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The Golf Swing Secre

That no matter what method or gimmick you try, no matter how much money you spend on clubs and lessons, no matter how much you practice, you still don't seem to see any real improvement. Am I right?

You still slice, you still hook, you can't get any distance & consistency is non-existent.

Beyond this, you're mind is overloaded with mechanical thoughts, tips and lessons that create even more confusion and uncertainty.

A never ending stream of mechanical swing keys and well meaning advice keep your golf swing and mind in a constant state of flux destroying any consistency and confidence you might otherwise build.

Keep your head down..follow through...left arm straight...turn the left hip first...weak grip... strong grip... stack and tilt... shift your weight... one plane... two plane... Where does it all end and does any of it really work?

Believe me... I know how you feel. I've been there!

I've taught hundreds of students and played professionally overseas.

I was a PGA Golf Professional and custom club fitter back before custom clubs were the rage but then...

I ruptured a disc in my lower back which forced me out of the game for 2 full years.

Long story short, when I finally got healthy enough to play, I was horrible. I literally couldn't break 100.

My body simply wouldn't allow me to do the things I had been used to doing in my golf swing prior to my injury...

so I had a choice to make...

I could either continue to be embarrassed by my play, quit the game completely or find a new way to play.

A way that wouldn't hurt my back and that would deliver results even with very little practice time.

I tried it all... every gimmick... every method... I read all the books and magazines... I even paid another instructor to work with me... NONE of it helped! Until, that is... I accidentally stumbled upon the secret.

Over the next 2 months, I spent 30 minutes every week working with what is now my Golf Swing Secret method and 30 minutes working on my chipping and putting.

The results were amazing as I quickly got my score back to where it had been prior to my injury. Playing twice a month and practicing just 30 minutes a week, I was routinely shooting in the low to middle 70's and even breaking par once in a while!

I actually added 25 yards to my drives during this same period and now at 47 years old, I'm hitting my driver longer than when I was 25!

I knew I was on to something special and started using this simple system to train my students.

The Golf Swing Secret has worked wonders for me and since that time has worked the same magic for hundreds of my students.


My method allows you to quickly and easily develop your own natural golf swing, a motion that you can repeat consistently without a lot of time spent on the driving range.

A golf swing that will work for you and will get stronger and stronger as you continue working with the program... even if the only practice time you get is 30 minutes before your weekly round.

I want to share this secret with you.

Today Is The First Day
Of The Rest Of Your Golfing Life...

Imagine for a moment, walking out on the first tee and knowing that your ball is going to finish in the fairway and that your playing partners are going to be amazed with your new found distance and control....

Imagine taking out a mid-iron and striking a solid shot right up by the flag stick and knocking the putt in for birdie...

Allow yourself to imagine hitting that long par 5 in two shots and putting for an eagle...

And now, imagine adding up your scorecard at the end of the day and realizing you just broke 80...you just beat all your buddies...they're paying and you're collecting.

Best of all...you can realize these results in as little as 30 minutes a week.

No more slicing... no more hooking... no more skulls or fat shots... (you'll still miss shots here and there...everyone does... even Tiger... but with The Golf Swing Secret, even your misses will finish closer to your target than you ever imagined...and you'll shoot lower scores!)

It's simple to get started, easy to do and The Golf Swing Secret will deliver results for you whether you're shooting 72 or 122...

I've Been Teaching Golf For Almost 25 Years...

Believe me when I say I've seen it all:  I've taught literally hundreds of students over the years and I've never seen a single one that couldn't improve ... that couldn't play better...
That couldn't realize their goals and continue improving long term working with the methods I share inside The Golf Swing Secret.

I've worked with scratch players, juniors, ladies and seniors of all levels of experience and expertise and I can honestly tell you that most of the instruction you see in print and in other media is absolutely worthless to you and to everyone else.

That's right... Trust me when I tell you that unless you have hours and hours to practice, you're in great physical condition and you have a swing coach or someone you trust to monitor you constantly, most of the stuff you read and see is absolutely worthless to you!

If you're like most of us... you're probably not in the best condition of your lfe, you don't have much time for practice ... and less time to actually play... but you still want to improve... you still want to hit longer drives, shoot lower scores and have more fun... And you still want to beat your friends!

If this describes you and you'd like to simplify the game, your thought processes and simply hit longer, more accurate, more consistent shots and shoot lower scores without spending hours on the driving range and without spending a wad of cash on expensive lessons that don't help any way and gimmicks that help less than the lessons, then The Golf Swing Secret is what you've been searching for!

If you want to beat your buddies round after round this year, this is the ticket!


Renegade Mindset For Fighters

Elite fighters know that there is an inner and an outer game to MMA. Your day-to-day training and conditioning prepares your outer game. Strength, endurance, stamina, and techniques are directly impacted by your dedication to the art of MMA.

Unfortunately, most fighters spend 90% of their time on the outer game (the easy part) and only 10% of their time on the inner game.

Your Inner Game happens in your skull. It’s the mental side of the equation that controls your intensity, endurance, and tenacity.

It’s the ingredients that dictate IF you will give up.

Without a doubt, the fighter that can marshal both the physical and emotional wins every match. They have a metal-cutting intensity that cripples their opponent before the first strike is thrown. Their presence dominates the ring.

I trust that you have a handle on the outer game. I want to talk to you about the war you’ve gotta win in your own head.

We’ve Spent 37 Years INSIDE the heads of Combat Sports Ring Generals – And This is How We’ll Turn YOU into a Jedi Master

My name is Stephen Ladd and I’ve partnered with Bill Gladwell to take your mental training to the next level. Between the two of us, we have over 37 years helping average athletes transform into samurai masters.

We’ve taken our years of intense study, trial and error, and in-the-ring research to boil down the most lethal techniques into a step-by-step system – that flat out works,

Our system combines three state-of-the art technologies that have been picked because they deliver results:

1. Renegade Hypnosis: Dude, I’m not talking about swinging a watch in front of your face or you making an ass out of yourself clucking like a chicken. I AM talking about training your subconscious to create a lethal fighting machine from the INSIDE OUT. You get three individual fighter hypnosis sessions via MP3 Audio Downloads -

1) Renegade Killer Confidence and Speed Demon

Change the habitual response of negative pre-fight feelings to an unstoppable, positive state.

Overcoming pre-fight anxiety, worries, and pressures means the difference between losing and winning.

Even the best fighters have pre-fight anxiety. They learn how to channel these feelings in a way that boosts their performance.

Turn your anxiety into a fuel that drives you to victory.

Time is only perception. My baseball players use this fact all the time by training themselves to imagine the pitch flying at them at a much slower speed than it actually is moving. This program will do the same thing for you... you will learn how to perceive your opponent moving slower than he actually is. This allows you more time to react and move in for the victory.

2) Renegade Rapid Recovery

Attitude and mental expectation play a huge role in how well and fast you recover.

Encourage Rapid and Full Recover

Research shows that hypnosis helps boost the immune response, and this is the key to recovering rapidly.

Being calm and optimistic and devoting time to visualize yourself recovering is what this program helps you do.

3) Renegade Fighter and The Mind's Eye

The best fighters train themselves to enter “The Zone” on command. This is the focus of this program.

Many fighters lack the concentration and frame of mind that is required to make each move completely efficient.

You will build your power with this program by finding your center and your balance.

Learn to drain your opponents’ energy as you build up yours.

2. Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP: Brother, don’t sniff your nose at this. NLP is the real deal and I guarantee that the top guys are masters of using it to dominate the bitches that roll into the ring against them. NLP literally hacks your brain to squeeze out mind-bending performance.

3. Energy Mechanics: As you read this, enough energy to light 2 light bulbs is coursing through your body. This bio-mechanical energy is the secret to the supernatural power exhibited by lifetime students of the martial arts. It’s chi. I’ll show you how to tap into this energy and use it to recover from injury, sap your opponents fighting will, and enhance your power, focus, and stamina.

Each of these alone would put more matches in the win column for you.


Ultimate Hockey Development Coaching Program

Hockey development isn’t just about off-ice training; it’s not just about skill development. A comprehensive hockey development program addresses how to:

Prepare mentally and improve your mental toughness
Improve your skating and puckhandling skills
Improve your strength, speed, and conditioning through hockey-specific training
Avoid career-threatening injuries
Approach scouts and coaches at the next level

My name is Kevin Neeld, and for the last 11 years I’ve been passionately pursuing and developing the best on- and off-ice hockey development strategies to help players realize and fulfill their potential. Over the last 3 months I’ve interrogated 14 of the world’s top professionals in hockey development and athletic performance. The result is over 11 hours of Coaching Calls, JAMMED with incredible hockey development information that will help propel your game to the next level!

