goals, there are fundamental principles that lead the way to more gains.  All that you really need to do in order to build slabs of rock-hard muscle mass is simply uncover the principles and then put them into practice! - That’s It!

Here's My Story -

“How I Gained 45lbs of Rock-Hard Muscle”

When I was growing up, I started out skinny...got a little chubby, then just got fat.  To this day, I'm not really sure why it happened.  I was active in sports and rarely watched t.v. - I lived a very active life.

Once I crossed over from chubby to fat, my life started to change.  People began to stare at me wherever I went. Don't get we wrong here, I did have friends and I was a pretty happy camper - but I was always very aware that I was "different" than almost everybody else.
    I Was Fatter Than All of My Friends!
    I Was Fatter Than All of The Kids I Played Sports With!
    I Was Fatter Than Nearly Everyone My Own Age!

Check Out These Pictures...

Chubby NickOh yeah...I forgot to mention that my dad was also a high school football coach - So I also spent a ton of time comparing the way my body looked to the way the football players bodies looked.

At school I can clearly remember all of the kids making fun of me on a daily basis.  Calling me a blob and fat...To this day, I can still feel the cold biting sting of the taunts.  I was made fun of for years.

This is not meant to be a sob story, it's just the truth!

I'm not exactly sure when this happened (I think I was 11 at the time), but I remember waking up one day and making a conscious decision to change the way my body looked and felt.  I decided that I was going to do something about it!

I wasn't sure where to begin, but I knew that I had to exercise. I started training in the back yard.  I concocted workouts composed of pull-ups, push ups, sit-ups and jogging.  I performed them every single day for over a year...

I Finally Began To Notice A Difference In The Way My Body Looked And Felt - I Was Electrified, Totally Excited...

So I decided to also stop eating unnecessary junk food.  This lead to even more fat loss…and then I just got lucky!

I hit a growth-spurt (around the age of 13) and literally shot up and leaned out overnight. I went from being the "fat kid" to the "athletic kid". People stopped making fun of me and I instantly gained confidence in my body.

It Was A Truly Amazing Feeling - For The First Time In
My Life, People Were Actually Jealous of My Body!

I became extremely active in all different kinds of sports over the next few years, but I completely fell in love with football. Unfortunately for me, even though I had lost a bunch of fat and leaned out, I hadn't gained any muscle mass.

I went from being a chubby "fat kid" to being a lean "skinny kid" with almost no muscle...I was scrawny!

In order to help me gain strength and pack on some muscle, my father introduced me to weight lifting. I was really lucky that he took the time to teach me the ropes - things like how to warm-up, proper weight training form, the importance of flexibility and how to put it all together into a comprehensive program.

After a few weeks, I was completely hooked!  I wasn't getting much bigger, but I was gaining strength and confidence!

I loved the way my muscles felt during and after a workout, I loved the way my training weights began to steadily increase, I even loved the way my muscles got sore a few days following a workout!

Looking back, I think I enjoyed all of it a bit too much! Every time I made a noticeable change in my strength levels or physique, I proceeded to make the novice mistake of "changing things up" to "confuse" my muscles every single workout.

There was no structure to my training program and any strength and muscle gains I had experienced soon began to evaporate.

The Swimmers Body

The Behind-The-Scenes Story Of How I Discovered The Swimmers Body System

The Swimmers Body Nutrition Guide, Weight Training and Cardio Program is the combined result of all our years training athletes, studying research papers, clinical trials and how we apply it daily to our normal everyday clients who have normal everyday lifestyles.

It was one such new client of mine, Mike, who was the inspiration for the program. Mike exercised regularly and ate what he thought were healthy foods with a protein bar and energy drink on the days he was exercising. He came to me after being frustrated by his lack of results.

Mike wanted to feel more attractive and sexier to women. He had already booked a holiday and wanted to feel confident enough to show off his body by the pool, at the beach and in the bedroom!

When I asked Mike what his goals were, his answers were typical of many of my male clients...

“I want to add muscle but not look bulky”

When we explored this more, Mike explained that...

“I don’t want to look like a massive body builder, I want to look defined and in proportion, more like an athlete”

Studies have shown it is extremely important psychologically to have a clear vision of your target shape. So I asked Mike...

