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Novel Writing Made Easy System

You can spend hours trying to find the best books on novel writing.  You can take writing courses.  You can subscribe to writing magazines.  Of course, you’ll learn a lot about novel writing from any of these sources.

This shotgun method of learning, though, takes years, and costs hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.  I know.  This was how I started my writing career.

I thought because I had a novel idea and I had experience writing, I could read a few books and put together a novel.  But writing a novel isn’t like any other kind of writing.  If you don’t know exactly how all the components of a good novel fit together, writing a book is like juggling ten flaming torches while balancing a tarantula on your nose.

How do you put together a plot that hooks readers and keeps them turning pages?  How do you make your characters seem real?  How do you write description that’s original and engaging?  How do you write riveting dialogue?  How do you weave together subplots?  How do you know how much research to do?  How do you craft a scene?  How do you get yourself to write day after day?  How do you sell the novel if you do manage to finish it?
The odds of selling a novel un-agented to one of the largest publishers in the world are greater than winning the lottery.  I did it using the same system you can have in your hands in minutes when you order Novel Writing Made Easy.

In addition to my books, I’ve had dozens of short stories, essays, and poems published, and I was a newspaper columnist for five years.  My first sale was to Teen Magazine, and I still have a copy of that $100 check on my office wall, but since then, I’ve lost count of the number of royalty checks I’ve received.  Let’s just say that it’s a nice living.

Because of my writing success, I've been a guest on numerous radio shows.  I've also appeared on national TV, on Fox News Network's Fox & Friends and the Pacific Northwest TV shows, Northwest Afternoon and Being In Seattle.  In addition, my books have received coverage in newspapers such as the The Seattle Post-Intelligencer and in national magazines such as Fitness and Shape.

Obviously, I know a little something about good writing.  But having the knowledge and being able to teach it are two different things.  Many great authors know what I know, but they can’t get it across in a way that’s easy to understand.

Not only am I a successful author, I'm also an experienced teacher.  Before I became a writer, I was an attorney, and I taught basic writing skills and advanced legal writing at the University of Puget Sound Law School. I've also taught writing workshops and online writing courses, and I’m a writing coach.


Buy Cars 50% - 90% Off $100 Selling This

It literally makes me sick to see you buy cars for what Car Dealers ask, and it even makes me a lot more sicker to see you buying a car thinking you've put one over on the Car Dealers (here's a hint: YOU HAVEN'T!)

Even if you've ever walked out of the car dealership with a brand new car thinking to yourself "I really got the better of those guys!" what you may not know is that they're actually LAUGHING at you right now behind your back!

I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but you didn't get anything on "those guys!" (i.e., the car salesmen). They have a set up for every single person that walks into their establishment - and believe me: They're "experts" at screwing people over, and then on top of it, making you feel like you got the best of them (that's actually what keeps THEM in business!)

The sooner you realize that this is the way they've all been doing business for well over a century, the sooner you can REALLY learn how to make them do what YOU want for a well-deserved change!

But enough talk! Let's look at some car buys I recently made all in a single day! ...

Let me give you just a teaser of what I've done (and what YOU can do starting in the next 17 minutes!)

But I feel I must warn you that you'll either hate me for getting the best savings ever, or you'll want to join me by my side and start saving $10,000's just like I do!

Regardless, I know for fact that I'm going to impress the heck out of you (and people think I don't know how to buy cars just because I'm a woman! - Ha! - I show them each and every day!)
The very same day I grabbed up the other Lamborghini above, I got very, very greedy and forced the car dealership to sell me this Murcielago  too!

Ordinarily priced to everyone else for a WHOPPING $386,000, I grabbed it right out from underneath those jerks for just $1,160 a month (and with NO money down - that's right! I just was able to drive it off the lot without paying anything to them for at least 60 days!)

This Lamborghini is considered by far the most popular model today! Just knowing that I got it for such a low, low monthly cost (and of course with absolutely NO money down!) excites me to no end!

And that's what I want YOU to be able to do: Share in MY excitement!

Remember: Once you grab up my "Top Secret Car Secret" no one can ever take away this knowledge!

For the rest of your life you'll have something so truly POWERFUL and magnificent that it will pay you back over and over again (and for your entire lifetime!)

Your friends will wonder what your secret is - and they'll be so jealous at all the cars that you'll be buying that they'll start rumors about you that you must have secretly won the Lottery!

Imagine just how that day will feel to you (and it can start in the next 11 minutes!)

Remember: I may withdraw my ""Top Secret Car Secret" at anytime once I feel that too many people have it - so definitely HURRY!


Survive Any Disaster Without Leaving Home

Here's what's happening: With the threats of terrorist attack, natural disaster, economic collapse, or a pandemic, you need to have a survival plan in place quickly that is inexpensive and doesn't depend on relocating or you being around as a leader.

We're living in crazy times and...
Honestly, I don't know who's in worse shape, people in denial, or preppers who have lots of supplies and training, but their plan is just floating around in their head and isn't based on reality.

Here's the thing.  Back in 2008, I had lots of training and supplies but a simplistic plan in my head that had no chance of working in the real world.  I worried EVERY TIME I went out of town that "it" would happen when I wasn't at home to protect my family.  I found out that I wasn't alone.  As I talked to other people about their plans, they ALL depend on everyone being home when "it" happens.  They depend on perfect timing, easy travel, and just don't have a chance of working in a real disaster.

Most Survival Plans Are A Joke.

There are a TON of survival books, websites, and "experts" out there that have terrific information, but people make the mistake of thinking that reading a book means you've got a workable plan.  In addition, all of them miss one of the seven key factors for helping you create the perfect survival plan.

The Perfect Survival Plan should be....

      Cheap...Survival is NOT a luxury reserved for the rich.
      Fast To Start Putting Into Place Without a Ton Of Required Training/Classes/Supplies.
     Compatible with Your Current Living Situation.
      Easily Usable By Your Family If You Can't Lead Them.
      Adaptable In Case You Miss Your Window To Relocate
      Sustainable If The Emergency Is Long Term
      Reversible If You Jump The Gun.
      Written Down, So You Aren't Relying On Memory When You're Operating Under Stress and Without Sleep.

Does this sound right to you?
How is your current survival plan stacking up?

Plus, your survival plan should work in real life situations, including:

You're 1,000 miles away on a business trip when "it" happens.
Your kids are on a school trip when it's time to bug out.
Traveling by car is not an option.
One of your family is injured and can't travel.
You have a baby or have to take care of an elderly parent when "it" happens.
The emergency build-up is gradual and there's no clear signal.

This is one of the ugly realities of our situation today...

Most families won't leave urban areas in time because
they can't afford leaving early and being wrong.

Why?  Because it means abandoning your house, friends, job, and sometimes even family.

If you leave and you are too early, can you get your job back?
(Be thankful you didn't bug-out in April 2009 for the Flu "Pandemic")

If you leave too early & can't pay your mortgage, will your bank understand?

If you leave too early, can't you hear the laughter of your friends when you come back 1, 2, or 3 months later?

But if you try to leave too late, you may have to travel light or not be able to travel at all:


What I learned is how simple it is to fix even the worst of plans, or create one from scratch.  Out of necessity, I got in touch with my military, Survival Evasion Resistance & Escape (SERE), Law Enforcement/SWAT, "private contractor", and Pentagon friends, as well as a geneticist who specializes in viruses/pandemics and a bio-weapons expert to pick their brains about their survival plans and to get help fixing mine.
The insider knowledge they shared with me was AWESOME!  I didn't need half of the stuff I had, and the things I was missing were inexpensive and useful regardless of whether or not I ever actually had to survive a disaster.

To top it off, I'd been confusing "survival" with "primitive living", which are two completely different skill sets.  I pity the fool who decides to grind wheat and bake bread 21 days into an urban survival situation.  That smell will draw the "zombies" in from blocks away and hunger will be the least of his problems!

The biggest part that they helped me with wasn't "stuff".  Most of them thought that fancy survival "stuff" was just a crutch to compensate for a lack of a solid plan.  I realized they were right.  Don't you agree?

They showed me how to ruthlessly go through my plan, find the vulnerabilities, and fix them through proper planning rather than by throwing money at the problem.  I ended up with a survival plan that was flexible enough to allow for reality and stable enough that my wife could take charge if I was unable to lead our family.