I’ve always had an unwavering passionate interest in helping hockey players develop, and in helping them EXCEED their highest expectations. This 12-week Coaching Program was designed to help you do exactly that. After you register, you’ll be emailed a download link every Monday for 12 weeks to a Coaching Call with myself and one of our experts (If you’re impatient, like me, and want access to all the calls immediately, I have a special offer for you. Keep reading!).


Skier Fitness Training

Your New Rock Hard Legs & Solid Core Will Have You:

    * Eating up the Moguls with more power, speed, and agility than you've ever experienced

    * Tearing through the glades with ease and confidence

    * Carving down the mountain all day without the fatigue or deep leg burn that slows you down

    * Thrashing through the powder without a hint of leg weakness or stumble

    * Showing off a leaner, harder body that looks better getting into the hot tub at the end of a hard day of skiing!

Dear Fellow Avid Skier,

Several years ago, on yet another skiing excursion with some friends, we woke up to one of those days we all dream about as skiers... a 2-foot dumping of fresh powder overnight had created one of those epic skiing days that you'll never forget for the rest of your life!

fresh powder skiingAs we made our first run down through the freshies, marking up the mountain with first tracks, the exhilaration of thrashing through the powder was an extreme adrenaline rush!

The fresh, crisp mountain air filled our lungs as we huffed and puffed through the trees, with every shoulder brush of the pine branches, knocking off more fresh powder.

Ahh, this is the kind of day us skiers and boarders dream about!  The kind of day where you can't even wipe the smile off your face you're on such a high from floating through the pow.

As we got about 2-3 hours into this amazing day of powder skiing, a common problem started to occur in most of the skiers in our group...

Most of us started to get such deep leg burning and fatigue, that it was starting to severely slow us down, and make us start to stumble here and there... you know, those little mess ups that really annoy you, because you know you're a better skier than that!

We all were getting the symptoms commonly known as "jello legs", and it was ruining our day of epic powder skiing. The snow was so incredible that we wanted to ski straight through the whole day without breaks until close, but our legs were just not having it.

I didn't want to admit it to my buddies, but my legs were simply shot, and I had to call it quits early that day.


Explosive Football Training Manual

Renegade Football Player and Strength & Conditioning Coach Reveals His Football Weight Training Workout and Conditioning Program for High School and College Football Players to Get Immensely Faster & Stronger on the Field, Guaranteed!
They Laughed When I Said I’d Become a Starter…Until I Became a Football All-Star

      Want to Gain 100lbs on Your Bench, Squat, Deadlift

      and Powerclean? (Our Football Workout Secrets will Show You the Way)

      Need to Hack .54 – .65 from Your 40 & Increase Your Football Speed?

      Want to Gain 23+lbs of Muscle to Dominate on the Football Field
      Learn How to Get So Much Faster for Football, People will Accuse You of Cheating!
red arrow football workoutsA Complete, Done-for-You Football Workout, Football Conditioning and Football Strength Training Program, with Over a Year’s Worth of Football Strength and Conditioning workouts
Get the Complete Blueprint to Become a Football All-Star, Guaranteed!

Stop Following Football Training Workouts that leave you injured, on the bench and weak as a malnourished Kitten!
Finally, there is a proven system, DOUBLE GUARANTEED to work to Increase Your Speed, Strength and Explosiveness for Football!

And, best of all, it cuts through the B.S. & Delivers over 90-pages of Speed-Building, Power-Producing Football Strength and Speed Workouts for High School and College Players that take you from the bench to the All-Star Team!

Attention: As a special gift to you guys, the entire football workout program and all the bonuses are on sale…instead of paying the regular price 49.99, if you take action before Saturday, you get the entire program for only 39.99, ….29.99! (that’s $10 off plus FREE Bonuses!)

Introducing the the Premiere Explosive Football Training Workouts Program, complete with Workouts for Speed, Strength and Conditioning for Players and Coaches at the High School and College Level. A complete, Done-for-You, Plug-and-Play Workout Program – No more guesswork, no more wasting valuable time on bogus football workout plans. A Failure-Proof way to DRASTICALLY Increase Your Football Speed and Strength and Get Faster where it counts…on the Football Field! steve morris football strength & speed coach


Dear Fellow Football Players and Coaches,

My name is Steve Morris and it’s my goal in life to make you and your football team the biggest, strongest, fastest, most explosive and meanest football players around. I was very lucky to have had an excellent strength coach who helped me understand what it took to build a football training workout program that would increase football speed, strength and explosiveness; one that took skinny, weak, freshman and turned them into big, fast hitting machines.

He started me on the path & through hundreds of hours of study and thousands in the weightroom, I developed a Can’t-Fail Football Workout Program

Do you know that you are basically being lied to every single day on the internet and in “muscle magazines?”

Have you realized that 9 out of every 10 “football training experts” have never even played football before? (and by the looks of them, some don’t look like they even lift weights!)

If you’re SICK of wasting countless hours doing no-results workouts in the weightroom and running through cone drills that do nothing but make you look silly…

and you’re sick to your stomach at the thought of having another football season pass by with you not being the All-Star caliber player that you deserve to be…

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many of the thousands of my readers and trainees were once in your spot…tired of not playing to your potential…tired of working your tail off in the weightroom without an ounce of muscle or a speck of speed to show for it…tired and disguested with the thought of “ok, I’ll get ‘em next game, that’s gonna’ be MY game.”

But, that big game never comes…it’s always next play, next game, next year… Well, we don’t play forever. And, your season and career can come to an end in a nano-second! You need to make sure that every single thing you do:

Every Football Training Workout
Every Drill
Every Sprint
Everthing You Eat
Every Speed Training Session

…They all must lead you one step closer to becoming a dominant football player; an All-Star. See, the story at the top of this site is true. I started off my football career in High School as a 12-year old (yes, 12!) chubby kid who had NEVER played football before. Because of my size, I was thrown in with the varsity team.

Needless to say, I was having a rough time competing with 17 and 18 year old players who had a DECADE of experience.

There were a few coaches who didn’t think much of me then. And, once when I walked into the office, they asked me if I though I would ever start, and I said yes.


Advanced Secrets of Tuna Fishing

If you are anything like me, the thought of going fishing and seeing a glimmering tuna bust the surface of the ocean as it fights on the end of your line is enough to make you smile! My face literally lights up when I think about fishing for tuna on my boat "the bluefin" and I get excited to the point where I can hardly sleep the night before a trip.

Since the first time I caught a yellowfin tuna as a young boy alongside my brother, I knew that tuna fishing would be something I'd be hooked on for the rest of my life! Not every 11 year old kid gets to see a 250kg yellowfin up close and personal, so you can imagine why it stuck in my head and made such a big impression.

It's amazing how one event in my childhood could affect my entire destiny. Now I teach people all around the world how to find and catch more tuna... everyone from amateur anglers, to professional boat skippers, game fishing professionals and several world record holders in multiple countries (young and old).
There is no denying the facts: when you buy my book of tuna fishing secrets you will greatly increase your chances of finding & catching tuna.

With the odds stacked against fisherman so heavily these days, with overfishing and the huge amount of anglers competing with each other, it's no worder that people are looking for better methods and tips to use. Mind you, it's only the smart ones like yourself that are willing to learn a better way of tuna fishing... the rest are just repeating old habits that simply don't work!

So in basic terms, if you are already a keen fan of tuna sport fishing or you wish to begin catching tuna in your recreational boat then you have one simple option:
If you wish to be part of the smart percentage of fisherman that realizes the advantages of having inside knowledge in order to increase their success with tuna fishing I'd like to recommend to you my book "The Advanced Secrets of Tuna Fishing".

But before I go any further, I want to confess something to you and be completely honest... I haven't always been a maverick at tuna fishing. I can remember the times when I would go out in my boat and catch very few tuna, and sometimes none at all. If you've ever had a fishing trip like that, you'll know how it feels to be on your way home and just wishing you could have caught at least one big whopper.

But I never gave up trying! I never gave up learning! The one day after speaking to a guy that had caught more than 2 dozen tuna on a day that I caught none, it dawned on me that my knowledge and catch rate improves each time I ask questions. It sounds simple, but really how many times do you go out of your way to speak with other anglers and share tips with them?

Since a young boy I've been in the habit of walking up to strangers at the boat ramp or down at the fishing wharf and chatting to them about techniques, recent catches, the best local areas, etc. So I put two and two together then made the plan to go out of my way to find and speak to as many tuna fisherman as I can.

