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Earn Huge cash

I'm about to give you a straight shot of truth. It'll be tough to swallow, but what you're about to discover will have a drastic impact on your life.

It'll probably piss you off a little bit too... and I'm sorry about that...

... but you'll thank me for it after.


The world of making money online is about to change forever, and I'm handing you an invitation to get in on the ground floor.

I'm about to unleash what I'm calling the "five minute miracle" - and it's going to change everything, for good, because of one simple, undeniable reason.


The internet is evolving.

Like it or not, it's already happening.

Most of the stuff other people are telling you to do is already outdated.

Ever wonder why it never works for you?

Blogs, mass content creation software, traffic "bots" (spammy)... you know what I'm talking about right?

Stuff like that simply won't work any more.

You know how everybody tells you to build thousands of simple little blogs, then wait for them to get their own traffic from Google?

Well, let me ask you a question:

How much longer do you think Google's going to be suckered by that play?

I'll give you a clue: not too long.

Google is NASA smart. They'll wise up soon, and when they do, everything you've done will be wasted.

Or maybe you're one of those guys who's still banging away at PPC.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but the days of just anybody being able to come along, throw up an ad and make money are LONG gone.

Sure, it's still profitable...

... but to make it work you'll need the kind of hard-fought knowledge you get here on the battlefield... not a "loophole" or trick you discovered in some 20 year old guy's ebook.

You see, that's the thing about progress. It's relentless.

The search engines will always get smarter, and it's only going to get worse.

That's why I want to tell you about a new way of making money. Something you've probably never even considered before...

... and it's important you know this now, because the OTHER thing about progress is that it usually means the people who get involved early can make the most money.

More about that in a second.

First, you need to know who I am (and that I'm not just one of those shady 20 year olds pushing the latest line of spambots down your throat).

My name is Justin Michie.

I've been an online marketer for 5 years, and I make a pretty significant income.

... this is the point where I'm supposed to tell you a big long story about how I used to be broke, and how I suddenly made it big online, and yadda yadda...

But I'm not going to do that, even if it's mostly true.

You see, this message is about YOU, not me.

It's about the changes we're about to make in YOUR life.

So instead of boring you with a story about me, I want to talk about, and give it you straight. You'd rather be treated like an adult, right?

You see, I've got an amazing opportunity for you today - we'll get to the details in a second...

... but before that I want to lay your fears to rest and let you know what this DOESN'T involve...

(I've made sure it's idiot-simple, and doable by anybody)

So there are a few things you definitely won't need:


You won't need experience


You won't need specials skills


You won't need money (seriously, you can get started with less than you probably have in your wallet right now)


You won't need loopholes or anything else shady


You won't need to worry about mind numbing repetitive SEO tasks


You won't need to spend hours and hours writing articles and creating content


You won't need to upload videos or hijack video sites


You won't need to wait around for results


You won't need to put in hours and hours of time for ZERO returns (you've been there, right?)


You won't need to be spamming, scamming, or anything else unethical


You won't need to be depending on glitches, flaws, or anything else that could stop working at any time

Best of all, you don't need to be a veteran or experienced internet marketer already.

It doesn't matter if you've never made money online. Or even if you have no idea where to start.

This is aimed at taking a raw newbie, and helping them replace their current income with a much larger, more flexible income...

(and don't worry -- if you're not a newbie and you're just looking for some extra cash, you can do that too)

Oh, and in case you're wondering just how profitable this business can be, take a look at this screenshot from a membership site my Mom (who can barely send an email) setup... in just 5 mins...

Remarketing Strategies

Remarketing is a completely innovative way of approaching Internet marketing
and here's where this can be to YOUR Advantage

In ONE QUICK AND EASY PROGRAMME get Google to capture all your lost visitors and then REMARKET TO THEM across the Google Network time and again for up to 18 months! Remarketing is an incredibly effective technique of keeping track of all those who come to your sites, look and leave. NEVER BEFORE HAS IT BEEN POSSIBLE IN SO EASY A WAY, to capture all those visitors and to remarket your sites and products to them continously. Traditionally once those visitors were gone, they were gone, lost in cyberspace. Visitors may leave your site for many reasons and it is not easy for them to locate your site and return. NOW THERE IS METHOD - Through Remarketing, Google can advertise your site, your brand, your product where ever your visitors may wander over the whole Google Network.

MASSIVE SAVINGS ON MARKETING BUDGETS and colossally more effective results! Remarketing gives you Niche Targeting, specific marketing to chosen audiences. Target potential customers only within your product area. Remarketing targets those who have visited your site before. They are already interested in your product. Unlike traditional 'fishing net' tactics that advertise to vast audiences for massive amounts of money and very little conversion rates - remarketing specifies your advertising target - less money spent on much higher conversion rates. And this can be a very specific target market.

ZERO COST TO START THE PROGRAMME - you can begin your remarketing for NO cost. And keep to ZERO whilst you are creating your ads, gaining experience and expertise in these techniques. We also show you how to create your preliminary audience for little or no cost until your campaign is ready to blast the market.

NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED and no investing in huge amounts of time to start. Your campaign can be set up initially within an hour. Once you learn the techniques new advertising campaigns take around ten minutes. Once your campaigns are on the web Google makes it automatic. After set-up you literally do not need to do anything, Google does it all for you.

TRAFFIC CONVERSIONS, SALES AND PROFITS INCREASE within your controlled budget. As your income increases so you can choose to spend more on the Remarketing campaigns which in turn means your profits rise. No having to pay an up front massive fee without results.Traditional Internet advertising, particularly Banner ads are extortionately costly, for design and placings.
But now in your own 'Code Revealing Codex Course!' you are taken step by step
through the whole process. Within a hour or two at the most you will know
AND make your Banner for FREE with Google.

You will have all the skills to get Google to place it on your chosen areas on the web throughout their network.


    What you get in your course:-

    An instant download 'Code Revealing Codex' - this takes you from the basics of setting up an Adwords campaign and progressing through to a Remarketing campaign.

    This 'Codex' gives step by step guide to setting up your Remarketing on your site with illustrations and screen shots to guide you clearly through it.

    Full explanations are given on the intricacies of the Google campaign.

    Three months of updates and follow ups bringing you further information and guidance on the more advanced techniques of Remarketing.

Remarketing is being called the 'Stalker' marketing technique
as it follows YOUR website visitors around the entire Google Network!

You may already have experienced this phenomenon, as you surf around the web, visiting sites, you see the same advert following you. Days and weeks pass and visiting other sites BINGO there is that advert again, and again. As it promotes a site you visited earlier, and a product in which you have shown interest so it piques your curiosity and you click through to the site.

Now what is amazing is that without that stalker technique you may never come across that website you once visited. But after a subliminal campaign the advert (usually a banner ad) encourages you to click through and then it is possible for you to purchase or opt in.

Or perhaps the advert tells you of a special offer that you would have never have discovered!
If Remarketing is so brilliant why aren't others using it?
THEY ARE! - Top Internet Marketers ARE using it, but THEY ARE KEEPING IT VERY QUIET!

As with every new idea and strategy on the web, the best time to get in is at the start. And this is precisely where YOU are at the moment.

Though the concept of Remarketing has been around for a few years, it has always been in the hands of companies who offered this service. Then in 2010 Google recognised the potential of this revolutionary method of marketing. They beta tested the idea, modified and tweaked it until at last it is now available to all on the Internet.

But known only to a few!

You cannot blame the top marketers for wanting to keep this secret - as with everything on the Internet the most effective time to use a powerfully lucrative strategy is at the start, before everyone else does it. In Surfer terms - you need to be on the crest of the wave to reap the full benefits!

And that is where this strategy is now.

Resale Rights Blueprint

If you're feeling tired and alone when it comes to making money online then you're going to want to read every single word on this page. You see, it's time to face facts and it's time for business.

For too long you've struggled to get to grips with the online circus which is why today I'm going to give you a ...

Complete Blueprint For Online Success

But first I'd like to ask you a question if I may.

Are you tired of bumping around from sales page to sales page only to get suckered in one more time? And for what? More broken dreams and empty promises as you suddenly realize that it's happened again.