If you're wondering why I am willing to share this system with you, here's the story:

First, As I was going through this process and talking with my civilian friends, they kept "bugging" me to pick my brain on creating THEIR survival plan.  I was the only person they knew who'd gone through the trouble to contact so many experts and create my own logical written survival plan.  I was getting 10-20 emails and calls EVERY DAY on this.  I've got to work to put food on the table and it got to where I couldn't keep being everyone's survival research department.  I quickly realized that I was either going to have to put together a training system to help them or stop answering my phone and email.

Second, I'll be honest with you.  I'm looking out for myself, my friends, and my family.  It sounds a little selfish, but you see, if/when there is a catastrophic event, YOU are either going to be part of the solution or part of the problem.  I'd much rather you follow my program and be an asset to my friends and family than a looter that they have to defend themselves against.

So, after months of brainstorming, more than 30 interviews with numerous experts, masterminding, and testing, I've developed a one of a kind Urban Survival Course that you're going to love as much as the 2,500 like-minded preppers who have gone through it before you...


Creating a Six Figure Income In Weeks

Thank God I am still alive. It took massive changes in my life but it has been worth it. Do you need to make huge changes in your life? Do you want huge changes so you can "re-launch your life?

It's true... the Dr told me make changes or you are as good as dead.

    I Cheated Death To Tell You This Story of How Easy Success Can Be Achieved!

Roy Here Just 200 Yards From My "office" Window

It was 7 years ago now. I  just collapsed right there on the floor of my office. Ambulance. Blue lights flashing. Sirens. It was terrifying.

I'd actually had a suspected heart attack. It turned out to be something called an oesophagus spasm. All I know is that it was darned painful and it sure as heck felt like a heart attack! I know one thing though. I really thought my time had come, that's for sure!

I was running my own small business at the time. Nothing fancy, but I managed to get the bills paid each month (usually). The thing was though, that after paying staff wages, office rent, and all the million and one other overheads involved, I was actually earning less than some of the people who worked for me!


I was slaving my guts out, 18 hours a day, 7 days a week to support my staff!

The Dr told me that this oesophagus spasm thing had been brought about by stress and that I had to completely change my lifestyle or next time it could be the killer heart attack!

I had no option, I took their advice, slammed the doors shut on my stressed out business, paid the redundancy checks to my staff and made sure they were set up with new jobs (with my competitors!). The upshot was...

    I Had 12 Weeks To Create My New Life Before My Last Cash Ran Out!

When push came to shove and all the bills had been paid (I had no idea just how much it would cost to legally close a business properly), I was horrified to find that I had only just about enough money left to cover the mortgage and household bills for the next three months!

I had no business, no job and 90 days from now the bailiff's could be knocking on my door. And I thought I was stressed before!

I couldn't get a job, because all I knew how to do was the same sort of business I'd been in before. The business that had caused all the stress in the first place. To be honest, I spent the next month doing not much else but worrying frantically about what I was going to do to keep the wolf from the door. Time was passing and I now had just two months left before the money ran out.

    If You've Ever Been in the Position Where You Don't Know Where the Next Penny is Coming From ...

info product creation brings this lifestyle - image     ... and you have no idea how you are going to pay the next mortgage payment or how you are going to put food on the table for your wife and kids, then believe me I know how you feel.

If you've ever had your wife look at you in that certain way that says "I really love you, but I'm getting scared now. When are you going to DO something!" Man it just cripples you inside. And all the time you're frantically trying to think of a way to get out of the mess you find yourself in and to somehow regain some self respect.

Life Is Now Very Different!

I look back now at how things were at that time and it truly feels like some other persons life I'm looking at. Now I know just how easy it is to make fifty times what I was making before and to be able to do that by working only when I feel like it, instead of putting in 18 hour days, well I just wish I'd known then what I know now, let me tell you!


Win in Tax Court

The Secret to Success in a Tax Court Case - It's Not About the Law

People going to the U.S. Tax Court generally think that trials and courtrooms are where you talk about the law. They also generally know the law that concerns their case.

The problem is, Tax Court trials are not about the law.
They are about the FACTS. The law speaks for itself. Or more accurately, the judge applies the law to the facts that you establish at trial.

But you never talk about the law before the facts are on the record.  At best, raising questions of law before the trial will confirm for the court and your opponent that you don’t know what you’re doing.

At worst you give your opponent the rope he needs to hang you.
To win in Tax Court you need to know how to present your facts and how to keep your opponent's facts out.
You will eventually have to argue the law, but not before you have done battle with the IRS attorneys using the RULES.

The Rules of the Court
The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
The Federal Rules of Evidence

These rules have the force of law in the courtroom. Trial lawyers succeed and fail by them. Courtroom battles are over the admission and exclusion of evidence, not over the law.

By knowing this simple fact you know more than 99% of people going to Tax Court on their own.
And the rules are not long or complicated. You can easily learn them and use them to your advantage.
U.S. Tax Court is a hostile land with its own language and customs

The natives are not there to help you. Their job is to extract every dollar they can from you and they are good at it.

They are used to working with people who:

don't know what's coming next
don't know the rules of the court or of procedure
don't know how to write legal documents
don't know how to do legal research
don't understand what's going on in Tax Court
don't know what hit them when they lose


Training On Writing, Publishing & Promoting Your Book

Are YOU One of These "Undiscovered Authors"?

Tell me, does any of the following sound familiar to you?

      Have you ever sold yourself short or told yourself that you don't have what it takes to become an author, or that successfully publishing a book is something reserved for someone better educated or more well-spoken?

      Or, have you convinced yourself that you don't really have anything of interest to share - nothing that would be of value to the world at large?

      Or have you just plain gotten LOST in all of the contradictory advice and endless options when it comes to writing, publishing or promoting your book?

If you have been fostering any of the above fantasies, then I'm REALLY glad that you found this page!

It's time that you put those beliefs behind you, and BECOME THE SUCCESSFUL AUTHOR YOU WERE MEANT TO BE!

There lies within you an UNTOLD WEALTH of wisdom, stories, advice, or experience that will NEVER find its way out into the world unless you resolve now that you are going to write, publish, and promote your book successfully.

And don't worry about the details! I can help you tremendously with those. ;)
Life As A Successful Author

As I reflect on my own life, which began in a remote little village in the South American country of Guyana, it all might have turned out SO DIFFERENTLY...

You see, in my humble beginnings there were many people and forces all around me that might have conspired to convince me NOT to try...

...To convince me that I was somehow subject to my circumstances and held no power within myself to change them.

Since then, I have dined with heads of state, been welcomed as a dignitary and renowned speaker in dozens of countries around the globe, and received accolades from many who say that I have somehow touched or inspired them, or in some way helped their lives become better.


In saying all this, in NO WAY do I wish to boast.

Rather, I mention it to make a point...

The point being that ALL of these wonderful experiences that have graced my life are directly the result of being a successful published author.

Here are just a few of the benefits of being a successful published author that you may not have considered:
More Business - If you are a professional (executive, doctor, chiropractor, real estate agent, attorney, or ANY independent businessperson), there is NO better way to improve your credentials and your business than by becoming a published author.
Respect & Status - Published authors enjoy a level of respect and status in society similar to that of professional athletes and stars in music and film. You will be viewed as a "celebrity" in your target market, and your friends, family, and social circles will look at you in an entirely different way.
Speaking Engagements - Publishing a book is a GREAT way to build your reputation and attract speaking engagements. I have traveled to the far corners of the globe due to such invitations, and have had many wonderful experiences and made incredible acquaintances in the process.
Instant "Expert" Power - As a published author, you will instantly have attributed to you the status of an expert in your field. Doors of opportunity will open to you far more easily, and people will seek you out for your expertise.
Double Your Income - Outside the possibility of creating a great income from your book sales, upon becoming a recognized, successful author you can command a higher base or hourly rate for consultations or services, whatever your profession may be.


Internet Law Compliance an Internet Legal Guide

Without a doubt, the Internet Law Compliance guide (ILC) a guide to internet law, is the best bang for the buck a web-marketer can own. Alexa (search engine rating service) ranks our site at 61,000 in the U.S. That’s good, if you don’t already know. (Rankings change constantly so if you check it may be up or down for the day.)

This internet law guide can prove that it can increase sales while keeping you legal. Just read the book to find out how!

Look, you’re an adult. You’re embarking on a new adventure with the hopes of making money. You know by now, I hope, that while the Internet has tremendous freedom, it is regulated and, every now and then, someone is made an example of by regulating agencies.