Since then I've travelled to more than 27 countries and spoken to literally hundreds of recreational and professional fisherman to find out exactly what works for them.


How to Easily Double or Even Triple Your Income

You see, I'm a fitness trainer. And I know a lot of other trainers. And if you're like most of the trainers I meet, you secretly wished you had more "high testosterone" clients.

You know the type -- the kind of guy who loves it when you push him to his limits. These are military guys (and gals)… cops… athletes. They show up ready to give 110% every time. These are your "no pain, no gain" clients.

You gotta love 'em. Every single one. Because these people are the reason you became a personal trainer!

But look at your current business. How many of these "go getters" do you actually train in any given month? A handful, if you're lucky.

And look at your current clientele. Do you ever get the sneaking feeling that these women woof down a Hershey's bar or a bag of chips just as soon as your session is over? And I bet you know these clients are going to return to all their bad habits the day after their last session. You're just giving them a quick-fix "Band Aid" in time for a reunion or a day at the beach.

Point is, wouldn't it be great to have more serious clients? And wouldn't it be great to…

Get Paid MORE Money to Train Your Favorite Clients?


Now you can! And all you have to do is run an athletic boot camp!

Hear me out on this...

Here's Why Running an Athletic Boot Camp is the Best Business Ever:

You get paid more while working less! Instead of training one client at a time, you can train 10, 15…or more. That means you get paid more for every hour of your time. It's an easy way for you to double or triple your current income… while working fewer hours!

You never have to worry about "no show" clients! All your clients pay up front, so a no-show doesn't hit your pocketbook. And since you're running a class, the no-shows don't waste your time because you still have a dozen other eager campers to train!

Getting clients is easy! The economy is tough right now, so your clients are tightening their belts. They're looking for fitness solutions that give them the most bang for their buck. A fitness boot camp is the perfect solution for them, since it costs less than a personal session… but they'll still enjoy great results! That means it's easy for you to fill all your classes with eager trainees!

Let others bring clients to you! The coaches in your area desperately need someone to train their athletes for speed, agility and conditioning. They'll happily refer their entire team to your boot camps!

You get to train your FAVORITE kind of clients! Forget about running a "bride boot camp" or working with people who want to get "magic bullet" results while doing as little as possible. Now you get to spend every day working with real athletes who aren't afraid to sweat!

And you get to REALLY train them! You get to build real, lasting results and train them like they need (and want) to be trained! No more "Band Aid" or "quick fix" training!

You can custom-tailor your camps for maximum profits! You can design your camps to follow the sports seasons. This is an attractive marketing point that makes it easy to fill your boot camps with eager campers!

It's an untapped market! Everyone runs specialized boot camps like boot camps for women. But look around your hometown - I bet no one is running a boot camp for athletes. And that's why you can cash in and dominate this market… while enjoying every minute of it!

Listen, if you're not convinced by now that running an athletic boot camp is the sure path to putting more money in your pocket while making you happier, then maybe you're not cut out to run an athletic boot camp. Maybe you prefer to help soccer moms melt fat.

If that's what floats your boat, go for it. But hit the back button if that's you, because…


secret to becoming a fast, strong, dominant ice hockey player

As a hockey coach, there's nothing more valuable than time. Between work, family and juggling practice - there's no wonder we have little time to properly plan hockey practice.

Hey, having run off-ice training programs for teams at all levels and having coached at the collegiate level, I can relate!

So I went on a mission (a selfish one at first) to create a template that would help me organize all my future off-ice practices. There were 2 goals for doing this...

   1. Make it brain-dead simple to run training programs for this season (and future seasons)

   2. If I couldn't make practice, I could hand my "templates" over to an assistant for them to run it without missing a beat

   3. Save time! By not having to re-create the wheel each day, it saves me at least 2-3 hours per week.

About 6 months ago, I let Mark, a friend of mine who is also a hockey coach, "borrow" my system. And the results were astonishing..

He said I'd be crazy not to offer this to other coaches. In fact, he said I should charge at least $500 for this program (since that is what other "gurus" charge for similar programs - and they are not nearly as complete as mine).

So, after some thought, I decided to take a leap and humbly offer my system for sale to you, my fellow coach.  I took some time to add in the most up-to-date information and make it a complete “how-to” guide.

Rather than going on and on about how great my system is (and how much your athletes will benefit), here's a simple breakdown and summary of each "blueprint".


Learn how to chip, put and drive your way to a longer handicap!

Imagine for a second, you are at the Mecca of Golf.

One of the world's most prestigious golf courses beckons you. The sun is rising, warming the cool morning air blowing in your face.

You look out over the oldest (and arguably best) course in the world, where the game has been played since the 15th century.

You feel like you belong here. Your golf game is superb. Your putts are on target. Your drives straight and accurate. Your short game nothing less than magnificent.

As you head to the last hole, you feel on top of the world...

But it wasn't always like this, was it?

Do you remember those days? When nearly every shot you took seemed laser guided to an obstruction, tree, sand trap, or worse?

Every putt missed by a country mile? Five whacks got you out of the sand trap (if you were 'lucky')? Then you discovered the secret Tiger Woods used to elevate his game...

The Secret That Made Tiger Woods Number One...

In 2003 and 2004, the once infallible Tiger Woods seemed to slip...

He did not win a major in either year. And in September, 2004, he was no longer the top ranked golfer in the world.

Golf enthusiasts were buzzing about what happened to Tiger. Was it a rift with his swing coach Butch Harmon? Problems with his marriage? Health issues, no one knew about?

Or was it something else?

Tiger himself said he was working on his swing and once the adjustments were complete he would return to form.


And that's EXACTLY what happened.

But why did he, as one of the top golfers of all time, fiddle with his swing when he was on top of the world?

You see... Tiger had realized he had learned some bad habits that would ultimately keep him from playing his best and that he had to fix them or face serious problems with his game has he got older.

Fast Track Your Golf Driving Skills Right Now...

In order to improve your Golf game, you must follow a system. Otherwise you end up practicing the wrong things, the wrong way.

Now, I'm not going to hold out on you -- golf is FAR too important to me for that. Here's the three areas of golf that almost everyone has problems with...

    The Long Game - i.e. tee shots, iron shots etc.

    The Short Game - i.e. pitch shots, bunker shots, chip shots etc.

    The Putting Game - i.e short putts, long putts, green reading, etc

Yes... I think we all have specific shots that we always seem to get wrong, no matter how we prepare or practice...

Because the truth is, we're just practicing the same bad habits...

The Exact Same Secret Formula Tiger Used...

When Tiger looked at his game, he quickly realized two things: First, his putting (especially under pressure) is possibly his greatest asset.

His putting won the the Arnold Palmer Invitational, after finishing the third round in a five-way tie for first place. And he completed his fifth consecutive PGA Tour victory with a dramatic 24-foot putt on the 18th hole to defeat Bart Bryant by a stroke.

Second, he has typically been near the bottom of the Tour rankings in driving accuracy. Plus he was hoping to reduce the wear and tear on his surgically-repaired left knee, which was subjected to severe stress in the 1998-2003 version of his swing.

So when Tiger looked at his game, it was obvious to him that the long game was his weakest area, and if he did not do anything about it, his knee might give out on him.

So he focused on that area of his game. Tiger and his swing coach worked tirelessly on his swing. At first as he practiced and adjusted to the new form, his game slipped slightly. But once he was used to the new form, he started winning once more.

And in 2005, Tiger regained his number one position.

Superior Golfing works for all golfers


The Correct Golf Setup by Golf Professional Rob Manning

The golf swing has drastically changed  over the last 100 years. You are lucky to be playing and learning golf in the Generation Now era because the golf swing and setup has been perfected.

In the old days most professional golfers had a their own personal version of the golf swing, now most professionals swing the same. With a few exceptions like Bubba Watson and Furyk most golfers have a well balanced golf swing.

But one of the biggest problems most golfers have is clearing their hips so they can hit a powerful and controlled swing. Included in this bunch of professional golfers are players such as Tiger Woods and Lee Westwood which is why they are always trying to make their swing better.

But what if there was a way to swing like a professional golfer and maybe even better than the professionals.

Well, quietly The Correct Golf Setup is spreading though out the golf industry and its slowing but surely fixing all the problems of the golf swing.
Most golfers including professional golfers do not know how to correctly setup and swing without the typical swing problems.

The standard golf swing has all kinds of problems and most likely you will never discover the inside secret because most teachers want to keep you as a lifetime customer.
But you are going to be a very happy golfer because you are about to own the solution to striking the ball better than the professionals.