That once again you've tried and failed and there's nothing that you can do to stop it.

Yeah, well you're not alone. You see, I know all too well what it's like to have to dodge the cheats and the rip off merchants in pursuit of your online dream.

I know because I was in the exact same position just a few short years ago and I can still remember the pain. And now? Well, let's just say that the the online con artists are more afraid of me than I am of them.

You see, I'm a full time marketer and I literally make a fortune online each and every day.

But that's not important right now. What's really important is that I'm not just going to kick back and enjoy my success. Hey, I mean why should I?

I suffered online for a long time too which is why I'm going to ...

Level The Score Once And For All!

You see, it's time to face the facts that are staring us in the face. Look, there ARE ways to make money on the Internet. You just have to know where to look for the right answers.

And guess what? The online con artists who knock open your wallet with a ten ton pack of lies really aren't the ones to be listening to.

Heck, I make thousands every week on complete autopilot so of course it can be done. But here's the thing. I got to the top by doing the exact opposite of what the rest of the sales pages said I should be doing.

They said go left and I went right. They said look up, and I looked down.

I am living proof that the ordinary guy can get to the top if only he can learn to avoid
the cheaters and the scammers who are just out for an easy ride at your expense.

So here's a question I'd love you to answer...

If I've proved that it's possible for the ordinary guy to make a ton of money on autopilot then why do so many people...

Fail Before They've Even Started?

I mean, just think about this for a second. Everywhere you look you'll see wananbe rich kids selling the 'next big thing' but why does it never seem to work?

It didn't work for me, and I'm sure that it didn't work for you either.

And here's why. All the books and the courses and the videos all might teach you how to try and build a business to earn millions of dollars. Sounds good, right?

But let me ask you this. If you put your hand on your heart do you think it's really THAT easy to flick a switch and enjoy the feeling of having millions of dollars slam into your bank account?

Of course it's not and if you're honest with yourself you'll agree.

Sure, you might get lucky and land the big one. But realistically! You've got more chance of being hit on the head by some space shuttle debris than you have of being the one in a million who is actually able to make that stuff work.

It's Time For a Wake Up Call!

Not everyone has the potential, smarts, or marketing savvy to make millions, but most of us have what it takes to make thousands of dollars.

But first you need a proven system that works.

And think about this. Every day thousands of people across the world pay thousands of dollars for 'so called' million dollar systems. And for what? Nothing but more broken dreams and empty promises.

How to launch your own profitable mini-site from scratch

would you like to suddenly have the reputation of a human ATM machine?

I tell you, as much as I love being my own boss and working from home, my biggest thrill comes when I've just finished creating another one of my profit pulling minisites... knowing that I've just added another automated income stream that will pay my bills, feed my family, and allow me to finally enjoy my life.

You see, anybody can create a minisite if they invest a few hours looking at tutorials on the Internet, but the real trick is creating one that actually makes you money.  If you'd like to be one of those rare people who has the power to create automated streams of income online, then you're going to love this.

Here's what this is all about:  My name is Michael Rasmussen, and I just created a set of video tutorials that will teach you two important things:

    First, they will walk you through the process of creating your own minisite from scratch.

    Next, they'll hold your hand, and show you step-by-step how to get your minisite making you money 100% on autopilot (you won't have to lift a finger, because the system runs itself).

(Click here for instant free access to the videos now if you're in a hurry).

Would You Like To Have One Of
These Automated, Cash Producing
Minisites For Yourself?

What if I told you that, in less than a couple hours, you could know exactly how to create your own killer minisites, fire them up, and start dumping money into your back account every single day, and then... repeat the process as many times as you want?

Wouldn't that go a long way towards letting you finally feel like an online marketing success?  Imagine being able to know that money was coming in today, and that it's going to do the same thing tomorrow.

That's what I do, and I want you to be able to do it too, without having to pull your hair out in frustration like I did!  But wait a minute. I know what you're asking yourself...

    "Why In The World Should I Listen To You, Michael?  What Makes You Such An Expert On Minisites?"

I'll tell you why:  Because I'm already enjoying the success that you want for yourself, and I can teach you how to get there in record time.  I have over a dozen profitable minisites that are making me money around the clock while I'm out enjoying life.

And the best part?  I'm just a regular guy!  I'm not some super genius who can do things you can't do.  I'm just a guy who has figured out a simple system that I can repeat over and over again to churn out these profit pulling minisites that make me money.

Generate CB Cash From The Visitors Leaving Your Site

 Dear Webmaster:

I was sitting in an Internet Marketing Seminar a few months ago when one of the speakers said something that hit me like a ton of bricks:
"Figure out a way to make money from the people leaving your site and you've got a winner."

Since this was John Reese speaking, I paid attention.  I consider John the most brilliant internet marketer I know. (After all, he did sell $1,000,000+ of a new product in one day on a brand new web site.)

You see, something about what John said clicked in my head, and you are reading the result. A FREE product that can help you make sales from the people leaving your site.  PLUS - it has Viral marketing built in to drive quality traffic to your site.

In fact, SearchFeast addresses two major problems.
Problem #1: People Leave Your Site Without Buying

If you own a web site, especially one that sells products, you know that the vast majority of people won’t buy anything from you.

You work so hard to drive traffic to your site.  Spending your valuable time and/or money to introduce your site and products to people all over the world.

How many marketing methods are you using? How much money are you spending to get a visitor?  How much money are you making from them?

The heartbreaking truth is that most people just take a quick look, and then leave. And It's Not Your Fault!

Sure, you may get some to subscribe to a newsletter or eZine, but most of your shoppers still click off your site without buying or subscribing.

In fact, even the world’s best copywriters are often thrilled with a 1% sales rate. Maybe you are even better. Maybe you convert 3% or even 5% of your visitors into paying customers.  That still means 95% to 97% of your traffic is wasted.

And up until now, there was nothing you could do about it.

Those people are gone forever.  Off to other sites, maybe buying other products. Maybe your site got them thinking about your type of product, and they left to do more research.

Unfortunately, they vanish without a trace. No way for you to follow-up with them. No second chance to make your sale.

It’s a problem that everyone has – from the top gurus to the newest rookies.

Find out how people are making six figures

If You Have 30 Minutes A Week, Then You Can Make Six Figures A Year Online*

    If You Think That All Those $2K Guru Kits Are Going To Rescue You From Obscurity And Debt You're in Denial.  If You Think That More Complex Analytics And SEO Structures Will Set You Free From The Gravitational Pull Of The Internet Marketing Black Hole, You Need A Plan. And If You Believe That Your Online Business Has To Dominate Your Life In Order To Be Successful, Then Just Stay In The Cubicle Because...

"I'm About To Completely Destroy All The Delusional 'Tactics' Being Drilled Into Your Head By So-Called 'Experts.' You're About To See For Yourself (Maybe For The First Time Ever) How Simple It Can Be To Create A Legitimate Six Figure Income That Only Takes Two Hours A Month To Manage And Keeps Churning Out Money As Faithfully As An Oil Rig In Saudi Arabia"

"This Is Common Sense On The Loose. There Will Not Be One Part Of This System You Won't Feel Confident About. It Just Makes Too Much Sense And Is Too Simple. It's Simple To Set-Up. Simple to Maintain. And Simply TOO Valuable For Your Customers To Ignore."

  It's just that simple."

That line is a running joke.

All of us involved in internet marketing training and coaching have the tendency to say... "It's just that simple." But it rarely is. Usually, the "simple system" requires something just short of Ph.D. in nerd-ology to understand it. Then you need a physics degree to make it work.

Let Me Come Clean...

Even though I make a lot of money online...

I don't do SEO.

I don't split-test.

I don't get Google's Analytics and Optimizer.

I don't know what keywords perform best on my sites (and I have dozens).

I don't know what Clickbank gravity means.

I don't know back linking strategies or the use of blog farms.

I don't know how to get rich on Twitter or other social media.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I could probably make more diving into all those, but I like living. Enjoying time with family and friends. Oh...yeah...I could outsource, but then I might have to actually talk to someone about that boring crap. :-)

Millionnaire Internet

Je vais vous parler du système que j'utilise depuis longtemps pour faire plus d'un million de dollars sur Internet et comment vous pouvez l'utiliser à votre tour et faire des profits en ligne d'ici les 2 prochaines heures.

