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Sell for $1, Earn Up to $544.36/month

Believe it or not, your landing or sales page may have 2 black holes just like this! And your site visitors are getting sucked into the black holes right now!

There are 2 fundamental, OUTSTANDING concerns that every online marketer is deadly frustrated with:
       Trying to get an ALREADY LEAVING site visitor back with a Cancel Button
      Trying to optimize your promotion without Knowing EXACTLY what your site visitors did

Do these 2 concerns bother you?  If so, information on this page will reveal an effective solution to address your concerns and increase your sales

With Turbo Landing, you can simply switch to another page or show a truly impressive and intuitive message as soon as your site visitors intend to leave.  You interact with them in time and therefore have a much better chance to generate more sales.

The new message not only becomes way more impressive, it also gives you the maximum flexibility for effective promotion: You create your messages as regular web pages, and add videos, forms and everything else to empower your promotion.

You can even create multiple frames that deliver unique messages so that every time your visitors intend to leave, they get a new reason to stay!

    With this feature alone how many MORE sales will you generate (keep in mind that this is only ONE of the many powerful features of Turbo Landing)?

Ill tell you a secret..

All successful super affiliates have their own custom software to automate how they make all their money online. It needs to be automated.

Well you are a point and click from accessing one amazing internet marketing tool that you can use on the internet to generate 100% free traffic to your link, anytime you want..

Hard to believe?

I probably would have trouble believing numbers like this too.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and make a mad dash to my laptop just to check my online accounts.

Has this all been just a wonderful dream?

Well, the numbers in my Clickbank accounts do not lie.

I am going to introduce you to something that the Gurus NEVER talk about.

In fact, NO ONE is talking about it out of respect for the "Underground society."
It takes a complete understanding about what exactly this new internet marketing world is, and how people are making huge amounts of money without working at all.

In fact, you could be ANYBODY and get paid like a super affiliate.

You could take a week off whenever you want and still bank like your a rockstar.

Heck, you wouldnt even believe.. some of these super affiliates have very serious substance abuse problems from having all of this money and living the "party" lifestyle, you dont need to even be "straight headed." Trust me. You really do not need to work to get paid!

But hey, if you are already making more than $25,000 a month, this isnt really for you.

And If you are "guru lover" at all and you are busy following their lead you should Definitely leave this page now.

So with that being said, If you have any ill intentions regarding my software or communities, you can leave as well.

See the only happiness that I ever get with these product launches is getting revenge on the gurus.

Im not in this for the money and I certainly dont need your money so remember that when I give you the download link and you use this software for yourself, you'll find that this isn't any old washed up rip off.

I am without a doubt LOADED, so Im not going to lose much sleep if you feel you are not ready for the TRUTH you are about to learn.

Your not going to hurt my feelings if you are scared of this super affiliate stuff.

See, these real cash frenzies are absolutely 100% affiliate sales and because of this glorious moment where I was able to command my own destiny..

Magical System That Takes Your Visitors THEM to CPA

 You know how it works: you set up a site, put on AdWords ads and CPA offers, and start driving traffic in. You sit back waiting for the riches to come – but things don't quite work that way. Conversions are low, income is low, and your dreams of retirement are put on hold.

Fact is, there are a million ways to get traffic to your site – but if conversions are low, what's the point?

CPA marketing partially addresses this hurdle, by removing the sale from the marketing equation. As the saying goes "the hardest part is the sell", and if you get paid for leads and not sales, things should be better, right?

Correct, and this is why CPA marketing is all the buzz lately – but this is far from enough. It's pretty hard targeting your traffic to these CPA forms, and yet harder to get untargeted visitors to fill in these forms. Targeted traffic is low, conversions are even lower, and the fact remains that most CPA marketers cannot earn their living on the net, let alone grow rich.

But what if there was a way to get "regular" visitors to fill-in your CPA offers? What if there was a way to set up a site, drive in ANY traffic, and then watch it massively convert on TRUE autopilot?

With that in mind, we set out to create CPA Convert!

We thought long and hard; We read marketing books; We read psychology books; We talked to experts and again and again we wound up with a simple truth: If only there was a way to make this a Win-Win situation so that your untargeted traffic would want to fill in the forms - your conversions would skyrocket!
A Unique Win-Win Situation

CPA Convert was built with firm belief that the best way to do business is when both sides win. But how do you get this Win-Win, when your visitors are not targeted to the CPA offer?

The answer was clear: If it's not the CPA offer they want, give them something else for filling-in the offer form. Give them Content, but preferably without forcing you to create content.

Your WIN is obvious: You get AMAZING CPA conversions on autopilot.

Your visitors' WIN is also clear: They get free access to valuable content, for just filling in a short CPA form.

But how does it work? And where do you get such content?
In a nutshell: Very easily, and surprisingly - you don't really need any content.


It's a simple idea: people visit your page, like what they see and want to read your content or download a free product. Then, suddenly, your content gets locked and they're offered free and unlimited access to it for just filling-in a short CPA offer. This works AMAZINGLY WELL!

But don't take our word for it - here's a live example:

MadMen is a very popular TV series with hordes of followers. Each day, numerous people search for MadMen episodes, either to watch online or to download to their computers.

Let's say you're a MadMen fan looking for an episode to watch, and you come upon the following webpage

Your visitors fill-in one or more CPA offers, and after a short while the lock panel disappears and they gain full access to your pages. This proves extremely effective in monetizing your content and converting CPA offers. What's more, it is extremely effective even if you don't have any content!

Profit Bank by Millionaire Society

The secret behind Profit Bank is it works with 1 Click.
It's so simple, you'll see...

90% of the other programs and systems you can buy require hours and hours of hard labor everyday.

Hey, aren't you here to stop working a regular job?

You probably already spend 6-10 hours per day at a normal job, right? Why would you want to spend hours and hours writing articles, blogging, and managing your accounts at home every night in hopes of making a few bucks.

It doesn't make any sense...

You don't want to do that, but all of these "magical" systems suck us in anyway. It's because you really Want To BELEIVE that they are telling the truth.

But, it's mostly just "marketing talk" and exaggerations...

Lean in here, get close, listen up...

If you’ve ever struggled to make easy money online…

And got "sold" on all of the complex systems and waste-of-time programs that are being sold on the internet right now…

And you are just pain tired of being treated like an idiot by all these marketers and gurus…

Those days are over forever. You will never be left confused and frustrated again.

When you're sitting back enjoying your dream lifestyle the revolutionary Profit Bank software will be chugging along, bringing in sales and commissions for you on auto-pilot...

I live a life that celebrities, doctors and lawyers are jealous of…

And I want to show you how to do the exact same thing.

ClickBank Outsider Returns

As if there would be a new system of making money online that wasn’t already public knowledge, and wasn’t being utilised right now by millions of internet marketers and online gurus to make their fortunes…


Well, the truth is, this method is still very ‘hush hush!’ And only a select few know about it… and if you read on a little further, I’ll tell you why!

But before I do, let me introduce myself…

My name’s Chris and I’ve been involved with internet marketing for just over 3 years now.