I created The Correct Golf Setup not only for myself but for my students and all my students quickly started to hit the ball better than most golfers. I wanted all my students to play great golf so they can enjoy the game. But the CGS is so powerful that I video taped my system so all golfers can have access including professionals.
Now is the time to play great golf.

My Correct Golf Setup is a complete system and here are some of the secrets you are going to learn.

Turns you into a killer golfer

      Everyone wants to kill their friends in golf
I provide step by step videos

      So you can watch any time you want and then take it to the course
I provide you details that no teacher provides

      Never have to guess how to play great golf again

Playing great golf is now possible.

I created the Correct Golf Setup so that anyone and everyone can play great golf quickly.

Most professional golf instructors rarely give their students anything because there are just too many details to throw at their students and so I created this program so solve this number one problem.


Secret Mental Golf Technique

Are you tired of having the highest score when you play with friends?

How would you like to have the lowest one?

In your group?

In your club?

How would you like to lower your golf score by at least 5 strokes (but most likely more) in less than 30 minutes... without practicing?

Do you know how it feels if you can't drop your score anymore? Very frustrating...

I was in the same state one year ago. I took dozens of lessons, changed my pros, started building up a new swing from scratch, hit hundreds and hundreds of balls on the range, bought new clubs... and the result? My score did not drop at all!

Everything worked well on the range - hitting the balls long and straight. But back on the golf course I struggled again, slicing, hooking and hitting fat shots resulted in balloon scores and destroyed my score regularly. Does this sound familiar to you?

But it came even worse. With the missing self- confidence my short game began to struggle as well. There were rounds where I had over 40 putts. How embarrassing...

I was very close giving up my beloved game of golf until I discovered the secret mental technique that changed everything! Read on to see what it is about...

There's an amazing new mental golf audio training called "Amazing Golf Mind". It covers the secret mental golf training technique that Tiger and the top tour players used to become the successful players they are. It's the first time that this powerful mental golf method is available to the regular golfer. You can use the same simple, but little-known mental technique to improve your golf game... in less than 30 minutes from now!

Imagine having a consistent and repeatable golf swing. Would that be nice? Being confident in hitting long and straight drives every time, chipping close to the pin and sinking more three foot putts without fear and anxiety. And can you imagine how great you'll feel if you were dropping your score quickly and win tournaments?

Just A Week From Now You Can Play Your
Best Golf Of Your Life Without Practice

Did you hear that? Playing your best golf without practice! Most golfers spend hours on the range hitting hundreds of balls and do still not improve... They do not realize that golf is 90% mental...


And imagine being able to correct swing faults without taking golf lessons? You can definitely do that. Imagine being in full control over your golf swing, short game, putting and play almost every round "in the zone". Not bad just for listening three times a week to 20 minutes of relaxing music.
 You would not have any fear and anxiety from hitting a bad shot, hitting the ground when chipping or missing a short put.
You would hit the ball straight and long every time
 You would not hitting your ball out of bounds or into water hazards and destroy your score anymore.
You could play your best golf in tournaments and win them.
You could impress your golf buddies with your low scores.
 You would enjoy every round of golf.

Would that be a great feeling or what?

That's what listening to these brand new audios could give you.

    And It's Not Like Any Other Mental Golf Training Techniques You've Ever Heard On Improving The Golf Game


The "Amazing Golf Mind" system uses the latest technology in subliminal affirmations combined with brain wave states and relaxation techniques. It's a combination of the most powerful mental techniques that Tiger and the top tour players use. Tiger is said to use subliminal affirmation ever since he was 13.

Here's what you'll gain while listening to the "Amazing Golf Mind" mental audios
 Your score will drop quickly and easily, but without spending hours and hours on the range.
 You will discover how influencing your subconscious mind and your belief system will be the keys to a consistent golf swing, precise short game & amazing putting.

 You will eliminate fear & anxiety and this powerful technique will save you the frustration of playing bad golf.

You will learn why mental golf training is 5-6 times more effective than hitting balls on the range

You will discover how to make golf habits become natural instincts - they work on autopilot, you don‘t have to think while hitting the ball. Miss this step and you'll join the 95% of regular Golfers who are just not improving.
You will learn a simple, but surefire way to overcome bad emotions after a bad shot or missed putts

You will play your best golf in tournaments and win them
You will fully control your nerves at the tee (eliminating first tee jitter) and on the green (fear from missing short putts)
You will play "in the zone" on almost each round
You will feel relaxed and have fun every time you play Golf


Renegade Mental Golf

Hey there aspiring golfer…

EVERY golfer knows that what separates the good from the elite is the mental side of the game.

You know this is true.

Sure, there are the issues of natural talent, starting golf instruction at a young age with good coaches, disciplined practice, strength and conditioning, and pure determination. These are without a doubt vitally important factors.

But they are rather meaningless if you can’t hang with the big boys on the mental level.

The elite golfers perform consistently well physically because he doesn’t screw up mentally.

Stephen Ladd and Bill Gladwell here; we're known as the Renegade Mental Coaches because we don’t buy into the mainstream sports psychology BULLS***!!

Together we have over 37 years of intense personal and professional study into the mind-body connection including four academic degrees, dozens of internships with the most respected authorities in the sports and personal change arenas, and extensive travel throughout southeast Asia in search of more substantial (and certainly lesser known) answers to the question of which techniques do champion athletes use to gain the mental edge over their opponents.

In the end, we were able to formulate a simple do-it-yourself system that generates all of the benefits of traditional sports psychology, hypnosis, energy medicine and meditation practice - without all the psycho-babble, drum circles or the need to sit and stare at a blank wall for hours.

There is a better way!
Renegade Mental Golf is a Coaching System that will attack your mental roadblocks and get you into peak performance form. We won’t waste your time with any fluff. From the 1st page through the last MP3 Hypnosis session, we’ll share our best insider-secrets to mastering the mental game of golf.

The Renegade Mental Golf System works for 3 Reasons:

Reason #1: Power Golf Hypnosis

There are a few different ways to be hypnotized. There’s stage hypnosis where people are convinced they are chickens and do ridiculous stuff on stage.

There’s therapeutic hypnosis where you are placed in a deep trance where you lose track of time and wake up later unaware of what you said or did….

And last is waking-hypnosis. We use this in the Renegade Golf System. You simply listen to Bill put you into a light trance. We use the light trance to convince your subconscious to start working on improving your golf game.

At the end of each session you’ll feel relaxed, focused and ready to play a serious game of golf!

The great part is that you can use the hypnosis whenever you need to sharpen your focus, relax or heighten your awareness.

Reason #2: It Taps into Your Subconscious and Tweaks Your Gofl Brain Programming

We’ve adapted the powerful science of Neurolinguistic Programming to Golf. This is the same system that Anthony Robbins uses to turn NBA Players into foul-shot whiz kids and gives elite Olympic athletes the Gold medal edge.

We’ll show you how to use simple NLP techniques to sharpen your focus, isolate your mental roadblock, and experience game-changing breakthroughs.

Reason #3: It Shows You a Shortcut to Getting into the Zone

I’ll show you how to induce a state of profound relaxation and mental focus with just your fingertips. It’s like acupuncture but doesn’t require the needles.

Skeptical... I don't blame you.

But I’ll show you! The system includes a comprehensive manual that explains the technique in detail – with photos. PLUS, we’ve included an Audio MP3s to talk you through the process (More on that in a moment).


Ultimate Wrestling Power

To All Serious Wrestlers, Coaches and Parents,

If you're interested in building up strength, speed and conditioning for wrestling as quickly as possible, without weight training, gym memberships or fancy equipment, then continue reading... because this will be the most important letter you'll read in your wrestling career.

Here's why:

My name is Steve Preston. I'm the world's leading Sports Performance Specialist for Wrestlers, and author of many articles in Wrestling USA Magazine.

I'm also the creator of the original "Ultimate Wrestling Strength" program which has helped thousands of wrestlers world-wide develop strength, speed and conditioning to achieve better wrestling performances than ever before.

I've developed a revolutionary new body weight version of this program called Ultimate Wrestling Power, which was designed specifically to help wrestlers get stronger, faster and gain peak condition in record time - without fancy weight training equipment or expensive gym memberships.

Ultimate Wrestling Power is scientifically proven and it is endorsed by world-class wrestlers and coaches, as well as Parents.

