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Students prepare for exams all year

If you are after a fulfilling future or a better job, then getting into an undergraduate university program is the first major step you need to take. You may have finished high-school years ago … with a huge gap between these two points … or graduated a few weeks ago.

It doesn’t matter.

What’s important is that you’re going to take this big step in your life … and no matter how competent you are, you’ll need all the help you can get.

I’m here to offer you that help.

I’m not telling you that you can pass test by doing nothing. No way, that would be stupid and dishonest of me.

Instead, I’ve been in your situation, I know a few of the problems you are facing and what you’re trying to do. I know that you are competing with many people for the same limited spots … why you may feel intimidated by the exam itself … and how with a full time job, taking time for study is a luxury.

I’ve failed once, tried a few things out, most of them didn’t work but some did.

And I want to show them to you … and teach you how to be laser focused on the STAT requirements and pass with ease, nothing more, and nothing less.

The STAT Code Cracked …

Compared to where you are now, I think you’ll consider me the least qualified person to give you advice about the STAT exam. I’m no academic doctor or a 180 IQ genius.

To be honest, I’m not even that smart, compared to most candidates sitting the STAT exam.

I left high-school in year 10 … finding no real reason to stay. The entire theoretical B.S. and the fact that most people succeeded in life without any formal training made me dread the educational system.

For years, things were great. I made a lot of money, changed jobs very often and felt superior to anyone “wasting” their time in high-school and university.

But this lucky streak came to an end.

One day, after seeing how almost all of my friends made easier money after graduating university … and I had a desire to achieve something greater in life than changing jobs every 3 months … I decided to become a nurse.

Even if all my friends laughed at the idea, I found being a doctor to much of a headache and nursing was the best way to help others, grow and experience new things.


After a few weeks of research, I was determined – I was going to become a nurse.

But there was only one problem, the STAT.

I tried to find more info about the Special Tertiary Admission Test … both in the ACER booklet and online. Everyone was saying the same things … who, what, where and when … but failed to give me any real help.

Yet, I gave it my best shot. Even though I hadn’t sat an exam in years, especially not a serious one like the STAT. After performing a few of the sample questions I went into the exam feeling nervous, actually very nervous. There were so many people there. It seemed like everyone was smarter and more experienced at this stuff than me.

When the results were released a few weeks later, they weren’t good. A result of 127 meant I did not get a position at the university I aimed for.

The following year was completely different. My eyes were open to the STAT experience, I had a taste of what was to come and nothing could stop me. That year I achieved a score which allowed me to cruise into my first choice university and degree. It’s an amazing feeling.

Since then, I’ve developed a system which will help anyone get ready for this exam in record time. It’s not a magic bullet, but if you’re going through the STAT for the first or second time, then this will decrease your learning curve dramatically.


How To Study Bootcamp Videos

“If only I’d passed that exam then I’d probably be a doctor or a lawyer right now instead of a boring, low paid office worker”.

Well… NOW is the time to take your future seriously because you only get one go at it. You need to do everything in your power to make sure you have the future you want and one of the most important steps you can take right now is to get the best possible results in your exams.

Hi… my name is Rob Seiler and I was an ‘A’ student. Now I want to show you how you can be an ‘A’ student too!

During seven years at university I used trial and error to come up with a study system which I eventually turned into an online course called How To Study Bootcamp.

It was such a simple and effective study system that I thought it was too good to be true… and now it’s finally available for you to use!

When you buy How To Study Bootcamp, I’m going to show you absolutely everything I know about how you can get straight A’s. Everything I’ve learned from 12 years of doing exams.

You’ll be able to look over my shoulder as I show you exactly how I studied for my university exams… a system I used to get a degree with honors, a scholarship, the university prize for best performance in a subject, 100% for various assignments, and a whole bunch of A’s in my finals.

In each video I explain step by step how you can study for your exams in exactly the same way I did and how you can get the same results I did in my exams.
Now YOU can discover these little-known how to study secrets…


    A simple, logical, easy to understand, 6 step study system for you to achieve straight ‘A’s!
    24 amazing study skills which are rarely identified and absolutely essential to your exam success (how can you be good at something if you don’t even know the skills involved in the first place?)… exclusive to this course
    How you can study for your exams in the same way you learn to play your favorite sport!
    How you can avoid nausea and anxiety before and during your exams!
    This study system will show you how to give answers to exam questions which will make the examiner think you knew what was going to be in the exam!
    How you can prepare for every possible question in your exam!
    How you can learn by making mistakes!
    5 easy ways in which we all learn naturally that are usually ignored and are essential for you to know!
    How you can make the most effective and efficient use of your time so you’re free to enjoy your life
    How it’s possible for you to learn in exactly the same natural and instinctive ways in which we learn when we’re growing up
    Do you know what the ‘question / answer’ reflex is and how it can dramatically increase your success in exams? Knowing this alone will make a huge difference to your exam results… find out all about it exclusively in this course
    How you’ll be able to think like the person who prepares the exam questions
    How you can avoid cramming before your exams
    How you can avoid getting a mental blank in your exams
    How you’ll be able to create your own system of ‘feedback’ which is essential in the learning process
    This study system will show you how you can produce a reasonable and achievable revision timetable
    How you can train yourself to think actively instead of passively so you can maintain concentration and remember more
    How to study to a plan, and end up where you want to be
    How you can maintain continuous concentration in a 3 hour exam
    Why underlining notes and rewriting text books is a complete waste of your time
    How you can condition yourself mentally for your exam
    How you’ll be able to become a ‘mental’ athlete
    How you can identify what you know and what you don’t know so you don’t waste time and can concentrate on your weak spots
    How you can convince yourself beyond any doubt whatsoever that you know everything necessary to get ‘A’s… no other study guide will explain how to do this
    How you’ll be able to quickly dissect an exam question and analyse what’s required in the answer
    How you can give ‘model’ answers in your exams
    How you can produce an answer to exam questions that shows you’ve done extensive reading
    How you should proportion your time in the exam for each question
    17 words that you’ll find in exam questions that you absolutely must know the meaning of and which are crucial to your success in exams
    How you’ll be able to approach your study material from many different perspectives
    How you will know where to start, what to include and what to leave out of your exam answers
    How you can participate actively in lectures
    How you can connect with your memory as required by the exam question
    How you can organise a structure for all your study material
    How you’ll be able think in an organized way about a subject
    How you can prepare your study material for ‘mental digestion’
    How you can increase your ‘mental reflexes’


