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Examples of codes earn thousands of dollars annually from the Internet

To give you a boost of inspiration to make you aware that there is an opportunity available on the internet to make money.

There is much to be learned from bloggers and online marketers. May wonder about the proper way to start and change, but remember that all these were in your place one day. They do not know where to turn to their positions. They write great content in their positions and want to win the competition and overcome all.

Expected of this article is to expand your outlook on things a bit, look at these sites and think about its structure. What kind of content who use it and how to speak to their readers. Often enough just to look at examples that warning ringing in you and make you interested in developing the way you work.

Look at the way these sites earn money, you use the banners, affiliate links consignment or providing paid content? Think about how to convert those ways to profit by working on the basis commensurate with your site or blog, any way you succeed? It is a story of trial and error than is the story of how the scientific ideal. There is no way a perfect fit for all

* Nothing to do with the order by the annual income of these sites, it's just examples are not arranged
according to their income

Bike1981 أمثلة عن مدونات تكسب آلاف الدولارات سنوياً من الانترنت


Industry: mountain biking (for sport or hobby)
Utility of income: adsense ads, selling on commission
The style of content: Blog way magazines
Reason for success: good design of the site, writing enthusiastic
PSD Tuts1 أمثلة عن مدونات تكسب آلاف الدولارات سنوياً من الانترنت

2 - Psd.TutsPlus.com
Industry: Education
Utility of income: adsense ads, selling on commission
The style of content: blog
Reason for success: a unique design, great graphics, excellent educational sessions
Timothy Sykes1 أمثلة عن مدونات تكسب آلاف الدولارات سنوياً من الانترنت

3 - TimothySykes.com
Industry: the stock market
Tool Income: Adsense ads, the content of paid
The style of content: Code of the financial markets and Share
Reason for success: an easy way of learning the application and explain in a simple fashion
CarAdvice.com 1 أمثلة عن مدونات تكسب آلاف الدولارات سنوياً من الانترنت

4 - CarAdvice.com.au
Industry: Automotive
Tool Income: Adsense ads, banners ads
The style of content: journal articles and reviews on topics of cars
Reason for success: a renewed and explicit content

CoolestGadgets2 أمثلة عن مدونات تكسب آلاف الدولارات سنوياً من الانترنت
5 - CoolestGadgets.com
Industry: electronics and peripherals
Utility of income: advertising banners, sale commission
The style of content: articles and reviews on topics of technology and electronic devices
Reason for success: a vibrant site

KickBackLife1 أمثلة عن مدونات تكسب آلاف الدولارات سنوياً من الانترنت
6- KickBackLife.com
Industry: Slimming
Utility of income: paid content, advertising banners
The style of content: tips and periodical articles on the topic of slimming and health care
Reason for success: honesty and integrity in the tips

SmashingMagazine1 أمثلة عن مدونات تكسب آلاف الدولارات سنوياً من الانترنت
7 - SmashingMagazine.com
Industry: design and creative art
Utility of income: advertising banners, sales commission
The style of content: journal articles and reviews about the design and the arts
Reason for success: daily updates to the site, good articles, training courses useful
Mixergy1 أمثلة عن مدونات تكسب آلاف الدولارات سنوياً من الانترنت
8 - Mixergy.com
Industry: Entrepreneurship and Special Projects
Tool Income: Adsense ads, sales commission
The style of content: journal articles and interviews about entrepreneurship
Reason for success: daily updates, the style of writing is good, a lot of job interviews

Nearly 20 million people followed the Google Code of 2011

google ما يقارب 20 مليون شخص تابعوا مدونة جوجل سنة ٢٠١١

"Google" this giant technical rich from the definition, which is no longer just a search engine, but network technology complete stand-alone witnessed the 2011 changes several internal and external, therefore, successively spread the news through her blog, the official of this Code, which is one of the largest blogging world and this is what made it interesting I see interesting data and information on the number of visitors their own Google has published a number of statistics about the number of visits and the most popular posts of 2011, including:
• in 2011 published a Google Some 471 codification and this number is 17 times more than in 2010 also saw the blog 19,905,679 unique visitors between January 1 and December 31, 2011 has won a post celebrating the birthday of Google's tenth largest number of visits.
• codification and the second most popular was the news of the announcement of Google's social network in place which received the news of 909.537 visitors, followed by Microsoft and use the Google search results and the acquisition of Motorola Mobility.
• It then comes the news of the announcement of the new design of the beautiful game and the introduction of Google Network Plus (265 995 visits) in addition to the service pages.
• Google also revealed a number of followers for its own account on Twitter, which reached to 4 million follower tweets was the most popular are those that relate to Balondroad, patents, and Steve Jobs, Wael Ghoneim and Larry Page.