In fact, the Ultimate Wrestling Power program has helped dozens of wrestlers from my exclusive members-only website become stronger, faster and better-conditioned than any program they have ever tried - in less time too!
The Amazing Discovery Of
The Ultimate Wrestling Power Training System

The Ultimate Wrestling Power Body Weight training system is the combined result of over 6 years of University study (with an emphasis on Anatomy, Physiology, Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology), 30 years of hands-on, in the trenches strength training, more Conferences and Clinics than I care to count, and thousands of personal training clients both in-person and on-line.

It started in 1994 when I was coaching Middle School Wrestling along side of one of my good friends. I was concerned when the wrestlers were getting worn-out and fatigued half-way through their matches. They were also losing matches that they should've won... had they been stronger and in better condition.

I sat down and began outlining training programs that would address the weaknesses of our wrestlers so they could increase their strength, power, speed and conditioning to win more matches. Most of the wrestlers didn't have access to fancy gyms with cutting- edge equipment... so I carefully carved out a plan that could be done with Body Weight, Partner Drills and very simple training tools.

The results were amazing!!

The wrestlers I was training with body weight workouts (and simple tools) were getting just as strong and conditioned as my Personal Training clients that had access to over $300,000 of the best strength and conditioning equipment.

I knew from my personal Strength training accomplishments (I was ranked #3 in the World in my weight class for Powerlifting in 1991) that the most-important factor when designing programs was "Progressive Resistance." In order to get any athlete stronger, I needed to develop programs that would become increasingly difficult throughout the program in order to achieve the goal of improved strength, speed and conditioning.

I also knew that by selecting the right exercises, at the right time, the result would be improved wrestling performances.


Get Over 500 Results-Driven Boot Camp Workouts

How much is 500+ proven, fun, exciting boot camp workouts worth to your fitness business?

Suppose you could pick a new workout every day and never have to create one of your own.

Imagine… a different workout for you or your group EVERYDAY for a 2+ years???

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t if you have the right tools.

Think about it. A proven fun workout is the most powerful tool you can have for you or your group. This is what keeps your clients coming back for more...they are having  FUN   and seeing RESULTS.  Simply put, 260+ step by step workouts will take your boot camps and fitness business to the next level.

But Creating That Perfect Workout Is The Hard Part…

It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations that make some outdoor workouts work – while others fall flat on their face and just run out of ideas.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right workout program for that day, you can now have it inside the new e-book:
Well, realize that " Sure Results: Ultimate Book of Boot Camp Workouts"  could easily sell for hundreds of dollars. In fact if you asked a top Fitness Professional, to produce 100+ different workouts for you, you’d be charged in the neighborhood of $100 to $500, not including the cost of time it would take you to do this on your own. (We currently charge a minimum of $100 for creating workouts for other PT professional.) So at bare bones minimum you’re getting hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of workouts at your disposal.

But we're not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even our minimum project price. In fact, your total investment for  "Sure Results: Ultimate Book of Boot Camp Workouts" Vol.1,Vol.2 AND the Special Edition is only  $119.00
So what’s the catch? Why are we practically giving this resource away?

Well, it’s really quite simple. We all love this industry and we want to help you grow your business!


Easily Slash 8 Strokes From Your Golf Game

90% Of The Golf Information Out There
Is Not Focused On Lowering Your Score!

Sure, you can find a bunch of tips. But, that's just what you'll have... a bunch of unrelated golf tips that are not organized or designed to actually drop your scores.

Another problem is many tips are just too complicated for the average person to understand!

Well, I've solved that problem for you!

I've developed a golf program - unlike any other out there - that will have you shooting lower scores in your very next round of golf.

It has over 397 tips, techniques, and strategies that are guaranteed to drop your scores...

Even golf pros have dropped their scores with these very effective and easy to use golf tips that I have carefully compiled over 40 years of playing championship level golf. Read what they have to say...
And you get it delivered in digital format straight to your computer in just seconds so you can get started right away!

The program is designed to not only improve your golf right now, but to also be a ready reference at any time in the future. Pull it out whenever you need it. At the beginning of the season...when you're in a slump...before a big golf event...or just whenever you want a quick refresher.

If Better Golf... Right Now! Helps The Pros And Instructors, Think About What It Can Do For You...
Cut Months Of Struggling
And Strokes Off Your Game

I don't care if you've never made a birdie in your life.

It doesn't matter if you're an average golfer trying to lower your handicap, or a beginner wondering how to best go about getting better, or if you're a competitive golfer looking for an edge to beat the competition.

None of that matters.

The ONLY thing that matters... is your desire to get better.

There is absolutely no sane reason why you should waste weeks of your own life attempting to learn the hard way.

Let me be your guide. I know the fastest direct path to get you where you want to go.

Hi, my name's Dave Cushion. And I can show you how to play better golf...right now!

In fact, 46 years of my life have been spent playing, learning and mastering golf. I've carefully observed the beginners, the pros, and most especially, the "average" golfers. The struggle to become a good golfer is often aggravating and absolutely frustrating.

I can teach you tips and strategies to shoot lower scores right away...in easy to understand terms... that are part of an overall plan to help you become a better golfer. That's my forte!


Flying in Four Vertical Jump Program

Have you ever wondered what may be holding you back from the giant vertical jump you know your body's capable of?

Or why you've barely been able to increase your vertical jump up to this point, even with all the time and energy (and often, money) you spend on improving your hops?

If so, then you've most definitely come to the right place.

You see, on this very website right here and now, I'm going to reveal to you the REAL reason why you've never been able to truly and drastically increase your vertical jump and then, I'm even going to reveal to you the one thing that has been holding you back from the giant vertical jump you know your body's capable of.

And if you're truly the action-taker I think you are, I'm even going to provide you with the most advanced and strategic vertical jumping solution ever developed to rapidly increase your vertical jump to the exact height you want it to be -- in as little as 28 days.

URGENT NOTICE: I am aware I just made some big promises. If you choose to believe this is just another "gimmicky, marketing trick", then you've clearly landed on the wrong webpage. What I'm about to reveal to you works, and it works well, but it is most certainly NOT easy.

To increase your vertical jump as drastically as I'm promising to you right now takes some very hard (but very doable) work. If you're the type who's afraid to roll up their sleeves every once in a while, this solution will never work for you. Now here's..

The ONLY Problem: The "Giant" Vertical Jump Dilemma

In order to drastically increase your vertical jump in the shortest time possible, two things must happen:

1. You need to solidify and concretely lay down your Vertical Jump "Foundation".

2. You need to produce a LONG-TERM training effect, based on short-term workouts

Not necessarily a simple task, right?

To solidify and build up your vertical jump "foundation", you need to train your body for optimal movement patterns, muscular activation and joint mobility, which normally can take up to 3 months of dedicated time and effort.


And to produce a LONG-TERM training effect based on short-term workouts, you need to strategically train with varying bouts of frequency and intensity for short periods of time and then follow up those high-effort times with "focused recovery" times.

Unfortunately, building up your Vertical Jump Foundation and producing a Long-Term Training Effect at the same time only causes "overtraining" and confusion within your body, because the increasing physiological demands outweigh your body's ability to recover fast enough.

We call it the Vertical Jump Catch-22: You try to build up your foundation, while simultaneously training for that elusive Long-Term Training Effect that leads to such explosive vertical jump gains, but you're left with just one thing:

A Tired, Overworked Body That Refuses To Jump Higher

The simple fact is this: Until today, drastically increasing your vertical jump in the shortest time conceivable was impossible.

Sure, you might be able to add a couple inches every now and again, but we're talking about up to 12 inches in 12 weeks here...

…and besides unproven, over-marketed programs that may or may not ever deliver on their promises, this is the first time science has met experience for REAL, verifiable vertical jump transformations.

Sure, you may know someone who gained a significant amount of inches on their vertical jump in a short period of time, but a "genetic vertical jump" and an "earned vertical jump" are two critically different things.

Most people understand basic DNA-coding as much as the next guy and understand our DNA pre-determines a lot of things for us in life, including our speed and power as evolved human beings.

And anyone you know who gained a truly significant amount of inches on their vertical jump in extremely short amounts of time did it because:

A) They were born to jump high and it just took a little longer for the vertical jumps to develop..

These are your "genetic vertical jumpers". They could spend all day sitting on the couch eating potato chips and watching TV and they'd still jump out of the gym.


B) They fortunately stumbled into a combination of Foundational Vertical Jump Training strategically matched with Long-Term Effect Training, which rapidly increased their vertical jump in a very short amount of time.

And unless you're one of those "genetic vertical jumpers" who was just born to jump high, you too are going to need a solution that combines the most important parts of Foundational Vertical Jump Training with Long-Term Effect Training to rapidly create massive vertical jump improvements.