You can have your own Bootcamp up and running within days

I love the freedom that owning a personal training/ Bootcamp business allows me to have… I get to help people on a daily basis reach their fitness goals and get into incredible shape… I get to work where I want AND when I want… and the money is fantastic… it’s go to be the best job I know…

What’s cool about it is that just about anybody can do it… no diplomas or degrees required… hell one of my business partner’s left school in year 10 with nothing and now we own one of Australia’s most successful Boot Camp businesses together…

By now you probably know that Bootcamps are one of the fastest growing fitness trends in the world. They are ridiculously profitable, simple to set up and run, and involve almost no risk. Better yet, any solid personal trainer can get started with their own Bootcamp and be making money almost immediately.

One of the main benefits is that it doesn’t matter where you’re located in the world – bootcamps have proven successful in small towns (less than 3000 people) and in big cities. Bootcamps work anywhere!

We have been in business for only five years and in that time we have grown our Bootcamp business from a small two man operation making $26,000, to Australia’s P.T Business of the Year for the last two years.

We were two guys that were probably in the same situation you are in right now? We were working for a multi national Health Club chain, making an ok living, but disturbed by the fact that we were doing ALL the work, yet only receiving around 35% of the money people were spending to train with us!

We were sitting around together one day and discussing this fact and between we decided that we could set up a business and do this ourselves and keep all the profit.


A few things to point out:

A Bootcamp Business is simple to start: one person can do it.

A Bootcamp Business is easy to manage: everything you need is included in this program.

A Bootcamp can be started with virtually no up front investment: a couple hundred bucks will get you rolling and all the equipment you need.

A Bootcamp overhead is minimal: equipment that can fit in the trunk of your car and no costly lease.

As far as I’m concerned, Bootcamps are the simplest profit-producing, lifestyle-changing personal training business available today.

And I’m Going To Give You My Boot Camp Bonus Gifts as Well!

All you do is download and away you go. It really is that simple.

We have included everything you need to know, all the documents, forms, tools, operations, management and marketing systems plus specific, detailed instructions and all programs are included.

You can have your own Bootcamp up-and-running within days and if you follow the blueprint that I’m giving you, there is no reason you too can’t be running a very successful fitness business like ours while drastically cutting your workload.

Don’t wait order now and you will be only minutes away from the latest cutting edge material.


Affiliate Earnings Booster

You're sending traffic to your affiliate links directly through article marketing, video marketing and social media but you barely make any sales

You tried setting up affiliate review sites and used SEO and other traffic generation methods like everyone else but experienced little results

You already have a subscribers list but everytime you send out an email promoting offers, you barely make ANY sales at all (& you're wondering why!)

You are making a couple of affiliate sales here and there and you wish to really bring this game to the next level and skyrocket your commissions without much effort!

You've bought practically almost every latest course out there that promises the world only to realize all the gurus are just trying to make a quick buck off you by selling you rehashed stuff

You've tried practically everything you can to generate affiliate sales but you are simply nowhere close to making those outrageous commissions which seem so easy for those Clickbank gurus


You are almost on the verge of giving up because you're sick and tired of all the hype out there and you wish for something that really works!

I know EXACTLY how you feel... Because I was in your shoes before...

I decided all this has to stop as I was graduating soon and I did not want to get a JOB.

So I got smart and decided to observe how the other SUPER AFFILIATES are crushing it with every single product they promote.

And here's the one COMMON technique I discovered among these superstars...

Yes it's true...

The super affiliates all do ONE extra step and that is they pre-sell using product walkthrough videos!

These are videos that simply walk the customer through the buying process and then proceed to review the product live.

There's no hard selling involved at all.. But they work great because they builds instant proof and trust in your review and it converts like crazy...

I was a little skeptical at first so I decided to try it out for myself...

And boy, this technique works like GANGBUSTERS!


Easy Niche Videos

"It's Not About What You Tell Them, It's About How You Tell Them"

That may not make much sense now, but it's an integral part of the formula I've been using.

Bottom Line, Video is everywhere, yet most marketers are completely missing the best opportunity they have ever had.

They don't know how or where to use video and they certainly don't know how to get their videos to the top of the search engines.

And the sad truth is, that most will never know. They'll just keep doing what their doing and growing more frustrated by the day.

You won't have to worry about that, because you won't be making those same mistakes.

What I'm talking about is more than just slapping up some half baked video on a blog or YouTube.

There are plenty of "experts" that will tell you that's going to work and you're going to get plenty of traffic.

And IF you did that, you'd be absolutely no better off than you are right now.

Look, I used to think the exact same thing, so don't blame yourself.

Sure. You may "Luck" your way on to page 1 or 2.

