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2012 MessengerDiscovery is the perfect companion for Windows Live Messenger

MessengerDiscovery is the perfect companion for Windows Live Messenger. With a brand spanking new design and a variety of customization options and enhancements, MessengerDiscovery promises to enrich your Messenger experience.
MessengerDiscovery 3 brings a whole lot of improvements and new features. WLM 2009 and 2011 are supported.
So what's new?
MessengerDiscovery has been optimised in every single way and now runs smoother than ever. On top of that we have added some feature which we know you will love.
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Program of direct satellite broadcast channel 5000 global 2012

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Version: Date: Apr. 26, 2010
EXE Checksum (MD5):
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4First Alleged Sprint LTE Speed Tests Surface - Yeah, It's Pretty Fast (At Least For Now)

As we already know, Sprint is going to roll out its
next generation 4G LTE network in four U.S. cities somewhere around mid-2012, and it would only make sense that they already have some of the towers undergoing testing. The first of such alleged tests surfaced online today:

While I can't promise you it's 100% legitimate, here's my analysis:
  • The device used is more than likely a dedicated LTE hotspot and not a handset (like the LTE Galaxy Nexus). If you remember, such was the case with Verizon's LTE network, and it's easy to understand why - building a complicated phone with a new chip and having it available for testers this early would be a lot harder than a dedicated device with only one job - being a hotspot. Either way, the laptop in the video is tethered to an alleged LTE device via Wi-Fi.
  • There is no solid proof that what we're looking at is LTE, although I did verify the IP addresses that popped up during the speed tests do belong to Sprint PCS (for example,, as opposed to, say, Sprint Broadband. Considering how high the speeds get (see below), it doesn't look like WiMax either.

  • The tester claims he's in San Antonio near an LTE tower, although the Speedtest.net marker puts him somewhere next to Houston. Of course, it wouldn't be the first time GeoIP reports the
  •  wrong location, especially with a new network, but I thought it was worth pointing it out.
  • The tester also claims that "it" is broadcasting at 20MHz. Since this number is nowhere close to Sprint's frequencies and happens to match a common Wi-Fi "channel width" (on my router it can be set to 20MHz or 40MHz), I'm concluding that he's simply ignorantly referring to the Wi-Fi connection between the laptop and the hotspot, meaning it's really of no interest to us.
  • The downstream results come in at around 30-40Mbps, while upstream maxes out at 5Mbps. The tester says the upstream is actually capped at 5Mbps during the day.
  • The timing of this video, given yesterday's LTE announcement and the facts above, in addition to speed tests that are completely within the realm of possibility indicate to me that we're likely indeed looking at Sprint LTE.
  • Of course, with only a few people on it at any given time, it's no surprise that the download speed is so good, though it's not even the highest LTE throughput we've seen (I remember drooling over 50Mbps+ during AT&T tests). Since we know nothing about the devices used, the maximum speeds could be higher - for all we know, there could be a cap on the downstream as well, or his Wi-Fi card is maxing out.
  • Oh, and THEPLANETEARTH, aka TheComputerMaster, if you post videos of your desktop online, be sure to clear your history next time - nobody wants to know which porn sites you frequent, OK? And grab a bag of commas and a spellcheck while you're at it, you're going to need them.
Here's an earlier video uploaded by the same tester - maybe you'll find some more clues there that I missed:
As a Sprint customer, I'm excited about 2012 and especially 2013, when the LTE rollout is supposed to be completed. LTE plus unlimited data are the only straws I keep holding onto, considering 3G speeds in the SF Bay Area are absolutely atrocious, and 4G is highly spotty. How about you?

google vt 2012

Google is poised to invade your living room.

The world's three largest television makers — Samsung, LG and Sony — are working on Google TV.
LG announced its Google TV move last week. Vizio is also on board. Consumers can expect new TVs packing Google TV at stores in just a few months.
All but Samsung will show their Google-powered Internet-surfing TVs at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week for a glimpse of the future.
"There are over 80,000 movie titles and TV episodes available through Google TV," says Mario Queiroz, vice president of Google TV. "We're trying to make it easier for the consumer to find content."
Google TV allows people to surf the Internet on TVs, using its popular Chrome browser. In addition, it allows users to search a pay-TV provider's listings and offers about 150 apps to shuttle people to digital media.
The worldwide market for Internet-connected TVs is forecast to soar from $68 billion in 2011 to $122 billion in 2016, according to industry tracker IMS Research.
Sony was the first with Google TV-enabled sets in stores and launched with a keyboard in the shape of a game controller. "I think it's our hottest-selling TV," says Brian Siegel, Sony TV vice president.
The Google TV model from new entrant LG sports a controller that has a full keyboard on one side and a simplified remote on the other.
"With Google, we believe there's a segment of the audience that wants a little more interactive experience," says Tim Alessi, director of new product development at LG.
He says LG's first Google TVs should be in stores by early March.
Google refreshed its Google TV software in October, a year after it first launched to lackluster reviews. The first releases of Google TV products were slammed for clunky navigation. "Google first needs to redeem themselves from the flop that was Google TV," says IMS Research analyst Veronica Thayer. Since the navigation was improved, Google TV activation rates have more than doubled, according Google.
TV navigation has been a big topic of discussion going into CES as reports swirl that Apple might soon be a player in TV sets.
"Apple may have a very interesting approach if or when (its TV sets) come to the market," says Creative Strategies analyst Tim Bajarin. "If you marry Siri (Apple's voice assistant in the iPhone 4S) to a very large interactive database, it could improve the experience."
Alessi says LG is ready to do voice navigation but is just waiting for the software to be added by Google. Queiroz declined to comment on Google's voice navigation plans for Google TV.
For now, TV makers "are on the right track to see where this will take us," Bajarin says