But it can't just be thrown together -- as we agreed on before, combining these two lethal vertical jump strategies together almost always leads to "overtraining" and confusion within your body.


Vertical Jump Training Software Program

Learn to Jump Higher With Your Custom Vertical Jump Program

VERTICAL MASTERY: This brand new software from one of the most trusted names in vertical jump improvement creates customized training programs to ensure your workouts are always delivering maximum results.
how to increase vertical and jump higher

What is the importance of having a customized training program? It is important because each athlete is different and therefore has different strengths and weaknesses as they relate to jumping high. By targeting the areas that YOU are lacking your vertical jump will improve at a faster rate than by following a program that haphazardly trains everything, or worse, doesn’t train the areas you need to improve.

Vertical Mastery is the only jump program available today that can customize your training to optimally target your individual areas of weakness and turn them into areas of strength. As those weaknesses become your strengths your ability to jump high will improve dramatically.
What is Vertical Mastery?

Vertical Mastery is a software application (and I do mean an actual software application, NOT interactive e-book or whatever else people are claiming is software these days) that creates custom vertical jump training programs to target the weaknesses of the individual athlete. As is well known, this process is the best way to achieve biggest gains in the least amount of time for not just jumping, but any athletic pursuit.
After the analysis is complete Vertical Mastery then builds you a customized and targeted program to improve those areas that need the most work. In this way your gains will be greater and they will come faster than if you were following a program not designed specifically for you.

In terms of the actual training logic built into the programs, don't worry there is no complicated and hyped up methods such as isometrics, partial reps, and pool plyometrics. The truth is 99.9% of young athletes don't need programs like that. Actually most professional athletes wouldn't need, or use programs like that.

how to increase vertical and jump higher When you read about those sorts of programs with the 'secret' training methods the words sound good. The concepts are enticing. And it almost appears that the gurus who promote these methods are selling you something truly valuable. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Don’t buy into the hype.

The Vertical Mastery programs are built on the same training principles used successfully by strength and conditioning coaches around the world. They are designed to get you stronger, faster, moving better, and ultimately jumping higher - and to do so in the least amount of time. After the analysis is complete Vertical Mastery then builds you a customized and targeted program to improve those areas that need the most work. In this way your gains will be greater and they will come faster than if you were following a program not designed specifically for you.

In terms of the actual training logic built into the programs, don't worry there is no complicated and hyped up methods such as isometrics, partial reps, and pool plyometrics. The truth is 99.9% of young athletes don't need programs like that. Actually most professional athletes wouldn't need, or use programs like that.

how to increase vertical and jump higher When you read about those sorts of programs with the 'secret' training methods the words sound good. The concepts are enticing. And it almost appears that the gurus who promote these methods are selling you something truly valuable. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Don’t buy into the hype.

The Vertical Mastery programs are built on the same training principles used successfully by strength and conditioning coaches around the world. They are designed to get you stronger, faster, moving better, and ultimately jumping higher - and to do so in the least amount of time.


Increase Pitching Velocity

Don’t blow this off like you are blowing off your career!

You don’t have the time or the luxury to walk away from this level of knowledge and this hardcore training program. Your career is too short to act like you got it made. Unless you are the hardest throwing pitcher in your state, then you have a lot of work to do.

You only get a few chances in your career to make a name for yourself and the fact that you are here, RIGHT NOW, tells me that you are not getting the job done or you are second guessing your ability to get the job done.
3X Pitching“Quitters never Win and Winners never Quit!”

I was 26 years old and completely out of the game of baseball, I still believed deep down inside that I would reach my velocity goal of 94mph. The reason I never let go of my goals, even when my window of opportunity was almost completely closed, was because I refused to give up or quit. I knew that if I didn’t keep my hopes alive, even against all of the odds, regret would eventually take me down. The only thing I fear is regret. I knew that it would be harder to live with the regret that I didn’t work hard enough to reach my velocity goals, than to live with the blood, sweat and tears of working to accomplish my goal of 94mph. Trust me, you don’t want to be that guy who is always saying, “I should have or I could have thrown 90, but my coach screwed me, or I hurt my arm, or I partied to much.” That guy is a loser in my book!
3X PitchingSo why does everybody want to throw hard but only a handful can?

I am sure you already know this but velocity is like a drug. The day you can throw the ball past every hitter in the lineup is the day that you feel invincible. What pitcher wouldn’t want to feel this? This will also give you confidence that will get you to the next level, so velocity is king when it comes to dominating the game, making scouts notice you and this is why everyone wants to posses it. The reason only a handful of pitchers can throw hard, is because most pitchers only rely on their genetics to determine their velocity and those who do not have the genetics, just make excuses for why they can’t throw hard. Most pitchers that I meet, who think they do not need help with velocity, think that if they just throw long toss everyday, or not workout because it makes a body builder not a pitcher, then it is only just a matter of time before they start throwing hard. This is the recipe for regret! If you don’t act now to take advantage of the little time you have in your career to be a star, then regret is all you will have when it is over.


How To Develop Brute Strength And Blazing-Fast

To All Serious Wrestlers, Coaches and MMA Athletes,

Are you frustrated because you've lost wrestling matches that you know you should've won?

Have you ever been out-muscled by a wrestling opponent and felt the embarrassment of being thrown around the mat like a rag doll?

Do you wish you could get your stamina up so that you no longer 'get gassed' late in the match?

I'm sure you've been searching for a program that can help you become the best wrestler or MMA athlete you can be...

But there's so much crap out there! Training to be a champion wrestler isn't about going for long jogs. You can't follow some bodybuilding program and get results that will carry over to the wrestling mat either... and don't even think about using the football team's program. It won't work!

Keep reading this page and I will reveal a program that can help any wrestler or MMA athlete develop into a champion... in less time than any program you've tried before!

Most Strength And Conditioning Programs Used By Wrestlers Are Completely Ineffective!

I created this website to show you how you can make incredible strength and conditioning gains to transform youself into a wrestling or grappling machine...

Most training programs that wrestlers use are handed down from generation to generation. Because of this many wrestlers and programs follow training programs that get you tired, and feeling like you've been through a war, but they never help you when you are exhausted in the third period and can't finish strong. This is because they don't help a wrestler get into 'anaerobic condition.'

Another problem with most training programs for wrestlers is that they are programs from the football team or some bodybuilding magazine. Again, wrestlers have to be trained differently from any other athletes if you want to dominate on the wrestling mat. Most wrestling programs don't have the 'wrestling-specific' exercises to create 'functional wrestling strength' on the mat.

Probably the biggest problem I see with traditional 'wrestling training programs' is that everyone trains the same way... The High School program 'borrows' a training program from a college wrestling program and that's how the high school guys train. The Middle School Program then tries to follow the same program as the high school too. BIG PROBLEM!

Youth Wrestlers, High School Wrestlers, College Wrestlers And MMA Athletes Must All Train Differently From Each Other In Order To Get The Best Results On The Mat Or In The Cage!

This is why the wrestlers who follow my training programs have been getting outstanding mat results for years... and why they keep coming back for more. When you learn what exercises you should do, how much of each to do, and when to do it, it becomes a simple process to develop wrestlers from the youth through college level into champions. Plus, you can stay in top condition year-round like an MMA fighter when you learn how to do it right. It all has to do with giving your body the right amount of training at the right time, and then using proper rest and recovery methods.


Play Golf? Want to WIN

I am a professional tour player.

    At European Tour Qualifying School I missed a stage cut by one shot, when I analysed my rounds I had over 20 putts lip the hole and not drop, not to mention the ones that came up short or rolled past, the rest of my game was pretty solid but my putting had to improve.

    I tried to find a specialist putting coach, not a pro that taught putting but a real specialist putting coach, the only ones in the UK were too far away and very expensive. I HAD TO SORT IT OUT MYSELF, which was a blessing in disguise because I went right back to basics and I learnt so much more that way, now I'm passing the knowledge on to YOU!

    After 3 months of really hard work I improved my putting average by just over 2 putts per round. (At professional level this is a massive margin).

    With this performance level I would have won the qualifying stage instead of missing the cut.

Who is this e-book for?

It is for anyone who genuinely wants to improve their putting.

It contains all the information you need to make you the best putter you can be. I’m not telling you that you can hole every putt or never three putt. Even Tiger Woods has the occasional mishap, but this e-book will transform your putting. For the cost of a couple of lessons you will have an essential reference manual that you will be able to refer to for the rest of your life. Most players forget what they did in a lesson within a couple of weeks and revert back to their old ways because they never take notes.

