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Top Guide For Home Solar & Wind Power Systems!

If you ever wished you could stop paying high electric bills every month and do your part to protect our environment today, then EarthEnergyForHome.com is the perfect resource for you!

I am David, a renewable energy enthusiast and I am going to reveal to you how you can reduce your electric bills by 80% or even eliminate it completely. The EarthEnergyForHome system will show you how you can create your own electricity from home in a step-by-step manner, both easily and affordably.

In fact, if you generate more electricity than you use, the power companies will actually pay you! And you can start today and never worry about your electric bills again ...

With the economic slow-down, rising energy prices and costs of living, there is no better time than NOW to stop wasting money and start producing your own electricity.
What Most Energy Companies Are Afraid You'll Discover

Over 92% of total energy consumed in US are from non-renewable energy sources.

Only less than 7% are from renewable sources. For most homes, solar and wind power are the most popular.
Easy Solution To Create Cheap, Renewable Energy

While there are different ways to generate renewable energy, many of them are large-scale systems designed and built for corporations and agencies. These are not only costly but also unsuitable for home use.


There are commercial products in the market that cater to residential homes but you will soon realize that they can easily cost $1,000s.

For example, a home windmill/turbine can easily cost anything between $4,000 and $10,000.

And these are just equipment costs which do not include installation which is another hefty sum.

Why Spend $1000s When You Can Set Up Your Own Electricity Generating System For Less Than $200 From Home?

This is where EarthEnergyForHome has the solution for you. I am going to show you how to set up your own solar power or wind power system for less than $200.

Latest Edition Includes "Free Bonus Report Showing You How To Set Up The Entire System For Free And How To Earn Extra Cash From It!"

Yes, you will learn the exact steps in our illustrated step-by-step guide to produce your own electricity!

Before coming up with this guide, I have carried out extensive testing to make sure they do what they do, ie produce electricity while keeping costs low.

You see, I am a DIY enthusiast and love the environment I live in. It is these passions that propell me to do what I did.

And now, I am making my guide which includes the plans available to anyone who has a desire to cut or totally eliminate their electric bills and protect the environment they live in.

Since I desire to help as many people worldwide as possible, I knew that the guide has to be prepared in a simple-to-understand manner with clear illustrations so that even a complete novice can pick up the guide and start generating electricity for his/her home.

In order to prove that the EarthEnergyForHome is easy to understand and apply, I found more than 20 over test subjects who have never set up something like this to try out my system.


the battery repair

Most people will throw out old batteries not knowing they can be restored to their original glory? Batteries are not cheap! Before throwing out any battery you should test them to see if they can be restored.

Not only will it save you money but it is also environmentally friendly. Batteries contain chemicals that seep into our soils and end up in our waterways. By reconditioning batteries we will eliminate 50% of the batteries we throw out.

"How Easy Is It?"

A lot of people think battery reconditioning is hard however I think I know it's incredibly simple. I have done it hundreds of time before, in fact it's what I do for a living. Anybody can recondition batteries, you just need to know the techniques.


Whether you have a dead laptop battery, car battery or just about any other commonly used battery I can show you how to easily bring it back to life.

That's what I want to show you. I want to show you step-by-step how to recondition your dead battery.
"How Much Money Can You Save?"

As you probably already know, BATTERIES ARE NOT CHEAP. Which is probably the reason why you are reading this page. By reconditioning old batteries you can save hundreds. If you need the batteries for a solar energy system where you will need a large battery bank you can literally save thousands.

Not only can you save money but you can also MAKE a lot of money. Many people don't know how to recondition batteries and will pay you to do it!

Or, you can recondition old batteries and sell them for a profit. I will talk more about this further down on this page.

"This Step-By-Step Guide Is Now Available"
Before you start reconditioning batteries it's important that you have the right tools. More importantly, you need to make sure you have the correct step-by-step instructions.

I say this because when I first started searching online for a detailed guide I found out that many of them were incomplete and some of the diagrams were actually wrong!

It's very important that you follow clear, correct instructions and that's exactly what this guide has


Become a Solar Consultant

Not only is the Green Renewable Energy market booming but profits are high. For those who have the right business model and the right plan of action, now is the time to get started with your own green business.

The Solar Installation Business is probably the single best green business you could have right now. With Federal, State and Utility rebates/credits, most homeowners will have 60% or more of their solar system at no cost. This is a powerful selling advantage and the demand is definitely there.


Become a Solar Consultant:

    Be Your Own Boss
    Low Start Up Costs
    Flexible Hours (work when YOU want)
    Quick Startup
    Low Overhead Costs, High Profits

Best of All, You Don't Have To Quit Your Current Job

A lot of solar power installers only work weekends. That's when most homeowners are available to have you install panels at their home. It's really up to you how far you want to take it.

We started our solar installation business at home as a part-time project a couple years ago. But then I was laid off from my corporate day job and so we went full time with the solar business.

Along the way we have learned a lot of what to do and what not to do. We've packed this training course full of these "if I had to do over again" ideas that will make your business so much more successful.
"Don't Be Another Business Failure Statistic"

You've probably heard how 90% of all new business fail in the first year. What is worse is that of the 10% success rate, 80% of those business are gone within the next 5 years. The good news is that there is a clear and avoidable reason for this.

The #1 reason for business failure has nothing to do with recessions or lack of funding but rather because the business owner didn't follow a proven plan.  To succeed you need to follow behind someone else's success and have a clear action plan every step along the way.


Convert Gas Car to Electric

Gas prices are skyrocketing out of control. What is the solution? Convert your gas car to run ONLY on electricity for pennies per mile.

This is an easy process you can do on your own with a little work.
All the steps are numbered with diagrams to be easy to follow.

The conversion does not take too long, all you have to do is follow the simple plans I provide and in a month, you will cut your gas bill to zero!

Ever since the 70's I've worked closely with scientists and politicians to fight and save our planet from being destroyed by pollution. I've assisted them in creating eco friendly laws through fund raisers, protests, and other community activities.


I've also published more than 200 articles on about varying topics I've been interested in including electric cars, global warming, and more.

I work with mechanics around the country. They use my guide and electric car parts and kits.

Do you see how easy it is for you to own an electric car? If my kids and I can convert their cars so can you. The benefits are really amazing. You're saving the environment and more importantly you're saving money.

Gas prices are out of control and they show no signs of ever coming back down. What are gas prices now, $3.50 a gallon?

That's crazy! You agree with me don't you? We all can't afford to spend $200 a week just to get to work every day. It's time for a change and an electric car conversion is the answer.

Convert Your Gas Car Into an Environmentally Safe, Efficient, and Money Saving Electric Vehicle
Saving You Hundreds of Dollars on Gas Every Month...


The only guide you will ever need to convert your gas powered car to an electric vehicle.

With gas2electric You will learn:

Step-by-step: How to convert your car

What a conversion looks like with real pictures

How to drive for over 120 miles per charge

How to reach speeds of 50 miles per hour

How to find free used electric parts

All the tools you need

And much more...


the ultimate energy back-end offer

In your car... in your cell phone...in your cordless drill...even in your solar panel system.

And when they fail... they can ruin all the fun.

For instance… it doesn’t matter that your 2-year-old cordless drill is still in perfect condition. If the battery doesn’t hold a charge, a new Nicad rechargeable might costs even more than the actual drill !

But that’s peanuts compared to what you’d pay on deep cycle batteries.

Think about it: if you want to go solar… be prepared to spend at least $1000 on your deep-cycle battery bank (and more often than not, upwards of $3k!) … every few years!

It’s a mess. And that’s how I stumbled onto…
The Technique That Literally Changed My Life
(And Will Probably Change Yours Too!)

Hi, my name is Andy Sugars – and for the past 4 years, I’ve been running my own wildly successful battery reconditioning business, and loving every second of it.

And I probably wouldn’t be making 6 figures a year if it weren’t for my passion for alternative energy.

You see, years ago I was thinking of going “off-grid” with solar panels.