But wouldn't you prefer to know exactly what the search engines want and firmly plant your flag in the top positions?

So Here's Exactly How It's Done

Hey, I know you're time is valuable. And If I put together a long, fluffly sales letter for you, it could take you 30 minutes or longer to read through it.

And in that time, you could have created a video, got it into the search engines the right way, and decided which new niche you wanted to dominate next.

Yes. It's That Easy.

In fact, the formula I've been using makes it paint by numbers simple.

In about 6 Steps and 30 minutes you could have your video complete, ready to rank in the top positions and begin sending you massive traffic and massive commissions.

Repeat that just a few more times and you could have your own video marketing empire.

So How's it all done? Simple.

First, we find hot affiliate products to promote. We use a tried and true method for finding the best products in any niche...

Using the Easy Niche Video formula, you'll be able to find products in just minutes.

Next, we use the easy niche video formula to give hungry buyers exactly what they are looking for.


Using the video blueprint you'll know exactly what to say, when to say it and what to put in your videos that make buyers want to hand you money fast.

Then, we use the final part of the formula to completely take over the search engines with virtually any keywords we choose.

Your competition will never stand a chance with our 1-2 punch system. The search engines will be devouring your videos and spitting them out on the first page in almost no time at all.

Before long, you'll be a proven expert...then what?
They'll Be Beating Down
Your Doors For Help!

Once you discover how you can dominate the search engines with video, you'll be able to do it whenever you want...

...and for whomever you want.

And our formula includes a system that allows you to make $500 sales with ease.

In fact, we show you how to find hundreds of buyers in no time at all that are eager to pay you at least that much...

When they learn what you can do for them, They'll be beating down your doors for help!

Of course, you could just keep all of this to yourself and quietly rake in the commissions..

...but the choice is yours

So finally, you're in the right place, at the right time.....ahead of everyone else.

This is truly an opportunity to build both an online and real offline business...

...and the real truth is that some people want to charge you $497, $997 and even $2997 for access to this information... and they wouldn't be overcharging you at all.

That's because the real video marketing, traffic domination and search engine crushing techniques are worth 5x more and you could still make back every penny of your investment in no time at all.


Easily add video to web sites with special marketing features

There are few things as crazily over-complicated as the world of web video. 'Codecs', 'file types', 'bit-rates' - it can be a complete and utter geek-fest of frustration trying to add a simple video to your web site...

..and that's without trying to monetize it in order to pay you back for the time lost in setting the darn thing up!

Sure, places like YouTube can make adding video to your web site much easier, but don't for a minute think there isn't a price to pay for using them! (more on that later).

Quite simply, if you want to be 'ahead of the pack' you need to be able to add your own videos to your own web site, on your own terms. Because that's how you'll build a better bank balance too!

Of course, achieving that without messy scripts and typing in ugly jargon is easier said than done. Plus it drains your most valuable entrepreneurial asset: TIME!...


...You want to leverage that time in other areas, not in getting bogged down in techy stuff when adding videos to your web pages.

And that's precisely why I developed Viddymatic: to become a simple and effective time-saving web video solution. On the rest of this page I'll show you exactly why I use it, why all our customers use it, and why you should be using it too!...

So enjoy the simple demos and details below, and I'll look forward to greeting you in the Members Area once you've made the smart decision to join us...
"What Viddymatic Can Do For You"

Add videos to your web pages and Wordpress blogs in seconds.....

Wordpress is a fantastic (and free) platform for making fast, easy web sites that can be found by your target customers, and Viddymatic is designed to fit straight into it as a 'plugin'...

Regardless of its many other features, some of our customers use Viddymatic purely to save their valuable time. this video will show you how quick and painless it can be to add your videos to any Wordpress 'post' or 'page'...

Plus, if you don't use Wordpress, you can easily achieve these exact same results with our 'Reloaded' version of Viddymatic for 'standard web pages'...


How To Screencast Like a Pro

Take The Mystery Out of Screen Capture Video

Screencast video can be great...you just record what's on your computer screen. You don't have to worry about video cameras, lighting or even what you look like. And they can be just as powerful...sometimes even more powerful...than regular on-camera video.

But screencast video can also be confusing, intimidating and frustrating. For most people, their screencast videos come out looking fuzzy, distorted, hard to see, hard to hear...or...all of the above.

The good news is you don't need to worry about those things anymore. That's because I'm going to show you...step by step...exactly what you need to do to create dazzling, crystal-clear, great looking and great sounding screencast videos.


In fact, you'll learn all the secrets to making videos just like the one at the top of this page!

How? It's through my new video-based training course called How To Screencast Like a Pro. The title pretty much says it all. But here's...

What You Get

How To Screencast Like a Pro contains over 3 hours of step by step video based lessons (3+ hours for Windows users and 3+ hours for Mac users). You simply log into the training area and watch the lessons in your web browser (just like you watch all videos on the Internet).

All you have to do is play the videos, watch what I show you and then repeat it yourself. It couldn't get any easier. And I don't waste your time with things you'll never need to know in the "real world"...I only teach you exactly what you need to know for producing killer screencast videos. For instance, here's a small sample of what you'll discover:

How to properly size screencast videos...from recording - to the web...for crystal-clear quality

Want great sounding audio? Here are the microphones to use

Where to get the coolest images and templates for screencast presentations (and for dirt cheap)

How to create eye-popping animated logos in PowerPoint and KeyNote

How to animate any type of graphic, however you want, in PowerPoint and KeyNote

How to animate text for maximum effect in PowerPoint and KeyNote

How to use on-camera video in screencast presentations

The secrets and how-to's of layering screencast objects for stunning effects

How to properly record screencast videos in Camtasia and ScreenFlow

How to properly edit screencast videos in Camtasia and ScreenFlow

How to properly produce screencast videos for the web in Camtasia and ScreenFlow

3D compositing - how to elegantly twist and turn your screencast video's in 3 dimensions

How to use a slick, web-based tool for creating one-of-kind screencast presentations

How to properly record PowerPoint and KeyNote presentations

How to properly record browser and application windows

Where to get professional voice-over's for your screencast videos...at rock-bottom prices

And much, much, much, much, much, much more

The training contains lessons for both Windows and Mac users. So it doesn't matter if you use Windows, a Mac or both...you'll get the training you need to screencast like a pro.