During this time I’ve tried almost everything, from online gambling, investments and paid surveys, to software creation, affiliate marketing and (I hate to admit) I’ve even fallen for a few ‘get-rich-quick’ scams!

But the truth is, I wouldn’t change a thing about my journey, because it’s led me to a system that is, without doubt, the easiest, quickest, and most incredible method of sucking thousands of dollars from the internet in super-quick time...

In short, this is affiliate marketing - made easy!

And the best thing is, you won’t have to create a website, build a list, write any sales copy, or hope that enough people buy your product in order for you to make money!

In fact, as it’s based on the affiliate model, not one person has to buy anything from you in order for you to prosper with this system!

Well read on, because I’m going to explain everything to you… and I promise you that once you’ve finished reading this letter, you’re going to want a piece of the action too!
This is YOUR chance to gain access to the methods and techniques that I personally use to make thousands every single day…


Philip Mansour's Confidential Conversions

Your fate's in Google's hands, and let's face it: If you can't control it... you don't own it.

The only people telling you it's "free" are gurus who think your time is worth nothing, and warn you to stay away from the "competitive" keywords where all the buyers are.

And the money? Well, if you need money NOW... not "whenever Google lets me out of the sandbox"... you can't count on "free" traffic to bring home the bacon.

Is that the end of it? Hardly.

Heck, I'm building up steam, so I'll go ahead and get this off my chest while I'm at it...

There Aren't Any More "Loopholes" In Google... And Facebook Traffic's Downright Worthless!

Here's a word of advice: Anytime you hear a guru tell you they've discovered some "hidden loophole" in Adwords, ask yourself if you really think they're smarter than Google.

And "social media" traffic? If you think Google's rules are nuts, try Facebook on for size.

So what's the real truth about traffic in 2010?


Is there any way left to tackle the really hot, high-paying markets without losing your shirt, getting "Google slapped" or spending months trying to "rank" with SEO?

Here's what some 'gurus' don't want you to know

(and may not even know themselves):

Pay Per Click Is Still The Easiest, Cheapest,
Most Profitable Traffic Around...
(IF You Know Where To Buy It!)

How do I know?

Because when I got started with affiliate marketing four years ago, you could still become a "super-affiliate" with Google Adwords just by throwing up direct-linking campaigns…

… ditching the losers…

… and ramping up the ones that pulled profit to the moon.

It was so easy, and so scalable – I scrapped SEO… article writing… and the other so-called "free" methods as soon as I had the seed money for my first Adwords campaign.

And with the profits rolling in on cruise control from every campaign I set up… I never even bothered with any traffic source but Google.

Google Decided To Shut Affiliates Out… And All
Those Direct-Linking Profits Dried Up Fast.

You've probably heard about Google's slash-and-burn banning spree…

Heck, even a lot of "gurus" got their accounts shut down for life, whether they'll admit it or not.

Truth is, though, I didn't even wait around long enough for the "Big G" to get around to banning me.

Because I was sick of getting my campaigns "slapped"… click prices going through the ceiling (turning cash-pulling campaigns into money pits)…

… and my direct-linking campaigns killed off before they left the ground.

I saw the writing on the wall – and I walked away.

And sure, there are still a few marketers out there talking up the "content network" and "Gmail ads"…

You may have even bought into a couple of these products recently yourself.

But the bottom line is, Google's shut the doors on affiliate marketers – word is, another big "slap" is coming around the bend as I'm writing this.

Here's the kicker:


Get More Buyers

let's get right to the point. You're here because you want to learn how to build an email list that makes you money, lots of money, and you're not sure how to do it. Or you know the basics but are struggling after hearing all the claims as to how easy it was. If that sounds like you, then buckle your seat belt... You may have just stumbled across the most important letter you ever read.

Sound crazy? To this day I still remember reading a letter that changed my life. Now I live the life that most only dream of and the word "Economy" does not matter to me, no matter what word you put in front of it... GOOD or BAD.

Now, I will tell you who I am in just a minute...

But first let me tell you WHO I WAS.

You see, just a few years ago I was a skeptical person. Perhaps just like you. (I was burned more times than I can imagine by over blown promises and hyped up garbage.)

I reluctantly decided to give online marketing a try.

I had heard the saying, "The money is in the list", and I was ready to start building one of my own. I imagined myself dashing off a quick email, and then coming back from the golf course a few hours later to discover that thousands of dollars in sales have come in to my account. But it NEVER happened, well not until I learned the secret... the one I stumbled upon all by myself that no one is teaching. (Not even the "Gurus.")

Before I figured out my secret formula, I had heard stories of people who, just by sending out an email or two, can generate five and six figure paydays.

And since I developed the easiest way to build a profit pulling list, I can tell you with certainty... It's not a fantasy, and it's well within your reach. I can show you how to do it, but first I have to make one thing clear, and expose the biggest list building lie ever told.

The Lie: "The Money Is In The List"

The Truth: Most Of What You've Been Told About List Building Is WRONG!

Think about it... if the money was in the list, then every person who owned an email list of opt-in subscribers would be making big bucks, but that's simply not the case. In fact, I know people who have lists much bigger than mine who never come close to my results during an affiliate promotion.

Why is that? The answer is simple. The money is in your list of buyers, not freebie-seeking subscribers. Doesn't that just make sense? The only people on your list that are worth something to you financially are the ones who spend money on the products and services you recommend.

How do you find those people? How do you build a list full of eager buyers who will eagerly purchase the products that you recommend to them? That's what you're about to discover.

Here's What This Is All About...

My name is Michael Rasmussen, and I've just finished putting together a video home study course called Get More Buyers. This breakthrough course will walk you through my top ten strategies for adding swarms of red hot buyers onto your list.

These are people who will actually whip out their credit card and buy what you recommend to them. It doesn't matter if you're an affiliate marketer promoting other peoples' products, or if you're a guru in some obscure niche market that no one has ever heard of... these methods will build you a hyper profitable list in record time!

What Can You Do With A List Of Buyers?


      Imagine being able to send out an email, and make enough money to buy an expensive toy like a car or a boat.

      Imagine if you suddenly had to deal with a financial emergency. You send out a simple email promotion, and make more than enough money to cover the bills. In fact, you have plenty of cash left over for a little fun afterwards.

      Imagine the confidence and pride you'll feel... knowing that you could pay for a vacation for your entire family by sending out a single email.

      Got presents to buy for the holidays? One email could easily finance your entire holiday season.

This is all possible when you have a list of buyers, and that's exactly what I'm going to teach you how to create. And the best part? Most of those strategies won't cost you any money at all.

I've figured out ways to add buyers to your list without spending a dime in advertising. Heck, you don't even have to have your own product, and you'll still be able to get new buyers on your list with ease (this is good news if you're just getting started, and don't yet have a product to sell).

I'm going to show you how in just a minute, but first let me answer the question that's sitting on your mind right now.

Publicate Por Cuenta Propia!

  Nosotros Te Enseñamos A Editar Publicar y Vender  Tu Propio Libro Electrónico En Pocas Semanas y Convertirlo En Tu Fuente De Ingresos.