Now… if you already have a solar panel system, you know how expensive battery banks get. Anywhere between $1000 to $10,000 or more.

That's way more than I could afford at that time. And in all honesty, I was having trouble sleeping at night… trying to figure out where to get reliable, high-capacity batteries from… without breaking the bank.


Until one day when Frank, the DIY veteran (and licensed electrician) next door dropped the bombshell: 

"Have you considered getting a forklift battery ? They're probably the best you could get for a solar panel system".

"Are you insane"? I said... "These babies are at least $3000 a pop... There’s no way on earth I'm going to pay that much".

"I know" he said...
"But What If I Showed You a Way
to Get Near-New Batteries Completely Free...
Would That Be of Interest to You"?

Was he crazy? Sure: crazy like a fox! And he showed me exactly what he was talking about. Pay close attention – this is important stuff:

Here’s what it’s all about:

You don’t have to buy new, expensive batteries. Very few people know this: you can get discarded batteries for a few bucks or usually for free… and then, using a very simple process and some inexpensive tools, you can recondition them… and make them almost as good as new, in a matter of days!

Better yet: you can do this with almost any kind of batteries - from the small & medium sized Nicad and NiMH, to the large capacity lead-acid batteries used in cars, forklifts, or solar battery banks.
It's an amazing process that will extend the life of your batteries by a minimum of 50% to 70%... and sometimes even more.

And if you know how to do it, and follow the proper "recipe"...

…You Can Revive Four Out of Five
Seemingly "Dead" Batteries!

This basically means… you’re helping keep as much as 80% of batteries from polluting the environment – while also saving a whole lot of money!

But the best part is yet to come: reconditioning your rechargeable batteries is so easy, anyone can do it.

Once you successfully recondition a battery, restoring a battery of the same type is a walk in the park. In fact, you can easily recondition a hundred or a thousand more with almost NO expense... just rinse and repeat!

That's exactly what I did when I discovered the miracle of battery reconditioning. Sure, I reconditioned every single battery I could get my hands on - my car batteries, drill, solar system, everything.

But why stop there? I started enjoying reconditioning so much, that my newfound hobby soon turned into a full-blown business…


Home Made Power Plant

You Might Be Wondering Who I Am And
What Exactly Am I Talking About...

My name is Frank Patrick and ever since I was a boy I was fascinated by the power of nature. I remember that I used to spend countless hours out in nature just admiring the sound of the wind, the clouds and the sun.

I've been also fascinated by the enormous potential in the sources of alternative energy that nature offers us every day but we're not smart enough to collect it on a large scale. When I say alternative energy I mean: the power of wind, the power of sun, biodiesel and ethanol that are totally FREE and don't harm the environment.

I like to think that I've read all about alternative energy in all the years I've been investigating it; how it's collected, how it can be produced and what devices we need for capturing it from nature. The more I investigated it the more obvious it become to me that everybody can produce their own electricity at home.
Windmill Harnessing Free Energy From The Wind

Driven by this idea I decided to go beyond and wanted to design and create my own plans for generating electricity as easily as humanly possible. After finding the solution...the miracle happened. I implemented all the models on my home and the results amazed even the most skeptical friends.

Since the energy solutions I came with are environmentally friendly and reduce air pollution...I decided to take my plans public and to help any man or woman who is interested in discovering how to save hundreds of dollars each month... This is how "Home Made Power Plant" was born.

Basically my book will teach you how to convert the limitless power of wind and sun into electrical energy and to build your own energy devices at home with less than $200. That's very cheap considering that you'll recover the money you've invested within the first month.


New Energy Product

"Why Should I Use an A.V.E. Generator?"

The question is, why shouldn't you? A.V.E. generators are simple to build, extremely affordable, and reliable. In fact, here are some of the reasons why you should consider installing an A.V.E. Generator in your house TODAY:

checkgenerates FREE energy 24/7 - so you can cut your electricity bill almost immediately

checkextremely affordable to build: materials cost anything between $2 (small scale generators) to around $172 (large scale generators to power up larger things)

checkset-and-forget: requires almost no maintainance whatsoever!

checkweather-proof: unlike solar panels or wind turbines, you don't need good weather

checksimple to build: with our step by step instructions, you can build one even if you have no DIY experience... or you've never used a soldering iron before.

checkand best of all - it's 100% "green", emission-free energy!
How It Works


It's simple: you'll get the full instructions on how to build an "ambient vibration electricity" generator - so you can power up anything and everything:

... from small devices like mobile phones or mp3 players...

... to medium-size appliances like stereos, radios, TV sets...

... and even electricity-guzzlers like refrigerators, plasma TVs or water heaters!

The AVE Generator is an easy to build device that uses a "dish" antenna to tap into an unlimited storehouse of wave energy from the atmosphere, and turn it into a steady flow of electricity.

Where does all this electricity come from? Two sources actually: man made (radio stations, mobile communication relays) and natural. And the good news is, you too can "make electricity out of thin air"... and power your home for free.

"If This Technology Really Works,
Why Aren't More People Using It?"

Here's the problem with "ambient vibration" energy: the moment you discover how to use it, Big Energy loses a customer. They don't want this. So they're using every trick in the book to put a lid on this amazing technology.

Ambient vibration energy is far from new. In fact, scientists have been working on similar technologies for almost 200 hundred years.

Consider Nikola Tesla, possibly the greatest physicist and inventor ever to be born. Using his fame, Tesla secured a massive investment from J.P. Morgan for what should have been a game-changing invention.

Tesla built a 20-story transmission tower on Long Island, with the purpose of transmitting electricity wirelessly to a receiver. Yet this invention wasn't sitting well with the corporate fat cats. Wireless electricity would have made metering impossible - so when JP Morgan found out what the invention was really about, he pulled the plug on the financing (Tesla actually died broke because of this...)

Now... we're not going to show you how to transmit electricity wirelessly, because you don't need to. All you need to know is how to harness the endless pool of "ambient energy" in the atmosphere.

The free energy suppression has been proven and documented on several occasions - just watch this controversial documentary:


how much energy and money is wasted

n fact, in my new DIY Home Energy Kit, I will take you by the hand and walk you through your house, and not only show you WHERE you are losing energy (and money), but also HOW to prevent it from happening in the first place.

If you are interested in lowering your electric bill, or heating bill, or air conditioning costs, then this is the perfect kit for you.

And as the cost of home energy continues to rise, now is the perfect time to say "Enough is enough" and do something about it.

No matter where you live, or what kind of house you live in, the DIY Energy Saving kit will work for you.

Let me be perfectly honest with you for a moment - every home in the world is losing energy right now. And thus, every homeowner is losing money. That's right. From the White House to the homes on your street, including yours. No matter how great you think you are conserving energy, or being energy conscious, you are still losing money.

The key to saving energy is to know WHERE energy is being used, and WHERE energy is being lost.

Yet 95% of homeowners don't know how they use energy, or where the energy is being lost.

And those 5% that do know are only really getting half the picture from a professional contractor or energy consultant.

Why pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a professional consultation you can do yourself?


I'm going to teach you how to examine your home from top to bottom and wall to wall. I'm going to show you the most common places energy is lost no matter how energy smart you think your house is. My DIY Energy Saving kit is designed to carefully explain professional concepts in a simple, clear, step by step manner so you can get professional results without having to pay hundreds in professional fees.

Let me ask you this question: Do you know where energy is lost in your home? Do you know how much energy is being lost? And do you know how much money you are losing because of it?

With my DIY Energy Saving Kit, you can find out the accurate and personalized answers to these questions tonight. Then you can STOP paying out the nose for energy you aren't using!

As a homeowner myself, I have a passion for saving money so I have more to spend on my family. In fact I've been working since 2003 to develop tested, foolproof ways to keep my energy bills low so I don't keep wasting my hard earned money on electricity and heat bills. My goal is to legally lower your energy bills using proven and guaranteed energy saving techniques, the very same professionals use (and even a few they don't!)