You get unlimited, lifetime access to the training. You can login and watch the training videos as much as you want, whenever you want. And with lifetime access, you have access to them forever.

Do you have an iPad? You can watch all of the training videos on your iPad too...all of the videos are HTML5/mobile device compatible.

What You Need

For Windows users, much of the training covers Camtasia and PowerPoint 2010. For Mac users, much of the training covers KeyNote 09 and ScreenFlow.


Do you absolutely need these tools to take the training? No. You can have older versions of PowerPoint/KeyNote/Camtasia/ScreenFlow and still take the training without any problems. The newest versions of these tools just contain features that make screencasting easier and more powerful.

What if you don't have any of these tools? Well, if you want to screencast like a pro, you will need to get them. For example, the video at the top of this page? It was created entirely using these tools (and the techniques I teach in the training).

Free trials are available online for PowerPoint 2010, Camtasia and Screenflow (Apple doesn't do free trials - so no KeyNote trial is available). In other words, you can download the free trials and still take the training.


High-Converting Video Marketing Membership Site

Here are the facts: Two years ago you know you NEEDED to be marketing your business on the Internet. One year ago you know you needed to be using Social Media (Twitter & Facebook). Today, you know you must be using Video.

The Bottom line is this:

NOTHING out there today can be used to drive traffic to your website AND increase conversions the way video does. Plain and simple.

Unlike social networking sites that can come and go with ease, the power of video is here to stay. "Prove it!" you ask? No problem...
Youtube Has Taken the Internet By Storm! Here are some of the latest Youtube gets +2 Billion views a day!    
Youtube is the 3rd most visited website in the World!
The average visitor spends +15 minutes on Youtube each & every day!
The most-viewed Youtube video has close to 200 million views alone!
Can you afford to ignore Youtube & Video Marketing any further?

The Problem is, most people are down right afraid of video. Either the technology, the supposed high-costs of entry, or the mere fact that they have to be in front of the camera scares the heck out of most!


I'm Here to Show You That Video is NOT Only Fun & Easy to Use, BUT it has Become so Powerful, that you Can't Afford to Ignore it any Longer!
    The Costs of video are extremely low! Camera equipment, lighting AND editing software can all be purchased for just a few hundred dollars!
You don't need to be a technical wizard to work a camera, edit your footage or upload it for the World to see! It has become easier than ever before!
A fear of being in front of the camera is normal! BUT it is VERY easy to do videos WITHOUT being "the star" in front of the camera!!

WHY Video is About to Make Your Marketing a WHOLE Lot Easier:

Drive Traffic to Your Website!

Youtube (owned by Google) contains FAR LESS competing videos than Google contains indexed-websites. Your chances of instantly being found in Youtube (the 2nd Largest Search Engine) are far greater than getting your website found in Google ! And what's better: Your videos can get indexed in Google as well!! Bottom Line: Let your Youtube videos drive the traffic!

Increase Your Conversions!

Video is powerful! It makes your message more clear, it tugs on the power of emotions, and it hypnotizes your visitors to hang on your every word as you connect with them easier than ever before. Throw video on your squeeze pages, salesletters, blogs, etc and if done right, you can dramatically increase your conversions & sales!

Make Money!!

Thanks to the Youtube Partner Program, you can cash in BIG just for getting views on your Youtube Videos. Youtube will pay you to make more high-trafficed videos! On top of that, you can easily promote affiliate products (or products of your own) straight from Youtube!


trading pro systems

Nobody likes losing money. I've been there and done that. Perhaps that's why I have compassion for the millions of people who are currently losing so much of their financial worth.

People are losing their stock portfolios, losing their 401k's, losing their jobs due to the sour economy, and just generally getting spanked by Wall Street.

Unfortunately, I can't help the "masses" avoid financial loss.

It's just a part of how the game is played. Someone is always going to lose money.

However, I CAN help those who are willing to help themselves. And since you're here reading this page, that includes you :-)

In other words, someone is always going to lose money, but that "someone" DOESN'T have to be you!


And what do I love?

I LOVE empowering people to achieve success in their lives.

So I guess that this love and hate are what motivated me to create the Trading Pro System for you.

You will NOT find this system being taught by ANYONE else, and it absolutely has the potential to drastically change your life for the better!

However, I'm NOT going to feed you a bunch of "get rich quick" hype, because that's not what the course is about, nor is it my style.

Instead, I'm going to get straight to the point and just tell you...

# what this course is all about

# what it will do for you

# what is included

# and how you'll be able to access it.

This has been 20 YEARS in the making!

First, I want you to know that this program was NOT just conceived in the last few weeks and packaged as a product to sell.

This course is the result and culmination of 20 years of thinking, planning, learning and practicing the material that you will receive.

The reason why I decided to teach you my methods is revealed in this letter. I'm not going to hide anything.

I want to be very clear from the outset...