I don’t want to scare you by the horror stories that I’ve personally and professionally witnessed where I had to helplessly standby as very successful internet entrepreneurs got crushed by regulatory agencies because they made very simple mistakes. If you make up your mind that you’re not going to buy my guide to internet law, then for goodness-sakes buy someone’s. Or, better, go see a live lawyer who knows about Internet law, the FTC, the FDA, and marketing.

What most folks don’t understand is that regulatory agencies win even if they lose in the end. Think about it. The way they work these days is to, suddenly, without warning, freeze your assets – all of them – with a restraining order. Afterwards, they serve you with the complaint containing the allegations of wrongdoing. Suddenly, no access to bank accounts. No ability to sell assets to raise money. No money for your mortgage, car payment or food. Got the picture? So what happens next? Well, you’ve got to get a lawyer. A really good lawyer, right? I mean jail time and huge fines are involved. $250,000 worth of lawyer’s retainer. How much money do you have? None. So you have the unenviable task of finding the best lawyer you can with no money and telling him your sad story while at the same time you’re trying to retain him to defend you.


Like it so far? We haven’t even started. You can imagine, with no money, that your life starts to crumble rather quickly. Three months and your car is gone. You’ve borrowed from friends and family just to eat. Six months and your house is gone. When the “deal” is finally offered by the government, you grab it. The regulatory agency keeps all your money except what your lawyer gets and you can go back to your crushed life and start over. I’m not making this up. It’s real. It happens. What to do?

It’s all explained in the FTC Report included in your purchase.

Or how about this. You sell a health product and make claims you shouldn’t. What claims are those? You’d better find out because if you fail it’s PRISON. No fooling. I’ve personally known three people who are in prison as we speak. I warned them. They didn’t listen. They had great products. I bought them myself. In their own way they were geniuses about health. They were making serious money. But to a person they were making fatal mistakes. In one case the FDA sent a team into a foreign country to “kidnap” the web-seller and take him back to the U.S. for trial. They “kidnapped” the wrong guy and went back empty handed! Later the agency got the web-seller legally deported and he’s now in prison in the U.S. This isn’t some stranger I’m telling you about. I’ve eaten dinner with his family. What to do?

It’s all explained in the FDA Report included in your purchase.

The various User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Purchase Agreement forms included with the ILC package are about outlining the rights of visitors and websites. They are designed to protect you from frivolous litigation.

Here’s a freebee. Rule of Thumb: You live and die with regulatory agencies with the copy on your website and your disclaimers and disclosures. Whereas you live and die with your customers or visitors with your User Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Purchase Agreement. Unlike what you may believe, you cannot undo in Purchase Agreement disclaimers that you should have made in-line – in the copy itself. The weasel clauses might work for civil litigation but not for infractions of regulatory laws and rulings.

More of ILC’s copyrighted forms (fully-licensed to purchasers) are used on the web than another other publication like it in the world! The ILC guide, seven years on the market, is constantly updated whenever the law or practices change.

Internet Law Compliance is written by a lawyer for internet marketers, not law professors. Jack Campitelli, J.D., was trained by the famous lawyer-turned-gigantic-web-marketer Shawn Casey. He wasn’t trained in law by Shawn Casey. He was trained for years in marketing. Then Shawn Casey convinced him to write what grew into the Internet Law Compliance guide.


Deposition Testimony: 5 Simple Rules

“It is better to see once, than to hear a hundred times.” -Russian proverb",

Witnesses will continue to shoot you in the foot until you start using our system…because the
spoken word simply cannot replicate the power of video.

Video shows what the deposition is going to look, sound and feel like. No amount of verbal preparation can do

Why do all the world’s top athletes and coaches use the power of video to drastically improve
performance? Because it works. Video lets them know exactly what to expect, how to prepare for it and,
consequently, the confidence to face it.

DEPOSITION TESTIMONY: 5 SIMPLE RULES gives your witnesses something to emulate. That’s the key.

No matter how good you are at preparing your witnesses for deposition, our system will make make them better.


“Our clients swear by this feature and tell us their witnesses often use our system
as a safety blanket. They watch it multiple times the night before or morning of
their depositions. It’s better than milk and cookies when it comes to settling nerves
– and that goes for construction workers to Fortune 100 executives.”

No More Subpar Content and Production Values.

DEPOSITION TESTIMONY: 5 SIMPLE RULES was created with the professional in mind – a tool you will be
proud to show your clients. As the testimonials above illustrate, it will supplement your preparation
efforts and produce astounding results – with no extra time or effort required on your part.
And if you ever get caught with no time to prepare a witness, this system is a God-send.

“Technology levels the playing field.”

Our clients range from solo practitioners to some of the largest firms in the AmLaw 100.

Our system allows small firms to compete with the biggest firms in the country.

Get With the Times.

From social media to the latest software apps, we use technology to put the world at our fingertips. E-filings.
Legal-analysis software for document review. The practice of law has gone electronic. Has your deposition

Your Clients Expect It.

Your clients are used to receiving all types of services online. In fact, they expect it.
DEPOSITION TESTIMONY: 5 SIMPLE RULES is vital to creating a state-of-the-art legal practice. Give your
clients what they want, and something that will impress them.

“Maximize your Time, Effectiveness, and Productivity...”

The less time you spend on the rote advice you’ve given a million times, the more time you can spend on the
case critical documents and issues in your case.

You simply can't spend as much time as you would like with each and every client. Join the modern age. Put
technology to work to rectify this situation and improve your reality.


How To Develop Your Childs Genius.

How to Develop Your Child's Genius"

I will tell you how I did it, and how you can do it too.

You will learn:

      When should I start teaching my child, so that he will learn fastest and develop his brain to achieve his maximum ability?

      What should I teach my child, so that he'll be ahead of all other kids?

       How to teach my child to read, so that he will read as early as 2 or even before?

      How to help my child read faster, comprehend more, and remember easily and effortlessly, so that he'll be a brilliant student?

      How can I teach my child math so that he will love math and have fun learning it?

      How can I develop my child's creativity and problem solving skills, so that he will be able to invent new concepts and solve problems easily and effortlessly?

      How to train my child to be a leader?

      How to develop and improve my child's visual and auditory memory to the maximum?

      How to develop my child's coordination, so that he will excel and enjoy all kinds of sports?

      Left and right brain hemispheres, their functions, how to make sure my child develops his whole brain, and how to improve brain hemisphere connectivity?

      Children and money - how to train my child for financial success?

      How to help my child in school?

      How to motivate my child to apply himself and achieve the best results possible?

      How to strengthen my child's self confidence?

      When and why should I test my child's IQ?

      Up to date whole brain education that develops lightening speed calculations as well as visual memory and creativity?

      and much much more...


How To Feel Like A Good Parent Even When Your Teenager Hates You

 Teach Your Teenager That...IT'S OK NOT TO DRINK - IT'S OK NOT TO DO DRUGS

Do you suspect your teen is doing drugs or selling drugs? Then learn quickly on what to do to save your kid's life from further destruction. Find out when is the right time that you need to search your teenagers room. Learn to recognize the 4 levels of drug and alcohol addiction and quickly figure out if your teenager has an addiction. You also learn how to handle early drinking problems with your teen.

What if you could swiftly handle a situation where your teen is involved with a bad crowd? How to help your teenager cope with peer pressure by one simple approach. Or learn what to do if your teen is caught stealing from you or other people, vandalizing your things, or is involved with a gang.  How to decide when to seek professional help. Behavior modification, boot or brat camp - find out if this would be what your teenager really needs.

Discipline Without Any Guilt and Without Any Hard Feelings

Imagine being able to still feel like a good parent even when your teenager says, 'I Hate You'. Discipline your teenager without feeling any guilt. You'll be able to handle your disrespectful and abusive teenager without any more yelling, arguing or hard feelings. You WILL still stay sane as a parent even when you take away all privileges and your teen still tries to defy you. You'll learn to consistently keep to your disrespectful teenager's behavior expectations and mean it. Ultimately, you'll bring back peace in your mind and in your home. Wouldn't that be great?