Si vous êtes comme moi, vous en avez asser des sois disant "Gurus" qui vous promettent de faire de l'argent en ligne avec leurs méthodes. Plusieurs vendent des produits qui vous promettent de devenir riche et pour dire vrai cela ne vaux pas la peine de payer pour ces produits qui iront à la boubelle. Ces "Gurus" pensent que nous sommes nées depuis hier!

Si vous en avez asser de perdre de l'argent et vous essayez de faire un salaire à temps-plein en ligne, ne vous inquiètez pas car vous êtes maintenant au bon endroit.

Depuis les 4 dernières années, je gagne beaucoup d'argent sur Internet en travaillant de 4 à 8 heures par semaines. Mais avant ceci, je travaillais comme commis et j'avais plusieurs cartes de crédits dont le solde était de $17 000. Je n'aimais pas mon travail et je travaillais 50 heures chaque semaine et j'étais pris avec mes soucis financiers.

Un jour, j'ai investi $80 pour créer ma propre entreprise en ligne et en seulement quelques mois j'ai fais assez d'argent pour payer mes dettes et quitter mon emploi. Depuis ce temps, j'ai aidé des centaines de personnes à mettre en ligne leurs propres entreprises et quitter leurs emplois et vivre la vie qu'ils voulaient vivre sans se soucier de l'argent.

Aujourd'hui je vais révéler mon système le plus secret pour faire beaucoup d'argent sur Internet. Je parle ici de BEAUCOUP d'argent sur Internet depuis le confort de votre domicile. C'est le même système qui m'a permis de générer plus de $17,468 à chaque mois depuis plusieurs années.
Le système est tellement simple que n'importe qui peut l'utiliser. C'est vrai, n'importe qui peut utiliser mon système et commencer à générer des énormes profits sur Internet. Même si vous n'avez jamais fait un centime en ligne. Je peut vous garantir que vous ne trouverez jamais un tel système à un autre endroit sur Internet.

Je vais donner à un petit groupe de personne la chance d'utiliser le même système que j'ai utilisé pour faire plus d'un million de dollars en ligne dans les dernières années.

En avez-vous asser d'entendre des fausses promesses pour faire de l'argent en ligne avec des vieux système qui ne fonctionnent plus et qui sont simplement ridicules? Il est temps de passer à autre chose et commencer à créer votre propre entreprise en ligne vous êtes maintenant à la bonne place!

Aujourd'hui je vais changer le jeux! Je peux honnêtement dire que le système que j'utilise est le plus puissant et de loin le plus efficace en ce moment. Vous avez probablement jamais entendu parler de ce système.

Make Money Online Free

If you follow this method all the way through to the end you will see the results. By results I mean spending the money that YOU have just earned online then I promise your life will change. You will have the opportunity to see what Internet Marketing has to offer you and have a huge sense of pride knowing that you have read an e-book and turned the ideas into your own HARD EARNED CASH.

This then puts you in that special 5% category - those that have done something with information products instead of just reading it, putting it to one side and planning on doing something productive with it at a later date.

Once you realise how easy it is for the method to work, then you can replicate it as many times as you like. It is very easy to turn that $250 into $1,000 or $5,000 if you really want to.

Just think of what you could do - quit your job, go travelling, start a full time internet marketing business or whatever you want. It will give the ideal way out of your 9 to 5 job and let you tell your employer to shove the low wages that they pay you.

That is the problem in today's modern society. It is all about the lack of control that we have in our lives and if you have the opportunity to earn those extra wages we will be a lot more content and happiness will rule our lives.

Explode Your Clickbank Account with Cash

ust suppose you had complete control over your online business!

Imagine having an effective system for building your business so that you can finally achieve your goals and have money coming in day after day so that you can fully enjoy your time, enjoying every minute!

The good news is you can control your online business! And before long, all the work and feelings of possibly being crazy (or a failure) can be over. 

Wouldn't it be amazing if you found out that all it takes are 6-simple steps to change your life and begin living the life you wanted when you started this whole online venture?
Shannon Lueck Image></td> <td width=     Hi, my name is Shannon Lueck and have been online for more than 6 years.  I was one of the lucky ones in that I have always made some money doing this.  I have been able to average a part-time income so that I could stay at home with our boys.  But I never stopped "dreaming" of more...

I wanted my husband home too, I wanted to make a full-time income (and more) on a part time basis (around my boys' schedules).
Ok, yes,  I was asking for quite a bit, but I always felt like it was truly possible... like it could happen. 

Then last fall I came across a new method for creating money online.  I implemented this and wow, I was blown away!  I couldn't believe how well this was working!

I decided to start "tweaking" the sites, making them my own and WOW... I was blown away with what happened... my sales exploded and I doubled my income in a week and a half!  I have now created 10 sites, some are doing better than others, but playing with this method until I found the perfect system, I have now created a residual monthly income that exceeds my husband's and we are exploring what we are going to be doing next!  I'm ready to explode!

Now, I can almost hear you mind saying, "ok, but how much are you really earning?"

online money making system

 "4 years ago... and over $71,000 in personal debt... I started my very first online automated income stream... from home... and I have never looked back!"

"2009 has seen me purchase $1.55m worth of US property - OUTRIGHT FOR CASH - and become a USD Millionaire...

Looking back, I think I could have achieved this within 12-18 months if I'd discovered my AIS System Blueprint sooner..."

Get comfortable, because I'm about going to take you on a journey...

I'm going to share my story with you right here and right now.

How I've gone from absolutely nothing (well, less than nothing as you're about to discover)... to not just becoming rich, but creating real WEALTH for me, my family and for my future.

And I'm not saying this to brag or boast. That's just not me...

You see, I've been where you've been.

I've been frustrated with my job, I've been struggling with debts, I've looked at and tried pretty much every business opportunity available, I've built a business from my spare room and from an old PC that I borrowed from my girlfriend...

And I've gone on to make millions online... so like I say... I've been where you've been - no matter who you are and where you are right now I can relate to YOU and your position in life.

And here's the VERY cool thing about this...

You see, anyone can do what I have done.

This isn't one of these "inner circle" or Joint Venture projects where you need to network and get all friendly with the big guns to make money.

No! This is something that can be run from your own home, on your own, or even as part of a team...

This is real... and it's very simple.

And this is coming from someone that has got it VERY VERY wrong in the past with loans, credit cards and debts that I just couldn't service!

Debt to the tune of over $71,000 and I've worked in the following places as well:

      Ladder factory

      Graphite factory

      Jam factory

      Stacking milk cartons!

      Convenience store clerk

      Dustbin / garbage worker (just for one day, because I wasn't very good!)

      School teacher

      And numerous office and admin jobs...

So you see, if I can do this... a normal guy... then so can you.

You just need to be shown how... You need to be shown the steps to take and the right path to follow...

It still amazes me that some people think they can start an online business without guidance or a system to follow... a set of instructions or what I like to call a "blueprint"... A proven path to copy and follow.

Would you try to drive a car without first learning how, or jump out of an airplane with a parachute strapped to your back thinking that you'll work it out on the way down... or try to rock climb without the correct safety instructions and equipment?...

No way! And it's the same for running an online business.

There's no secret to the fact that successful people simply copy proven methods - that already work for others around them.

And this is the same for the internet.

That's how I started... and it's how I still build my business today...

There are also 2 secrets that I'll share with you later as well.

Again, obvious... but I need to tell you about these...

It's going to help you get up and running, which is what this letter is all about.

"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Anyway..."

Now, you might not want to take it as big as I have taken it... towards millionaire status, etc.

You might just want to add a few extra hundred bucks to your account each month or maybe even replace your salary.

That's cool.

This thing can be as small or as big as you want it to be.

I now run a 7-figure a year online business from my home... and I'm going to take it to 8-figures next year.

But you might not want to do this, as it involves working as part of a team and you'll need staff and some support to do it.

I used to run my 6-figure online business on my own, so I know you can do this too...