Unlike many people who teach options and stocks, I am NOT a former market maker or specialist or a licensed professional in the financial industry. I am a retail investor just like you. The difference is that I found a way to be successful and profitable trading stocks and options as a REAL business from my home office.


The business methods I use are also used by professional hedge fund managers and market professionals who rarely, if ever, talk about their strategies.

So you're probably asking yourself, "Why would he give away these secrets?"

To answer that question, I will tell you that there are three reasons why I want to teach you this business...

    1) There's no reason not to teach you my secrets.

    Seriously. I have nothing to lose. The markets are huge and worldwide and anyone can trade them without decreasing the opportunity. In fact it would only make things better. The more traders, the more money we can make and the more liquid the market becomes.

    It's really a win-win-win.

    Unlike other businesses - such as the one I have been involved in for the last 9 years (Internet marketing)- this business only gets BETTER as more people do it.

    2) I am a business person but I am also a teacher.

    I have been teaching people how to use the Internet to start a business since 1999. I have taught thousands of people how to make their living online so teaching is something I love to do.

    There are not many people who really understand this business and are willing to teach it to others.

    3) Frankly, a little extra money from selling this course means more I can put to good use in my trading business.

    Obviously I put my money where I get the largest return for the amount invested. Most of the money I make from selling this course goes directly into my trading business.

    I don't know what your abilities are or how fast you can learn this business as I teach it, so I will never tell you how much I make, but 5% (or much more) per month is a very reachable goal. Returns can be as high as 62.5% (ROM)


Deep Linker Pro Web/Link Directory Submitter

Dude where were you with this two years ago?  I spent about $150 and outsourced two of my sites to a recommended Directory Submission Service. I gave pretty much the same kind of info you required and two independent email addresses for tracking purposes.  For the two sites I received about 20 emails related to submissions.

After running Deep Linker Pro for the first time my email folder started to receive registration, ackowledgement and Confirmation emails directly related to the automated submissions.  That was impressive enough.

I then set about adding a second site.  I hit the submit button and went to bed.  This morning I have over 100 total emails like I described above. Granted, there is a human review element with some of these so now it is a waiting period.  But so far no rejections.

I must say from the time I started it I was impressed with the layout and you described EXACTLY what I needed to add.  Very easy to work with.

Tonight I will setup and process two more new sites that I just started working on.  This is now a staple of my setup operation for new sites as well as my older ones.

Engine traffic very attractive... even sexy? ;) I know I do!

But, my friend, we both know search engine traffic isn't easy to obtain; not a great deal of it anyway. It requires heavy search engine optimization (SEO) and the #1, most important aspect of SEO... the most crucial factor, is of course incoming links.

You see, I can tweak my pages and make them super-duper optimized for all of the top search engines, but without incoming links those pages aren't going to get ANY search traffic.


You know it and I know it. Backlinks are what we need if we want that free search traffic. So what do we do? We write articles, getting one or two links for each article we write. We spend hours, even days, writing compelling content hoping for the almighty "natural" links. We submit our sites to social bookmarking sites, most of which won't even be counted because many nofollow their links.

To sum it all up, we "bust our butts" working to get backlinks to our sites. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn't.

But LISTEN, I don't like busting my butt. That's why for the past couple of years I've been outsourcing much of my work. But when I say outsource, I don't mean I'm paying others to actually do the work, that would be EXPENSIVE. I'm talking about paying others to develop tools that make the work quick and easy!

I Wasted approximately 1,008 HOURS of SOLID Work Time
doing something that Could have been Automated!

Yep, you read that correctly! For three entire years I devoted one hour every day, 7 days a week, to building links, until I got smart.

Where would my business be right now if I had spent those 1,008 hours doing something else while still getting the backlinks I was spending so much time to obtain? I GUARANTEE I would be making much more money right now!

You may be wondering what it was that I had developed... what saved me Thousands of hours... what made link-building so EASY, and I'm going to tell you, but first, I want to clear up a common misconception: That misconception is that Web Directories provide low quality links and/or that Google for one reason or another somehow discounts or lowers the value of directory links.

LISTEN, I've been marketing online for over 5 years now. Google and other search engines change very frequently, but I'll tell you one thing that never changes. If a Webpage that links to your site is Indexed and Assigned Authority by Google, IT'S going to be a BACKLINK no matter if it's a web directory, article directory or any other type of site!


Newbie Affiliate Makes

  Want to copy the easiest way to make money using a proven system that works?? This may be the most life-changing personal letter you'll ever come across.

"I am happy to announce that we have made ProfitMiracle available for you to use for your affiliate marketing efforts. You will love the way it works and how easy it is." - James

*Shocking* time-tested money maker generates traffic with your affiliate link in the first 14 days... and it's very, very easy to use!

You've heard this from others and I'll put my own spin on this important truth .... Most money-making opportunities simply do not work - at one point, I was even in a little debt trying so many. It took me an extremely long time to see what truly worked.

Just log in and copy what I did. I merely activated this simple-to-use machine that generates passive income by leveraging the "free traffic" on the internet. I can't disclose everything but yes, even several newbies are doing quite well.
Before you continue to hear what's going on .... STOP and make sure you've already grabbed the following exclusives confidentially.

 Just over 5 years ago, I was working as a telephone sales rep making minimum wage.

Shortly after, I experimented with every possible method to make any significant money online - it was a nightmare of failures....

When I finally made a few key discoveries, I was at least lucky enough to focus on what was working. One of these was an internet-based business where I'd promote other people's products so I wouldn't have to deal with inventory or production. It worked well and people started asking me to coach them.

... I know what it's like to struggle ....