Or what about if you could Learn To Communicate with your teenager that doesn't end in one minute and you being called inappropriate names or acts out in a violent way. Learn how to get your daughter or son to open up to you without pushing you away and get to the root of the problem in order to help her or him. You can have a teenager that is not afraid to talk to you about anything. Learn how to become that trusting parent. How would that feel if you could do that?
 Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover in "NO-NONSENSE PARENTING FOR TODAY'S TEENAGER - How To Feel Like A Good Parent Even When Your Teenager Hates You":


  How to Get your child to clean up their room without any ultimatums. Get your teen to follow the simple rules of the house ie. pick up their messes in the kitchen and put the dishes in the dishwasher, etc.
  3 simple ways to open up the lines of communication and affectively learn new strategies to stop the arguing and breaking the rules.
  Tired of your kid lying to you? How to handle the constant lying.  One parent even asked me, "How can I discuss anything with my children, even if they are going to lie to me anyways?"....and so I answered that question right in my book.
 The Best Method to stop physical and verbal abusive behavior from your teenager. Discover how to prevent your abusive teen's attitude from getting out of hand. Find out what to say and do when your daughter or son is in a full blown rage? Learn what to do if you don't feel safe in your home.
 The little-known way to learn how to deal with texting, cell phones and computer addictions - learn how to compete and cope with a teen who's Always Connected.
 Uncover what to do if your teen is sexually active or is being promiscuous.
 5 Proven Steps to what to do when your teenager is defiant, obnoxious or disrespectful towards you. What you can do if your teenager even ignores you and refuses to communicate with you too.
 Single Parent? A unique plan to keeping yourself from going crazy. Steps on how to handle your teen when they expect you to do everything for them, without any gratitude, appreciation for your hard earned money or any expectation on their part to get a job. As one parent put it, "I'm just the mail and the money giver". Well, you can say - No More to that!
 2 simple keys on how to deal with anger and rude behavior. If you don't feel like coming home from work because of your demanding, unbearable, cursing teenager who has all the control...learn how to regain control of your home and make it the peaceful place that you look forward to coming home to again.
 Discover 2 reasons why some teenagers constantly lie. Learn how to punish lying severely: uncover how to reward honesty and personal responsibility in order to get them to stop the destructive habit of lying.
3 tricks to get your lazy teenager to actually do his chores, do his homework and be on time. Great techniques to teach your teenager to comply with your rules and to learn to take responsibility for their actions. Stamp out your teen from doing things in the last minute or even saying things like, "Ya, in a minute".
 How to STOP your kid from abusing people he/she should love including you as him/her #1 victim. Say no more to your teenager using this abusive behaviour to get his or her way and to making you feel guilty. Find out what to do if your teen breaks things that belong you, trashes your house or threatens you physically. 
 AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes how to teach your son or daughter to have more respect for you as a single parent. Plus how to handle disrespectful behavior out in public or in front of your friends or relatives.
 New Powerful tips on avoiding the almighty power struggles with your child. Learn how not to get 'sucked in' to his or her manipulations. Do this and your teen will give up trying to 'push your buttons'.
 The Latest Coping Skills on how to deal with medical issues like ADHD problems, Bipolar Disorder, Depression and thoughts of suicide.
 Have you ever said this? - 'Will you two just get along?' - How to handle sibling rivalry. When to accept, and not accept, help from extended family. ie. from grandparents, uncle and aunts, etc.
 25 sure-fire ways to deal with step parenting and foster parenting challenges. When you feel like you keep getting the "you are not my mother, so I don't have to listen to you" look...how to deal with the huge issues of at least getting some respect from your step-son or step-daughter.
 Teach your teen about money issues and get him or her to finally realize that 'money doesn't grow on trees' and how to respect the value of money.
 How to handle the immaturity of your ex-spouse's parenting style. Learn what to say to get him or her on your side without the arguing and bickering.
 How to help your child deal with anger, grief and coping issues related to death or dying parent. What to do if your teen starts to rebel to changes at home, a move away from friends or new partners in the picture. How to show him or her that you care for their loss.
 How to handle your teenager's Immaturity, Inability to cope with reality or their Entitlement mentality. How to handle laziness or lack of motivation with your child.
 What you need to know about sexuality with your teenage daughter or teenage son. How to handle teen love and relationship problems. How to help your teen cope with life's disappointments and breakups. You think your teen is gay, but you're not sure. How to understand and cope with a homosexual teenager as a parent.
 A free and easy way to communicate the message 'I love you' but 'I do not love this behavior', even if your teen simply doesn't care if you do.
 Have you been looking for this for ages? New Discovery - Learn how exercising can literally turn any aggressive or hyperactive teenager around - they'll be more relaxed, have better grades, plus more great results.
 Bullying and Cyber Bullying - what to do if your child is being bullied or what if it's your teen who is the bully at school. How to stop it. How to build confidence in your child to say no to negative peer pressure.
 REVEALED! The hidden reality behind teenage drug & alcohol abuse and drinking & driving car crashes. Learn when to intervene to save your teen's life. Learn how to set limits, boundaries and consequences when it comes to teen substance abuse. When your teen is ready to drive - what you should expect from your teen in order to keep him/her safe and alive.
 A successful way to handle your own moral and low self-esteem as a parent and stop feeling like a victim of your teens undesired abuse.
 How to give positive encouragement to your teenager. Learn how to let go and trust your teen.
 The Secret Weapon for ultimately feeling like a good parent even when your teenager hates you: Learn that you are doing the right things for your teenager and to never leave guilt get in the way of being a disciplinary parent.
 What you must do when the going gets tough with your disrespectful teenager. What to do when you feel like giving up. The good news - how you and your child can and will survive the teen years.


Get Your Baby To Sleep

Are YOU And Your Baby Getting The Sleep You Both Need And Require To Live The Life You Were Meant To Live?

Too many of us settle for our baby's sleep pattern and say that it's "good enough." You are awake far too many hours of the night... work desperately trying to get your baby to sleep... and if you're lucky, you get to squeeze in a few minutes of  rest and relaxation during baby's nap times.
Is that the kind of life you want until your baby is 6 years old? Me neither!

That's why you'll be very excited to hear about the incredible opportunity I'm about to share with you...

I am living proof that the average person can overcome a lot of the "health problems" associated with sleep deprivation at the same time as facilitating our daughter's optimal health. After all, I helped our first premature daughter develop a healthy sleep pattern and healthy sleep habits in only  five short nights!


I'm telling you this because one of the most dangerous things you can do if you want to get your baby to sleep is to put your faith in someone who has good intentions, and a few decent strategies and techniques...

...but has NO REAL CLUE about the TRUE Baby Sleeping Solutions that have made parents like me enjoy countless nights of optimal sleep!
 I've got real, concrete proof that absolutely anyone can get their baby to sleep with my help, regardless of your personal situation.

Every day, I get emails and letters from people who are living lives of health, wellness and ease, thanks to the strategies and solutions I've packed into "Get Your Baby To Sleep."
Here's the proof...

In just one of these examples, Sherri and Glen McIntyre were able to structure and put habits into place to get their baby to sleep in just six nights, using some of the strategies and techniques like the ones I'm about to show YOU...

That transfers into everyone having more frequent healthy days, weeks, and months!
How different would YOUR life be with an extra 2 hours of sleep per NIGHT?

And the really amazing thing is that the McIntyre's success is actually on the modest side compared to many of the other success stories I have from people who are currently using my strategies for getting their baby to sleep.

I'm talking about people like Barbara Scott... Dave Molyneux... Nancy Jenkins... Melanie Huzar...
People who had too much frustration, and too many sleepless nights... but are now living lives of quiet, restful nights and great health.

People who often knew NOTHING about the importance of achieving a good sleep pattern for their babies, or about their options, or anything about sleep strategies at all.

Believe me, I've been in the EXACT same spot you're in right now!

I remember the stress of our premature daughter crying out at all hours of the night, of her health uncertainty, of squeezing my eyes shut and praying that no more "sleepless nights" would come my way and demand another big chunk of my personal health reserves that were becoming completely depleted.


Child Custody Secrets

 "Discover How This Child Custody Information System
Can Save You $2,500 In Attorney Fees... And Help Get
Full Custody Of Your Kids!"

I need you to keep reading because I am going to reveal information that will help guide you in the right direction, and even help win you sole custody of your children...

But you have to understand something...

That there are unconscious behaviors you are probably doing right now that are sabotaging your child custody efforts, and you don't even know it... and as you read further down this page you will begin to understand why you need to order this system.
Is it worth making a wrong decision that could
result in giving up your children forever?

It's all about making an informed decision - and you do that by positioning yourself with the right information and the RIGHT PEOPLE! Here's what I'm talking about when I tell you about gathering the right information. For example:

Discover the immediate actions a person can do right now to help them do well in a child custody case!

Sources will be revealed to people with limited financial resources on where to go to get FREE counseling!

Little-known secrets on how you can change a custody/visitation order, even if you are the non-custodial parent!