“If you could have the body shape of any athlete, which would it be?”

After some thought he replied...

“I want a swimmers body!”

Mike explained that he had seen the swimmers in the Olympics and had been envious of their broad shoulders, strong arms and chest. But it was because they were so athletic and in proportion that he was so impressed.

Say this goal to most people and they will tell you to hit the pool. Simple right? Isn’t that how Michael Phelps, Ian Thorpe and Mark Foster got their bodies?


Any decent personal trainer will explain how professional swimmers will use weight training as a core part of their exercise program. Of course, swimming is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise and can help remove body fat, but it is not an effective way to build muscle because the resistance is too low.

So I designed a split weight training program for Mike. I then added cardio interval training. After time I added mini circuit training sessions to keep it interesting. I also spent time teaching Mike the truth about nutrition and created him a personalized meal plan.

Getting your nutrition right is like working out twice as often!

I dispelled the common conflicting information about what will build muscle and reduce body fat. I suggested eating smaller meals but more frequently, each with a lean complete protein and a complex carbohydrate. Mike's sugar intake was too high; increasing fat storage and his low consumption of healthy fat was reducing his testosterone levels and restricting his muscle building.

I started asking more and more men the same question. “If you could have the body shape of any athlete, which would it be?” The answers were quite varied until I started giving choices of the most popular answers. The swimmers body shape was constantly admired and often came top.

Then I asked women...

“What is the sexiest body shape of any male athlete?”

Many didn’t need any choices before saying a swimmers body. Even the ones who said a footballer or a sprinter all agreed that a swimmers body was incredibly sexy. They said that it was the toned muscle and attractive proportions that made it so appealing.

Meanwhile Mike was now motivated because he was getting the results he deserved. His dedication was boosted even more by the compliments he was getting. He was now wearing different clothes to show off his impressive physique. His male friends and other guys at the gym wrongly assumed that he was spending a fortune on supplements. Women kept prodding his arms, groping his shoulders and his chest whilst giggling.

What was the big secret?

A structured training and nutrition program focused on clear goals.

Mike was measuring his progress and adjusting the program each week. He was also spending less time in the gym for each session, but working out much more intensely.

I know what you are thinking. Even if this worked for Mike, how do I know it will it work for me, right?

It is natural to be skeptical. I often hear comments like...

“I believe you can do this but I just don’t think it will work for me... ”

“My genetics don’t allow me to add that amount of muscle... ”

“I would never be able to get to that low body fat percentage... ”

“I do not have the time to get those sorts of results!”

Have you ever felt this way?

I’m embarrassed to say that even I have.

Before studying the research and qualifying as Personal Trainer and Nutritional Coach, I too used to look at the pictures in the magazines and the guys on screen and assumed that only a fraction of the genetically gifted could ever get those attractive proportions.

It’s NOT your fault!

Misinformation from magazines owned by supplement companies; Advice from other guys in the gym who have no qualifications and have done no scientific research; Supermarkets pushing low fat foods (the right fats should be core to your diet); Advertising from home workout machines guaranteeing results with no effort. There are a lot of confusing and conflicting messages out there!

The TRUTH is that you DO need to put in effort in intense training to get results.

Do NOT listen to anyone offering the “easy way to an amazing body”. I am offering the fastest way to an amazing body because this is only for men who are dedicated. I offer a carefully structured training plan that will give you amazing results that are accelerated by proper nutrition.

I want to spread the truth about how to get an amazing body. It does not take fancy equipment or pills to get results. It takes planning and the right information. It takes a practical structured approach with clear goals to get an attractive body.

So I asked Kevin and Victor to add their expertise to the program as they had been involved in clinical trials and I wanted to leverage the secrets professional swimmers use in their dry land training. These guys usually charge THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for their time!

With our combined expertise we have created an outstanding product that can be tailored to your lifestyle needs. It has been tried and tested by thousands of people all over the world with amazing results. We consistently get feedback from men who now feel sexier and more confident from the amazing body they have developed.

I am so confident in the program that if you do not get comments from friends about how much your body shape has improved in 60 days then you can email me for a full refund!   

Explosive New Training Method Blasts Away Fat

This isn’t another recycled training system filled with the same old same old you’ve seen a million times before.