Years later, I started to develop tools to automate the things I've discovered and fine-tuned. I loved it when my recipes for making money helped others too.


One of my proteges, Lance and I have just produced arguably the most extreme easy-to-use profit system in existence ... you simply activate the system and start building large amounts of traffic to your site. This same internet traffic creates real revenue... simple yet powerful huh?

Like our previous release, there is a beautiful twist to this ... EVEN a bum off the street with ZERO business experience and ONLY 25 cents to his name can use this to make money with. All he needs is a computer or internet connection. Once he starts and works persistently at it, I would NOT be surprised if one day he becomes a middle class citizen after many checks start clocking in.

Seriously, imagine waking up every single day using this if you were once a bum - trust me, I can relate at some level ... after persisting to success, you can now buy whatever you want in life ... anytime for your spouse, your kids, your friends, yourself, whomever! This system has done that for real people.

Here's what you DON'T need to succeed:
    You do NOT need to waste hours learning how to set everything up . (see testimonials)
    You do NOT need to spend time researching or doing things you don't like - I'd rather be spending my precious time with my family or pets!
    You do NOT need to wait long for the traffic and results to come ... this system can help drive traffic to your site quickly.
    You do NOT need to be at an office to make this work - I do this in my pajamas at home or on vacation!
    You do NOT need to know website setup, file transfer, or any "geek" skills for that matter - they leave me just as clueless so...

Now listen closely ... because this is the core of what I'm revealing... the idea is that our traffic generating system practically hands you free traffic on a silver platter - very different than most money making methods or businesses. That's why most are HARD.

Even if you're merely looking at opportunities online - I sincerely don't want you to regret having missed this amazing power. Use it immediately.

Also, We designed this system specifically for NO COST methods, to help anyone make a full-time living working from home or even on vacation 365 days a year.


Facebook Cash Generator 2.0

    In fact, the system I have set up right now is SO powerful that it runs at 100% power on complete autopilot – whether I’m “working” on it or not!

    All I really do is log in to my ClickBank account once a week, check how much money I’m making and sit back and let the cash roll in!

    Now, you might be wondering…

    How the heck can you do that Kevin? What’s your secret to success?

    Here’s a hint:

    It is the NUMBER ONE most viewed website in the world and…

    On any given day, 42.7% of people will go to this site seeking to buy products…

    Do you know what it is?

    I hear gurus every day complaining that Google is only a small portion of the web and there are other traffic sources that are cheaper, easier to use and more powerful.

    I’m sorry, but whoever thinks that is DEAD WRONG.

    Here’s why Google is still the King…

    On any given day, Google logs about 2 BILLION searches. That’s 60 BILLION per month or 730 BILLION per year!
    Over 300 MILLION people use Google every single day.
    People LOVE to use Google to not only find information but to find things they want to BUY.
    Millions of people will instinctively go to Google when they want to buy something instead of going to other sites like Amazon.com and eBay.com.

    I mean, seriously. When it comes to getting visitors to your website Google is hands down your best solution.

    Nothing else is as easy to…

    Instantly get thousands of ready & willing buyers to open up their wallets and literally hand you money.
    Generate a HUGE passive income on complete autopilot within DAYS.
    Get server melting traffic numbers and affiliate paydays through the roof -- whether you’re working or not!

    I first got started in the “How to Make Money Online” industry in October of 2008, I was only 16 years old back then!

    I was promised so many things:

    “Hundreds of thousands of dollars… A complete life of freedom… Riches beyond my wildest dreams…”

    I couldn’t believe it! This was the goldmine I had always dreamed of!

    I got to work and boy did I ever work hard. I worked harder at making money online than I had ever worked on my homework. I’m not kidding.

    I locked myself in my computer room, spent literally HUNDREDS of hours learning how to make money online.

    I tried my very hardest. I put my best foot forward and went all in.

    And guess what happened?

    NOTHING. Absolutely nothing.

    I knew something had to be wrong. What was I doing that wasn’t making me thousands of dollars?

    That’s when the brilliant idea of borrowing money from my mom was a good idea (yeah right…)

    I approached my mom and politely asked her for $200 to spend on the latest internet marketing course.

    She immediately resisted and told me that it was a complete waste of my time and money.
    That’s where it got out of control…

    I literally started BEGGING my poor mother for the $200. I whined and complained to her. I just wouldn’t stop, that’s how badly I wanted that damn Study Course!


    She finally gave in after hours of my begging and I got the product I wanted.

    I kicked it up a notch and spent 5 hours a day learning and implementing the strategies in the course. I neglected my homework and hardly got any sleep.

    You can probably guess what happened next…

    I didn’t make a single dollar. Not even a single cent.

    I was devastated and felt like I wasn’t worth anything. So many gurus had promised me I’d have to be a complete idiot to not make money online and well, I felt like a complete idiot.

    I couldn’t return the product and get my mother’s money back either…

    Out of the 17 years I’ve been on this Earth that was probably the lowest point I’ve ever hit. I felt like I had just stolen from my own mother.

    Now, as you can imagine this made me extremely mad. In fact, I was furious! How could I put in SO much effort and not get any success? How could I try SO hard and not even make one stupid dollar?

    I hate to say it but I was so disappointed with myself that I gave up. Over the summer of 2009 I literally didn't spend a single minute on internet marketing.

    One day in late August I logged in to my email account one last time to shut it down and end my internet marketing nightmare forever…

    …And that’s when I discovered it.

    I had about 25 emails from different people telling me to go check out this brand spankin’ new method.

    It claimed to generate me about $10,000 per month which was much more believable than the $60,000 and $80,000 per month I had been promised before.