Which "Key Behaviors" you'll need to imitate immediately so that you can tip the scales in your favor!

If you or your ex-spouse want sole custody of your children, you must learn this shocking fact!

How to enforce your custody and visitation plan when it is interfered with!

The single biggest mistake parents make during child visitation and how to avoid it!

Insider secrets of working with attorneys so that they will obey your every command!

What you need to know before you or your spouse decide to move out of sate with your kids!

3 powerful techniques on how to resolve family conflict!

The secret questions you must know that will be asked during a child custody evaluation!

The astonishing implications for an unmarried parent!

The 4 truths about child custody mediation that can avoid a long costly court battle!

The real truth about unmarried parents and what it could mean in your child custody matter!

Should you worry about your spouse seizing your property and assets? The truth will be revealed!

Do you exhibit any of "these" behaviors that are frowned upon by the Judge?

If you are a victim of domestic violence then you must read page 65 of the book!

Find out what rights the Grandparents have in visitation and custody of your children!


Hard hitting Divorce Tactics for Women and Men

I know what you are going through... I have been through two insane divorces. In the process I lost BOTH of my homes and 3 kids! I paid "Extortion-like" legal fees in the amount of $86,490.47 for results that at times made it seem like my attorney worked for my ex. I spent hundreds of hours in anguish, lost way too many nights of sleep and shed untold thousands of tears just trying to be a parent. At times it seemed as though it could NOT GET ANY WORSE... and then IT WOULD! I know what a woman or a man can do to their ex in a divorce to maximize their success and to minimize their heartache, loss and feelings of failure!

Since 1986, as a Divorce Coach with Bay Area Divorce Coach, I have helped THOUSANDS OF WOMEN AND MEN, MOM'S AND DAD'S, PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU AND ME, with all aspects of their divorce struggles. And the statistics on Divorce are STAGGERING! I found that THE SOONER IN THEIR DIVORCE OR PRE-DIVORCE THAT I WORKED WITH SOMEONE - THE BETTER THEIR OUTCOME! TIMING IS EVERYTHING.

Right now you live in fear with so much at stake and so much to loose. You trust no one, and it's crazy to think that all your friends and family, with all their good intentions (IF they already know about your divorce plans) are still powerless to give you the hard cold TRUTHS that you need the most right now! Their advice, although well intentioned, IS WAY TOO EMOTIONAL to be of any use! PLEASE give me just a few hours of your time, right now, and I PROMISE YOU I will give you VITAL DIRECTIONS and PROVEN TACTICS, that will help you SAVE YOUR KIDS, SAVE YOUR HOME, and help STEM THE TIDE on the FINACIAL BLEEDING I know you are suffering from.
With our Economy in a Shambles, Foreclosures at Record Highs, Unemployment hovering around 10% NATIONALLY, and Higher in most metropolitan areas, it is not surprising that DIVORCE FILINGS are on the RISE.

While the PRESSURE can seem insurmountable, and the prospects of a WIN/WIN Outcome bleak, I WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR DIVORCE FROM THIS MOMENT ON. I understand your desires for this to all stop, for things to get better, and I can also tell you that if you CHOOSE NOT TO ACT, to take a wait and see approach to your divorce, secretly praying it will just get better or go away all on it's own... YOU ARE MISTAKEN!

IF you were hoping for some HARD HITTING, NO B/S, TRIED AND PROVEN DIVORCE TACTICS that have worked for others in their divorces, then you have come to the right place. Let me congratulate you on finding my book - "DIVORCE TACTICS TO WIN".

I was not always smiling as in the picture of me above, but I can tell you if you read my book you will smile again soon! I promise.
Unlike other books written on Divorce, "DIVORCE TACTICS TO WIN" will focus on the KEY CRITICAL ELEMENTS OF DIVORCE that will reap the greatest rewards for you as you battle your EX  through the courts and attorneys:

Stealthy Must-Do's BEFORE YOU TELL ANYONE about your DIVORCE PLANS. (Pg. 12)
How to PREVENT YOUR SPOUSE from getting the best attorneys. (Pg. 28)
MUST HAVE devices that will allow you to DOCUMENT AND RECORD everything you know is happening, for PROOF that you are NOT LOOSING YOUR MIND!!! (Pg. 23-24)
The SIMPLE TACTIC to maintain control of your ATTORNEY AND HIS SPENDING HABITS. (Pg. 27)
Secrets to HELP KEEP YOUR HOME and YOUR CHILDREN, and to live in PEACE! (Pg. 44-45)
What ONE SIMPLE REQUEST to make of your attorney if THEY BEGIN TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU. (Pg. 28-29)
If you have children, what you need to spend MOST OF YOUR TIME PREPARING FOR IN COURT. (Pg. 36-37)
If you already lost, or are losing now, what to do to come back and WIN. (Pg. 49-50)


The Total Bully Solution

If you have a child between the ages of 5 and 12 who is being victimized by bullies, you’ve come to the right place.  You’ll find help here.

If you even suspect that your son or daughter being bullied, please take a few moments to read this letter. It may be critically important to their safety and well-being.

The fact is your child probably will NOT tell you that they are being targeted.  Odds are, they’ll even deny it. That’s because there’s tremendous shame in being humiliated, in getting publicly snubbed, in confessing that your friends have turned on you.

1 kid in 10 is tormented every day. Your child could be the one eating lunch by themselves – and they might be keeping it from you.

As a savvy parent, you know your kid better than anyone, and you can sense something’s wrong.
I urge you: Trust your intuition. For each horrific news story about bullying, there are grieving parents thinking, “If only I had known….”
You love your child more than your own life.  You’d do anything in the world to protect them from harm.  You’re furious that anyone would injure your baby. I understand exactly how you feel


If you’ve tried everything to get your child some peace, and are at the end of your rope because nothing has worked, I can assure you – it’s not your fault. Because everything you’ve been lead to believe is flat out wrong.

There’s a colossal industry that’s grown around the anti-bullying movement.  Its big business, and politicians, school boards, and the most popular “gurus” are all in on it. They’ve been lying through their teeth to you to keep the money circulating.

Let me tell you something they don’t want you to know:  Anti Bullying laws don’t work!  In America, 45 states have enacted them and nothing has changed one iota. While I’m at it here’s another thing they’re trying to hush-up: School anti-bullying programs are a complete failure. In fact, scientific research suggests they often make the problems worse!
I have a proven track record of success. Over the course of my professional career, I’ve helped hundreds of children achieve true confidence (I’m known as the ‘go-to guy’ for the tough cases)
And I understand what your child is going through –Because I went through it myself!

I was a sick kid... painfully frail, emotionally sensitive... and an easy target for my more predatory peers.   That is, until I discovered the secret...that stopped my tormentors in their tracks  (I’ll share that powerful trick with you and many more)


The Total Bully Solution is a responsible blend of peaceful psychological tactics, enriching principals of personal development and fundamental self-defense skills.  Every aspect has been field tested and proven effective. 

Using an  interdisciplinary, 3-phase  approach,  I will teach you … step-by-step… the little known secrets that will give them the edge in every situation – they’ll learn how they can defeat bullies easily and never be bothered by them again.

Your child will learn to conclusively banish the entire spectrum of social cruelty,  from name-calling, vicious gossip, & intimidation, to physical conflict.  This course is comprehensive, flexible and  fully customizable to fit your child’s unique situation.

Imagine your child brimming with confidence. Relaxed.  Standing a little taller.  Laughing more.  Making new friends.  Picture them looking forward to school and getting excellent grades. Radiating joy in every smile. Relishing their life again.

In just two short weeks, your child could be jumping into each day with enthusiasm.  Free of hassles and enjoying the respect of their peers.  They’ll be sleeping better at night, and so will you, knowing that they’re happy and secure.
You are about to learn:

How to detect the signs and symptoms of bullying your child might be trying to hide (pg 9)
Uncover why bullies are picking on your kid in the first place. (Remove the cause, end the problem!) pg. 23
Employ the Irresistible Power of Operant Conditioning to vanquish bullies without throwing a single punch! *It’s so incredibly effective because it’s so subtle -the bully won't even realize what's happening to him!
Capitalize  the “Mirror Effect”  to develop charisma and win loyal friends. (pg. 35)
What your child should never say to a bully (pg. 16)
Efficiently dealing with rumors and gossip with “verbal Aikido” (pg. 30)
Role-plays that prepare your child for real-world situations

 The MOST AUTHORATITIVE children’s self-defense course available online.
The best part – you don’t need any experience at all to teach it to your child!