That's why I created the DIY Energy Saving Kit. It takes years of professional experience, extensive testing and proven energy saving techniques and combines it in easy to understand guides and tools that will hold your hand throughout the entire process. If you can unplug a light, you can use the manuals in the DIY Energy Saving Kit to save energy.

In fact, average homeowners who have no experience in home energy are having spectacular results after reading through the manuals and using the tools in the kit.


Solar and Wind Energy Solutions

You see, our energy comes from fossil fuels — oil, natural gas and coal. Have you see the prices of those things lately? They're scarce. We're running out. And prices are shooting to the moon. That means flipping the light switch in your living room is getting to be crazy costly, and it's going nowhere but up.

But I've got some good news...

The "Secret" Free Energy You've Been Missing
Last time you walked outside, did you notice anything? ENERGY! It's all around you in two forms:
The amazing thing is, even if you're not a crazy scientist or some kind of genius, you can harness the power of sunlight and wind in your own house. It's easy, and actually pretty simple to understand.

A Simple Technology That Lets You Run Your House For Free

I won't bore with science you don't care about, but it helps to know just a little.

Energy is electrons. You get those from batteries, or through wires running from the electric company to your house. Those flowing electrons are an electric current, and that's what you send to your light bulbs when you flip the switch... or to your laptop to charge it up... or to your electric cooling system to turn on your air conditioner.

What most people don't know is that it really doesn't matter where you get your electrons. Your local power company sells them, but you don't have to buy from those guys!

All you need to do is find yourself a cheaper electron source. Sunlight and wind will do the job!
 Build Your Own Power Supply For Pennies, Drop Off The Grid and Scoff At The Power Company!


I'm going to show you how to build your own solar panels or windmills (you can choose which one works best for you, or use both) to generate power for your house. I'm not kidding at all. This is real and it works like a charm.

You'll see your home electric bills plummet by 80% or more almost immediately.

Most people assume this technology is complicated. It's really not. You don't need a PhD to understand this stuff. In fact, if somebody explains it it you, and gives you a plan to follow, it's as easy to do as assembling a piece of ready-made furniture.

As you saw in the videos I just showed you, the trick is understanding just a little science and technology behind what you're doing.

You're going to rig up simple gadgets to transform sunlight and wind into electrons. It's that simple.

What's great about it is, not only will you be getting your home power for free, but you'll also be helping the environment. Sunlight and wind are truly "green" energy, but we've been told for years that they're too expensive or impractical. Wrong!

You don't have to understand all the science, but by all means you should understand that sunlight and wind are free, and you can start using them to power your home. It's 100% safe, 100% clean, and 100% easy to do.


Recondition Batteries And Save Lots Of $$$

 One thing that battery companies don't want you to know is that "dead" batteries can easily be restored to 100% working condition quite easily.

New batteries are certainly not cheap! Why throw out old batteries when you can make them work again 100% for a fraction of the cost. As a benefit you're also helping the environment because those harmful chemicals are kept out of a landfill.

If we recondition our old batteries rather than throw them away we can stop more than 50% of batteries from heading to a land fill.
Can I Do This?

One thing that many people assume is the fact that this is hard. I can tell you that it's in fact incredibly easy because I've been teaching people how to reconditiong batteries for awhile now and they tell me they think it's really easy.

The type of battery doesn't matter either. Nearly all types of batteries can be reconditioned.

I want to teach you how this is done. I have step-by-step instructions which shows you exactly what you need to do


Save Hundreds on Solar Panels with Revolutionary New DIY Solar Panel Design

Do you want to learn how to reduce your Electric Bills? Reduce your Heating Oil Bills? Or even go completely Off-Grid and say goodbye forever to the Energy Company Monopoly? Then you have come to the right place!


DIY-Green-Energy.com is the best resource on the web if you want to learn how to make your own energy. I have spent the past several years learning how to construct my own solar panels, wind turbines, and even bio-diesel. I can show you with step-by-step details exactly how you can do this at a fraction of the cost if you bought these technologies at a store.

For years, the electric companies have held us all hostage. With their monopoly power, they decided they could charge us whatever they wanted. Worse yet, for a long time they were right! With little choice, many people were resigned to the fact that the outrageous prices were just a part of life.
Create Your Own Energy With Solar Panels That You Can Make Yourself

Did you know that if you call up a local contractor right now and ask for a full house solar panel installation, it could easily cost you $20,000? A single commercially made panel can cost you $1,000 or more. I can show you, with detailed directions and outstanding diagrams, exactly how to make your own solar panel for a lot less money than you can buy them. You won't find a better guide anywhere on the net.

Just look at these prices:
How Much Can I Save by Doing It Myself?

The answer may surprise you! When I first thought of going green, I went to Amazon.com and many other online shops and was shocked at how expensive solar panels were. So, I learned how to make my own instead. For about $100 bucks, I made a 56 Watt panel. Compared to commercial panels, I literally saved at least $220 per panel


Dry Cell Plans

Now the question that must be popping into your mind (since I am sure you have seen other EBooks about HHO)... Why Dry Cell Plans over Them??? Well, I am here to tell you why. We are the ONLY EBook on the internet that has updated information on the newest technologies on HHO. The others are using technology that is years old! Where are the updates?

The Dry Cell is the newest technology in HHO, period! The Dry Cell is over 100% more efficient than their wet cells! Our dry cell produces 1 liter per minute for every 10 AMPs, versus their 1 liter per minute for every 30 AMPs.

Do you want some "Mickie Mouse" set up or the real deal? Theirs has heating issues, ours don't. With their set up you will most likely melt the electrodes right through the PVC!!! This will cause you to have to rebuild and rebuild, getting frustrated and not acheiving the results that you set out for!

With Dry Cell Plans we have brought to you the newest technologies available. No over heating issues! No melting of the electrolyzer! No electrodes falling through the PVC! Dry Cell Plans is 100% more efficient, more durable, and of higher quality than theirs!

They don't tell you where to find the parts to their systems! They don't tell you the tools you need! We do!!! They just keep you guessing and make you more and more frustrated! We even show you how to order the parts to our system without even leaving your house!!! More information than ever before! There are NO SECRETS with Dry Cell Plans!

Now that you understand Why US over Them...
Are you ready to start saving money, polluting less, and enjoying more power?
Then look no futher, Dry Cell Plans is here for you!

Have you always wanted your own super efficient dry cell? You don't want to pay someone to build it for you? Searching the internet daily for detailed plans on how to do it yourself? Well, you have finally found the right spot on the net! Drycellplans.com is here to provide you with extensive plans on how to not only build your own dry cell but where to find the parts to do it!


Wind & Solar Power - Renewable Energy

Quickly And Easily Build Your Own Long Lasting Solar And Wind Power Generators For Less Than $200 -- And All Right In Your Backyard!

That's right -- you're about to discover everything you need to know to personally produce your own electricity through solar and wind power...

With my A-Z step by step instructions, complete with color illustrations and pictures,you will be able to create electricity right in your very own backyard!

You know... most people are surprised when I tell them how affordable it would be for them to build their own wind or solar power generators.

Because... you see... you can build your own solar power generator or your own wind power generator right in your own backyard... all for less than $200. And anyone can do this as my thousands of happy customers have proved.

I got into this field because I am impassioned about our planet and environment and I always knew that I wanted to help people to become more self sufficient with their energy and to be able to power their homes -- right from their own homes...

And that's why I took my years of experience in electricity and used it to create the most simple, step by step, take you by the hand guide for building your own solar and wind power generators.

I wrote this personally for the at home novice so that anybody can build their own wind and solar power generators even without ANY experience, and just simply by following my guides.

And I have been **VERY** pleased to receive emails and pictures from MANY happy customers that were able to follow my instructions and begin creating their own power right in their backyards with just a short weekend of a "family project" and less than $200 in materials!


Solar Installation Course

Are you looking to get into the booming Solar Business but can’t afford the hundreds of dollars being charged for other courses?  Do you want to start your own Solar Business and become a “Solar Millionaire”?  Are you sick and tired of your job and ready to go into business for yourself as a Solar Installer?  If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this may be the most important letter you ever read!!