This isn’t more clichéd advice telling you to work out longer and harder, preaching another fad diet or telling you to drag yourself out of bed every single day at 6AM so you can spend long, grueling hours trapped at the gym running mile after endless mile on the treadmill and lifting rep after rep after rep.

This isn’t a dangerous, unhealthy, EXTREME way to lose a little bit of weight fast while causing serious long term damage to your body... only to see the weight come back anyway.

What this is is a powerful and healthy way to absolutely blast away your ugly fat, pile on impressive chiseled muscle and reveal the kind of eye popping 6 Pack Abs you never even imagined you could have - all while working out just a few times a week for never more than twenty minutes (and sometimes as little as eight) at a time... with all the information you need delivered right to you when you need it in a format that makes it effortless for you to absolutely always have your workout plan with you where you need it.

Here’s what this is all about:

My name is Jesse Vince-Cruz. The fact that you’re here reading this page means that you’re one of the countless guys out there who, no matter what you do, just can’t seem to lose the fat and get into the shape you really want.

I’ve been where you are right now and...
I Know How Frustrating and Embarrassing
It is To Be Overweight and Out of Shape

Not long ago my cousin Arnel asked me to be the best man at his wedding. I was glad he asked but I was also a bit nervous.

You see Arnel is a big deal personal trainer and he always keeps himself in incredible shape... and I didn’t. I spent all day at work sitting on my butt, hunched over a computer, often eating junk food, and it had taken a toll on my waistline.

The last thing I wanted was to be standing next to him, and having endless pictures taken, where we looked like a before and after photo and...
Me before my weight loss
If you can't tell, I'm the FAT one in the photos

So I told Arnel I would only do it if he would help me get into shape. There was plenty of time so he gave me a 16 week program and I started right away.

But then I got a little busy and missed a few days.

Then skipped a few more.

I tried to tell myself that I was looking better but I knew that I was working out less and less. But I figured there was still plenty of time before the wedding.

Then all of sudden it was time for the Bachelor party just three weeks before the wedding. It started early with some beach volleyball and I was too embarrassed to take off my shirt. Here I was surrounded Arnel and some of his fitness buddies and who all looked like Baywatch lifeguards and I felt like a beached whale.
It Got Worse Later That Night At The Club.

We were all rocking out at Borgata in Atlantic City, and I was feeling much better about myself now that I was all dressed up.

Until all the bachelorette parties started coming over to us. These were amazingly gorgeous women who had all sorts of bachelorette party game checklists they needed to complete. So there was Arnel getting kisses, lap dances (I’m not supposed to mention that so please don’t tell his wife!) and all sorts of crazy attention from gorgeous girl after gorgeous girl... while I just sat there nursing my drink.
I Kept Thinking What About Me?

I woke up the next morning feeling terrible and not just because of the partying the night before. I called Arnel and begged him to help me. I had three weeks until the wedding and I needed to get rid of the fat and make sure I looked good.

I promised to work out for hours a day every single day of the week if that’s what it was going to take. I told him I would live on the treadmill, do crunches until my abs screamed and do as many reps of the highest weight I could physically manage.

Massive Muscle Building

It’s extremely important that you read this short, eye opening article


Because on this short page, you’ll find out the ONE thing that will allow you to build pounds of lean muscle mass within a matter of weeks, NOT months or years.

And as you read this entire page word for word, you'll be shocked at the lies and misinformation that the multi-billion dollar muscle building industry has been feeding you... on purpose!

WARNING: This is NOT a gimmick—if you’re simply looking for a “hyped up”, quick fix, then I’m afraid you are NOT on the right website. Also, If you think the only way to build a jaw-dropping muscular body is to use steroids, tons of fancy supplements and spend 3 hours in the gym every day, then this is NOT for you.

However, if you are looking for no B.S techniques based on REAL and PROVEN cutting-edge strategies, then what I’m about to share with you may be the most important muscle-building information that you'll ever read.

Myth And Downright Lie #1:

"If You Train Like A Bodybuilder, You Will Look Like A Bodybuilder"...

This myth is at the top of the list because it's the primary lie that misleads many trainees into following training routines that can damage the body.

Here's the truth: Imitating the training routines of professional bodybuilders is the absolute worst mistake that you can make.