What Sir Isaac Newton did in elementary school that completely conquered his bully, elevated his social status and paved the way for his academic supremacy. (It only took moments, and your child can do it too!) pg. 37
The 6 Essential Rules of Force (pg. 40)
How to discover your child’s “Kingdom of Excellence”, and why it’s so vital (pg. 41)
An 11-point coaching guide (tips and tricks that the pro’s use to skyrocket maximum performance)
Transforming fear from chilling paralysis into dynamic energy

Making sure the bullies NEVER COME BACK

15 points to polish courtesy (pg. 78)
8 ways to nurture empathy and kindness (pg. 81)
Cultivating character and virtue (pg. 83)
Promoting self-discipline and self-control
Strengthening assertiveness (pg. 77)
Making good decisions – the 18 Questions of Clarity (pg. 86)
A 5 point plan that ignites appreciation and joy every day


Get Pregnant Solution

It wasn’t too long ago when I was first trying to get pregnant myself. I remember being excited, nervous – and I can now admit even a little bit scared – as I first met with my doctor. Even though she was more than capable and assisted me in every way possible, I couldn’t help but think that I didn’t know enough and that I wasn’t ready for such a big leap in my life. Basically I was under the belief that I wouldn’t be prepared no matter what I did and that I wouldn’t get to a place mentally where I thought I would be comfortable.

And this was well before I discovered that I was having problems conceiving.

When this idea first came to my attention I thought to myself “infertility, I can’t be suffering from this, that’s impossible!” Well I was, and I bet this sounds a lot like you, too. If it does sound like you, or your spouse, you’ll want to deal with this denial, first and foremost. Once I dealt with my issues I came to the realization that infertility was my reality. What I failed to realize, though, was that for the longest time I was under the impression that infertility was a death sentence, that it was permanent and that it could not be overcome.

I was wrong.

Now, before we get started with explaining treatments you must always remember that all “infertility” really means is that it’s harder to conceive – by traditional measures; it’s never impossible. Infertility does not mean that you’ll never get pregnant, in fact it’s quite the opposite. You can, and will, experience the joys of child rearing, even if you’re in your mid-forties, even if you’re older!
Listen, the women you see on this page have stories just like mine. We have all been in your situation and we feel your pain. Asking yourself over and over again “how can I get pregnant” can be frustrating to the point where it feels as if you’re stuck in an impossible situation. But we’re not here to lament on the anguish of what was; we bear good news. Pregnancy is more than a possibility for all women.

The real problem is that women are asking the wrong question; it’s not about whether or not you can get pregnant, but rather how do I get pregnant; “what do I need to do in order to get pregnant?” This is what you should be asking yourself. Our reproductive process would suggest that there’s simply one method to do this, but in this day of modern science we both know that there are now alternative options available. Any and every woman can get pregnant; it’s just that the measures required to do so vary from woman to woman.

That’s why I’m here to talk to you about How to Get Pregnant. The incorporated techniques in this program are specifically designed, and they are also varied to the point that they will work for all types of women, regardless of personal and medical histories. Some of the solutions offered in this program will work for some women, and other methods will work for other women. We females are complex creatures, right? So it only makes sense that when it comes to getting pregnant, there’s not going to be a “one size fits all” type of solution. These solutions are as varied as are our bodies. So, if you need help getting pregnant, your worries are over – we have the solutions!


Grandparents Rights for Custody

Unfortunately, with the number of divorces escalating at a frightening rate, more and more grandparents just like you are experiencing fear and despondency regarding the fate of their beloved grandchildren.

* You may have difficulty seeing them on a steady basis or you may have been denied visits altogether.

*After a small fight or minor disagreement you find that you are not allowed to visit or your Grandkids are denied sleepovers at your home… even gifts are not allowed to be given. You realize that you are being paid back for getting “out of line.” (Sometimes this happens for just making suggestions to your daughter or son-in-law.)

* You may suspect, or even know, that they are neglected and possibly abused; maybe even left alone for long periods of time without loving supervision or protection.

* You may fear that they are being unduly disciplined by some “stranger” who has moved in with the child’s parent.

* You have heard “inklings” from neighbors, or relatives, or the child, about drugs and parties, and many “friends” coming and going.

* You may have found that they are being "warehoused" in daycare.

* You may realize that they have been "given" to the other Grandparents.


child anxiety

Untreated anxiety can devastate
the life of your child...

I’m a parent too, and I know there's nothing worse than to see your child suffering with anxiety and feeling powerless to help them. Anxiety can rob your child of the life they deserve and were meant to have - one filled with joy, laughter, and fun. Left untreated, your child’s anxiety can lead to problems for them at school, with friends, with their self-esteem, and with their health. Said simply, it can steal their childhood.

Without help, children with anxiety often endure severe social problems, have poor school performance, physical illnesses, or depression. Their anxiety can continue to grow to the point where they seem to be constantly worried or fearful - not having fun like children should be having. Children who struggle with anxiety are much more prone to becoming anxious adults that may struggle their whole lives with fear. As a matter of fact, research has shown that up to 90% of adults with anxiety disorders battled anxiety as a child. Problem anxiety can also predispose your child to other mental health problems and dangerous behaviors such as cutting, drug and alcohol abuse, or even suicide.

The good news is that your child doesn’t have to suffer needlessly with anxiety any longer.
Does your child have a problem with anxiety?


Take a look at some common symptoms your child may be experiencing if they’re having a problem with their anxiety:

Unexplained physical symptoms such as headaches and stomachaches.
Being nervous, jittery, and hypersensitive.
Decreased school performance or a lack of concentration.
Avoidance of social activities or not wanting to spend as much time with friends.
Tics, nervous habits, or compulsive behavior such as nail biting or hair pulling.
Dangerous behavior such as cutting or drug and alcohol abuse.
Excessive moodiness or outbursts of anger.
Persistent worry that seems unjustified for the situation.
Sleep changes or activity level changes.
School avoidance or refusal.
Being unusually or overly self-critical.
A high need for reassurance.
Outbursts of anger or oppositional behavior, even though you know in your heart they’re a good kid, they just have all this anxious energy coming out all wrong.

If you find yourself recognizing some of the symptoms above, you owe it yourself and your child to keep reading to find out what gets your child anxious and keeps them that way...
What caused your child’s anxiety?

Maybe there's a reason for your child’s anxiety that you can clearly identify like an illness or death in the family, divorce, arrival of a new sibling, or a move, but often, there’s NOTHING for you to point a finger at and you’re left wondering why they’re struggling with anxiety!

Is it genetics? Does their DNA doom them to life of anxiety and fear?

Is it the way someone in their life handles anxiety and what they may have accidentally taught your child about handling their emotions?

Is it the lifestyle your family leads? The world seems to move so fast lately because everyone has so much piled on their plate, and don’t even get me started on the economy...

Difficulties with anxiety in children is VERY common, research has shown that as many as one in ten children experience an anxiety disorder. The important thing for you to remember is that no matter the reason for your child’s anxiety, it’s NOT YOUR FAULT.

Genetics may play a role and predispose certain children to problems with anxiety, and maybe looking back there’s things you would have done differently (just like all parents, myself included). But the problem your child is having with their anxiety is NOT a reflection on you or your parenting, and most importantly, it doesn’t have to be permanent. You CAN do something about it.  YOU have the power and ability to help your child change their life.


How To Create iPhone Apps With No Programming Experience

Think you’ve got the next Great iPhone App idea?
We can show you how to get it made without any programming experience at all.

Want to be part of a multi-billion dollar industry that anyone can get into?
Don’t have 10,000 hours to get really good at Objective C & Adobe CS5?
Don’t want to buy the expensive software and equipment needed to be your own developer?
Want to earn passive income on the side without giving up your day job?
Want to be like us and give up your day job and just make great app ideas a reality?
If you answered yes, then we may be able to help you.

We can show you how can turn your iPhone app idea into a reality, without needing any programming knowledge, or buying expensive equipment and complicated software.
It really is amazing how easy it actually is once you figure it out.

We’ve turned our app ideas from thoughts and sketches to create and maintain an $800,000 per year business without ever having to design or program them ourselves. We spent a lot of time and hassle figuring out how to put everything together and have managed to build something amazing starting from nothing. Now we want to share our experience with you!

They say it takes 10,000 hours to get really good at something, that’s over 416 full days without taking any time to eat, sleep, or in fact do anything other than learning and practicing 24/7 for over a year. Not just learning to program in Objective C (the language used by Apple’s operating system), but also having to design the App’s graphics as well in programs such as Adobe Photoshop CS5.