I play with amateurs socially at my home club. Many of them make improvements to their games and have a couple of good rounds, maybe they had a lesson or someone gave them a good tip, but I have noticed that when I play with them a few weeks later they have usually fallen back into bad habits, because they do not make the improvements PERMANENT.

This usually happens because they do not fully understand WHY they are doing a particular thing. When someone understands WHY they do something they are much more likely to retain the information, so I have been as concise as possible.

The e-book contains over 130 photographs and many quality diagrams.

PRO’S DO NOT LEAVE PUTTING TO CHANCE. The relationship between pace and line is crucial, no guesswork.I’m sorry but you will not learn how to putt in five minutes. “If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well”, so with the right knowledge and a little effort you can do the job well. This e-book is full of solid information you will not find anywhere else.

When I started writing the e-book I was told, “over-deliver”, so I’ve tried to.

Triathlon Swimming Technique

One thing separates great triathletes from the rest. It’s the swim leg.

The same triathletes always win the swim. They get a valuable lead which is hard to catch. Wouldn’t it be great to have people chasing YOU out of the swim?

The lead swimmers have a secret.

They understand how to glide effortlessly through the water.

Water is their friend. They use it to propel them forward. They don’t fight it like the other swimmers.
Are you guys really friends?

Great triathletes don’t choke on water. They power easily through the water and use less energy than swimmers struggling at the back. Heres why.

Is there something you do well without needing to think about it?

Ever drive somewhere and arrive realizing you can’t remember the journey?  It happened automatically. You didn’t blink an eyelid.

It’s the same with elite triathlon swimmers. They train themselves to switch their mind to autopilot. Swim the race without thinking.

There’s no being overwhelmed by thoughts of breathing patterns, pull underwater and body rotation.

If you’re busy concentrating on your technique, can you expect to pace your swim correctly? Are you conserving energy for the bike and run?
"A band-aid solution ain't going to cut it "


Elite triathlon swimmers weren’t born with magical talents and a halo above their head.

They can be beaten.

Fast triathlon swimming comes down to a few basic priniciples of freestyle. Some coaches and so-called ‘gurus’ will try to dazzle you with fancy drills and new methods of pulling through the water.

They’ll make you believe it takes one little trick to improve your technique for good. It’s no secret those methods fall apart at the first sign of racing. It's like applying a band-aid to a broken leg.
“It's the #1 system transforming jerky and unbalanced freestylers
into smooth and powerful triathlon swimmers”

It takes a rock-solid, proven training system to transform a ‘not-so-great’ swimmer into a swimming force to be reckoned with. Plus, it will cost you less than a pair of speedos to try it.

Imagine the confidence you’ll feel knowing you’ll be in the lead pack, shaking up the field and crushing your old PB times.

TriSwim Technique will help you:
# Break free of bad technique habits that are holding you back (even if you've done them for 53 years!)
# Only build lean muscle mass and avoid carrying that dreaded extra bulk in your race (so you can still dominate the ride and run legs)
# Swim smooth freestyle that even your old n' cranky swim coach could be proud of!
# Annihilate your old swim PB's and finally cut it with the lead pack (you can say goodbye to the tail-end of the field!)
# Feel so confident in the wateryou'll think you own the damn race!
# Become the 'go-to-guy' (or gal) when your mates realise you're kicking their butt in the water!
# Enjoy gliding past your competitors like a cruiseliner as they cough and splatter their way to the end
# Understand and 'get' what the 'swimming gurus' are talking about when they mention the catch, recovery, high elbow pull through, stroke length, the list goes on.
# 'Hold' the water as you pull and stop your hand 'slipping' (this is easier than you think)
#  Swim with the same technique and ease as 'the big boys' (and girls) of triathlon. Using a simple step-by-step system that's been proven by hundreds of others to increase speed, clean up swimming technique and make you a better swimmer.
# Increase your cardio fitness (so you'll have loads of energy for the bike and run...everytime)
"But surely TriSwim Technique won't work for me?"

I've swam for 19 years and coached for 5 of those years. Do you know the biggest objection I get from people considering the program?

"I've tried everything else before and that hasn't worked, surely TriSwim Technique won't work for me?"

I feel your pain. Growing up I watched dozens of stroke DVD's and videos, read most of the books and asked a lot of coaches for advice. Not everything I learnt worked. In fact, most of it didn't work at all (some even made me slower!).

The truth is a lot of programs are quick-fix solutions to a big problem that needs to be dealt with at the very core.

What I mean is; to teach you how to swim properly, you've got to start simple.
That's what TriSwim Technique is...it's easy to do and simple to understand. I mean, let's be honest. Swimming can be really complex when you're doing it.

"Swimming can be complex. TriSwim Technique makes it's so simple my 8 year-old cousin understands it"

You're thinking about your hip rotation, shoulder rotation, breathing, hand entry, high elbow catch and recovery, clean exit of the hand, holding the water, body position...and that's only to name a few!

The only way to swim properly is to learn it so your mind and body are familiar with the feel of correct technique.

There's a lot of elements in freestyle. They will happen automatically for you with TriSwim Technique.

While others are overwhelmed by freestyle technique, you won't be. You'llknow exactly what to do and how to do it if the you follow the step-by-step TriSwim Technique program.

I'm going to be honest. I didn't come up with every drill and method myself. I did develop the program myself, but I've used things which I learnt from other swimmers and coaches.


Total Xplosive Training

First off, tell me if this sounds familiar?

“Speed is all about your genetics” or “face it, it’s not in your genes to possess that kind of size or strength”.   Trust me, I completely understand because I lived with those lies and many more my whole life.  That’s why I’m ready to show you the solution that I guarantee will change your life.  Get ready to see how athletes are reversing their poor “genetic situation” to become top prospects that rewrite their future.

But before I give this to you, I need to tell you some truth that you don‘t want to hear.  Without even knowing you, I can promise you personally…Your training is literally stealing 85% of the athletic potential you should be using in this upcoming season…

No worries though, I‘m here to expose every last performance gimmick + speed & strength coach that has been holding you back.

Not because I read something in some “secret book” or because I bought some “magical shoes” that made me fly.  But because I lived it my whole life and finally found a way to “U-turn” my career.  You tell me…
Does This Hit Home?

You bust your tail your whole life trying to find hope in anything to save the small amount of time you have.  You buy every training “gimmick” out there from speed machines to the newest training books and become broke in the process.  Still doesn’t work, so you hire the “best” coaches around but you feel empty & lost because they can only take you so far then drop you off, only to waste precious time.

You start becoming desperate & feel pressure because you realize it’s make or break time with your competitive years coming to a crumble and taking your dreams down with it…

But you don’t quit, forget what everyone talks, your going to make something happen.  Finally after tireless nights of studying & exhausted hours of “hands on” experience, it hits you like a ton of bricks from the sky.  You find the solution that can overcome this genetic curse that has haunted your athletic career.  It can now be demolished & you discover a path to promising results…


Hope overwhelms the realization that your biggest dream CAN come true.  You know, the one you only imagine on your pillow at night.  The dream that your peers laughed at and family secretly doubted behind your back…

Anticipation builds as you start becoming that freakish fast & powerful athlete that fans whisper in awe about.  You develop the swagger that finally earns you the respect & recognition no one gave you.  It’s time to earn that scholarship or sign the multi-million dollar contract that separates you from everyone else.
You See Like YOU, I‘m Not Just
Talking It, I‘m Walking It.
Here‘s What Happened Next…

As the underdog my whole life, I uncovered a unique method (the solution us athletes needed) of how to make my biggest dream come true and DID IT through hard work and rare training.  It was time to take this new freakish specimen I constructed, to the biggest D-1 powerhouse in the country.

Driving my truck hours south with only the clothes on my back, I only focused on one goal, making this dream team somehow.  I slept uncomfortably in the backseat of my pickup, outside the athletic department, that night. Then the Florida sunshine woke me up with  beading sweat, which stuck to the seats early that morning.  Nervously approaching the doors of the office, I could smell the stench of body odor and unbrushed teeth as I began pacing the hallways, receiving awkward looks from each office along the way.

Finally, I worked up the nerve to poke my head in the recruiting office only to see a 6’7 330 lbs. mammoth of a man shuffling through paperwork.  Hesitation hit me, he barked out with his head down, “what do you need, I’m real busy”.  Right then only 3 words crossed my mind, “Let’s Get It”.  Ferociously, I began spilling out the journey I have been on for the past 84 months of my life and what I did to finally get here.