This complete course will take you step by step through the entire process of installing a complete Solar system.  You will learn about determining the best place for the system, how solar works, all the different steps involved in the installation process, and finding and using the right kinds of equipment plus much, much more.  And, the best part is you will be able to do the entire course from the comfort of your own home.

Complete Solar Installation Course

Once you the materials, you will have thirty days to complete the work and mail us back the answers to the questions we have included at the end of the course.  The best part is you will be able to complete the entire course from the comfort of your own home.  No traveling, no added expenses and every question you might have will be answered.


This course is jam packed with information.  Here is just a sampling of what you will learn from our Solar Installation Course:

   1. Determining The Best Way To Set Up The System
   2. Installing A Complete System
   3. Figuring System Placement
   4. Using Equipment To Your Advantage
   5. Understanding Different Parts Of The Process
   6. Handling The Equipment
   7. Getting The Most Out Of The System
   8. Harnessing The Power Of The Sun
   9. Understanding Each Step Involved
  10. Proper Installation Process
  11. Understanding The Different Tools Used
  12. The Beautification Process
  13. Proper Setting Up Of The System
  14. Keeping You And Your Employees Safe
  15. Learning The Different Types Of Systems
  16. And Much, Much More

This is just a sampling of the information that will be included in this course.  If you are considering opening a Solar business or a career as a Solar Installer and worried that you won’t have the knowledge, this is the perfect time to learn the ins and outs of the business.  And, if you are currently working in the Solar field and are looking to improve your knowledge, you will benefit greatly from all the tools included in this course.  Everyone will benefit from the information included in this course.

Now, we must discuss the price for our course.  Some companies are charging over $1000 for a complete Solar Installation course and you have to travel to their site which costs you additional money.  We could charge that much and sell out the course.  But, we are here to help you achieve your goals.  So, we are going to price the course at $49.00 to make sure we help you and also sell out instantly.  This is the best bargain going on the Internet.


How To Slash Your Home Power Bills

It's true, you are aren't you?

You're working hard for a paycheck that's never quite enough... and all the time these huge organizations are chipping away at it - asking you for just a little more each time.

It's frustrating.

I mean, think about it...

... these guys can just ask for more money whenever they feel like it... and then they get it.

Can you imagine going to your boss and demanding a raise every few months?

First you'd get laughed at... but if you carried on, you'd probably find yourself out of a job.

Not too cool... especially when the big power companies get to do exactly that, whenever they want...

Only difference is, guys like us have no choice but to pay them.

And that's not all...

Get Ready For A Terrifying  Fact...

Are you ready?


Well get this...

Over 95% of our power comes from these guys. That's why they feel like they can push you around. Truth is, they can push you around.

I mean, think about it - what else are you going to do?

Refuse to pay?

Get sued?

Disconnect the power and live by candle light?

Of course not.

None of those things are even remotely practical.

Believe me, I know exactly how you feel... because a year ago I was right there, where you are now.

It all started when I lost my job last year. And believe me, it's not like I did something wrong - I just got laid off.

It came without any warning at all...

I was shift supervisor at a local metal plant. Things gradually got slower and slower... people were already talking about a recession, but this was before it was really in the news.

Anyway, one day I get called into the boss's office - and he tells me I'm out.

Gone, just like that. Along with 249 of my work buddies.

Man, can you imagine how tough it is to find a new job when 249 other guys with the same skills and experience are applying for the exact same jobs as you?

And Then It Started...

The bills started mounting up. At first I was just late paying a few... but before long I was totally behind.

And then the final notices started coming...

Have you ever been late with your bills? If so, you'll know how heartless these people can be.

I begged and pleaded with them for extensions, I explained that I'd lost my job and everything, but they just didn't care.

Sure, they were polite enough to me on the phone.

But those notices kept on coming...

... and all the while, my debt with them is mounting.

I won't lie to you, it was about the most stressful time of my life.

I felt like the world was closing in on me - literally like the walls were squeezing me tight, and I was struggling to breathe...

But then one day it just changed... a tiny ray of sunshine broke through the clouds, and it showed me exactly what I needed to do.

How A Late Library Book Turned Everything Around...

It may sound silly, but while I was laid off, I started visiting the library.

To be honest, I'm a busy guy - some people may like being out of work, but not me. I get antsy. I like to have stuff to do.

So I started strolling down to my local library each afternoon.

One day I stumbled across an old book in the overdue pile. I mean, this thing was all scuffed and dirty... looked like it was about 25 years old.

It was about solar power, and building solar panels.

Now, I'm not a nerd, or even remotely interested in science - but the book claimed it could help me reduce my monthly bills through using solar power...

... I may not be that interested in science, but I'm certainly interested in saving money - especially when I've got no job or means of earning.

So I checked the book out, and took it home.

And within 2 days I had a working solar panel. Believe me, nobody was more surprised than me when I tested it with a light bulb, and saw a faint glow...

I was blown away, so I expanded.

And within a month, my house was powered by nothing but renewable energy.

And it's been that way for almost a year now...

And let me tell you, my friends and family are fascinated... I mean, who doesn't want to save thousands of dollars a year?

So I showed a few of them how to do the same... and that got me thinking - if all these people in my family have gotten so much out of this, maybe I should show some other people too.

Now, I'm not exactly the kind of guy who's going to be teaching an evening class about this stuff, so I decided to write it down.


Wind And Solar Power System

For generations, we have been held hostage by Power Companies. Despite relatively little investment in new power plants and equipment, the average consumer has seen their electric bill more than double in the past 10 years! This far outpaces inflation during that same time period and no one has invested in any nuclear facilities for more than 3 decades so why have the power companies raised our rates so dramatically?
Because They Can!

It’s simple: We absolutely NEED electricity and the power companies know it. They have been justifying price increases for years despite having over 300 years worth of verifiable coal reserves (most electricity is produced using coal), not investing in new nuclear facilities since the 1970’s, and relatively low maintenance costs! But today, the average household spends $1,000 or more per year on electricity and the rates will keep going up and up guaranteed.
Now Imagine Paying Just $10 Per Month For Your Electricity

Actually, if you produce more electricity than you use, the electric company is obligated by law to buy it from you at current market price! So imagine if instead of mailing a check to the electric company each month they could be sending YOU a check each month! And no you DO NOT need to invest $1,000’s in costly solar panels or windmills to transform your home into an energy producing “green home”!
In Fact - You Can Do This
For As Little As $200!

That’s right, forget about spending $3,000 or more for factory made windmills and solar panels because if you can follow simple step-by-step instructions and invest just $200 then you can transform your energy-using home into an energy producing “green home”! You don’t need a degree in engineering, specialized and expensive equipment, or even a big initial investment, just the determination to STOP being held hostage by the Power Companies, a small but manageable investment, and the Energy 2 Green systems manual!


Guide To Efficient Living & Home Business.

Forget that! Today, YOU are going to learn how to build your OWN high quality professional free power system for less than a few hundred dollars instead! Efficient Planet is your only complete step by step manual that is a full color, fully illustrated DIY series, and includes every single step to creating natural renewable energy solutions from your very own home!


So? Have you challenged the system before? Do YOU have a solar power or wind system already installed? Are you practicing a daily routine to save yourself thousands each year and get free energy, lower the costs of all your home bills, credit card bills, etc?

Chances are that you think that installing one of these solar systems is quite expensive, and a hassle right? Converting your life to live a more efficient day each day takes too much work right?


FACT: Believe it or not, you can have YOUR VERY OWN independent, safe and energy producing solar system for less than $200!

It's amazing how much of a rip off this 'energy' crisis really is, so after a dedicated period of research - we've compiled the Efficient Planet series and made them available to YOU, and everyone else so you can see first hand how easy this is and how much money you're about to save/make...

We've noticed other manuals on the market so we decided to try them too - and found most to be quite difficult to follow. In some cases we found that the instructions were even setup wrong and could have been a dangerous system... . .. You will love the fact that we've made the efficient planet series a VERY easy to understand and follow set of professional DIY manuals.