But one thing's for sure.

It sure beats the 9-5 jobs that I used to do, it sure beats the commute and stacking milk cartons!

Trading your time for money is what I soon came to realize was NOT going to make me rich...

There were only so many hours in a day that I could work and so many jobs that I could do as well.

I needed to find something that I could set-up and would run itself on autopilot.

Think about it for a second...

If you work in a job, for someone else, there will always be a ceiling to what you can earn or make. It's just a fact. There is only so much you can achieve on your own... only so many sales you can make, only so many calls that you can complete... or even a maximum number of hours that you can work.

The internet, computers, systems, automation... removes this... It removes it like a bulldozer and so fast that I often take this for granted!

I can earn as much money as I want to...

Because once you start using proven systems and methods and automating the entire process, if you actually do any more work you are simply adding more income streams and more income to your business!

When I first stumbled onto Internet Marketing - after a lot of searching and trying lots of different business opportunities - it just made sense to me...

You might be the same.

The idea of having an online shop that people could just come and visit at any time of the day just makes sense.

Or even sending people to someone else's shop for commissions.

It just makes sense.

I like the automation, the fact that I could set things up once and they would continue to work for me... and what I really liked was the fact that I could do it over and over again and just keep adding income to my business as I went.

And that's exactly what I've done.

The 12 Month Internet Millionaire

"I urge you to lock the door... take the phone off the hook...shut down your email and instant messenger...grab your favorite beverage and study every single word of this message - because it's just that important!"

From: Russell Brunson
Date: Sunday, May 01, 2011

This letter isn't for everyone.  In fact, I know there will be people who unsubscribe from our list and get angry at us for even mentioning this.

I wish I could say sorry - but I can't.  I'll explain exactly why in one minute.
Here is my story about working with Vince...

You see about 4 years ago, my wife and I went on a cruise to celebrate my college graduation and also the news that we are having twin boys.  About a week before we set sail, I heard a rumor about a very controversial marketing book.

I figured it would be great reading on the plane so I ordered it and made sure it would be shipped to me before I left.  I got it the day we were flying out, and put it into my backpack.

We had a 4 hour flight, so while my wife watched "Madagascar" on the plane, I started reading the book.  After reading just the introduction I saw exactly what the hype and controversy was about.

Four hours later I was annoyed that we had to get off the plane because I wasn't finished reading the book.  Over the next 7 days of our cruise I read and re-read the book 3 times!

What I read in this book blew me away.  You see, the book was written by a 28 year old guy who made over $100 million dollars (yes ONE HUNDRED MILLION) in 23 months marketing a product that sold for just $60.

Do you think that someone who knows how to sell that much product could teach you something about selling whatever it is that you are selling?

Now I'm not going to bore you with my version of what this book is about. So I decided to let the book speak for itself by sharing part of the Introduction:

Secretos de Marketing Digital

Antes de empezar a explicarle todo lo que usted aprenderá en este curso, es necesario que deje claro un tema:

Hasta este momento, no lo conozco personalmente, no conozco su nivel de dedicación ni su nivel de pasíon por alcanzar sus metas y pelear por lo que en realidad quiere lograr en la vida.

No se si es la primera vez que lee una carta como estas y tampoco se si ha leído cientos de cartas similares a esta. Tampoco se si ya posee o no, un negocio rentable en Internet, así que no lo tome mal si se ofende con lo que le voy a decir:

¡Usted es un adicto! Al igual que yo, usted es un adicto al dinero y al volverse rico. Es adicto a buscar la fórmula que lo sacará de su estado actual y es adicto a quererse retirar de su trabajo lo antes posible:

    * Sueña con el sueño "imposible" de hacerser millonario algún día
    * Sueña con la libertad financiera
    * Sueña con poder hacer lo que le de la gana, cuando le de la gana.
    * Sueña con poder brindar seguridad a sus seres queridos
    * Sueña con poder controlar con certeza su futuro

Sueñe con lo que sueñe, eso lo hace un adicto al dinero. Es simple: Hay 2 tipos de personas en este mundo: Hay quienes no les interesa el dinero y habemos quienes pasamos toda la vida soñando con hacernos ricos. Lastimosamente solo algunos lo logramos.

¿Sabe por qué?

Por esa misma razón...La mayoría no pasan de soñar.

Pero esto no es culpa de nadie. Hay 2 pequeñas diferencias entre las personas exitosas financieramente y las que no lo son:
1. Ya encontraron la forma de hacer dinero y simplemente repiten el proceso muchas veces
2. Han tenido un mentor que los ha guiado.

Pero dejeme decirle algo, la sensación de soñar que es rico, ni se acerca a la sensación de realmente tener mucho dinero.

¿Qué quiero mostrar con esto? Un simple hecho: Lo necesito "soñando" y deseando ser rico más que nunca mientras lee esta carta, porque posiblemente a partir de hoy dará ese primer paso para dejar de soñar y empezar a vivir.

Así que antes de continuar, lo invito a que mire en el siguiente enlace, UNA de las cosas que más me apasiona: "Viajar y Conocer el Mundo": Jose Soto Viajando.

Ahora mi pregunta hacia usted es: ¿Qué es lo que más lo apasiona? ¿Que tanto lo desea? ¿Realmente está comprometido con su éxito? ¿En realidad quiere aprender a hacer mucho dinero?...¿SÍ?...Perfecto...Aquí está su oportunidad:

¿Sabía usted que hay miles de
personas trabajando desde su casa
con una simple computadora?
Algunos generan ingresos extras,
otros generan suficiente para pagar sus cuentas
y otros generan más de lo que pueden gastar.

Lo importante es que ellos ya saben cómo hacerlo y no piensan compartirlo con nadie...
Pero yo sí y ¿sabe por qué? La razón es sencilla: Cada vez que hago algo que REALMENTE agrega valor a la vida de mis suscriptores y clientes, yo también hago muchísimo dinero en el camino.

Los que ya me conocen, saben que mi objetivo es uno:

VERLO INDEPENDIZARSE y hacer mucho dinero. Es tán básico y muchos nunca lo entienden. Si hacemos algo que realmente agrega valor a la vida de alguien y ayuda a mejorar de alguna forma (cualquiera) a una persona....¿ porqué no nos habría de comprar?

Pues eso es lo que yo estoy haciendo.

Ahora imagínese: Cómo se sentirá cuándo le enseñe:
    Cómo hago para generar miles de dólares cada vez que saco un producto digital al mercado (a veces logro lanzarlo en menos de un mes).
    Cómo un joven de 23 años renunció a su trabajo en un período de 3 meses dedicándole 2 horas diarias cada noche al diseño y comercialización de su sitio web.
    Cómo una abuelita genera más de US$ 1,363.54 mes a mes ¡vendiendo un curso que enseña a tejer!
    Cómo su sitio le generará dinero mientras usted duerme, mientras mira televisión un Domingo, mientras se queda en casa comiendo comida chatarra o inclusive ¡mientras toma vacaciones! No me importa lo que otros digan. ¡Esto sí es posible!
    Cómo un joven rebelde rockero genera más de $2,354.46 (en pura ganancia) enseñando a tocar guitarra.
    Cómo un señor genera más de $10,500 cada mes vendiendo un curso que enseña como .....(no me dejó compartir el nicho en el que compite)
    Cómo puede hacer dinero SIN tener productos NI sitios web, DE UNA FORMA REAL.

Magnetic Marketing System

 If you own a Small Business of any kind: How would you like to  stop being an "advertising victim"?.....Finally get accurately measurable, quick results from each and every dollar you put into ANY kind of advertising, marketing, or promotion? At will, attract  a flood of new customers? At will, spark a huge cash flow surge? Define and  DOMINATE any "target market" of your choosing…..for less than $2.00 per prospect? (It doesn't matter if you own a company selling sophisticated software only to the Fortune 1000 or a local flower shop, incredibly what I'm about to reveal to you can "re-invent" your entire marketing process for the better!)

If you are a Sales Professional: How would you like to end cold prospecting once and for all? Possess new, powerful ways to magnetically attract prospects who are pre-disposed to view you as an expert ally and advisor, pre-disposed to buy from you? Put an end to being "screened", to phone tag? Have qualified prospects eagerly asking you to make time to see them?