Ahora además te entregamos una Membresía Premium exclusiva a nuestro Club Ciberautores. Obtén decenas de herramientas y de información sin ninguna cuota o abono adicional. La solución más completa que ahora además incluye Sistema de Autoresponders y Generador de Sitio Web de Venta Para tu Libro Electrónico

Apreciado ciberautor:

Desde el año 2001 (¡10 años!), venimos brindando a nuestros usuarios las herramientas y conocimientos que les permitan editar, publicar y vender sus propios libros electrónicos. Nuestro manual "Como Editar, Publicar y Vender su Propio Libro Electrónico" se ha convertido en ocho años en un referente obligado de la edición electrónica en español.

Solo basta ingresar a Google y escribir "editar libros electrónicos" o "editar mi propio libro" o "publicar mi propio libro electrónico" para comprobar hasta donde ha llegado la popularidad y el éxito de Ciberautores. Publicar Ebooks es una actividad que simplemente funciona.

Y para festejar nuestros ya diez exitosos años de trabajo, ofrecemos este espectacular paquete exclusivo que además de nuestro manual en su quinta edición, incluye una Membresía Premium al Club Ciberautores. Un sitio lleno de recursos, herramientas, tutoriales, asistencia y todo el material necesario para lanzar al mercado tu propio libro electrónico.
  He aquí algunas de las cosas que aprenderás a partir de  hoy mismo:

Aprenderás a escribir, diseñar y finalmente publicar tu exitoso libro electrónico. Conocerás y aprenderás a utilizar los programas mas especializados del mercado y como realizar este proceso casi o sin sin inversión.

Aprenderás a editar tu libro electrónico en formato PDF totalmente gratis.

Si ya tienes material para editar, te guiaremos paso a paso. Si aún no tienes material, te daremos una serie de ideas sobre qué escribir y las normas básicas para poder hacerlo. Conocerás cuales son los temas con éxito en el formato y también cuales no lo tienen. Aprenderás a distinguir los nichos exitosos con más posibilidades comerciales.

Aprenderás a preparar tu material de trabajo, elegir las herramientas y el software adecuado y también a mentalizarte para la tarea de llevar a cabo el proceso de edición por ti mismo.

Conocerás la herramienta que te permitirá registrar la propiedad intelectual de tus documentos y protegerlos de posibles plagios o robo de contenido... ¡totalmente gratis y desde cualquier país del mundo en que te encuentres!

Aprenderás el porqué de la importancia de un sitio propio para promover tu libro electrónico y los mecanismos que te permitan fácilmente su creación y promoción. Súmate a nuestra nueva idea. Tu libro, tu sitio promotor... sin intermediarios. Tu produces, tu sitio vende, tu cobras.

Aprenderás a lograr que tu sitio venda tu libro electrónico las 24 horas del día y los siete días de la semana, aún cuando no te encuentres presente. Aprenderás como contratar gratuitamente o a bajo costo un servicio de Secretaria Virtual que atienda tu negocio por tí.

Aprenderás a lograr que el sitio promotor de tu libro electrónico sea atractivo a los buscadores y lograr de esa manera ser incluido en las mejores posiciones en el menor tiempo posible.

Aprenderás a promocionar gratuitamente tu libro. Aprenderás a registrar en minutos un dominio propio para tu libro electrónico. Aprenderás donde y como registrar tu propio dominio .com o .net por menos de USD 12 y olvídate de abonar cantidades como U$ 35 o U$ 70. Aprenderás los beneficios adicionales que reporta contar con un dominio propio. Aprenderás a potenciar tu credibilidad con tu propio .com, .biz o .net. Si en 24 horas no aprendiste a registrar tu dominio: lo haremos por tí sin costo.

Aprenderás como optimizar tu página de venta poderosamente y aumentar las posibilidades de verte entre los primeros resultados.

Aprenderás a promocionarte gratis con el marketing de artículos haciendo lo que probablemente más te gusta hacer: ¡escribir y producir contenido!

Obtendrás una lista actualizada y con sus direcciones en Internet, de los servicios de hospedaje de página web más confiables y con mejores posibilidades. Ahórrate horas de investigación. Nosotros te mencionamos las empresas líderes y probadas. Conocerás las ventajas de un hosting económico frente a uno gratuito. Sabrás como y donde contratar proveedor al mejor precio del mercado y con el mejor servicio.

Aprenderás a mantener informados e interesados a los potenciales compradores de tu libro electrónico. Aprenderás como enviar e-mails a tus clientes completamente personalizados, con nombre, e-mail, localidad, etc. a listados con solo un click en su teclado. Conocerás los programas que realizan este trabajo con un numero ilimitado de destinatarios. ¡No mas mensajes masivos no legítimos y de baja calidad!

Aprenderás a crear un título y diseñar una portada irresistibles para tu libro electrónico que vendan por sí solos y obtendrás el listado de palabras mas exitosas del marketing a través de internet para aplicar en tus promociones. Conocerás el software que hará de tu libro un libro en tres dimensiones y con apariencia completamente real. Es mas, te entregamos el softwarte para crear tus propias portadas 3D (si, esas tan atractivas) completamente gratis y ¡en unos pocos minutos! ¡Por tu cuenta!

Aprenderás a gestionar tu propia red de vendedores de tu libro electrónico, sin costo alguno para ti. Aprenderás como pagar excelentes comisiones que atraigan nuevos distribuidores sin que sacrifiques un ápice de tus ganancias.

Aprenderás a asegurar visitas a tu sitio pagando a los buscadores solo por accesos verificados a partir de costos cercanos a U$ 0.01 por visita. Esto es solo 1 dólar por cada 100 visitas. Calcula el beneficio aunque solo logres una venta por cada 100 accesos. Paga solo por quienes acceden a su sitio. Aprende a desmarcarte de tu competencia con las últimas técnicas.

Abre desde mañana mismo tu propia cuenta de cobro mediante tarjeta por Internet. Sin necesidad de grandes desembolsos, sin cuotas mensuales, sin exigentes entrevistas, solo en unos pocos minutos y a través de tu computadora. ¡Vende tu libro con facilidad! ¡Y disfrutando!

Make $$$ With Pro2 CB Mall- Millions of Items - Infinite Programs

If you've been searching high and low for an effective, easy-to-implement way to make money on the internet, then this page is going to reveal the most exciting secret you've come across in a long time.

I know it's a big call, however, please allow me to explain. And I know this is kind of a long letter, but you owe it to yourself to find out whether this information is for YOU or not. Your entire financial future may depend on it, it's that important.

When I started on the web not all that long ago, I was full of doubt and my confidence crushed by the perpetual avalanche of get-rich-quick schemes that bombarded my email inbox on a daily basis.

The thing about these get-rich-quick schemes, I soon realized, was that it seemed to be much easier to tell other people how to get rich, rather than actually getting rich yourself. All the "gurus" had an opinion...

    ...however I was looking for a system, not just some ebook claiming to "hold the secrets to untold riches".