Planet earth has never needed us more than it needs us right NOW! It's about time we stopped helping big corporations get rich, and time to help bring the planet back to US, the people


Run Your Car With Electricity

From the DIY garage of Peter Millward
Environmental activist
and creator of RunYourCarWithElectricity.com

Hi, my name is Peter and I'm going to help YOU eliminate your gas bill completely. Not only that, the IRS will pay you (give you tax credits) for driving a clean fuel vehicle. My Run Your Car With Electricity manual is going to show you everything you need to know about converting your car to run on electricity, in your very own garage or backyard.

If you are interested in learning exactly how to convert your car to run with electricity and eliminate your gas bill than this is the perfect resource for you!


With the ever increasing costs of gas there is no better time then right now to start running your own car on electricity.

Why worry about reducing your gas bills, when you can completely eliminate them!

Why pay $1000's for an electric car conversion or a new electric car when you can build your own professional system for less than $300!

Run Your Car With Electricity is going to teach you everything you need to know about powering your own car with electricity. With my complete step-by-step setup manual you will be able to create your electric car in your own garage or backyard!

Let me ask you this question? Why don't you have an electric car yet? Is it because you think it's too expensive?

What if I told you that you can have your own electric car setup for $300 or less!? It's true! After extensive testing I have made these plans available to everybody worldwide!
I have a great passion for the environment and I want as many people as possible replacing gas for electricity (a clean fuel).

That's why I have written my manual in simple, easy-to-read English that will guide you through the process.

Every day people just like you are converting their cars. Thousands of successful electric car conversions around the world are proof that this technology works!


build your own Electric Car

 Will you be one of the many people who will try to build their own electric car in the next 30 days? Some will succeed with fast, reliable, economical electric vehicles... And others will fail - or simply give up.

So what makes the difference? Why can some do it and others can’t? How can you be sure to complete an electric car conversion that isn't a complete failure that ended up costing you thousands? Are those the sort of questions racing through your mind as you wonder if it’s really worth the risk & hassle?

But on the other hand, what if it really does work?

What if you could legally convert your car to run on electricity and...
    Get a Federal Income tax credit of up to $4000? (*)
    Reduce your Carbon Emissions by as much as 100%?
    Reduce your impact towards Climate Change
    Save truckloads of money on fuel - while laughing at rising gas prices?
* (for US Citizens)
Your dream is to do it yourself, but that takes a lot of planning and information.
Where in the world will you get everything you need to succeed?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, because I’ve already converted my car to run on electricity and I’m going to share with you all the “insider secrets” that only people who've already converted vehicles successfully would know about.

But before we go any further…I've gotta admit something:
"My neighbors actually laughed at me when I told
them I was going to convert an electric car. But only
a few months later I proved them wrong..."

On the 12th of March 2007 I embarked on a journey: I started converting my own electric car. To be honest it was a pretty terrifying thought. I knew nothing about electric cars and changing my car's motor oil was my mechanical limit.


I told my neighbors what I was doing and they laughed, thinking I was joking! Many saw it as unnecessary, and that could be true - if it was still 1986...

Remember the 80's? Big hair, big money and no reality TV. When smoking was allowed anywhere and mobile phones were something for yuppies only. When oil flowed faster than tap water, and didn't cost much more.

That was a long time ago. Nowadays, Grandma has a cellphone and even a spoonful of oil costs more than a low-fat- double-shot-soymilk-mocha-latte.

Right now, we are living in a different world. A world where gas prices are unpredictable, and rising. A world where pollution affects every major city. A world where oil is expected to run out during our own lifetimes.

The world is currently at the mercy of foreign oil. When the oil producing nations recently raised the price of gas to $5 a gallon the global economy collapsed. We're now starting to recover from it but every month, slowly but surely, the price of gas climbs again...

The recent film Who Killed the Electric Car encouraged me to finally begin researching the project, with the experience of waiting in a nearby gas service station recently for 15 minutes being the final straw. I know it was a Saturday, but having to wait for 15 long minutes for $30 worth of something I didn't want in the first place? No thank you!


The Easy Guide to Solar and Wind Power

As one of the founders of Green Power Easy, I wanted to take a moment to say welcome to our site. I also wanted to take a moment to let you know what we're all about, and what YOU can expect from Green Power Easy.

It's no secret that we're dependant on the power companies. Without that line in from the power grid to run our stove, our lights, and our fridge (as well as all of the other conveniences we're used to) we wouldn't be able to cook, to heat our homes, we'd live in the dark, and our food would spoil. For most of us that dependency is complete, and in recent times it's also becoming very expensive.

Here's the truth of the matter though: You don't have to depend on the power company at all.

You can produce renewable, green, energy right from your home that will supply all of your power needs and more. Some of our members are even getting money back from the power company every month for the extra power they produce (more on that later).

You can accomplish this by doing it yourself, with professional step-by-step instruction, and save a huge amount over the cost of buying an alternative energy solution. Manufactured solar panels to power your home may cost upwards of $28,000. Buying a wind turbine large enough to power you home may cost $16,000. By doing it yourself that same home conversion will cost you pennies in comparison...


Now by now you may be saying "This sounds complicated". It isn't!

Taking advantage of renewable energy isn't something that's difficult at all. You don't need experience to create your own energy. You don't even have to know what renewable energy is!

With the Green Power Easy guides we teach it all too you.

You will learn how to source the parts inexpensively, and then build your own solar panels. You'll discover how you can build a wind turbine to suit part of your energy needs, or all of them, and again at a cost anyone could afford.

In fact, Green Power Easy was created to make it EASY for you to do just that. Our guide lays everything out for you. You get step-by-step video instruction that include easy-to-follow illustrations with every step. Really, you could download your guide right now, order the parts required, and begin converting your home to green energy tomorrow!

We'll even teach you how you can take advantage of government rebates that will reduce the cost of going green.

Right now, yes you may be solely dependant on the power grid, but you don't have to be.

You could start converting your home tomorrow with the easiest-to-follow guide to renewable energy on the planet! You'll be working to reduce your dependency on the grid, and at the same time you'll be working to save our planet.

To help you get started, we're currently offering our guides at a reduced price. We're so confident that our guide is easier to use than any other out there that we guarantee it. If you aren't completely satisfied with your Green Power Easy guides, you have 60 days to request a refund. It's a no-questions-asked guarantee so really you have nothing to lose.


How To Build Your Own Solar Panels For Less Than $200

Stop Paying High Electric Bills!

There are many people today who are building their own solar panels; I realized this when I visited my brother during the holidays and noticed he built his own solar panels, and he told me he did it for less than $200. I had to know how!
Imagine... No Monthly Electric Bill,
AND No Costly Contractor Fees!

When I first started looking into all this I quickly realized that solar power was going to be VERY expensive, I had to find an alternative. A local company told me it would cost me as high as $27,000! At that rate, it would be years before I actually recouped my costs in energy savings. I didn't see the point.


I knew if I figured out a way to produce my own solar energy then I could avoid paying these sky high prices that local companies where asking. What shocked me was how simple and affordable the whole process was.
Thousands of People Are Already Taking Advantage!

Think about it. Thousands of people have already taken it upon themselves to build their own solar panels, but who knew a DIY solar panel project could be so easy and so affordable?

Building your own solar panels is one of the most rewarding DIY projects you could ever tackle, and it was with this thought in mind that I decided to develop a step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to build their own solar panels.

After some searching I got in touch with an expert in building homemade solar panels, and with the help of my brother and my new found contact I refined the process and developed this easy-to-use guide that anyone can use without having any technical experience whatsoever.

"The Best DIY Guide Out There!"

Not only is my GreenPoweredHome guide comprehensive, it is written in terms that anyone can understand. With GreenPoweredHome, your whole family can work on this project together.


Solar,Wind Energy Diy Guide

"I Thought Solar
Power was Expensive
(and Complicated)."

A few years ago, I started looking into solar energy. Just like you, I started with an online search exploring on how I could save money with solar electricity.