Because all professional bodybuilders use massive amounts of steroids, therefore the methods that work for them will never work for the average non-steroid user like you and me.

Training like a pro bodybuilder is not only a waste of time and effort but also a sure fire way to quickly become over-trained and possibly even injured due the insane training routines that pro bodybuilders follow.

The bottom line is that unless you have phenomenal genetics and you use massive amounts of steroids, imitating the training routines of elite bodybuilders is the absolute worst mistake that you can ever make

Myth And Downright Lie #2:

"In Order To Build Muscle, You Have To Spend Hours At The Gym Every Day..."

Again, unless you have amazing genetics and you are taking steroids, spending half your day at the gym will quickly cause you to become over-trained, suffer injury and even illness.

Here's the truth: Training more and more will NOT help you build more muscle and it will cause you to LOSE muscle instead of gaining it.

The truth is that your body builds muscle while you are resting and NOT while you are training.

If you are training "naturally" without assistance form steroids, it's critical that you keep your workouts and training time to a minimum, in order to prevent your body form catabolizing or "eating" your muscle tissue.

Myth And Downright Lie #3:

"Taking The Latest Powder, Liquid Or Pill... Will Give You The Body Of Your Dreams"

Here's the bodybuilding industrys best kept secret: Every major bodybuilding and fitness magazine is owned and operated by a supplement company and 99% of their income does not come from magazine subscriptions but form selling you supplements, most of which lack sufficient research and simply DO NOT work.

The majority of those so called "reviews" in muscle magazines are nothing more than disguised supplements advertisements.

Don't believe me? Feel free to look it up, just like I did.

    * Muscle & Fitness AND FLEX are owned by Weider Enterprises.

    * Iron Man is owned by Muscle Linc. Supplements.

    * Muscle Mag International owns MuscleTech.

    * Muscle Media was formerly owned by EAS.

    * Muscular Development is owned by Twinlab.

    * Status is owned by Magnum Nutraceuticals.

So the guys that write these glowing first hand "reviews" are actually employed by supplement companies!

I do not work for supplement companies nor am I owned by any of them and what I am about to show to you is the REAL DEAL and actually works!

Myth And Downright Lie #4:

"Those Fancy Looking Machines Will Help You Build Muscle..."

Numerous studies have proven that most machines quite literally "suck" at stimulating new muscle growth. Most notably because training with machines does not stimulate testosterone production anywhere near as well as free weight training.

As you’re probably well aware, high testosterone levels play a massive role in muscle growth. If you’re not maximizing your levels of testosterone every time you train, then you might as well not train at all, because without testosterone, you simply will not be able to build any muscle mass and strength.

And lets not even get into those ridiculous looking late night infomercial machines and gadgets that guarantee amazing results in only 15 minutes a day... 3 days a week, without diet or exercise... etc.

If you’ve actually bought one of those silly looking gadgets in the past, then I'm sorry that you've wasted both your time and money.

System to help anyone eliminate all physical pain

 Imagine yourself, living completely pain free, with no aches, pains or stiff joints…with more physical energy than you have ever had before, and no worries of ever being injured again!

Think about being able to do whatever you want, no matter how physically challenging. Envision yourself performing at the top of your game, no matter what your age, sport, game or hobby.  Picture yourself getting in the absolute best shape of your life, with no limits, achieving every single goal that you set out to achieve.

Imagine getting up in the morning with no more stiffness, aches or pains ready to go tackle your day, full on!

Think about how great it will be to never have to go to another doctor of physical therapist again because of physical problems.
 Take charge of your physical potential and health once and for all as you:

      Finally, say goodbye to your physical pain.  Discover how you can eliminate your physical pain with simple exercises you can do at home.

      Dominate your game or sport, shatter records in the weight room, take back your life! Whatever your game is, reset your body to be physically dominant. With this program, you will set yourself up to dominate on the court, field, gym or in your daily life!  

      Leave ineffective physical therapy sessions, endless consumption of Advil, and doctor visits behind forever.  This system will allow you to take full control of your physical potential and health. Within one session, you will feel your pain start to go away fast!

      Stop ignoring your pain and physical problems and take back your life. With the corrective exercise programs and specialized "plug-ins" you can start to fix yourself, prevent new injuries, and feel better than you have in years.