I knew I was probably smart enough to market online, after all it wasn't rocket science. All I had to do was sell stuff to people. Stuff they probably wanted to buy anyway. But I was really gun-shy at trying it again. I was in the military then and living on a very tight budget and every penny counted.

Then, after countless hours (and dollars) trawling through product after product, most of them less useful than a broom in the desert, I found ClickBank®. With nothing to stock, nothing to ship, and no payments to worry about, I knew this seemed like it could really work for me.

                    I REALLY wanted to make this work

So I set my goals, and I set them purposely very low. Matter of fact, I set my first goal at just $100.00 in a month. Seemed monumental to me at the time. After all, my confidence was dashed. I had to prove to myself I could do it. I vowed that if I didn't make that $100.00 in my first month I would walk away from online sales possibly for good.

Here's what happened: I made that $100.00 in my first month. I then set my goal at $500.00 a month, then $1000.00, then $5000.00, then $10,000, then $25,000.

My next goal is to make six-figures in a single month. I'm not quite there just yet, but the tools and the resources I use to make thousands of dollars on the Internet are revealed and accessible to all of our members too!

...And to make these kinds of results accessible to everyone, I've created a brand new system which uses these tested-and-proven methods...introducing...

Scott Blanchard’s ClickBump Engine

I’ve built and tweaked this system from the ground up for sales conversions and organic search ranking earning me over $14,000 in affiliate income alone in my first nine months of using it.

It’s called ClickBump Engine and I’ve just released the latest version to my member’s dashboard.

How would you like to use the power of the leading “SEO Optimized” WordPress based publishing system to run all your web sites?

A system that allows you to build the kind of sites the Guru’s and SEO Experts drool over. With features that enable point and click creation of features that would otherwise take weeks or even months of development time to create. And you get it all for less than the cost of an hour’s work if you were to contract a developer to build it.

Are you ready to have that much power?

If your answer to that question is yes, but you were thinking it would be too hard to learn WordPress, much less figure out all you need to know to build and launch Adsense, Review and Affiliate sites, read on….

I’ve just released a system that puts the power of WordPress into the hands of non technical users.
I’m using this system to rapidly publish Google-friendly, fast-loading, high-ranking websites that literally take minutes to get up and running.

If you’re the kind of person who needs to see social proof (and who doesn’t), scroll down to the testimonials included below, or click here to view a whole page of unsolicited testimonial emails I’ve received from customers who’ve purchased this system since I first launched it inside the Xfactor forums in September 2009.

The feedback I’ve received since then has been overwhelmingly gratifying that it works as well for others as it works for me.

The package comes complete with some very unique and field tested new features added to an already widely respected publishing platform, making it the fastest loading niche site publishing system available today.

And with Google’s new Caffeine search algorithm, site speed is more important than ever before.
This is the custom WordPress suite I created from scratch to create Adsense microsites, Product Review Sites, Sales Pages and Landing Pages that dominate Google rankings…

And its all done via an Innovative and New kind of WordPress Template that requires ZERO plugins to operate.

It can best be described as a “Super Theme”.

I like things to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Steve Krug’s “Don’t Make Me Think” is the mantra I carry when it comes to developing solutions for myself and for others.

With this one theme, I’ve hit on a unique and powerful infrastructure that allows me to install an unlimited number of “templates” or designs into the core engine just as soon as I get them designed.

How to Turn Traffic and Trust into Sales

Within this detailed 74 page ebook:

    * You will receive a thorough planning guide to help identify profitable niches.
    * You will receive an in-depth blueprint that will walk you through the steps from identifying your niche to profit.
    * You receive 4 bonus screencasts outlining specific techniques that ninja affiliates use.
    * You will be shown how smart affiliates target the low hanging fruit or customers that are already in "buying mode" for easy profit.
    * You will learn how the best bloggers and taste makers continue to grow their audience.
    * You will learn how good affiliates use transitive trust to increase sales.
    * You will learn how to get accepted to even the most selective of affiliate programs.
    * You will learn how to setup advanced tracking so you can see what is making you money.

Launch Jacking

I'd like you to imagine a bucket filled with water...

Now imagine that this bucket starts springing leaks like crazy...

Before long filling that leaking bucket would be a full time job.

That leaking bucket is the key to why some people always make money online, while others struggle...

And understanding why will lead to freedom and profit for a lucky few.

May I take a moment to explain?

My name is Mike Long and for the last decade I've made millions of dollars online. And I've been able to do it from the comfort of my home.

Here's a snapshot of me and my wife Elena at the Harry Potter theme park in Universal studios a few months ago...
Launch Jacking

But things weren't always fun and games. In fact there was once a time that I was struggling to keep my head above water, mired in debt. Until I stumbled across a practically unknown method for stuffing my wallet at lightning speed.

Starting in 2004 I worked behind the scenes, engineering some of the biggest windfalls in online marketing history...

The method was called the "product launch" and at first nobody believed...

After the Million Dollar day people dismissed it as a "one time trick"...

Launch Jacking

Now you can hardly turn around without seeing a new launch, but when I got started there weren't any. I've partnered in over $20 million dollars in boot strap websites, created overnight out of thin air by the power of the product launch.

I've learned some secrets from nearly 10 years of high voltage product launches. The Launch Jacking Coaching Program is all about one of those secrets...
Launch Jacking

Can I tell you the back story?

I got a phone call one night while Elena and I were having a cup of coffee...

It was from Rick Rivera, a 20-year old from Costa Rica who never made a dime online. And Rick dared me to teach him EXACTLY how to do it.

My partner Kelly Felix and I decided to take Rick up on his dare.

(Kelly is the founder of "The Rich Jerk" - though he's not a jerk, he's really cool.)

We told Rick a secret... Days later Rick sent me the picture I just shared...

Here's the scoop:

Back in 2006 I launched a $7-figure site called "MindofMystery.com".
Launch Jacking

One of the top affiliates was Michael Smith, but I discovered he had no list, no jvs, no product, no paid traffic, no experience, no techie skills, and very little time.

But Michael stumbled upon an ingenious technique for raking in profit... all by leveraging MY hard work! All in just 30-minutes using a 100% free article site...

Here's the skinny:
Launch Jacking

A few months later, I launched "Millionaire Licensing Club". A number of my top affiliates for the launch were taking advantage of the same "hack."

Remember that leaking bucket that I mentioned earlier?

Normally the "big problem" with making money on Google is that desirable search terms like "Wedding Favors" or "Stock Trading" are very competitive...

And less competitive terms like "underwater basket weaving" aren't profitable.

It turns out that a successful product launch opens an earnings loophole...

That's because folks get caught up in the hysteria of a product launch and they are starved for as many details as possible. But there is a catch...

Because a product launch is about a brand new product... (whether its for the online marketing market, relationship advice, health, stock trading, FOREX or another market) ...There's very little information about it on Google!

So that means when folks get all riled up about a new product launch, and they are hungry for more delicious tidbits about it, they are usually fresh out of luck!