If you are a Sales Manager or Marketing Executive: How would you like to cut all the fat, waste, even the uncertainty out of your company's advertising…..AND…..make your salespeople immensely more productive?
All those benefits, and many more, are readily available -- with my marketing strategies, notably my "Magnetic Marketing Systems".

My name is Dan Kennedy. You've probably heard of me -- or heard me. I speak to over 200,000 people each year, appearing in big events with the likes of Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, and Larry King, and Paul Harvey just to name a few. Private clients pay me $800.00 and hour for consultations; $7,500.00 to $15,000.00 plus royalties to develop marketing documents, tools, and campaigns.

One of my hottest, most in demand speech topics and consulting specialties is -- "Magnetic Marketing" -- and we get rave reviews from the people who acquire and use my Magnetic Marketing Systems and Strategies. (I've enclosed a few.)

I promise you that you, too, will be amazed at the power of my unusual yet proven methods to virtually transform businesses and sales careers from struggle or 'average' to meteoric growth and extraordinary success at blinding speed.

If you act quickly, you can put my "marketing wizardry" to work for YOU now, on a zero risk basis.

In this letter, I'm going to tell you exactly what my Systems can do for your business and career.

I Know You May Go To A Lot Of Seminars, Hear A Lot Of Speakers, And Own A Lot Of Books And Tapes. Still, I Outright Guarantee You've Never Gotten Your Hands On Anything Quite As Powerful And Practical As My Materials.

I have assembled a product like no other -- yes, it includes audio cassettes, but you MUST NOT prejudge it because of that. This is actually a complete "TOOL KIT".....real tools you take and use in your business. It's called THE MAGNETIC MARKETING SYSTEMS KIT and you might think of it as a complete, transformational marketing department in a box. Actually, this is such a unique product it is hard to describe, but I'm going to take my very best shot.

There are 6 main, moneymaking "components" in my MAGNETIC MARKETING SYSTEMS KIT -- let me walk you through each of them:

"No Brainer", Fast Implementation

First, in general, I've made implementation an 80% "no-brainer", because I have done 80% of the work for you. In addition to teaching on the 6 Cassettes in the Kit, I have taken 11 different businesses and 4 different sales careers, in 6 different business categories, and treated each one as a private, paying client, and created complete direct marketing/Magnetic Marketing Systems for each one, including all of the "power documents": prospecting and sales letters, ads, postcards, and so on. And these documents are all marked 'Copyright Free', which gives you permission to take them and use them, virtually as-is! (When I am paid to develop ONE collection of documents, for one client, I am typically paid $7,500.00 to as much as $15,000.00 plus royalties, so there is over $75,000.00 worth of copywriting services provided in this Kit!)

Now, here's the best part: Information and ideas are fine, but let's bridge the gap to implementation. It turns out that 90% of all businesses and sales careers fit one (or more) of these categories so perfectly…..YOUR business or sales career will match up with (at least) one of these categories so perfectly, you will be able to "steal" and use those "power documents" and strategies outright, just as if they were created for you…..only very minor adaptation necessary! Please pay attention to this point! At each seminar, after each speech, I am surrounded by people, each asking if the Kit applies to this business, that business, each believing theirs to be so 'different' it must not be included. So, to repeat: 90% of all businesses and sales careers are covered by this Kit! For most, at least one category is such a perfect match, there's instant application with little or no creative adaptation.

The Kit covers business-to-business selling situations, to-consumer situations, retail, restaurants, professional practices, real estate, automobile sales, even financial services sales (where there are compliance issues), direct sales and network marketing, industrial, big ticket items, and on and on. And just about everybody who gets this Kit finds one category to be a very close match…..they learn and 'borrow' from ALL the materials, AND they are able to instantly and easily apply the tools from the one category best matched to their business.

Included in these Copyright-Free Documents, in one of the business examples, are the now-famous "Giorgio, Romance Director" Letters that I show at most seminars, that every audience falls in love with! You've just got to see this "marketing masterpiece"!

Authority Pro Super Premium Wordpress Theme for Marketers

If you have ever felt frustrated in trying to run a profitable internet business because instead of making your life easier, all the technology involved is a huge hassle and an obstacle constantly in your way, then this is the most important presentation you will ever watch.  And it won’t be up long, so pay close attention.

Let me make something clear.  Top dollar marketers have a lot going for them, more so than it might seem to the naked eye.

    * They have beautiful attractive designs
    * They use high converting pages, built to persuade
    * They constantly build email subscribers and sell them stuff
    * Their pages convert
    * They optimize for SEO at every opportunity they get
    * Their sites look like a million bucks, instantly giving them top credibility as both an expert and vendor you want to buy from…

But have you ever tried doing all that for yourself?  I have, and I can tell you that even after years in the business, something as simple as putting up a post that looks good, has video, social media sharing and all the bells and whistles integrated can still be a nightmare.

But worse yet, this is the stuff I hate doing more than anything else.

How irritating is it to have the perfect website crystal clear in your mind and then come to the computer and try to make it happen, only to either fall laughably short or not even be able to at all?

How would it even be possible to earn like a rockstar if these seemingly simple aspects of your business are almost unachievable without paying expensive designers and programmers or going back to school for 3 years to figure it out?

If only you could get that technology out of your way once and for all, not by ignoring it or not using, but rather by breezing through it with push button ease and automation?

Well now you can…

You see this new Word Press technology is accessible to the rankest of beginners while providing the endless flexibility and unlimited power top marketers swear by.

Finally, you will be able to translate the great ideas that might be stagnating in your head to a beautiful website and pages that do exactly what they were supposed to, easily and trouble free.

Simply installing this new technology on your site will immediately give you a completely new interface with hundreds of template based options.

Never again will your website disobey.  Never again will you think or say “I can’t do that”.

I’ll show you what I mean in just a minute…

Hi, I’m Alex Goad, and over the past 6 years, I went from being a technophobe minimum wage employee to running a high 7 figure business from a huge commercial loft in downtown Montreal.

Me and my staff of 12 have sold over 60,000 internet products and trained countless super affiliates, product vendors and been involved in the success of tens of thousands of niche marketers…

Including some present day millionaires.

We’ve built and profited from hundreds if not thousands of different sites in different niches, and when it comes to driving free traffic, converting insane % and dominating niches, few have more experience or results…

And that’s why when we invested $60,000 of our own money to build this one of a kind marketing automation suite, we set out to finally make it easy.
“Truly it’s a shame for you not to make good money when others do it so easily!”

But don’t despair because it’s not your fault and I’m about to reveal the cure.  You see now, there IS a real solution.

And it doesn’t involve spending huge money (or any money) on outsourcing nor does it require you to learn any complex processes at all!

What I’m about to show you is almost the ultimate equalizer that levels the playing field and allows you to finally get the results of a top notch pro by simply dragging and dropping or clicking buttons. (and if you think that’s hype, then stick around for the demos)

In fact, this new wordpress based internet marketing suite (let’s call it a super premium theme for simplicity) will do all this for you, straight out of the box, getting tech hassles out of your way and letting you finally just do it! (I’ll show you in just a minute):

    * Build a beautiful, credible, high quality website without touching a line of code – entirely from a drag and drop interface, including a design that makes your visitors go “wow”

    * 24 editable areas which allow you infinitely customize the look and feel of your site – again just by filling in a few options and clicking save? (wait til you see this in action)

    * 11 killer, custom widgets that allow you to add advertising, affiliate links, videos, automatically split test up to 4 optins or even target your integrated exit grabber  down to the post level – and again, without ever touching a line of code

    * Automatically display related content, integrating your affiliate links into each for easy hands off monetization

    * Walks you through the process of building wickedly converting product reviews and profiles based on proven and integrated templates, all highly optimized for SEO, PPC and generating affiliate sales

    * add videos, downloads, resources and more to your site in just a few minutes flat

    * Automatically adjust and update to any changes you’ve made to the look or feel of the site, on the fly, so your site looks like a million bucks 100% of the time…

Now you can do that and more, but better yet, you can breeeeze through it AND get a result 10 times superior to what you would have gotten otherwise…

The Traffic Maverick - Proven to convert Through Numerous Tests

Now you can use the secret structure of the internet to “automatically” attract the highest quality traffic sources that will still be sending traffic to your website ten years from now, having an easy internet life style you never dreamed of before... While increasing your profits from Adwords and SEO... and if you're like most internet marketers, getting more traffic to your website the next time you add content to your site!  Sounds Impossible? Not if you believe what seasoned internet marketers and successful Newbies are saying...