    So I sat down and spent an hour or two implementing the methods I learned.


StumbleUpon Domination

Needless to say, my Dad was impressed. He didn't acknowledge it, but I'm making more money than he is at the moment. He'd seen me struggling for over a year with affiliate marketing and Pay Per Click programs. He knew I was giving Google half my wages every month. And he thought I was crazy to do that. He kept saying -

“Isn't there another way of getting some traffic? A way that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? Using Adwords is just going to send you broke.”

He was right, of course. Google was sending me broke. I didn't tell my Dad, but I was in the hole for about three thousand dollars. And some of that was on my credit card. But I was determined to make a success of my online business. I'd put too much time and money into it to just give up and walk away. I'd had some success building blog sites and sending Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click traffic to them and getting commissions on affiliate products.

...until Big G decided it didn't like my blogs any more and de-indexed some of them. But what was worse was the outrageous click price increase on some of the keywords - keywords I'd been getting for only cents a click were suddenly costing me dollars.


And Google was reducing my Adwords Quality Scores from 7/8/9 down to 3/4/5. Which of course was driving up the click price and playing havoc with my ROI - “return on investment”.

I'm no financial genius but I know you can't afford to be paying two or three dollars a click for most keywords. It just doesn't add up. It really doesn't . Google Adwords can be brutal. Its like playing craps – looking for a “7”. First it's your friend, then its your enemy. And the Yahoo PPC program is just as bad.

What is it? In a nutshell...it's a walk-through guide that shows you how to build websites that will be accepted onto the StumbleUpon network and how you set up PPC campaigns to drive targeted traffic to those sites.

What's so hot about StumbleUpon you say? I'll tell you in a minute. See - I wasn't thinking of sharing this. It was my Dad's idea. One day he said to me “You know – you could sell this system...there must be plenty of people who'd like the chance to make this kind of money”.

At first I wasn't convinced. Why would I want to run the chance of killing the goose that lays the golden eggs by showing everyone how I'm making a killing on StumbleUpon? But then I realised there's plenty of room for everyone – there are hundreds of niches. I could sell thousands of copies of this and it wouldn't make any difference to what I'm doing. And half the people that buy and read this system won't implement it. In fact it's probably more like three-quarters of the people who buy this won't do anything with it. Why? Because everyone's looking for something that's Instant Results...push-button...no work required.

Well “Good luck with that” is all I can say. The StumbleUpon Domination system takes a bit of work. But nothing too daunting. It does involve building Wordpress blogs – but if you've never done that, don't worry. It's not that hard and I'll show you how, step-by-step.


Twitter Salvation System

Twitter is now the most popular social media platform for business owners and SME's.

Unfortunately, a recent study has shown only a dismal 1/3 of them are happy with their results when using Twitter for business.

You may be one of them. Drawn in with all the media buzz and Twitter's constant presence in the news.

However, the million dollar question you're probably asking now could be...
Can I REALLY make money through Twitter?

Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformation and junk out there. You may have gotten DM's like this in your inbox...

Here's how I got 16k followers in a month... Blah blah blah.

I know... It's really frustrating. All you need is something effective. Something stripped of hyperbole and promote measurable results. Something that can genuinely impact your business and take it to the next level.

Good News... Using Twitter for business can be an awesome marketing tool. In fact, it can be the most powerful weapon in your entire money-making arsenal--if you know how to wield it.

In fact, master Twitter and you gain access to the key of business acceleration. You can potentially quadruple your earnings, create viral sensations and reach the top of the mountain--in as little as 14 days.

The astonishing story I'm about to share may help you understand the near unbelievable claims I'm making.


When I first met my fiancee Laura, I knew my life would never be the same.

I mean, even outwardly, that itself was an obvious statement.

She is Zimbabwean African. I'm Malaysian Chinese. Her chocolate skin, sparkling brown eyes, and braided hair were foreign to me.

Even though the cultural differences were a challenge we could overcome easily enough, it was the subsequent incidents that I was even more ill-prepared for.

You see, like all people in love, we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, so we got engaged.

Then we hit two major speedbumps along the way.

The first one is that according to her culture--like in a lot of African nations--I was required to pay a dowry to the bride's family--IN CATTLE.

Yes, you got that right. Cattle! The average Zimbabwean dowry is 8 cows.

That was something I didn't mind. After all, I was going to marry the most beautiful girl in the world.

The dowry, roora or lobola as it is known, is a sign of respect to the girl's family, a way of thanking them for raising such a wonderful daughter.

In addition to being a way of reimbursing them for the potential income that the family loses when their daughter is married into another family, the roora is also meant to be a small token of comfort for the 'loss' of their daughter from their family as she is taken under the covering of her husband's family.

However, the second issue was this--the crazed tyrant Robert Mugabe was still in power, and that I minded a whole lot more.

You see, as we were going out in Malaysia, for Laura, things got increasingly bad at home. Despite international pressure, Zimbabwean Robert Mugabe still clung to power. Consequently the country paid the heavy economic price.

The 2 million percent inflation rate has taken its toll on the people of Zimbabwe. In fact, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe recently introduced the 100 Billion Dollar note for easier transactions.


As mocked and parodied as that is by all those inconsiderate comedy shows...
It Is Really No Laughing Matter...

...for the people of Zimbabwe. Thousands are dying everyday.

As a result of the country's ecomonic meltdown, the Dowry is, nowadays, often looked to as a way out of economic suffering. Because times are so hard, instead of a small token of appreciation, families are now demanding OBSCENE amounts for the roora, all out of desperation.

In fact, there have been reports of demands for houses, cars and mobiles --things that we take for granted--in addition to the cattle.