That's where the LaunchJacking comes in! It's plugging leaky buckets for profit...
Launch Jacking

Let's get back to Rick Rivera. Before I knew it, Rick was running wild, using Launch Jacking to pile up impressive earnings using 100% free traffic!...

And to humiliate some big named competition. Take Jeff Johnson's $7-figure Traffic Voodoo launch. With no list, no product, no jvs, no paid traffic, no techie skills and very little time, Rick demolished some of the biggest named gurus.

(All of the gurus in the "leaderboard" above had these advantages. Rick confided he was shocked at the big names he was passing up in the affiliate competition


CB Data Feeds

This Unique, Highly Customizable   Content Monetizing System Will Rotate On Your Site Links to Content-Relevant, High Commission Paying, Best Performing ClickBank Products & Services...

YOU earn up to 75% in commission for each product sold !

Your clicks can be worth a fistful of dollars so why settle for handfuls of cents?

Do you find that the promise of making hundreds of dollars a day from displaying pay-per-click ads on your website is falling short of expectations?

We found the same thing. Instead of making our fortune from the pay-per-click revolution we found that our sites were lucky to make much more than a few cents a day. A couple of dollars at best.

The solution was staring us in the face.

Why settle for a handful of cents for each click that turned into a referral for someone else, when those same clicks can be potential sales for a product that would pay YOU 50, 60 or even 75% commission?

If one of your visitors clicks on an ad on your site and ends up buying a $47 ebook, imagine how much better it will feel to get a commission of up to $30 rather than the few cents that you'd normally get for your efforts?

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Now you can turn your website into an automatic commission collector!

We have taken the fact that your sites visitors love to click on interesting and targeted ads, and built a powerful new system around it.

That system is called CBprosense.

Read on to find out how it can work for you and considerably increase your site earnings potential...

Proven Internet Marketing Blueprint - 31 Days

What I am about to reveal is the facts and reality of internet marketing, and what it's really going to take to crack the internet marketing code, and the answer may shock you.

If you're anything like me, you have bought so many books, you're eyes are sweating from digging into the pages of information in search of a hidden jewel, or golden nugget of information that would finally spill out wealth like a shattered piñata.

You've probably spent money you didn't recoup, have a whole slew of products unused or unsold, joined affiliate programs and sold nothing, tried Adwords and spent a fortune, tried Adsense, Joint Ventures, MLM, network marketing, and despite the fact that everyone else around you seems to be getting rich - your bank seems to be hemorrhaging money faster than you can find a way to slow it down, let alone finally reverse the flow.

You've probably come into this industry from the dream that the automatic money you would earn, would give you the lifestyle you wanted. 

You're possibly in search of the holy grail - freedom to do what you want, when you want, the way you want, and have money coming in automatically while you sleep. 

Rebel Newbie Breaks the Silence and Reveals the
Truth about Internet Marketing

Did you know 92% of Internet Marketers don't make it.

But do you know why?

When I started in internet marketing, although I was an entrepreneur with the supposed freedom of being my own boss, I got to the point where I was working far too hard and I could never see an exit strategy where I would finally reach that stage where I could increase my wealth by decreasing the amount I worked... until I saw what benefits were being reaped from the internet.

I quickly discovered 2 things when I started in this field;
           1 -  What you don't know, you don't know, and

           2 - My way had proven to be the slow way, and I was done taking the path of most resistance  (like walking through cement in bare feet)

So what was I to do?  I quickly sketched during a lunch break at the World Internet Summit, before I chose a place to start, what my goals were, and what did I need most today, right now.

The internet newbies around me were seasoned veterans of attending internet marketing shows, and buying stuff, yet they still hadn't made enough to pay for the products and mentoring they were buying, let alone quit their day job!

At that moment, I knew I needed a mentor.  So I chose 2, spent almost $8000, had my husband question me deeply when I came back from my 'exploratory trip into internet marketing' and then dropped a bigger bomb that 7 days from now, I was flying to Atlanta to get 3 days of training from a mentor I had purchased.  My husband saw this as a temporary loss of my sanity.

But what if you could build your life exactly how you wanted, despite anything you are told?

Mobile Mass Money

You missed your chance.

          o You’re too late for PPC.
          o You’re too late for SEO.
          o You’re too late for CPA.
          o You’re too late for Banner Exchanges, Blogging, Article Marketing, Twitter, Clickbank.

Heck, even though the big scammy “Gurus” are telling you it’s the 2nd coming now, you’re too late for Facebook too.

The good money’s already been made, the back room deals are already being done and pretty soon you’re going to get slammed out of there too.

And you know what? You’re not alone.

The stone cold truth, despite what the gurus tell you, 99% of people NEVER make money online and only 1% do.


Because the 99% are always late . . .

And you’re one of them.

Yes. That’s right. Everything you’ve been told about making money online is dead wrong, outdated, or just plain doesn't work anymore.

And even though I hate to be the one to have to tell you this, you’ve been lied to my friend. .

The big “Gurus” have  been stringing you along, making all the good money themselves and then making you pay for carcass.

They’ve been giving you the scraps.

Except now there aren’t even any scraps left at all.

Ever wonder why everybody else seems to be making money online when you’re not?

It’s not because they’re smarter.

Or they work harder (they don’t.)

It’s because they see an opportunity and get there early.

They got there ahead of time when there was  still money to be made . . . when it was still easy to get rich.

While you listened to some scammy guru and kept doing what used to work over and over again and got pissed off as you just kept losing money.

Even though you’ve been late again and again and again.

For once you can actually open your eyes and be early.

You can get out ahead of the crowd and take advantage of a massive change that’s going to make billionaires in the next few years (and whole lot of millionaires besides.)

And you know what?

You can be one of them.

Heck, don’t even think about the millions you could make (or the thousands you’ll make pretty much by accident if you’re lazy.)

Think about this:

"How To Make Money" product

Vergiss für einen Moment alles, was du über Heimarbeit oder Geldverdienen im Internet gehört hast und höre mir genau zu:

Auch du kannst 100.000 Euro jährlich im Internet verdienen, mit dem richtigen Insiderwissen könnte es jeder!

Es gibt in unserer Gesellschaft zwei Parallelwelten, zwei Klassen. In der unteren Klasse leben 90% aller Menschen. Auch du gehörst dieser Schicht an, ich tat es ebenfalls bis vor einem Jahr.

In dieser Klasse ist jeder Euro schwer verdient und ein paar tausend Euro pro Monat gelten als sehr viel Geld.

Es ist das Leben der Mittelmässigkeit. Du wirst nie verhungern oder Not erleiden, genauso wirst du aber auch niemals aus deinem eng gesteckten Rahmen ausbrechen können.

Es ist das Leben der Arbeiterschaft, der Angestellten, aber auch der Selbständigen und des Durchsnittsakademikers, wie Ärzte und Anwälte, die lediglich am oberen Ende dieser unteren Klasse stehen.

Dann gibt es diese andere, geheimnisumwobene Welt der oberen 10.000, der Reichen und Schönen, wie wir es gerne betiteln.