If you've ever wanted to drive traffic to your website with the explosive power of a ten thousand visitors a day (even doubling the SEO traffic to your website in one month)... while getting all of your content syndicated and distributed like its nude photos of Paris Hilton... then this will be the most important message you've read.

Here is what this is all about: My name is Michael Bashi, and until very recently I was your basic “newbie”. I had a love – hate relationship with internet marketing. Some days I'd be getting traffic, making money, maybe even getting sales through my email list... while the next day I'd be in traffic hell – struggling just to get a trickle of visitors.

Doesn't it drive you crazy? I had no way of controlling the traffic I got at all, even after over a year of working at it regularly. No way to tell what each attempt would bring. And it wasn't lack of trying either – I'd easily dropped over thirty thousand dollars having “pros” tell me what the so called secret methods for traffic generation were. If only I'd make some content, get the right keywords and would get some back links at juuust the right websites...
Fortunately I'm The Kind Of Guy
Who Just Doesn't Know When To Quit!

That's when I went back hard at work and started tearing every single thing I had learned apart and reassmebling all the pieces my way figuring out what works and what doesn't. Only then I started seeing very little results and kept ramping my results based on methods that were and still is working til this day.
I Finally:
Gotten over 1000% more visitors, where I previously struggled to get a few dozen visitors, I now got hundreds... and even thousands of visitors everyday – and it was surprisingly easy!
Lowered my advertising cost to a fifth of what it previously cost me, allowing me to reap huge profits

Private Label Rights To 34 eBay Videos

During this recession, an increased number of people are looking to either make extra cash selling used items on eBay or to start an eBay business. 

(Did you know that most people online are newbies and that eBay is a newbie magnet?)

This Is Where You Come In...

I have created a set of video tutorials (28 videos in total) for you that you can sell to this hungry market...

This video course is targeted towards the majority of people who have been affected by the recession and are now looking for opportunities online.

You see, one of the most credible online opportunities is selling on eBay because of all the eBay success stories covered in the news. 

This course is no hype, just basic information on how to make money instantly (and simply) on eBay.

After watching these videos, people will be able to make money on eBay IMMEDIATELY.

There’s no need for them to learn HTML, SEO, PPC, how to do joint ventures, how to do article marketing, and no need to spend many hours getting an internet business up and running.

What Makes This Video Course Different From The Others?

What makes this eBay video tutorial course different from most other eBay  courses?

One, this course shows me in real time selling on eBay.  This way, you get to see the whole process from start to finish.  (It's like having me come to your home and personally teaching you how to sell on eBay.)

Two, this course is laser focused on the newbie, whereas most eBay video courses only briefly cover beginner material and then just skip to talking about advanced stuff.

I literally take you by the hand and show you each step in this video tutorial.

In essence, this course provides the foundation that most eBay beginners need.  Once they have this foundation, making money on eBay becomes much simpler.

What Makes This Video Course Better Than The Others?

There are a lot of excellent eBay courses out there so I'm not going to say that this is the best.

But, I will say this...

This is one of the most detailed eBay courses you will find. (Take a look at the list of videos below)


This is one of the most up-to-date eBay courses in the market...

Profit From PLR

 If you're sick of the hype and bull you are constantly being fed in this so called world of  Internet Marketing then you're going to want to read every single word on this page. You see, it's time to face facts and it's time for business. For too long you've struggled to get to grips with the online circus which is why today I'm going to give you a ...

Complete Step By Step Formula For Online Success

But first I'd like to ask you a question if I may.

Does this sound like you?

"I have tried many different types of business but have yet to succeed. I need a low cost very easy (broken way down, step by baby step) way to see some success so that I feel I can accomplish what others have done. A lot of Internet Marketers assume too much and skip over some of the very basic steps to succeed online."

Or this?

"It's great to tell people how to succeed. There is no shortage of that type of product out there. However, showing someone how to succeed is much more important... I personally consider myself to be a bright person, but much of this info - marketing info products - is overwhelming. I need a step by step guide to the entire process."

Or maybe this?

"I'm tired of everyone PROMISING they can make me a millionaire. I want to work at this and make it happen. I'm an honest person and don't want to lie or cheat in order to make money. I know there's got to be SOME honest people left in this world."

Could this be you?

"John, I feel so brain dead and up against a wall with this stuff. You would be my hero of all time if you could somehow cause me to see through all this maze of stuff and make serious sense of it all to where I can just take off and do it with confidence."

If any of the above statements ring true with you don't worry because you're not alone. I have also been in your shoes, I know what it feels like to be bombarded with product launch after product launch only to find nothing you ever try works.

I mean, just think about this for a second. Everywhere you look you'll see wannabe rich kids selling the 'next big thing' but why does it never seem to work?

It didn't work for me, and I'm sure that it didn't work for you either.

And here's why. All the books and the courses and the videos all might teach you how to try and build a business to earn millions of dollars. Sounds good, right?

But let me ask you this. If you put your hand on your heart do you think it's really THAT easy to flick a switch and enjoy the feeling of having millions of dollars slam into your bank account?

Of course it's not and if you're honest with yourself you'll agree.

Sure, you might get lucky and land the big one. But realistically! You've got more chance of being hit on the head by some space shuttle debris than you have of being the one in a million who is actually able to make that stuff work.

I know because I was in the exact same position just a few short years ago and I can still remember the pain. And now? Well, let's just say that the online con artists are more afraid of me than I am of them.

You see, I'm a full time marketer and I literally make a fortune online each and every day.

However, that's not important right now. What's really important is that I'm not just going to kick back and enjoy my success. Hey, I mean why should I?

I suffered online for a long time too which is why I'm going to...

Personally Take You Down The Path Success

Not everyone has the potential, smarts, or marketing savvy to make millions, but most of us have what it takes to make thousands of dollars.

But first you need a proven system that works.

And think about this. Every day thousands of people across the world pay thousands of dollars for 'so called' million dollar systems. And for what? Nothing but more broken dreams and empty promises.

People fail to make millions of dollars online because the systems they're given simply no longer work. Sure, they might work for the one guy in a million, but for you? Well, you'll probably be waiting for a long time to come.

It took me a long time to realize this but people fail online because they're given bad advice by people who just don't know any better.

Heck, I don't know about you but I'm getting double tired of listening to this nonsense every time I read a sales page.

Earning Great Money Promoting this Powerful System

Follow THESE instructions carefully.

1. Suspend DIS-belief for 30 seconds as you read on.

2. Picture yourself with..
      A predictable recurring income that covers all your expenses threefold or more.
      Each and every month 
    * A business that generates cash on a consistent basis (even when you're not working for weeks at a time) 

3. Just imagine ...

      Being able to sleep like a baby at night, falling into a deep slumber and awaking totally refreshed and energized each and every day 
          Having an inexplicable inner joy and zest for life. (It seems as though you just can't stop celebrating how wonderful life is because your family can afford a better lifestyle now)
         Finding it hard to not make a lot of money 
         Experiencing more fun moments with your family, and perhaps lots of travel too 
     Looking younger and younger (being broke ages you faster than normal my friend)

All because you allowed this powerful system to work like magic at the CORE level to turn you into the epitome of the Internet lifestyle - a life of of total time and money freedom!

Because I know this must sound way too good to be true and before you continue, I want to let you know it's ok and I'm not offended in the least.

In fact, skepticism is perfectly normal and healthy.

Traffic Bums - Underground Secrets Exposed

Out of frustration of trying to drive traffic to my sites myself I decided to join forums and go to all the seminars I could afford, along with being on practically every webinar I could find to learn as much as I could while also trying to build a rapport with the hosts.