I was shocked to see how much it cost to have solar panels installed at my house! The estimate I received was over $35,000 and the payback time for that was just way too long. I certainly didn't have that kind of money, not even close.


I was resigned to the idea of paying the electric company each and every month until I met a friend who had a solution. My friend explained that he was building his own solar panels for just a fraction of the cost of new retail solar panels. And he wasn't alone.
 I had no idea that thousands of people were making their own solar panels. My friend had collected various drawings and "do-it-yourself ideas" but nothing was very organized and there wasn't anything I could find online that gave me details on how to do it. There were people talking about it, but it wasn't until my friend and I developed GreenDIYenergy that there was a step-by-step guide on the topic.
"Now There is an Easy-to-Follow Guide That Walks you Through Every Step-by-Step Process of Building Solar Energy."
How much money can you save?

For too many years your only option was to buy retail solar panels at $1,125. With installation, that could Total Over $27,000 for your entire house!*

*2007 Installed Costs from ScienceDaily.com ($7.50/watt)

Now, with the help of this detailed "DIY Solar Panel" guide you can join the revolution of Do-It-Yourselfers who have figured out how to cheaply create their own solar power.

This DIY Guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of constructing 60- to 120- watt Solar Panels for under $200. You can easily do it for less than $100 if you do a little extra work in collecting materials.

In fact, You Could Actually Build One For Less Than $27 if you took the time to rebuild and connect "broken solar cells" together (which isn't that hard to do).
Before you start...

Before you try to build your own solar power, you need to have the right tools. You need to have the step-by-step process that I explain in this guide. I made it a personal mission to create the best solar panel guide available. I searched the Internet for months looking for the best ideas and designs for building solar panels.


Home Made Energy - Hot Product, Best Diy Offer!

If you would like to eliminate your electric bill while using all the power you want by going “off the grid”…

… become immune to rising energy costs…

… or even join the growing number of “energy independent” households receiving checks in the mail from the electric company… then this letter will show you how.

"Here’s what this is all about…"

Right now, you’re one of millions of consumers paying an average of $175… $200… or more… for electricity every month. And the cost of flipping a light switch is only getting higher.

In fact… electricity costs are 53% higher than they were just few years ago… and the federal government expects prices to rise almost 3% just this year alone!

And since the feds stopped regulating how much electric companies can charge you… where you live could be costing you a small fortune - depending on your state you could be paying twice as much as residents the next state (or even the next town) over.

The worst part is… you can shop around to pay less for gas at the pump… but you usually can’t just “switch” electric companies.

"You’re Stuck With The Local Monopoly, And They’re Free To Hike Your Bill Month After Month, Year After Year."

Right now, there are over 100,000 homeowners nationwide who aren’t paying the same kinds of electric bills you are.

Some of them pay nothing at all… and some of them make money from their local electric company every month like clockwork.

These homeowners are taking action to make their own power (and reduce their “carbon footprint” to almost nothing in the process) and they’re doing it easily… cheaply.. and safely.


"The Difference…"

There was a time when I thought going “off the grid” meant either cutting the electricity I used to the bone (and feeling guilty every time I left a light on when I left the room)…

… OR paying thousands ($10,000 and up even after tax credits) to replace even a fraction of the electricity I consumed from the local electric company.

But as an engineer, I put my mind to discovering another way. A different way. A new way to take the latest green energy technology and make it work for me -- without the huge costs.

Today my family and I have access to all the free electricity we know what to do with… we no longer feel guilty about every single light we turn on… we get to feel good about doing “our part” for the environment (at no cost to us or our lifestyle)…

… and oh, yeah - last month, we used some of the money we would have sent to the electric company before… to take a family vacation!

What I discovered about how to make my family energy independent has not only cut our “carbon footprint” down to almost zero… it’s allowed us to finally say “no thank you” to the power company’s outrageous rate hikes…

… and tap a whole new stream of extra cash month after month.

And the good news is…

"I Know Exactly How to Get YOU There Too!"

I’m talking about cutting a minimum of 70%... 80%... heck, even 100% of your electric bill - heck, even feeding electricity back into the grid if you want to (I’ll tell you why you should in just a minute)…

… saving you money every month and giving you a sense of true independence at the same time.

And the whole process of getting yourself “off the grid” for good is so simple that with just a few basic tools, getting the same technology that costs most people tens of thousands...

"All Becomes Amazingly EASY To Do Yourself!"

So if you feel ready to put just a little “sweat equity” into an asset for your home that could save your family thousands (the average family pays as much as $2400 a year for electricity)…

… and could even raise your property value by $30,000 or more in the process (without adding to your property taxes)… then let’s get started.

Here is what I got for you:  I’ve perfected my system for easy “do it yourself” solar and wind energy and turned it into a program.


German Solar,Wind Energy Diy Guide

ausende Euro für Solarenergie ausgeben (Durchschnittskosten: 25.000 Euro), wenn Sie für nur einen Bruchteil des Ladenpreises Ihre eigene Solaranlage bauen können? Sie können einen einzelnen Sonnenkollektor bauen oder auch eine ganze Solaranlage.

Wenn Sie nach dem Motto „Do it yourself“ vorgehen, können Sie Ihre Kosten auf einen Bruchteil dessen zusammenstreichen, was Sie normalerweise im Geschäft bezahlen müssten. Dieses Projekt macht wirklich Spaß und mit diesem Schritt-für-Schritt-Handbuch können Sie schnell und einfach damit beginnen, Ihren eigenen Strom zu produzieren.
„Ich dachte, Solarstrom ist teuer (und kompliziert).“

Vor ein paar Jahren begann ich, mich mit dem Thema Solarenergie zu beschäftigen. Genau wie Sie begann ich mit einer Onlinesuche, um herauszufinden, wie ich mit Solarstrom Geld sparen könnte.

Ich war schockiert, als ich sah, wie viel die Installation von Sonnenkollektoren an meinem Haus kosten würde. Ich erhielt einen Kostenvoranschlag von über 25'000 Euro und die Amortisationszeit war einfach viel zu lang. So eine Summe konnte ich selbstverständlich nicht aufbringen, bei Weitem nicht.

Ich hatte mich schon damit abgefunden, jeden Monat Geld an mein Energieversorgungsunternehmen zu zahlen, als ich einen Freund traf, der eine Lösung hatte. Mein Freund erklärte mir, dass er für nur einen Bruchteil der Kosten für neue Sonnenkollektoren aus dem Geschäft seine eigenen Sonnenkollektoren baute. Und damit war er nicht allein.

Ich hatte keine Ahnung... 

Ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass Tausende von Leuten bereits ihre eigenen Solarkollektoren bauten. Mein Freund hatte verschiedene Pläne und „Heimwerker-Ideen“ gesammelt, aber nichts davon war besonders strukturiert und auch online konnte ich keinen Anhaltspunkt dafür finden, wie ich im Einzelnen vorzugehen hatte. Es gab zwar Leute, die darüber sprachen, aber erst als mein Freund und ich dieses Projekt entwickelten, entstand ein Schritt-für-Schritt-Handbuch zum Thema.


„Jetzt gibt es ein einfach nachzuvollziehendes Handbuch, das Sie Schritt für Schritt durch den gesamten Ablauf zum Bau eines Sonnenkollektors führt."

Wie viel Geld können Sie sparen?

Viel zu lange war Ihre einzige Möglichkeit der Kauf von Solarkollektoren im Einzelhandel für 1'125 Euro. Zusammen mit der Installation konnten Sie dabei auf insgesamt über 25'000 Euro für Ihr ganzes Haus kommen!*

Jetzt können Sie mit der Hilfe dieses detaillierten deutschsprachigen „Solaranlage selber bauen“-Handbuchs an der Revolution der Heimwerker teilnehmen, die bereits herausgefunden haben, wie sie kostengünstig ihren eigenen Solarstrom erzeugen.