I don’t know about you, but we really didn’t have the time or patience to learn to do all this things really well from scratch. Like you we have full time jobs and studies. We just had great ideas that we thought would be cool to share with people. So we figured out a better way to get it done.
Now we spent our time doing what you should be doing. That is coming up with great app ideas that we think people need, can use, get a good laugh out of, or be entertained by.
Think you’ve got a good idea? Don’t waste it by limiting yourself thinking that you don’t know how to actually make an iPhone App. Neither did we, and now we have 22 of them.


You see, we were just like you once. We had great ideas, but didn’t know how to create an app or get it published in the App Store. Yet we kept hearing about some amazing stories of people raking in massive amounts of cash from iPhone apps. You’ve probably heard of some of these apps yourself like Doodle Jump or Angry Birds. We wondered if it was really that hard to break into this industry.
Then we heard about this app called iFart and that changed everything for us. iFart made over $27,000 in just one day over Christmas 2008, it sold over 350,000 copies in the first two months of release and is now one of the most successful apps ever made.

It was at that this point we decided to begin our quest. If someone could really make so much from an app that plays fart noises, we knew we could get a piece of this action with our ideas. We poured over every book, article, FAQ and blog to hunt down information on creating apps. We tried learning the programming and the designing, asking questions and seeking any tip or strategy that could help us.

In the end, we almost gave up! It was simply too much to handle along with full-time work and studies.

Even though the web is swamped with tutorials and instructions on making apps, the problem with them was that they all seem to assume you already know how to program, and enjoy sitting tied to a screen debugging and testing code. Some people seem to enjoy that and we found much expert advice, but this was not what we liked doing. We enjoy coming up with ideas, not spending weeks coding and designing.

Then it occurred to us. There really are many experts out there making iPhone apps every day, though they weren’t coming up with ideas themselves. They were making apps based on someone else’s idea!


Learn Hindi So They Can Speak Hindi Confidently and Naturally

Learning Hindi is a great way to enhance your life, and it’s never too late to learn. Whether you are traveling to a Hindi-speaking country, have Hindi-speaking family, friends and colleagues, enjoy learning something new, or you’re keen to refresh your memory of this beautiful language, then Rocket Hindi Premium is for you.

So are you ready to know the secret to learning Hindi? You're looking right at it. I have put all of my experience and knowledge into this cutting-edge learning system, Rocket Hindi Premium.
How Rocket Hindi Premium Makes It Easy to Learn Hindi…

Make learning Hindi as easy as possible with my comprehensive learn Hindi course, Rocket Hindi Premium. Take a look at some of the reasons why thousands of Hindi enthusiasts like you recommend Rocket Hindi Premium…

Not only can you learn Hindi anywhere, anytime with a portable, flexible course that suits different learning styles, you will also:
Rocket Hindi Learning Lounge Screen Shot

Speak and improve your Hindi with every lesson, by taking part in the modern, everyday conversations that make up the popular Rocket Hindi Premium 31-lesson Interactive Audio Course,
Speak Hindi naturally by understanding the culture and how the language works, with 31 Language & Culture Lessons that include over 1000 embedded audio clips, activities and more,
Build your Hindi vocabulary and improve your audio recognition of common Hindi words and phrases (and have fun at the same time!) with the MegaHindi software games,
Know how much your Hindi has improved with the Rocket Hindi interactive quizzes and Rocket Rehearsal self-tests,
Boost your Hindi-speaking confidence by getting certified with the Rocket Hindi Certificate Tests!
Have all your Hindi language questions answered by the Rocket Hindi teachers, native speakers and fellow Hindi learners in the Rocket Hindi Forum – open 24/7!
Make the most of your precious learning time: your course is made up of easy-to-manage sections and user-friendly navigation that guide you on the recommended learning path - and you won't forget which lesson you're up to or where you're headed next because we've included helpful progress tracking.

All of your course materials are available online 24/7 in our Rocket Hindi Premium members’ area, so you can learn at your own pace, in your own time.

More than 20,000 Rocket Hindi learners have LIFETIME membership to the Rocket Hindi Premium course and FREE access to all upgrades and enhancements – you can too!


You won't believe how easy it is to learn Hindi with all this at your fingertips—learn Hindi at your own pace, when it suits you, and most importantly, ENJOY yourself. There's absolutely nothing standing in your way of becoming the fluent Hindi speaker you want to be!

For a closer look at the 5 MAJOR COMPONENTS of Rocket Hindi Premium, and more about how it will help you learn Hindi quickly and easily please read on...
Component #1: Learn to Speak Hindi Confidently with 31 Interactive Audio Lessons

You will be speaking and improving your Hindi with every lesson, by taking part in the modern, everyday conversations that make up the popular Rocket Hindi Premium 31-lesson Interactive Audio Course.

Even better, you can learn Hindi anywhere, anytime, by listening to these audio lessons on your computer, your MP3 player, your stereo, in your car, on the train, at the gym… or anywhere you need to be!

The 31 tracks in the Rocket Hindi Premium Interactive Audio Course average over 20 minutes in length - that's over 13 hours of audio lessons that you can listen to and practice speaking with as often as you need to feel confident!

The Rocket Hindi Premium Interactive Audio Course is designed to get you participating in a series of conversations between Hindi speakers, and covers everyday topics that you will encounter in a modern, Hindi-speaking environment.

Each conversation is broken down into easy to manage parts, and you get written transcripts in Romanized Hindi (English letters), Hindi Script (Devanagari), and the English translation , so that you can keep up with the lesson and get comfortable with written Hindi.


Speak Arabic Confidently and Naturally

Hello and welcome to Rocket Arabic Premium—Your place to learn Arabic online.

Learning Arabic is a great way to enhance your life, and it’s never too late to learn. Whether you are traveling to an Arabic-speaking country, have Arabic-speaking family, friends and colleagues, enjoy learning something new, or you’re keen to refresh your memory of this beautiful language, then Rocket Arabic Premium is for you.

So are you ready to know the secret to learning Arabic? You're looking right at it. I have put all of my experience and knowledge into this cutting-edge learning system, Rocket Arabic Premium.
How Rocket Arabic Premium Makes It Easy to Learn Arabic…

Make learning Arabic as easy as possible with my comprehensive learn Arabic course, Rocket Arabic Premium. Take a look at some of the reasons why thousands of Arabic enthusiasts like you recommend Rocket Arabic Premium…

Not only can you learn Arabic anywhere, anytime with a portable, flexible course that suits different learning styles, you will also:
Rocket Arabic Learning Lounge Screen Shot

Speak and improve your Arabic with every lesson, by taking part in the modern, everyday conversations that make up the popular Rocket Arabic Premium 31-lesson Interactive Audio Course,
Speak Arabic naturally by understanding the culture and how the language works, with 31 Language & Culture Lessons that include over 900 embedded audio clips, activities and more,
Build your Arabic vocabulary and improve your audio recognition of common Arabic words and phrases (and have fun at the same time!) with the MegaArabic software games,
Know how much your Arabic has improved with the Rocket Arabic interactive quizzes and Rocket Rehearsal self-tests,
Boost your Arabic-speaking confidence by getting certified with the Rocket Arabic Certificate Tests!
Have all your Arabic language questions answered by the Rocket Arabic teachers, native speakers and fellow Arabic learners in the Rocket Arabic Forum – open 24/7!
Make the most of your precious learning time: your course is made up of easy-to-manage sections and user-friendly navigation that guide you on the recommended learning path - and you won't forget which lesson you're up to or where you're headed next because we've included helpful progress tracking.

All of your course materials are available online 24/7 in our Rocket Arabic Premium members’ area, so you can learn Arabic at your own pace, in your own time.

More than 20,000 Rocket Arabic learners have LIFETIME membership to the Rocket Arabic Premium course and FREE access to all upgrades and enhancements – you can too!


You won’t believe how easy it is to learn Arabic with all this at your fingertips - learn at your own pace, when it suits you, and most importantly, ENJOY yourself. There's absolutely nothing standing in your way of becoming the confident Arabic speaker you want to be!

For a closer look at the 5 MAJOR COMPONENTS of Rocket Arabic Premium, and more about how it will help you learn Arabic quickly and easily please read on …
Component #1: Learn to Speak Arabic Confidently with 31 Interactive Audio Lessons

You will be speaking and improving your Arabic with every lesson, by taking part in the modern, everyday conversations that make up the popular Rocket Arabic Premium 31-lesson Interactive Audio Course.