Well lucky for me after all my blog comments, chat questions, and such I was able to get a foot in the door and work directly with some of the guys who were MAKING it. Boy did I learn a trick or two. These weren't just regular folks who were earning a few bucks online, I'm talking about 7 figure earners.

You'd be surprised what you will pick up hanging with a bunch of folks who live a total different lifestyle than you. Yes, their business mindset may not be similar to yours at this time but once you understand that they all have systems in place and that's what you should be doing then that light bulb will go off.
You Need To Have A System

Not having a system in place is just plain out foolish and that's where I was for years. Wandering aimlessly with no sense of direction or blueprint to follow. You'd think after having a few domains under my belt I would know what I was doing. It was only after I followed their stratagies that I was able to drive traffic on demand to any site I choose.

I'm going to be blount with you. Hoping that you get traffic to your site just because you put something online just isn't going to cut it AND... you definitely don't need to go through all the hassels to learn what works and what doesn't like I did. That methond cost me lots of money and time I can never get back.

The quickest way to being successful at anything is to find someone who has achieved the results you want and follow their footsteps. This is why you are here!
Before we go any further I want to answer a few COMMONLY asked questions:
    Yes, you do NOT need any experience...
    Yes, you can be a complete beginner!
    Yes, you can start immediately and see results with-in hours
Imagine Getting 5K, 10K, or even 20K
Visitors a Month on Autopilot

Many of my students work full time jobs and expressed to me that they were stressed over the fact that the courses or programs they've purchased before was just too time consuming and difficult to learn.

Don't worry about that here. Nope, not one bit. I'm a bum and enjoy my leisure time and will do whatever I can to not work. Especially when it comes to slaving behind something that doesn't interest me. I'll be honest here, you're only going to get half ass from me if I'm doing something I dislike. I'm quick to jump ship and move onto something else. The whole Traffic Bums system was designed for those who don't have time for much of anything besides their 9 to 5 and family. The principles behind the system is to provide you with simple working blueprints that can be put to action in a very short period of time with huge results.

AdSense Business

Ese no es el unico problema...

El problema que muchos tienen no es la falta de conocimiento sobre AdSense, el verdadero problema es que les falta conocimiento sobre como crear un negocio. Para obtener grandes ganancias tienes que combinar conocimiento sobre AdSense y conocimiento empresarial. Yo junté estas 2 piezas clave para crear un potente flujo de ingresos, una máquina de ingresar dinero con Google AdSense.

Aprendí a construir la máquina de AdSense combinando y aplicando mis conocimientos en ambos campos. Esta "máquina de AdSense" no es un paquete de software donde le das a un botón y te hace todo. Eso no existe, aunque puedes encontrar sitios en Internet donde querran hacerte creer lo contrario. La máquina de AdSense es un negocio con varios componentes que reunimos para crear una potente presencia en Internet la cual genera mucho tráfico, mucho más dinero, y lo más importante, es una fuente de ingresos a largo plazo.

Hay una regla a la que llaman '20/80'. Dice que solo 20% de las acciones produce 80% de los resultados. En el caso de AdSense 20% de los editores se llevan el 80% del dinero. De hecho, yo diría que mas o menos el 2% de los editores se llevan el 98% del dinero de AdSense.
Si sólo el 2% de los editores se llevan el 98% de todo el dinero de AdSense, ¿no querrías ser uno de ellos?

El 2% saben lo que están haciendo y hacen lo que de verdad funciona. Por eso tienen resultados. ¿Prefieres estar entre el 98% de editores que gana solo 2% del dinero de AdSense? ¿O prefieres estar entre el 2% que se lleva el 98% de las ganancias? Yo ya he entrado en el top 2% de editores y luego estaré en el top 1%, y luego el top 0.5%... Seguiré creciendo mis ingresos de AdSense porque seguiré haciendo lo que ya sé que funciona, seguiré expandiendo mi presencia en Internet, y con ello, mis ganancias de AdSense.
¿Cuál es tu plan? ¿Esperarás hasta que sea demasiado tarde o actuarás ahora?

Si me dices que no necesitas ayuda, y que por tus propios medios puedes llegar al top 2% de ganadores pues nada, ¡adelante! Pero si aceptas la realidad de que no sabes cómo llegar a este escalón y te vendría de maravilla un impulso extra para disparar tus ingresos y acercarte al top 2%, ¡te debe interesar mucho esta información! Poco a poco la gente asume la realidad de que tienen que saber crear un negocio para ganar mucho dinero en Internet, ¿quieres ser uno de los que van por delante o uno de los que se quedan atrás?
¿Pero cómo se puede garantizar que algo siempre funciona? ¿No es que algunas personas tienen suerte con sus páginas?

Claro que algunas personas han tenido suerte, pero es más bien cosa del pasado porque ya no hay novedades en la Web. Los hay que han tenido mucha suerte porque han creado una Web en el momento oportuno, o sobre el tema oportuno, sin que tuviesen grandes conocimientos o hiciesen un gran trabajo. Las posibilidades de conseguir eso son de 0,00001%. Tienes más posibilidades de ganar la lotería. Todos los nichos están cubiertos como para tener semejante suerte ahora.

Si sabes lo que estás haciendo no necesitas esa suerte, simplemente tienes que implementar acciones y conocimiento en un proceso que siempre da resultados. Es un proceso que solo conoce un selecto grupo de individuos privilegiados.

¿A cuantas personas conoces personalmente que ganan mucho dinero con AdSense? ¿A cuántas personas conoces en Internet en el mercado hispano-hablante que ganan mucho con AdSense? Alguno de ellos gana ¿$1000? ¿$2000? ¿$3000? Puedo adivinar que no conoces a nadie que gana más que unos centavos en AdSense o como mucho $200 o $300. ¿Entonces cómo puedo yo ganar más de $12.000? El concepto es muy sencillo:

Autopilot Income Machines - Amazing EPCs

I’m gonna’ show you exactly how.

But before I get to that I need to be bluntly honest here...

You see, If you’re one of those people who thinks you can make $5,000 or $10,000 a day overnight before you even make your first single dollar online, then this site is NOT for you!

If you’re already making more than $7,000 a month online then this is NOT for you

If you’re looking for one of those “make believe,” lame super affiliate software programs that will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams by tomorrow... then this is also NOT for you.

But if you’re a person who truly understands the concept of learning how to crawl before you can walk and learning to walk before you can run...

... and you’re willing to start making realistic income that actually pays your darn bills at first... before you start making the big money...

... then what I’m about to share with you will revolutionize your life and what you learn today alone, could put you on the fast track to making your dreams become a reality – and the best part is...

...it’s faster and easier than you ever thought possible!



Believe me, I KNOW that there are A LOT of hype-masters, false gurus and downright scammers out there stuffing screenshots upon screenshots of crazy and obscene amounts of income down your throat...

...making your greed glands literally drool at the chance to get your hands on their latest trick or software or whatever...

And believe me I was guiltier than most people of falling for them before.

To be honest...

...over the course of my first 3 years online, but what I lost in money, I gained in knowledge.
    Here’s a secret:
Did you know... Many of those supposed gurus don’t even exist?! About 80% of them are actually “pen-names” created by false gurus who ruined their reputations by selling scammy products to unsuspecting people like you and I.
    Here’s another secret:
Many of the accounts you’re seeing are either falsified screenshots done in Photoshop or accounts that were built over months and even years... then they tell us, “hey, LOOK what I made in a month!”


Getting Started Making Money Online.

Look, we both want to increase the amount of lead flow we get on a daily basis right?


It’s Simple: The more people you have to sell stuff to, the more money you are going to make.

…Now as an internet marketer, you probably already know that.

So Relax!

I am not here today to waste your time by trying to “sell” you on the idea of lead generation.

However, I do know that just like just about every marketer out there, lead generation IS a problem for you.

Whether you’re not getting any, or you’re not getting enough, it’s the one thing holding you back, right?

Don’t you think it would be easier to sell whatever it is you are trying to sell if you had 10, 20, or even 100 people a day telling you that they were interested in it?

Of Course it would!