Dieses Selbstbau-Handbuch führt Sie Schritt für Schritt durch den Bau von Sonnenkollektoren mit 60 bis 120 Watt für weniger als 100 Euro. Wenn Sie ein wenig mehr Arbeit in die Beschaffung des Materials stecken, können Sie sogar mühelos unter 80 Euro bleiben (die Materialien sind in Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz erhältlich).

Tatsächlich könnten Sie sogar einen Kollektor für weniger als 25 Euro bauen, wenn Sie sich die Zeit nehmen würden, „kaputte Solarzellen“ wieder zusammenzubauen und miteinander zu verbinden (was nicht so schwierig ist).

Bevor Sie anfangen...

Bevor Sie anfangen, Ihren eigenen Solarstrom zu erzeugen, brauchen Sie die richtigen Hilfsmittel. Sie brauchen den Schritt-für-Schritt-Vorgang, den ich in diesem Handbuch erkläre. Ich habe es mir zur Aufgabe gemacht, das beste deutschsprachige Handbuch über Sonnenkollektoren zu schreiben, das es gibt. Dafür habe ich monatelang das Internet nach den besten Ideen und Designs zum Bau von Sonnenkollektoren durchsucht.


Hotest Free Energy Product in 2011!

For over 90 years “Big Energy” has successfully convinced the US Government to smother and bury the biggest invention of our time… They tried to keep it hidden from you forever.


Because this one, simlpe invention can produce all the natural, clean ELECTRICITY!
Without the use of expensive solar panels, wind power or batteries!
Without spending thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars!
Without any emissions, fumes or pollutants!

But now it’s time to expose the truth.

It’s time to reveal the only system that can easily produce FREE electricity.
And it’s finally time to help you – and millions of other Americans - end their dependence on utility companies… once and for all.

Once you read this eye-opening story, you will completely understand HOW this one, life-changing, money-saving invention could have been kept from you for all these years.

The man behind the invention was Nikola Tesla. He was a genius who worked alongside of some of the greatest inventors in American history like Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse.


Over his lifetime Tesla was awarded 11 different patents and worked with technology from electricity to x-rays.


Well, in 1901 several venture capitalists (including J.P. Morgan) began funding a project by Tesla to provide a new method of electricity for resort community in Colorado.

And these investors were right.

But once J.P. Morgan realized that this new invention to generate electricity could not be metered (which meant they could never change the public for it and never receive any profits)… he pulled his funding and had the project labeled as a “million dollar folly”.

After Tesla died, the government came in and confiscated all his files. They deemed Tesla an enemy of the US because of his Austrian heritage (even though he became a US citizen in 1891). And the invention was buried.
For over 90 years this ground-breaking invention was labeled a failure and sat collecting dust in the government’s possession.

And now a new group of scientists have discovered Tesla’s life-changing invention.

They have taken his idea and created a simple, step-by-step guide that will allow ANYONE, ANYWHERE to begin producing their own, natural, clean, FREE electricity.

Lately we constantly hear about the new, “green” energy.

We hear about people trying to “get off the grid” by using solar panels, wind power or turbines.

These are all great ideas that can help you reduce your dependency on the utility companies, but they all have major draw-backs…
They are incredibly expensive!  
If you have ever priced solar panels or wind power, then you know you are easily looking at a $10,000 investment just to get started.

They are a constant headache!
Between keeping your solar panels constantly clean to worrying about the constant maintenance, it can be a much bigger job than you ever imagined!

They only work when the weather is just right!
When the sun goes down, when the sky is cloudy or when there is no wind… you aren’t generating any power and you have to depend on large, costly batteries to save and distribute power to you throughout the entire day.

There is a way to generate natural, clean energy that was discovered by Nikola Tesla at the turn of the century… and it is still just as impressive today as it was back then.

Tesla discovered that you could actually use the sun’s energy to produce electricity… instead of using the sun’s rays (as you do with solar panels).

The sun is constantly radiating energy – even when your skies are dark, the sun is still shining onto earth somewhere… and it is constantly radiating this energy onto earth.

And Earth just constantly absorbs this energy… the problem is that most of the energy gets rebounded back into space.


1 solar wind product for 2 years

you are interested in learning exactly how to generate power and reduce your bill then this is the perfect resource for you! With the ever increasing costs of living, there is no better time than right now to stop throwing money out the window and start generating our own electricity.

Over the last few years I have figured out how to significantly reduce the cost of solar panels making it more affordable for the average home owner just like you.

Now you can build a single panel or a complete array of panels to power your home for a fraction of retail cost.

I'm going to be your "solar mentor" and show you step-by-step how to make a solar panel. I'll also teach you my other secrets to renewable energy in an easy to follow format.

Did you know? A basic solar installation from a retailer can take 30 years to pay back and cost you well over $20,000?

This is simply too much for many to afford and the pay back time is far too long. This prompted me to do some research into how the solar panels are created and how I could make them myself.

I soon realized it was possible to make solar panels for MUCH cheaper than retail price, saving me thousands. Moreover, it was actually easier than I thought!

That's when I decided to develop this guide with my close friend Mark (A solar nut!).

Keep reading to see what Mark and I have put together for you.


If you have already contacted your local solar supplier then I'm sure you already know how expensive installation can be.


You probably thought - "That's far too much for me to afford".

But now there is an easy to follow guide that will show you exactly how to make solar panels for much cheaper than retail cost. Mark and I developed this guide and video series so people just like you can save thousands on your solar panel system.
This will help you build your own solar panel. You will learn how to make a solar panel that produces up to 120 watts. Moreover, you can then join these panels together to produce over 1KW of power.

Another thing to think about: After you install the solar panels on your home the value of your home will increase by thousands.    

"I managed to build 2 panels for under $100!"

I was looking to purchase a few retail solar panels for my home but after looking at the price of them it just made sense to build my own.

After going through your materials I managed to build 2 solar panels for under $100! They are just small panels but this is all I need for the lighting and fridge in my courtyard.

You don't need to be a builder, anybody can make solar panels. It's really quite easy to make solar panels once you know a few industry secrets. Plus, our guide is broken down into an easy to follow format that will walk you through step-by-step.

We will provide you with plenty of pictures and diagrams for you to look at but if you still need help, just email us! We are more than happy to answer any questions you have.

After we created our solar panel guide we wanted to know if it was easy enough for the "Average joe" to follow.
We found 43 people (male and female) who were interested in solar but knew nothing about making panels, we gave them our guide and came back in a month to see what they have built.

All 43 of the "solar newbies" were able to create a well polished solar panel that generated enough electricity to run some household appliances!    

Anybody can do this. Male, female and from any age group. This is a great opportunity to save money and go green at the same time.


Energy Audit Diy

Most Energy Auditors
Are Just Salespeople
Trying to Upsell You On
Expensive Upgrades

Like any profession there are Bad Apples in the crowd. The Energy Audit/Consultant field is no different.  Don't get me wrong, there are some real stand up people out there doing great work.  If you get the right energy audit consultant they can be worth their weight in gold.

But many energy consultants care more about increasing their commissions and less about helping you with your end goal.  Your goal is probably to cut your energy costs while creating a more comfortable home environment.
Why Pay For An Energy
Audit When You Can
"Do It Yourself" with
Tools Found Around The House*


* For someone looking for fast energy wasters, the Starter Kit will quickly show where your home energy is being lost. For the person wanting to dig deeper and find every little energy waster, the Pro Version will go into more detail and requires some tools not everyone will have around the house. The tools we suggest you purchase are under a hundred dollars and can be found at most hardware stores.

The "Easy-Energy-Audits" guide will show you Step-by-Step how to complete a Home Energy Audit.  You will quickly discover obvious and not so obvious energy wasters in your home.

5 Good Reasons To Get

Professionally Written and Tested - Our guides have gone through years of preparation and testing before being offered for sale.     diy easy energy audits
Easy to Understand and Use - You will find the do-it-yourself guides easy and quick to implement.
Fast To Implement - This guide will show you the most critical areas of an energy audit and help you complete the project quickly.
Advanced Audit Techniques - We'll show you "tricks of the trade" that even the more seasoned professional energy auditors don't know about.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If you are aren't totally satisfied, just let us know and we'll give you a full refund.