ROM Manager Premium Apk

صورة خصائص ROM Manager Premium
Root characteristics of the load control Yoezer ROM Manager Premium if you Alandroed system owners and Rottweiler enabled on your system, this program is an important choice, it is his presence Android system through this program will save you a lot of possibilities will be magnificent, where you can do a copy of the reserves of the Roman Make backups installation Romat flash ROMs provides many options to control the Prut Auserrr

Download ROM Manager Premium full

Download ROM Manager Premium Root Yoezer control characteristics in Android

Handy Backup Home

Handy Backup
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This product has not yet been tested. The following coverage is based on information provided by the manufacturer or developer.
During its long history, Handy Backup has appeared in PCMag.com roundups of backup software for at least ten years. The company offers automated backup products targeting various levels from individual home users to corporate sites with network servers. In 2011, the product's maker, Novosoft, improved the software's user interface and started offering plug-ins for MySQL and simplified network installation.
Handy Backup can perform full, incremental, differential, and mirror backups on a schedule. It uses a task-based wizard-driven interface or a command-line interface, and can send email notifications about all results. It then lets you restore your backup with a single mouse click.
Plug-ins are a strength of Handy Backup, with free ones for backing up Skype, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Photoshop, and other application data. It also lets you back up your website content via FTP. Backup targets include various storage devices: HDD, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, FTP, and external and network drives. In addition to its backup duties, Handy Backup can perform folder synchronization.
The software runs in all versions of Windows since Windows 2000, and costs a mere $26, though a limited time offer for PCMag.com readers lets them snag the software for free. The $66 Home Professional edition adds ODBC database backup and a Disaster Recovery Module, while the $139 Small Server edition adds support for Microsoft Exchange and several major database servers, including Oracle, MySQL, and DB2.
More Backup Reviews:


  • Pros
    Freemium file-syncing service. Generous space given with free account: 5GB. Unlimited bonus space for referrals. Can sync any existing folder or file (no need to move items to a magic folder). Apps for every major OS.
  • ConsNo drag-and-drop from desktop to file manager (drag-and-drop into synced folders only). Some odd functionality when deployed across multiple desktops.
  • Bottom Line
    File synchronization service SugarSync offers more cloud storage space with a free account than any of its rivals and is even more intuitive than its biggest competitor, Dropbox. SugarSync shows a few quirks here and there, as all syncing services seem to, but it is still the very best we've tested.
  • File synchronization is a utility that every modern computer user needs. Perhaps the best known service is Dropbox, an excellent tool with a few quirks, but having now spent a good deal of time with SugarSync, I can't imagine recommending any other service as a first option. SugarSync has improved steadily over the last few months and now offers a free 5GB account to anyone who signs up. SugarSync makes sense because it's dead simple—even more so than Dropbox—and is available on every major platform: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian. A Linux client is in beta. While I still adore Dropbox and will emphasize that it's still worthy of our Editors' Choice insignia, SugarSync does a few things just slightly better and deserves more praise. SugarSync also gives you more space with a free account (5GB compared to Dropbox's 2GB) and unlimited bonus space for referrals. A paid account also costs less: SugarSync charges $14.99 per month for 100GB whereas Dropbox charges $19.99 per month for 100GB.

    Other solutions exist, too, such as the more business focused SafeSync for Business from Trend Micro, which doesn't have a free option, and Syncplicity, which like Dropbox starts you off with only 2GB of space for free and is a little more difficult to manage, I found.
    As simple as SugarSync is, anyone new to file-synchronization needs to heed a few warnings. First, take two minutes to learn what file synchronization is and what it means. Synchronization is not the same as back-up, so you should not use it to free up space on your hard drive. When you "sync" something from your computer, don't then delete it!
    SugarSync LocalAfter you sign up for a SugarSync account, you can download and install the client software. It prompts you to name and assign an icon for your PC and then choose folders to back up on SugarSync's servers and make available to your other machines. The installer also creates a "Magic Briefcase" folder inside your Documents folder and places a shortcut to it on your desktop. Any file you drop into the Magic Briefcase on one of your machines is copied to and synchronized with the Magic Briefcase folders on all your other machines.
    The installer also creates a SugarSync icon in your system tray that you can click to open the SugarSync Manager application, where you can change your synchronization options and manage backed-up files. You can also right-click on any folder or file at any time to add it to SugarSync—there's an option directly in the menu that appears.
    Things can get confusing when you install SugarSync on a second machine, however. I set up SugarSync on a Mac first, then added it to a Windows XP machine. Installing the software took no time at all. Launching the file manager was also no problem. When I tried to drag and drop files into the SugarSync file manager, though, it didn't work. I tried uploading using drag-and-drop a few more times to no avail. Seeing as I wasn't getting anywhere, I turned to a button at the top of the file manager "Add Sync Folders" and selected the appropriate options, and that worked. It wasn't a problem in the end, but I falsely assumed drag-and-drop from the desktop to the file manager would sync folders. It doesn't.
    The installer once again prompts you to select folders to back up to the server and make available to other machines, but only the Magic Briefcase syncs automatically. If you want to sync to computer No. 2 any folder you selected for backing up from your first machine, the process is not intuitive: You have to open the SugarSync Manager on the second machine, select the folder from a list of available folders, then click the option to "Replicate this folder on this computer."

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