And that brings us to why this is such an important letter:

I am here today to offer you a simple opportunity to solve that problem…
And start generating as many leads (and money) as you want, once and for all.

Let me explain...

Like I said, we both want as many targeted leads as we can possibly get right?

But here’s the problem…

Just like anything else in life, until you know EXACTLY what to do, trying to generate any decent number of targeted leads is downright hard.

Taking random shots in the dark at things you think might work is going to get you nowhere.

Believe me, I know.

How, you ask?

Let me just tell you the pathetic story of how this all came about…

Less than 2 years ago I was in the exact same spot you’re in right now. (Well, maybe I had it even worse...)

I was working 90+ hours a week at 3 different jobs and I was absolutely miserable.

By day, my job was working 5 a.m. – 5 p.m. on school buses at a dealership here in central Arkansas.

When the day was done, I would go into the bathroom and change into my work clothes for my second job which was bartending at a local restaurant until around 1:00 a.m.

I also owned a small landscaping company that I ran on my nights off, and on the weekends.

I was earning around $1000 per week, but…

I hated every second of it!

... I KNEW that I didn’t want to work like a slave for the rest of my life just to make someone else rich, so I began thinking about my income alternatives.

The fact that I didn’t have any free time (other than the middle of the night), limited my options of building my own business, and essentially what led me to discover good ole’ internet marketing!
I became a sponge for knowledge...

And let me tell you, I was a textbook case study...

I bought all the courses, tried every system and stayed up pretty much every night trying to make something happen... my desperation for a result increasing with each dollar I spent.

Pretty soon, I had most of the basics down…

I knew about things like affiliate marketing, driving traffic, blogging, and social media.  I also knew that to make money online I had to have something to sell.

I had an endless supply of affiliate products that I could promote. Heck, I even created my own information product!

Make money doing nothing!

 You won't get this information from gurus and other Internet marketers because it's going to divert your attention from what they're teaching. In short, this method of making money online can stop you from buying their products... because you won't need them!

And as you'll discover, you can make earn cash from the Internet WITHOUT learning affiliate marketing - which is what gurus commonly teach.

This method will make you money online...

    * Without Waiting for Affiliate Checks
    * Without Complicated CPA, Media Buys, Etc
    * By Working in Your Own Time
    * & Wherever You May be in the World!
    * It's not even article marketing or writing up reviews in your blog...

If I have to sum up this method, it will be... "ARBITRAGE OUTSOURCING."

These two words - and how you make money from them - are exactly what I explain in a very comprehensive 40-page eBook, "Outsource Wealth."

Inside this eBook, you'll discover...

    * Why you need to register in the most popular online forums today!
    * Why marketing on forums is better than traditional ways
    * How to get the best freelancers to work for you... for a few bucks
    * How to avoid being scammed on forums
    * And finally... How to make money each and every month through ARBITRAGE OUTSOURCING

In all humility, I've made a pretty good living out of Arbitrage Outsourcing alone. To date, I have already made over $200,000 using this method. And I didn't have to study the complicated stuff that gurus peddle to newbie marketers. Or I no longer had to. Honestly, I used to... I tried. But after discovering Arbitrage Outsourcing... I tell you, I have no plans of going back to those complicated stuff that just don't work for most new marketers.

As you may have noticed, I don't promise to make you a millionaire overnight. That's because this method is completely legal, ethical, and real... it is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

"Outsource Wealth" is my work of love and years of experience. But more than that, it is exactly what you need to start making money online. I have implemented, tested, and revised the methods I use and put my years of experience inside this eBook...

Make Money Staffing System

If you’ve been looking for a work from home business opportunity online then I’m sure you are sick and tired of all the hype out there. The only people getting rich quick are the ones selling unrealistic dreams of fast money with little to no effort.

Unfortunately, a lot of people get taken advantage of, become disillusioned, and never realize that there are actual ways to make a substantial income online. If you are reading this website then fortunately, you have not “thrown out the baby with the bathwater.”

In this short letter, I’ll explain to you exactly how you can make money online, starting immediately without any overhead and with zero risk. You won’t become rich overnight, but if you are willing to put in the effort then you can make more money than your doctor and your accountant without working anywhere near as much as they do.

For the past four years, I have been engineering the most effective system for personally receiving five figure commissions.

So what is it that I do? Real simple – I place people in jobs. I do this from the comfort of my home with little more than a phone line and an internet connection. I am a virtual recruiter. And if you follow the simple yet powerful system I teach, you can be one too. For each new hire I place, I receive commissions of 20% or more of the employees’ first year salary, netting me commissions of $20,000+ per month.
“But Wait! Recruiting? Aren’t We Still In A Recession?”

Absolutely, and that’s a benefit! Here’s why. Companies are getting completely overwhelmed and need help. They are constantly bombarded with job applications, and cannot handle the volume. Whereas, prior to the recession a company might receive say 15 applicants for an available position, they now receive 200 or more applicants for that same job.

Often the vast majority of applicants are entirely unqualified for the position. Desperate for work, masses of people are applying for jobs that they do not meet the qualifications for. They are literally just applying for anything and everything. After all copy & pasting an email and attaching a resume takes less than a minute.

As a consequence, a large number of companies are outsourcing their staffing needs to independent recruiters. They want their job applicants prequalified, so that they do not have to weed through hordes of unqualified applicants.

That is where we come in. I teach you exactly how to get companies to trust you to prequalify job applicants for them. And don’t worry; you won’t be getting spammed with hundreds of resumes. In fact, with the method I will teach you, the only resumes that will be emailed to you are ones that you request.

You will learn advanced methods I devised for leveraging free social networking sites to find qualified candidates for jobs. No paying $900/month to browse resumes on job sites! And I will teach you how to get access to the exclusive $100,000+ jobs.

PLR Resell Rights Membership

How much money do you think you could make if you had an unlimited supply of high quality content and material that you could sell for 100% profits, without ever having to pay a dime for any of it?

What if you could eliminate costly freelancers -- say goodbye to outsourced projects and zoom miles ahead of your competition by putting out dozens of killer product launches faster and easier than everyone else.

Get ready to discover something that will change how you do business forever.

Imagine being able to legally swipe pre-written content -- I'm talking about articles, magazines, images, audios, videos, books, screenplays, business guides and HUNDREDS of other documents with FULL RIGHTS to stamp your name on them, sell them as your own at whatever price YOU decide. You won't have to worry about copyrights, licensing or royalties -- this content is FREE FOR THE TAKING!

The profit potential (and the possibilities) are unlimited...IF you know how to access this incredible resource.

Making money online is not as hard as some people make it out to be... One of the secrets that many of the "gurus" don't like to talk a lot about is how much money they're actually making with Resell Rights products...

It's true... You didn't think they actually created all of the products they put out, did you?

With Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights and PLR products, you're only limited to your own imagination when it comes to ways to make a profit. A recent survey of Internet marketers revealed that one of the biggest struggles marketers face with making money online is product creation...

Buying Resell Rights products completely solves this problem for you.

You don't have to create anything...now all you really have to do is decide how you're going to profit...
Proven Methods To Earn Six Or Even Seven-Figures With Resell Rights Products Starting Today:
Build your own responsive email list that you can "blast" anytime for cash on-demand... You know what they say... "the money is in the list".
Improve rentention and increase sales by adding bonuses to your products quickly and easily without having to have a new product created.
Start your own membership site and take advantage of the power of building a long-term passive income - Add the products and colllect your money... Easy!
Create your own Adsense empire and build hundreds or even thousand of revenue producing websites in a flash with content that's already been created... Just copy and paste!
Add one-time-offers to your existing products to increase your revenue and make even more money.
Don't have a product to sell? No problem! With Resell Rights products, you can have your very own cash-generating online product in a matter of minutes.

Do you have any idea just how many people are willing to pay top dollar for access to information products?

On sites like Ebay and Amazon, dozens of merchants are generating $100,000.00+ a year just by selling other material that they legally swiped from others and this doesn't include private websites that are making bucket loads of cash every day!

I know a bunch of the sellers spend their days lounging on a tropical beach beach sipping cocktails in the sun. Life really doesn't get much better than this!...

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