Learn how to make power at home

Have you ever wanted to do your part for our environment? Have you ever wanted to stop paying your electric bill?

MakePowerAtHome.com is the web site created to help you slash your electricity bill by 80% or even eliminate it completely!

With the ever increasing costs of living, there is no better time than right now to stop throwing money out the window and start generating your own electricity.

However, you need an open mind and willingness to listen, because there are large economic interests that keep most people dependent on energy.
There is so much more we
can do for our planet

Did you know 93.9% of the energy that is consumed by US is NOT from renewable sources.

Solar and wind power are the best sources of renewable energy for our homes and they only account for 0.2% of the energy that is consumed!
However, there is a reason for these statistics. Most people simply do not know enough about solar and wind energy.

Not only am I going to tell you everything you need to know about the subject, I am also going to show you how you can build a solar and wind energy system in your very own backyard!


Energy Product

With DIYPowerSystem, you will get EVERYTHING.

You will learn about the ways to create your own wind or solar generator, to power up any appliance or electric system you own in your home.

You will learn easy methods to store the energy in your hand made batteries, so you don't need electricity from the grid ever again. And you will not waste a single watt from your generators...

You will learn how to make bio diesel to run your vehicle cleaner and a lot more cheaply. You can even use the bio fuel to run your home heating system.

And last but not least, you will even discover how you can build your own eco-house! This is easier than it seems. I'll show you how to build your own house in just a few months and you can live in it or sell it for a nice profit.

That's why DIYPowerSystem™ has actually 5 components to it. In each of them you will learn valuable secrets that you can use to live well and free with your family.


Carbon Credit Business

Let me take you on an exciting guided tour of what's working - and not working - in the Carbon Credit market today. I'll maneuver around the pitfalls… and there are lots of pitfalls! And we'll journey through some of the most inspiring, dynamic, real opportunities available right now.

I am going to show you exactly how you can easily start applying several little-know success strategies to this business… strategies which are responsible for some of the most impressive financial successes in the carbon credit market today.

It doesn't matter if you have absolutely no idea what Carbon Credits are or what a carbon offset is for that matter!… or you've never had any training in this area or never even been in business for yourself (and you find the industry completely intimidating)… or you're already well versed in the background of this unique market. You'll discover where the real opportunities in the Carbon Market are… and that they're not where everyone else is looking!

I'll completely avoid "theory" and hype. In fact, what I'm about to share with you is based on years of painstaking research, and my "in the trenches" experiences delivering extraordinary results for some of the most successful people in the Carbon Finance and Project Development.

My name is Regan. Before I share my own success story with you, let me answer the number one question I get asked…

Is Anyone Really Making Any Money

In the Carbon Credit Market Today?.......


According to the Chicago Climate Exchange currently 30% of fortune 500 companies currently monitor their carbon footprint and look for ways to reduce or offset their carbon emissions. Further, I found that my students combined average monthly sales were over $16,000 per student in 2009 ($192,000 per year) with many successful students earning at least a hundred thousand a month.

Let's take a look at a few of these success stories…


1. Individual creates green program for convenience stores - generates $1,000,000 in residual revenue per month.

Jon envisioned a way for individuals to offset their carbon footprint when filling up their car with gas. At participating gas stations once you've finished filling your tank, the dispenser asks if you would like to offset your carbon emissions for the quantity of fuel you have purchased. When you select yes, it charges the customer an extra 5 cents a gallon. The money generated is used to purchase carbon offsets. The success of the program has launched his business from dream to a high demand service.

Jon's, company, has grown 600% per year. He does this with no employees or inventory - he has made a niche market worth millions of dollars. The 26-year-old entrepreneur now dominates the growing market for carbon offsets at the pump. His net worth is estimated to be around $55 million.

2. Investor banks $6 Million a Year in Carbon Investments.

Here's a wonderful story that will capture your imagination: Jim Watts was a local delivery driver in the greater Los Angeles area. Jim got tired of fighting the traffic and decided to quit his job. But he was not ready to retire and still needed an income, so he decided to learn how to profit from Carbon Brokering.

He read everything he could about Carbon Brokering and how carbon credits could generate large returns if he invested the time into understanding how market prices were manipulated. He invested his retirement in carbon credits. He invested a total of $40,000 in a little know commodity called CFI (Carbon Financial Instrument) it is in essences a commodity that can be traded like any other commodity. He consistently doubled and tripled his money every year. He soon began teaching others to do the same and has created a whole new industry advising others.

3. Entrepreneur Electrifies wallet with $5,000,000 per month from utilities.

Dean Harris started is business marketing green programs to utilities around the country. It has been such a success that he is now teaching others to do the same. His ingenuous concept was to allow individual power consumers to decide how and what type of energy they purchased. They could purchase, wind, solar, biomass or other renewable energy technologies.

The utility customers pay an extra fee in their bill to switch from coal "dirty technology" to a clean "green" alternative. He has created a $5 Billion dollar industry.

4. "Going Green" The mantra that generates $300,000 per month for a green consultant

Tim Jennings created the "Green Program" for companies like PEPSI, FRITO LAY, GE, GM, FORD, Honda, PG&G, and other iconic companies. They are spending billions of dollars every year going "GREEN". Tim creates and implements optional "consumer green" programs. These programs allow the customer to choose whether they want to support the company in their green efforts by choosing to pay an additional fee to cover the cost of carbon offsetting. He earns commission on these million dollar deals from the comfort of his home.

Keep in mind… many of these individuals were just like you. A surprisingly large number were amazed at how fast and inexpensive they started their business. Now they gain a significant share of their revenues… through multiple channels explained in this Carbon Brokering Program.

And the good news is that these individuals can serve as a great example for you and your own carbon credit business. You can apply the same success principles they use to your situation - and achieve equal, and possibly even greater success.

In fact, individuals of all experiences are very profitably generating residual income in almost every market in the Carbon Credit market.


However, not all avenues work well for beginners.

Would you like to know if you

Will be successful in this unique market?

Here's a good rule of thumb: If you are interested in making more money and getting a more prestigious career, or you're tired of worrying all the time where the next dollar is coming from. If you don't know where all your money goes and life seems merely a succession of bills - and you worry about how to pay them. If you're looking to go into business for yourself sometime! If you want to provide your children with a better chance in life than you had! If you're fed up with the grind and will go nuts unless you can make more of your life. If you're looking for a short-cut to getting a head faster in life? Then congratulations you are exactly the type of person that has been wildly successful in the past!

The truth is, most of the people who are making money and successfully building their business in the carbon market aren't revealing their secrets. However, I know many of these people. And, I have the business, technical and marketing background and expertise to uncover these strategies for myself. Here's what I found through…

Years of painstaking research

The strategies I'm about to share with you are based on thousands of hours of careful research, due diligence, and testing to understand how to manipulate the carbon market to its full potential. I've investigated and analyzed hundreds of successful - and unsuccessful --- Carbon Brokers to figure out the precise strategies that create profitable programs, as well as to discover the common elements of success and failure.

I subscribed to countless journals, trade magazines, print, and electronic newsletters. I spent hundreds of hours reading and participating in "discussion groups" on the internet (since that's where you find the most current - and useful - information). I've become (quite unintentionally) an authority in the industry.

That's all well and good.

But much more importantly, I've helped "real live" entrepreneurs - men and women who are "in the trenches" building their own carbon credit businesses-create tremendous results. I've worked with - and have delivered extraordinary results for - some of the most successful entrepreneurs.

I'm not telling you this to brag or to pat myself on the back. In fact, I'm frankly a bit embarrassed to tell you all this. However, I want to establish my absolute integrity, credentials and expertise at the beginning so that you can trust the advice I'm about to share with you - and know that it's based on experience - not theory.

I can help you find the biggest immediate - and long term - profit opportunities in Carbon Brokering and carbon finance industries… precisely because I've helped other individuals do just that.