      Shatter previous strength plateaus and enhance your full-body strength beyond anything you have done before. With this full, totally balanced, 16-week strength program you will realize outstanding full-body strength increases like you never imagined before. Whether it is in the gym or in daily life, strength is key to being and staying healthy and doing the things you want!

      Never miss a workout or training session again, because of injuries or painful joints. This program will ensure that you get healthy, and never have to miss a workout because of injuries or pain again!

      Burn fat, build muscle, sculpt the body of your dreams and feel like a million bucks! This plan will enable you to blow torch off unwanted fat, pack on heaps of muscle, and attain your dream body, while fixing your issues and keeping your body healthy.

      Are you already doing a program that you like? No worries. This program is set up to simply “plug-in” to any other program that you are using. You can still work your current plan, use the assessments and corrective exercises and have the best of both worlds at your fingertips!

urn-Key Formula for Fitness Mastery in Massive Multimedia Suite

Iʼd like to speak candidly, without any hypeorstatistics.

Just you and I - for a moment - before you come inside and check out what Iʼve created for you.

If youʼre a first-timer, and you donʼt know who I am, allow me to introduce myself as one of the worldʼs leading researchers (and guinea pigs) on the nature of flow.

By “flow” I donʼt mean the kind of ethereal, nebulous kind of energy that people inthe healing disciplines discuss. Iʼm not disrespecting them, or you if youʼre from them; just stating that Iʼm not going to be sharing with you anything about any unseen forces. By flow, Iʼm referring to the concrete, quantifiable science of pain-free, effortless quality of movement.

My job is serving those who serve us and protecting those who protect us. Itʼs my honor to do this job. And in the process of doing this work, Iʼve had the privilege of studying with great masters around the world.
Iʼve spent the past 30 years exploring different movement modalities, the past 20 years studying them exhaustively, and the past 10 years refining my coaching skills to share the library of movement Iʼve learned from around the world.

Iʼve tested this out on myself first. Iʼve put it under the most difficult trials possible, placing myself in one combat sport after another - at an international championship level - to debug all the problems and plug all the gaps. And the data that Iʼve received from
my personal application, as well as the ongoing feedback I receive from the agencies I consult, has forced me to evolve my coaching to the point of publishing Tactical Gymnastics.

TACGYM can appear to have elements of Russian Systema, Chinese Bagua, Indonesian Silat, French Parkour, Persian Zurkhaneh, Brazilian Gymnastica Natural, and Indian Vyayam. However, after all these years of synthesis, I cannot remember where I first learned any one movement, which held primary influence or even how to differentiate movements any longer. And in many cases, I had to graft components
together to form new movements to meet the fighting needs of my students.

Itʼs easiest for me to refer to it as “our gymnastics” but since it appears too ambiguous a title, I adopted tactical gymnastics in honor of the martial heritage of my coaches. For me, thereʼs only incremental progression, biomechanical efficiency and specific preparedness: baby steps, flow and purpose. These three concentrations united all of the broad shoulders I stand upon."

Final Phase Fat Loss

Oh sure, there’s that whole bit about health and longevity.  And sure, this program is also good for athletes looking to increase performance.

The truth is, those things are all well and good, but let’s be honest—that’s not why you’re here.

You’re here because you want to look better—a LOT better—than you do now.

And I can help.

But first, let me tell you a quick story.

Having been a fat kid for a good part of my life, when I finally got in shape at the age of 19 I was determined to stay that way.  I got lean and fit by learning everything I could about training and nutrition, and practicing those habits each and every day.  This led to a great career as a trainer, and a small but growing number of jobs as a fitness model.

By the time I was 23, things went a bit more fluidly.  I felt I had things down to a pretty decent system. I had programs for when I wanted to gain muscle and others for when I wanted to lose fat.

Sort of a “slow and steady wins the race” type of approach.

Well, unfortunately, even the best of us can kind of fall off track.  I was in a muscle gaining phase, and “slow and steady” sort of turned into “big and lazy.”

Sure, I put on size, but because I wasn’t watching my diet carefully, I gained WAY more fat that I should have.

