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Push of a button .. record all screen device gets p video .. and .. with a lot of great features!

 Push of a button .. get the device's screen record and video .. with ..

Push of a button .. get the device's screen record and video .. with ..

Push of a button .. get the device's screen record and video .. with ..

 The program helps people who wish to provide or create flash videos or explanation, such as for example in the Old Nchovha explain some of the lessons of Photoshop or Flash 
. You can use this software record what happens on the screen in the form of video format AVI, and you can move the cursor, and run a new program, type some text, press the number buttons, or select one of the lists, and the program can be keeping all these moves to allow you to save and then watch them later. . You can use it to make presentations or to explain the features of a program, or to create films for use in Chrohatk or any other functions that require you to register what is happening on the desktop, as well as it's free and easy to use and light volume, and allows you to select a specific area of the screen or photographed the entire and then you can adjust the quality of the movies of the reduction of the size of the file. 
  Rave it to the program interface 

AVI . This program includes two programs are independent of each other, one to record what is happening on the screen and the other to display the recorded files from AVI. 
  To start recording, press the red button. . Will appear to specify a rectangular area of the program you want to record. 

  After you have finished recording, press the blue button to stop recording. Or simply by pressing the F9 key to my dialogue box will appear and prompt you to name the file and then save it 

  . Of the most important advantages of the program that allows selected regions (Regions) and the preparation of video options and options the mouse pointer. 
  . Allows installation of the areas to select the type of video clip and an area, it is usual that you select the area for yourself before you start recording. 

: There are three types of areas you can choose from:
1- Region . 1 - Region before you start recording, you can select a rectangular area in a manner inconsistent with the mouse.
2- Fixed Region  . 2 - Fixed Region You can capture a rectangular area with a fixed area, and this space can be determined in pixels using the dialog box.
3- Screen  . 3 - Screen can capture the entire computer screen. 
Allows you to set the video options to get the highest level of recording quality by selecting from among the file sizes and the rates and quality of frames in video files 
!): Download the program (a portable version and raised you from the two!) 

To download the program click here 
Or from here

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