Even better, you can learn Arabic anywhere, anytime, by listening to these audio lessons on your computer, your MP3 player, your stereo, in your car, on the train, at the gym… or anywhere you need to be!

The 31 tracks in the Rocket Arabic Premium Interactive Audio Course average 20 minutes in length - that's over 11 hours of audio lessons that you can listen to and practice speaking with as often as you need to feel confident!

Learn Arabic Learning Lounge Screen Shot

The Rocket Arabic Premium Interactive Audio Course is designed to get you participating in a series of conversations between Arabic speakers, and covers everyday topics that you will encounter in a modern, Arabic-speaking environment.

Each conversation is broken down into easy to manage parts, and you get written transcripts of each conversation, so that you can keep up with the lesson and get comfortable with written Arabic.

Because Egypt is the most popular destination for people learning Arabic as a foreign language, Rocket Arabic uses native Egyptian speakers. Rest assured that even though there are distinct variations in the way Arabic is spoken from region to region, their voices represent a very standard Arabic accent.


Japanese Proficiency Power

In 1995 being ambitious and overly confident I ignored my teachers warnings and took level 3, instead of level 4.  I made a huge mistake not listening to my Japanese teacher. And I can tell you I already knew I had failed the test even before completing the first section. I wanted to give up and just walk out of the room. The rest of that test day was a nightmare.

And waiting for my test result was just as bad. But worst of all was having to tell my teacher and classmates that I'd failed. Here I was, the only one in my class who failed. Everyone else had passed their test. I was too embarrassed to go out and celebrate for my fellow students.

After several months I stopped feeling sorry for myself and set a goal to ace the level 3 proficiency test. I bought heaps of Japanese study books and practice tests, and started taking private lessons. I studied really hard and went through lots of material. Although I was improving I was still having trouble with JLPT practice tests. I just couldn't get all the answers right within the test time limit.

Then one night it occurred to me......

I realized I was too focused on grammar rules and memorizing Kanji.

In my next lesson I asked my teacher to go through a practice test with me. I got her to explain how to answer the questions.  We went through several tests  a question at a time. And with every question I discoverd a method as to how to find the answer. It changed everthing.

Well, the good news is you don't have to go through all the hardship and the incredible amount of study time as I did.  We have a solution for you. We can cut your study time in half and set you on course to ace the JLPT.

How much Japanese do you need to know to take the TEST?

Level 5 

    According to The Japan Foundation level 5 is reached after approximately 150 hours of study. Examinees are expected to have mastered the basic elements of grammar, know around 100 Kanji and 800 words, have the ability to engage in simple conversations and read and write short, simple sentences.

That is a lot of work to get through. Do you have 150 hours to study?

          ** As of 2010 Level 4 is now Level 5 due to the introduction of a new intermediate level.
 There are now 5 Levels for the JLPT

Level 4

According to The Japan Foundation level 4 is reached after approximately 300 hours of study. Examinees should know around 300 Kanji and 1500 words, and be able to take part in everyday conversation and have the ability to read and write simple sentences.

How about 300 hours of study? Do you have time for that?


Spanish Verb Conjugation Software

Have you ever found it impossible to express yourself in Spanish simply because you didn’t know how to conjugate a Spanish verb? You knew the vocabulary words that you needed to express yourself in Spanish. But you just couldn’t remember how to conjugate the verb that you were using in Spanish. And without correctly conjugating the Spanish verb that you wanted to use — the person who you were talking to had no idea what you were trying to say. And can you blame that person for not understanding you?

Imagine being on the phone and unable to conjugate the Spanish verb “llegar” or “to arrive.” If you don’t properly conjugate the verb how does the listener know if you want to say that you have arrived, will arrive, going to arrive — or that you are arriving. Matter of fact, if you cannot properly conjugate verbs in Spanish the listener won’t even understand who is “to arrive” — you, he, she, it, we or they.

If you have been learning Spanish for any length of time – or even if you just recently started learning Spanish – then what I am about to tell you will come as no surprise . . . .

How to conjugate Spanish verbs is the hardest part of learning Spanish. In English, it is so easy to conjugate verbs.For example, “I eat,” “you eat,” “we eat,” “she eats,” and “they eat.”

With just two different forms of the word “eat” – just by using “eat” or “eats” – in English, I am able to express that anyone or everyone eats in the present tense.

Don’t you wish it was so easy to express yourself in Spanish?


In Spanish to say the same phrases you’d have to use six different forms of the Spanish verb “comer”:

    Yo como(I eat)
    Tú comes (You eat)
    Ella come (She eats)
    Nosotros comemos (we eat)
    Vosotros coméis (all of you eat – familar form)
    Ustedes comen(all of you eat – polite form)

If you think that’s complicated, what about how to say:

    I ate
    You used to eat
    We have eaten
    She will eat
    They could eat
    I had eaten
    She is eating
    We will have eaten
    They should have eaten
    I could have eaten
    We will have eaten
Learning how to conjugate just one Spanish verb, like “comer,” is enough to drive someone crazy… In order to learn how to conjugate verbs in Spanish, not only do you have to learn a whole new set of vocabulary words but you also have to learn a whole new set of grammar rules — that’s if you want to learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs correctly.

And if you started learning-Spanish as an adult – like I did – then you know that this process of learning how to conjugate Spanish verbs could take a life time.

For years, the only way we – that is, native English speakers – could learn how to master conjugating Spanish verbs was through drudgery, memorization, verb conjugation charts and other boring techniques.

For years, the only way we – that is, native English speakers – could learn how to master conjugating Spanish verbs was through drudgery, memorization, verb conjugation charts and other boring techniques.

But the most common techniques were the Spanish verb conjugation books with a few hundred different Spanish verbs.


course to learn english fast and easy

 If you are truly serious about learning conversational English in record time, then read every word of this letter very carefully and I will share with you the easy method for learning American conversational English.

My Credentials

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Emanuel Fernandes and I am a professor of English.  I have both a Bachelors and Masters degree in English.

I have taught English to thousands of students just like you from all parts of the world.

My experience has shown that learning English can be one of the most rewarding experiences.  Speaking English opens the doors to many professional opportunities, including increased income and prestige, and greater mobility in the business world.

From colleges throughout the world to business meetings everywhere, English is without a doubt the international language of communication.  The ability to speak English is truly the ticket to increased prosperity and personal advancement.

But many students like yourself have already tried to speak English without any success.  They have tried course after course and year after year only to end up with tears and frustration.  Maybe you too have tried before but ended up with  little results.

As a respected and dedicated teacher of English, this level of failure was one thing I could not bear to watch.

So after much time and research, I decided to put every student’s  frustration and unhappiness to an end.  I decided to put together a complete online English course that is fast, easy, fun and actually has you speaking conversational English in record time!

 This complete course shows you exactly how the English language works and will have you speaking conversational English from America in just 40 comprehensive lessons! 
 How is This Different and Better

With Speak English Today, you get the quick and easy plan for learning English.  This is a very successful course.  Thousands of people from all over the world have benefited from it.  Now it is your turn for SUCCESS!

Finally, you have before you, a true simple system that will get you to speak conversational English in record time.


Let’s look at what Speak English Today has to offer:

1.      Step by step plan:  I’ll show you, step by step, exactly how to speak conversational English.

2.      New Approach:  I’ll show you, step by step, exactly how to speak like a citizen of America.

3.      Time Saving:  I’ll show you how to quickly learn English in record time and at a fraction of the cost of what other courses charge.

In fact, my system is something so simple and effective that ANYONE can learn, regardless of income or educational level.

It’s a simple system really.  I’ll tell you exactly how it works right now.

In order to begin speaking American conversational English, you must:

1st Master the most commonly used words in the English Language.  These are called “High Frequency Words.”

2nd Understand and apply those words into everyday conversation!

That’s it!  Very basically, learning English means understanding how to use and apply these words in a social context.  Has any instructor or book ever made it this Simple before?

Speaking English means understanding and applying the most prominent words (high frequency words) used in the English language.  This is the key and the secret.

You don’t have to learn hours and hours of useless grammar.  You don’t have to learn useless words that you will never use.

But you must learn to master the high frequency words and how they are used in a conversational context.

Once you have mastered these words, you will be speaking like an American citizen and you will amaze all your friends and relatives at how clear and fluid your English actually is!

Imagine the joy you’ll feel when you start conversing in English just like Americans do.  Imagine the possibilities!


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