In case you have not gathered, that's a lot of coin. Even as a copywriter earning a comfortable income, I needed to do something drastic to marry my bride.
I needed to get clients, and to get clients fast.

This was the reason I turned to Twitter, since there was so much buzz about it being a potent networking tool.

I decided to use this slightly unconventional strategy because the market was saturated with copywriters willing to work for rock-bottom prices flooding all the conventional vehicles like Elance and job boards.

As I didn't (and shouldn't) compete on price, I decided to go the whole social media route.

Frankly, I didn't know what to expect. After all, tons of people were telling me that this whole Web 2.0 shebang was purely hype, and nothing more.

To my utter surprise, I started getting gigs from day 1. A mere 3 weeks later, these were my results:

1314 warm targeted leads, without spending a cent on PPC
$10,000 worth of value in terms of consultation and JV relationships
Strategic alliances with half a dozen internet millionaires


Personal Branding Social Media Themes

It really bothers me when I see so many brilliant and talented people miss the chance to achieve the life of their dreams because they neglected to promote themselves as a BRAND!

If you do not already own the domain name for YOUR NAME or if you have not started blogging and creating an online presence for your name, you are making a big mistake!

Whether you have an immediate need or whether its an investment for your future, you can be sure that building your own name as a brand will bring you massive returns over time.

Conversely, if you don’t start building your name as a brand now and someone else does it before you, the opportunity will be lost permanently!

Now you might ask, “why would I want to build my name as a brand online?”.

Well did you know that today, more than 56% of people will research you or your product online before making a purchase decision? And that number will only grow in the future.

This is important even if you are not selling any product or service, because your credibility and brand value affect almost EVERY area of your life!

Think about it. If you are…

    * a graduate looking for a job
    * a sales person looking to close a sale
    * a business entrepreneur looking close a deal
    * an employee gunning for that promotion
    * a person looking to ask someone out on a date…

In each of these circumstances, your prospective employer, sales prospect, business partner, boss and even your date will be “Googling” YOU before they make their decision. Get the picture?

How I Built An Online Brand For My Name

Now you may or may not have heard about me. My name is Brian Wong. I am a regular person like you and everyone else. The difference is that I have built a very powerful online brand for my name.

Just do a search on Google, Youtube or anywhere else online and chances are you will find some of my material online.


The Benefits?

There’s not enough time to list every opportunity, income stream, and experience that became available to me because I started to brand myself online with my blog and social media websites!

But in a nutshell, here’s some of what I’ve experienced:

I got to network and become business partners with International speakers, gurus and marketers whom otherwise would not give me the time of day!

I get tons of offers for joint ventures and many business opportunities that few others have access to!

I get amazing credibility every time I want to close a business deal or want to get an appointment with somebody.


Amazing Viral Marketing Software

Imagine waking up to 2,600 new subscribers... 1,800 new back-links to your site... 12 new YouTube Videos promoting your product... 3 new press releases promoting your product... 220 new Facebook posts about you and 14 new articles submitted... (All promoting YOUR PRODUCT!)

All DONE FOR YOU (Automatically)!
WITHOUT SPENDING A Ton Of Money On Traffic!
WITHOUT Breaking a sweat at all!

Yes indeed, this is EXACTLY why everyone is so excited about "Contest Burner" --- even newbies!

In fact... what if I told you this is already happening all around you, and many other marketers are already using this program with Great Success?!? Many are already raving fans of this product... and of course, most of the top level marketers are swarming all over "Contest Burner"!

And, there's a mountain of proof already... (case studies out the wazoo)... and loads of gurus are jumping on "contest burner" and asking to use it RIGHT NOW!

Look — the proof is in the pudding and this is a guaranteed slam dunk for you! Seriously.

For reasons you'll understand in just a moment, this very well could be the golden key to exploding your list, traffic and revenue for much less out-of-pocket money than ever before!

What if you could get "Contest Burner" and have traffic flooding your site almost overnight? You're about to see exactly how to do that, keep reading...

If you've had a tough time generating traffic... or subscribers... or getting buzz in the social networks, then you should read every line and every word of this page, because those problems could be gone in a click!
I've Built Multiple Seven Figure Lists!

I'm not here to brag, that's not my style, but it is critical you understand the man behind this product. For the past 14 years, I've mostly been behind the scenes (underground) doing my own thing.


I've been able to generate over 20 million dollars online and I've built multiple lists with over 1,000,000 (Million) people on them. I'm quite certain I'm qualified to talk about list building and the "Power" a responsive list can provide you!

"Any means necessary" — That's what I tell people. I'd say, "By any means necessary, build a list right now!" It's that important!
If you want ongoing income, and long-term success in this business

However, for most people out there, that list is ELUSIVE and hard to get. THE LIST hides from them, it's hard to create, where do you start? what comes first, the chicken or the egg? How do you get the traffic without investing a fortune in paid traffic? How do you get people to promote if you don't have a list already?

You know this. You've been through this. You understand how difficult it has been to get a list started, much less build a big enough list to make a financial dent in your bank account, right?

AND... once you have a list, how do you engage the subscribers??

Most every marketer knows (they've been told a Million times) they need to build a list. However, the clocks ticks by and the weeks turn into months and months turn into years and STILL there's no list!

Because you see, for the average marketer out there, it's impossible to make-it to every offline event scheduled... impossible to build hundreds of key contacts... hard as heck to pay for traffic... and the list of challenges goes on and on!

Well, I'm here to tell you there's a NEW WAY to build that list (and much more!) quite easily by using "Contest Burner"!


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