السبت، 1 أكتوبر 2011

No More Bulging Stomach & Gains 10 lbs of Muscle

I received this message from my old friend Ben Gouwens because I asked him about the picture in his facebook profile which different .. he was suffer from Bulging Stomach but now he have a amazing body
The Secret : he follow a Special Training Program

he say
I really loved this program and definitely noticed the difference after switching from my typical 3x10 workouts and slow boring running. I, like Vince, loved to do distance running and that coupled with my very fast metabolism has always kept me skinny. However what bothered me the most was that my stomach still bulged out even though I was very skinny which I discovered was due to visceral fat from my bad eating habits.

I bought the No Nonsense Muscle Building Program last May and used it throughout the summer and gained a little over 10 pounds of muscle which isn't a ton considering what Vince did but considering
that before then I hadn't been able to make any gains at all I was content. I really started focusing on interval cardio and kicking up the intensity in my workouts and I can happily say that looking at my
after pictures has really made all the hard work worth it!

i recommend it to you