In dieser Welt gelten andere Maßstäbe, denn Geld fliesst in ganz andere Dimensionen. Manchmal erhaschen wir einen Blick auf diese Welt durch die Medien, oder wenn wir einen 300.000 Euro Wagen neben uns an einer Ampel sehen und uns kofschüttelnd fragen:

"Wie in aller Welt, kann ein Mensch so viel Geld verdienen?"
Leider bleibt es bei den meisten Menschen bei dieser rein rethorischen Frage, ohne Anspruch auf Antwort. Dabei müsste die Frage doch in Wirklichkeit lauten:

"Wie kann dieser Mensch, der doch auch keines anderen Wesens ist als ich, so viel mehr Geld verdienen? Warum sollte ich selbst nicht in der Lage sein das gleiche zu tun? Ich möchte nicht eher ruhen, bis ich die Antwort auf diese Frage erhalten habe, denn auch ich begehre dieses Leben der Freiheit und des Luxus."

Erziehung, Kollegen, Freunde, der Alltag, die Mittelmässigkeit und das trostlose Grau der Arbeitswelt haben uns jedoch verlernen lassen, zu träumen und an das Grosse zu glauben.
Auch daran, dass für uns mehr bestimmt wäre.

Ja, es lässt sich sogar die eigene Unzufriedenheit über diese Zweiklassengesellschaft besser ertragen, wenn man sich und anderen einredet:

"Auf einfache Weise viel Geld im Internet zu verdienen, das gibt es nicht.
Jeder, der Gegenteiliges behauptet, ist ein Lügner, ein Betrüger oder ein Spinner."

Ich will dir jetzt erzählen, wie ich zufällig über jenes Insiderwissen stolperte, mit dem eine kleine verschworene Internet Elite jeden Monat hundert tausende Euro verdient.

Zero Cost Marketing Strategies

EEEEERCHHHH! STOP! Before you even think about wasting your time reading this sales letter, we need to get one thing straight – There is no such thing as "overnight success" and if you expect to make money online without doing any work, please leave the site now. We are sick and tired of "self-acclaimed" GURUS telling people that they can get rich overnight with their techniques. This is "BULL" and we want to put an end to this FALLACY!

Making money online DOES take work, and if you are not willing to put in a little effort, you will not make nearly the amount of money that we have. Leave this site now if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme because we do not have one of these to offer you as there is NO SUCH THING (unless you successfully rob a bank).

Are you still here? Great! Glad we are on the same page. If you love money you have come to the right place to learn how to make it online. We are going to show you how to create your own "money printing machine". If you are like most, you always dream of winning the lottery and striking it rich by purchasing one little ticket. We used to think like this until we realized that the Internet is basically the same thing – a heap of cash up for grabs for people willing to put in a little work.

Still here? Cool! We are going to show you how you to can begin "loving money" Right Now!

Our Story…

Before we get started we should probably give you a little background of exactly who we are and why you should listen to us. We began our journey online over 4 years ago as struggling students in college. With barely enough money to pay for our tuition, we decided that we would try this "Internet thing" out and see if we could make a few bucks online.

We both started out very slow spending very little on advertising but something amazing happened to both of us right away. We both worked very hard and within 6 quick months we were earning more than the Dean of the school. This may sound ridiculous, but it is not.


It's important that you know that we were very highly successful "AFFILIATE" marketers before we created the Wealthy Affiliate University and our three e-books.

So many people rely on Joint Ventures in order to earn huge amounts of money online (like most of these "GURUS"), but we DO NOT rely on Joint Ventures and have done virtually NONE to date. We tell it like it is, and have built our reputation based on our loyalty to producing QUALITY products and offering outstanding service and support (something that you probably are not used to).

We have personally coached thousands of people and helped them earn their first sales online as affiliates. We have also helped the same people create $100/day, $500/day, and even $2000/day businesses online with no prior experience! Many people who create an Internet Marketing product to sell online do not have first hand experience with the techniques they are teaching. We use the exact techniques that we teach in our own "live" marketing campaigns. Basically, you should listen to us because we "practice what we preach" - something that is very rare these days.

Generate Obnoxious Income

Just follow these revolutionary methods and you'll be making more in one week than you used to make in an entire month at your former day job...

Inside you'll discover...

    * How to effortlessly hand-pick red-hot Clickbank products that are guaranteed to pour cold hard cash into your bank account, over and over again...
    * The one key Clickbank-Profit element - an underground system that separates the affiliate superstars from the mediocre penny-ante crowd...
    * How to finally make Real Money online with Clickbank and propel yourself into an elite class of affiliate masters while leaving 97% of your wannabe competitors in the dust!
    * The trick to making $447.82...and even $2069.52 per day from Clickbank! (proof below)

It's time to wake up and get serious about your online business, so I'm going to be brutally honest with you...

No matter what your Clickbank income is right now, you could be making a hell of a lot more with my system.

By the way just to show you that I'm the REAL DEAL, check out what 2 of the best Clickbank Marketers in the world have to say about me...Chris Mcneeney & Michael Rasmussen
First of all, if you've never heard of Clickbank before and haven't earned a cent online in your entire life, then this isn't for you...

This 6 step approach may be easy as pie to follow but unless you're dedicated, switched on and willing to follow simple instructions, then you're just wasting your time...and mine!

You see, what you're about to find out isn't for some wet behind the ears newbie who faints at the sight of an affiliate link.

You're about to discover secrets that only the cream of affiliate marketing crop knows...

To put this knowledge in a newbies hands would be dangerous, unless you agree to follow the system exactly...

It took time for me to put together this ultimate affiliate marketing package and to just hand it over to some brainless wannabe...well, I'd be insulting myself!

Formula GanaCash

No estoy segura como llegaste a mi sitio web, pero lo que si estoy segura, es que estás a punto de descubrir la forma más sencilla para comenzar a ganar dinero en TODO Internet.

¿Por qué lo digo?

Porque una vez que te enteres de qué se trata, te convencerás de lo sencillo que es mi sistema y que realmente CUALQUIER persona puede generar ingresos desde casa o desde cualquier lugar del mundo.

Pero antes de continuar, permiteme mostrarte la historia que dará un giro radical a tus creencias sobre lo que significa trabajar y ganarse la vida...

Probablemente ya has escuchado historias de quienes ganan mucho dinero con tan solo una computadora y una conexión a Internet. Bueno... yo también lo hago, con la diferencia de que...

¡Yo soy una chica!

Así es.

No sólo los hombres son quienes pueden amasar fortunas en Internet. Nosotras también podemos.

Y lo que estoy a punto de decirte, es algo que para mi misma fué dificil de aceptar en un inicio... el miedo y las dudas me embargaban, y esos eran los motivos por los que permanecía en una vida llena de preocupaciones y miseria.