Summer was approaching, but truthfully, I wasn’t too worried.  I’d done this before.  I’d just have to diet for about 12-16 weeks (like always) to lose the fat and then I’d be lean again.

Yes, I’d have to miss a few weeks of beach weather to diet down, but that wasn’t a huge deal.

I had time to get lean, right?  WRONG.

A few weeks into my program, my buddy Evan called.  Being in the middle of a binge-fest, I missed the call.

However, the voicemail he left had GREAT news.

You see, Evan had rented a big beach house in the Hamptons with a bunch of our friends from high school.  It was going to be a huge party with people I hadn’t seen in years, which sounded great until he mentioned the date.

It was only 6 weeks away

I took a look in the mirror, and I had a surreal experience.

All of my insecurities from my childhood and adolescence came rushing back to me in a heartbeat—suddenly, I was no longer the guy who had been in fitness magazines, I was just the chubby kid again.

Do you know what I mean? There is something about people from your past that ties them to who you WERE, instead of who you ARE.

Let me ask you a question:

Have you ever felt like your body
doesn’t reflect who you are?

I’m sure you have—we ALL have at one point or another—and it’s not a good feeling.

It’s like, your body is supposed to be the physical manifestation of you, right?

Well, I was educated and knowledgeable about diet and training, as well an experienced fitness professional.

Just one small problem:  I didn’t look like any of those things.

Ever since I’d lost the weight and gotten fit, I hated anything that reminded me of my life before. And here I was, confronted with it at the worst possible time.

I looked back in the mirror to assess the situation.

I needed to lose at least 15 pounds of pure
body fat, probably more.

And worse, it was those last pounds that had always been the hardest for me and taken forever.

I was used to taking my time and losing fat slowly.

I knew I would never be ready in time—there was no way I could lose the fat.

NOT with my traditional methods.

I didn’t know what to do.

Could I really skip the party?  Was I really that vain?  Maybe.  (Okay, probably.)

Was I really that insecure? Almost definitely.

I thought about who would be there.

Now, keep in mind I lost all my weight while I was in college.

These were people from high school, who knew me back before “the big change.”

And yet, despite the fact that I had not seen most of them in years, most of these people had heard I’d gotten fit, done some modeling, and was doing well as a fitness professional.

I felt…I don’t know.  I felt like there had to be some expectations, and the idea of not living up to them made me feel worse than I’d felt in high school.

Become An Effective Personal Trainer

When I first started my personal training business back in 1989, I was confident in my ability as a trainer.

But I was worried sick that I would fail because I didn't know anything about running a business. Business planning, managing expenses, marketing, keeping overhead under control and accounting were definitely not my thing.

So what did I do? I set my sights low. I took on just a few clients and trained them in their homes. I didn't make much money, but I felt safe. I now think back on those early years and actually laugh. If I had known then what I know now - I could have established the thriving business I have today in just a matter of months - instead of having to stumble through the five long years that it actually took me.

That's why I started PersonalTrainerCoach.com. It's a way for you to hurdle the uncertainty and stress that comes with any new business. And if you've already been working as a personal trainer for a few years, this is a way for you to iron out all the hassles and make more money.

So, are you ready to make more money this year, drastically reduce your expenses and retain clients for the long-term?

To be sure, there's nothing esoteric here. By that I mean, I don't have some strange "guru method" that I dreamed up so I could charge you a ton of money.

Actually what I've done, as you'll see in a moment, is very simple.  I created a fitness program that does the two essential things to be a successful personal trainer.

oneMy fitness program gives my clients optimum fitness.

I know what you're thinking, "Duh" - but it's amazing how many trainers bow to the latest fitness fad to attract clients. This approach is the fastest way to kill your business because your client will not get what they paid for: optimum fitness. Deliver optimum fitness in the most efficient way and you will have clients for life.

twoMy fitness program is a money machine.

Why does my personal training business thrive while others struggle or fail? Because I'm business savvy? Not a chance. The sole reason for my success is my fitness program. Give your clients this program and your business will thrive with zero hassle. It's that simple.

Sure, you have to have someone doing the books (no way around that one!) but just about everything else is automated when you adopt my fitness program.

Automated scheduling, client retention, referrals, business growth, no need to advertise...and optimum fitness for your clients charged at rates much higher than your competitors.

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