Finally, lifting his head & looking me in the eyes, to my surprise he proclaimed he respected and took a liking to me.  He explained, he would help but regardless needed something to prove I could compete because they were too competitive to deal with walk-ons.  A grin came across my face from ear to ear & my new  training flashed through my head, I confidently replied, “whatever you need me to do, I’m Ready”.

This newly developed “elite caliber athleticism” was put on display like artwork that morning, you know the brand new breakaway speed & elusive power recently gained.  With no hesitation, he handed me the training room packet & escorted me to the compliance office as he said the words, “Get your eligibility & physicals squared away, then you start practicing.”

The world paused at this moment, sinking into the waiting room chair my head collapsed back against the wall behind.  My body was numb as I stared with a blur into the ceiling light.  My soul was howling with unexplainable joy & the haters were silenced, the new “cutting-edge” training paid off. 

The next day, after arriving home, I packed my bags in record time to get back anxiously and start grinding.  Resting for a minute on the porch, the phone then vibrated, it was coach, I was thinking, “dam he’s going to get on me for not reporting to workouts today”.

Instead in a matter of minutes, I was lifting my face off my palms, only to open my eyes and see they had been washed clean with tears.  They ran down my hands to form a small puddle between my feet.  My chest felt like it sunk in to my spine.  Coach was lost for words when telling me, NCAA deemed me ineligible & nothing could be done to play for the team.


Truth About Quickness 2.0

I have two quite serious questions for you:

1. Have you ever wondered why, no matter how hard you train or which programs you follow, you still have just “average speed”, or even worse.. you’re slow?

2. Or why some of your friends seem to have been born with that “attention-getting” speed and quickness we all want, while you were born with two slow feet and little or no explosiveness to speak of?

If so, then you've come to the right place.

You see, on the very page you're reading at this very moment, I'm going to reveal to you the one reason why every training program you’ve used up to this point has never worked for you.

And then, I’m going to tell you about the most important “speed-getting” solution ever discovered to transform you way beyond “slow” or even “average speed” to the exact place you want to be – the TOP -- in just 9 minutes a day.

WARNING: This is NOT a gimmick—if you’re simply looking for another “hypey”, quick fix, then I’m afraid you are NOT on the right website. But, if you’re looking for REAL solutions founded on REAL discoveries and cutting-edge strategies, then the information I’m about to share with you may be the most important speed-getting information you’ve ever read.

The Problem: The Straight-Ahead Saga

For years, going back to the 1950’s, coaches and trainers thought that athletes were either “born” fast or they weren’t and there was nothing you could do about it.


Athletes who WEREN’T born with breakneck speed and quickness were relegated to sit on the bench and “fade away” in the background forever..

But then a few decades later, things changed..

In sports like track and field, specifically the 100m dash and other similar events, coaches found that athletes could in fact increase their speed, through specific training methods.

These methods included things like back squats, deadlifts and “straight-ahead” sprints for a certain distance.

So, these coaches took these methods and figured, “Hey.. if we can make these sprinters faster like this, then we can just do the same things with our basketball and football and baseball players and we’ll be able to make them faster and quicker too.”

The Truth: The Speed and Quickness Training Methods You’ve Been Taught Are Making YOU Slower!

Now, before I tell you anymore here, there is ONE thing you have to know: There is a major difference between the speed and quickness a sprinter needs, and the type of speed and quickness a basketball, football, baseball or any other “multi-directional” athlete needs..

Here’s the deal: Because sprinting is done ALL in a straight line, it’s called a LINEAR SPEED sport (linear can literally be defined as “straight line”).

And because basketball, football, baseball and every other mutli-directional sport is NOT played in straight lines, but instead, in different directions, with quick cuts and changes of direction, it’s called a NON-LINEAR SPEED sport.


2 Track and Field Coaching Legend's

Whether you coach high schoolers or Olympic Champions, one fact remains clear:

To succeed at the highest levels, you need to learn from and study the best. And, for my money, that means going to the coaches who Olympic coaches go to when they have questions about training.

But here’s the problem…

Before now, if you wanted access to their information, you had to attend one of the rare (and elite level) conferences they spoke at. (Or try to piece together clips of video scattered all over the Internet.)

I have good news. Those days are over.

My name is Kebba Tolbert and I have the good fortune of calling one of these coaching legends my mentor. This experience has had a profound impact on my own coaching career and I want to share some of what I’ve learned with you.

I recently hosted and filmed a private ‘Learning from the Legends’ seminar where they laid out their training methods for the sprints, hurdles, jumps and throws… over the course of 7.5 hours.

And, for the first time ever, you can get immediate access to the full contents of that seminar and learn directly from the Kings of Kings.

A member of the U.S. Track Coaches Association Hall of Fame, Tellez has produced some of the greatest track and field performers in the history of the sport.

In addition to coaching outstanding individual athletes, Tellez also had some successful teams during his 22 years as head coach at Houston. He led the men’s team to nine Top 10 showings at the NCAA indoor meet, including a fourth-place finish in 1996. He also guided UH to six Top 15 finishes at the NCAA outdoor meet. The UH men won the 1997 and 1998 indoor and outdoor Conference USA titles, as well as the 1977 and 1978 Southwest Conference indoor titles.

In addition to his success as UH’s men’s coach, Tellez also began the Lady Cougar program and led them to three Top 10 finishes at the NCAA Indoor Championships and eight Top 20 finishes at the NCAA Outdoor meet. Houston also won the 1983, 1984 and 1987 SWC indoor titles and the 1984 and 1990 SWC outdoor championships under his direction.

Before Houston, Tellez was an assistant coach at UCLA beginning in 1968. While at UCLA, he coached Dwight Stones, Mike Tully, Willie Banks and James Butts. In 1976, he was offered the chance to become the strength and conditioning coach for the Dallas Cowboys under Tom Landry. Instead, he opted to come to Hous­ton. In addition to his success at Houston, Tellez enjoyed tremendous success on the international circuit as well. Between 1984 and 1996, six of the seven United States sprinters who won Olympic Gold Medals were coached by Tellez and seven of the USA’s overall 13 medals were claimed by his athletes.

He was named the head coach for the 1991 U.S. national team that competed in the World Championships at Tokyo, Japan and was the head coach for the 1987 USA Pan American team. He also served as an assistant coach for the 1980 and 1984 USA Olympic teams. He coached the throwing events in 1980 and the jumping events in 1984.


The Ultimate Mma Training Program for the Beginner!

Okay, now that we've got that taken care of, let's move on to the good stuff!

You've continued to read on because you want a program that will help you develop solid mixed martial arts technique and would love to be able to get a head start, training anytime you want, in the safest environment there is, your own home.

That's great because learning MMA can be an extremely tough task. It takes a lot of detailed instruction and you need to learn things in a very specific order starting with the basics.

Master the basics first and you will never, ever have to go back and waste a ton of time trying to fix any bad habits. Notice how I said "trying". Unfortunately, some people are never able to fully fix things and that severely limits their ability to grow as a mixed martial artist. You can save yourself a ton of time and an insane amount of effort by starting your training the right way.

There's definitely no shortage of information out there. Magazines, books, internet forums, and other web sites are filled with MMA content. That itself creates a serious problem for beginning mixed martial artists! Trying to choose what to practice out of those thousands of techniques available on YouTube and those other video sites is impossible!

So if you've made the wise decision to invest your time by staying on this site, I'm going to reveal to you a complete, easy-to-follow program that will build you an incredibly strong foundational MMA skill set. A program that once completed will enable you to train at any MMA school in the world and feel comfortable right away.

Tons of Technique without Structure = Confusion!

I created this website to put an end to the confusion that beginning mixed martial artists face. There's so much info out there about what techniques to practice, what workouts to follow, what exercises to do, and what methods work best, it's next to impossible to get a clear picture of what truly works and will be a waste of time.

Some guys are creating websites that share techniques, drills and tips but without a well structured training system designed with the intent of building your skills from the ground up, there is absolutely no way that you will retain what they are showing. In fact, the more techniques they post up, the more confusing it gets.

Training with an instructor to guide you along the way is crucial. However, jumping into a group class setting when you begin training isn't always the best way to learn.

Some instructors find teaching the basics boring and seem to always be showing the newest and coolest techniques in class. That type of an instructor will not help you get the results you're looking for.

Also, in a large group setting, an instructor is often forced to teach you things beyond your level because there are students with much more experience than you in the class as well.

In the worst case scenario, an instructor may never have mastered the basics themself. Without a doubt, it will be impossible for them to teach you how to do it.

Unfortunately I see the last example being the case more often as many instructors --some with very limited training-- open new MMA schools trying to capitalize on the popularity of the UFC and the sport of mixed martial arts.


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