Una vez que sepas de qué trata mi Formula GanaCash, podrás replicarla cuantas veces quieras, de tal modo que puedas...
    Abandonar un empleo esclavizante de 8 o más horas diarias.
    Dejar de soportar a un jefe con aires de dictador, al que tengas que obedecer cada capricho.
    Pasar más tiempo con tu familia, tus hijos, tu pareja y tus seres queridos. Ya no tendrás que pasar todo el día sin tenerlos cerca.
    Ir de compras y adquirir todos los productos que quieras, sin tener que preocuparte por los gastos.
    Trabar desde casa, desde la playa o desde cualquier lugar del mundo. Basta con que tengas una conexión a Internet para poder generar ingresos.
    Pero sobre todo... podrás SER LIBRE.

Y desde este momento, antes de que prosigas leyendo me gustaría que tengas claro que mi fórmula para ganar dinero en Internet no tiene nada que ver con lo siguiente:
    No tiene nada que ver con multiniveles o reclutar gente, ni mucho menos con promesas de hacerte millonario "mientras duermes" o sin mover ni un dedo. Afrontemoslo: ¡Eso es poco realista!
    No tiene nada que ver con ganar dinero respondiendo encuestas remuneradas. Cualquiera que haya intentado eso sabe por experiencia que no funciona.
    No tiene nada que ver con ganar dinero leyendo emails, haciendo clicks o navegando por Internet... ¡Eso no sirve!!
    No tiene nada que ver con Google AdSense. Mucho trabajo para ganar apenas unos centavos.
    Tampoco es un curso que te enseña cómo crear un curso para venderlo en Internet. ¡Eso toma demasiado tiempo!

Portfolio of Cash Siphoning Tactics

I'm flabbergasted.  I can't believe it’s happened, but somehow, someway, they have managed to keep it all hidden...

They've managed to keep the public vainly fighting for table scraps while they fill their coffers to the point of bursting...

Well now they have profited enough and now it's your turn to grab a piece of the pie...

But who are “they” and what exactly am I talking about?

“They" are the internet fat cats. Super affiliates and wonder gurus...  Guys that build fences and walls to you keep you out...

Please excuse the conspiracy undertones, but I have seen it all with my own eyes and used the system to make up to a quarter million dollars in a month - And before you finish reading this, I will prove to you beyond a doubt that it’s all 100% true...

If you Don’t want to start Siphoning the Internet’s
Biggest Money Mountain for your Own Financial Gain,
then Read no Further...

The information I am about to reveal is highly sensitive AND confidential.

To this day, only a very select and Elite group of people has ever been privy to this, and you can be sure they want it to stay that way.  The last thing they want is for you and I to come in and gatecrash the profit party.

Now there is nothing illegal or unethical to what I am about to show you, but it strikes directly at the core of the established order and unlocks the key to pools of wealth they would fight tooth and nail to keep to themselves.

Therefore, we must tread with care as I lay bare everything I saw when I joined their inner circle through the back door...

Exposed! The Most Vile Plot in Internet History:

"While we stare at Google, the Elite is quietly Siphoning
off billions of dollars from the Internet by Playing
a Different Game with a Different set of Rules..."

Ever felt that there just *had* to be more to it...

I mean you try to make money online with all those tricks and methods but it goes nowhere.  Or you see a glimmer of hope here or there, just before it gets wiped out by a google slap, an adwords bill or something else...

Try the latest Google Guide, they tell you.  Stick with it, they say.  Practice makes perfect...

But Practice, is precisely what they don’t do.  Because they are playing a different game than they tell you to play.  Their money is coming from elsewhere and being invested in another place too, where it multiplies faster than rabbits on a desert Island...

In essence, they have created a very appealing diversion to keep you digging far away from where they do: the internet’s biggest cash mountain (and it only gets bigger everyday).

Imagine Making $700+ a Day Without Spending a DIME

EVERY single “money-making” guide you’ve ever bought is based around “selling” something – no matter what it says.

Even in “affiliate marketing” – you eventually have to SELL something to someone. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, fortunes have been made SELLING.

But, when I first started I wasn’t comfortable “selling” so I wanted an easier way of doing things. I wanted to be very low-key and under the radar.

Using what I’m about to show you, you’ll never “buy” traffic (if you don’t want to) – you’ll see use FREE traffic and you’ll never SELL them anything!

All It Takes Is JUST 25 Minutes a Day and 4 Steps I Need You To Copy/Paste…

Yes, I’m not kidding – just 25 minutes a day. Just copy and paste our 4 step system everyday and you can start to attract the same FREE traffic.

I’ll show you exactly WHAT and HOW to give away the FREE things to this traffic – you’ll start to make anywhere from $2 to $80 PER user you give stuff away to.

Even if you SELL things, many times you won’t make $80 per user! But, I’ve found secret places where you can find companies willing to pay a LOT of money (if you give away their stuff for Free).

Let’s be REAL for a minute…

You know those “money-making guides”  that say “click a button and you’ll make millions tomorrow” – yeah, forget that.

Professional Affiliate Sites in a Few Clicks...

In fact, as the months progressed, I'd ended up building single affiliate sites (some no more than 10 pages deep) that were single-handedly earning what most people consider a full time income.

It was crazy. And it was just the beginning.

And it still works just as well today as it did when I started.

(By the way, many people fall into the trap of believing that you have to stay on top of every new trend and the latest "tricks" to do well in this business - or to constantly monitor what Google allegedly likes or whatever. It's simply not true.)

The reality is that every day, thousands upon thousands of people go online to BUY something.

And if you simply create content that is targeted to them - you'll get your piece of the pie, too.

It's that simple.

And with Affiliate Genie - this full time formula is literally as easy as pie. That's because I originally designed it from the ground up for the sole purpose of having my staff build my own affiliate sites.

It was only recently that we decided to make it a bit more user-friendly and release it publicly.
One of the core features of Affiliate Genie is its ability to easily create professional product review pages with an easy-to-use rating system and other integrated tools that - put simply - makes it very easy to publish unique, product-focused content.

And why is this a crucial success factor?

The answer is simple, and it's something that was directly responsible for my own success as an affiliate...

Publishing product reviews and product-related content is the simplest possible way to get traffic from "buyer keywords" in the search engines. And trust me - those are the kinds of people you want coming to your site!

I've seen it with my own campaigns, time and time again...

Sites where I've tried to rank for a competitive keyword (or keywords) usually get a fair bit of a traffic, but the sales and conversions are average.

In contrast - sites where my content is specifically focused on products, pre-sales questions/problems and otherwise "buyer" keywords usually generate far more sales, even with a fraction of the traffic.

CB Inner Circle - Jv With The Big Players

Listen... if you are brand new to marketing— I mean totally out of the box newbie— then this offer isn't for you...

In order to take full advantage of this super-simple success system, you must have a basic knowledge of Internet marketing.

So... if some of the terms used on this page don't make sense to you, then it's probably best if you click away now.

But... if you've been around Internet marketing for even just a little while, and you're ready to finally haul in the big cash, then you must absorb every word on this page...

Because for you select few men and women, I guarantee the same kind of results I get... will be yours if you just follow this easy to implement plan!
You're going to have the biggest bomb dropped on you right here at the top of this page...

This is— by far— the most important thing you need to understand if you're ever going to break free from the grind... break free from just doing “okay”... break free from seeing tiny paydays if you're even seeing any money at all!

The most crucial notion you must accept in order to succeed in a big way, right away...

Internet marketing is just like high school!

There you have it in a nutshell. And I'm not joking around either. Internet marketing resembles high school in many ways.

Think back for a moment...

You start as a freshman... with high hopes. You think somehow just being in high school is going to change your life in so many positive ways. You even hear others say it. They talk of how great things are going to be for you, once you get there.

Then two weeks in you realize it's just harder work, less help and a bunch of upper classmen only want to make the experience nearly impossible for you.

Many starting out marketing online run into those same feelings... You begin with all those promises of wealth in your head... “Make a million in your pajamas... Sleep all day and earn thousands... Quit your dayjob and get rich!”

Then you show up only to find harder work... no safety net... and a bunch of “upper classmen” who want to make the experience nearly impossible for you.

The freshmen get screwed no matter if it's high school or business. That's the way it was for me when I started out marketing... and that's probably how it has been for you.

Does this ring a bell?

You learn all you (think) you need to know about affiliate marketing, yet you stand by and watch others make tons of money while you make just a sale or two...


You rolled up your sleeves, busted your butt and created your own product only to watch it just lay there on ClickbankTM like a grape rotting on the vine


The Blog Income For Women Blueprint

The Top 10 Reasons How The Blog Income For Women Blueprint Will Help You Jump-Start Your Income Online!

1. The Blog Income for Women Blueprint will teach you how to generate an extra $500 to $5000 per month (if not more) from your blog using free traffic sources.

2. The entire course in broken down into simple and easy to follow step-by-step techniques to allow you to get results!

3. We’ve taken the guess work out of it for you and you’ll benefit from our own mistakes and won’t have to repeat them and you’ll be able to seriously really boost your online business.

4. This course is as complete as possible to provide you with all the strategies you need to get started quickly without having to spend a lot of time figuring out the basics.

5. The Blog Income for Women Blueprint program is all about just-in-time learning – all these modules are created to allow you to get the information you need to build blog income and you won’t get lost with information that you don’t need.

6. You won’t have to worry about what you need to do next! Everything is designed to help you achieve the next step and Module 7 puts everything into perspective by giving you the daily 30-day plan. Module 7 is really like finding the goose that laid the golden egg!

7. The Blog Income for Women Blueprint program was created to allow you to focus without getting lost or overwhelmed. You won’t get distracted by a lot of things you don’t need to know.

8. The modules are all videos to allow you to take in the learning in three different formats – audio, video, handouts (each module comes with a handbook to allow you to take additional notes).

9. Each module is set on a sequence so your job is simply to go through each module one by one. We’ll also deliver the modules to you on a weekly basis in order to keep the momentum going without overwhelming you.

10. We offer a 60-day money back guarantee so you have 60 days to determine if The Blog Income for Women can allow you to reach your objectives of gaining more financial independence for you and your family! There is zero risk to test out The Blog Income for Women Blueprint


How to Easily Build Profit-Churning Websites

How would you like to be able to build your very own money-making, professional-looking, stunning websites without having to bang your head against the wall?

But before we get into that, I want to ask you a question...
Here's Why: Most people get inside the money making process in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some people start with PPC. Others with Email Marketing. What most people fail to realize is that any successful online money making business revolves around 'websites'.

If you are someone who knows how to create websites and how to profit from them, you've already won half the battle.


But if you are an internet marketer who is unable to crank out websites whenever required, then you're in for a long fight my friend.
The following screenshot shows the earnings from one of my clickbank accounts which generates $1,125.24 every week - All from a single website that runs completely on autopilot. Its not much, but heck - I spent 5 hours creating the website and its been generating cash for me every week!
You see, anybody can create a website by writing a few lines in an HTML file and uploading it on the internet. There are tons of helpful resources available all over the web that may guide you in your pursuit. But information is so much scattered that it takes a lot of time to search and understand all the concepts.

I have spent thousands of hours studying and understanding how to create websites. It was frustrating and I thought about quitting many a time. I had to scratch my brain and search on Google for every little thing that came up while building my websites.

The problem was that there was no one to guide me in the right direction. No one to tell me that there were down-to-earth simple ways of creating amazing websites within minutes. So, I had to take the long route.

Yes, it was hard but I thank god every day that I took the long route because it helped me learn the innermost secrets, methods, and resources which most web developers never get to learn. And most importantly, I thank god because it has enabled me to reach a stage where I can teach YOU exactly how to create your own website.

Let me tell you what this is all about: My name is Ritoban Chakrabarti, and I have created a video-based course which will teach you everything you need to know about cranking out your own websites.

The best part is, I have developed the course keeping in mind that you know absolutely nothing about website creation. Therefore, I start from scratch and pour out all the information in easy-to-understand instructions that you can see and follow immediately.


Instant Money Pages

It's no secret that the internet is by far the world's largest marketplace.

Even if you were able to combine the selling power of every single shopping center in the world's busiest city the income potential would still be utterly dwarfed by the financial monster that is online business.

And you don't need to be a Rocket Scientist to understand where the world's largest financial monster resides is where the world's monstrous money making opportunities reside too.

All you need to do is find a way to take hold of just one of those opportunities for yourself and in no time you'll be telling your boss what you really think of him.

Of course, there's nothing new about any of the above information. Millions of people from all over the world already well and truly understand the epic money making potential that the internet offers.

In fact, they understand it so well that they've been flocking in droves trying every possible angle to get a piece of the online money making pie…

…and still are, even as we speak.

Through it all one method to generate real online income has proven itself time and time again as the easiest and best way to milk the internet cash cow.

And, as the single most trusted method of making money online, it continues to surge way ahead of all other methods with accelerated earnings growth.

We are, of course, talking about affiliate marketing.

It makes perfect sense too.

Money is made online from selling goods and services…

…and affiliate marketing is the act of getting paid for helping sell those products or services by promoting them.

Affiliate Marketers are the people who do the promotion.

They promote goods and services by driving traffic - that's people - to the seller's offers. One of those people then makes a purchase and the seller pays a healthy commission to the Affiliate Marketer for sending them the business.

And it's usually a BIG commission.

Some offers pay 75% commission and, believe it or not, some business owners even pay as high as 100% commission because they're more interested in winning the customer for the long haul than merely making a single one off sale.

It's not hard to understand why affiliate marketing is so immensely popular.

It's simple to get involved with.

You don't need to stock goods.

You don't need to process sales.

You don't need to do anything, really,

... except help direct potential buyers to where they can buy.

And when they do…

Sounds simple, doesn't it?

The truth is affiliate marketing is simple when you know what you're doing.

The problem is most people don't know what they're doing.

In fact, most of the time they spend way too much time "hoping" that they make a ton of sales from the traffic they're sending to the seller’s offer…

… instead of ensuring the traffic they send is highly targeted and clued up enough that they're already convinced buying is a good decision.

Sure, most Affiliate Marketer's understand it's important to send highly targeted traffic to get high sales conversions…

…but most fail to also take care of the "clued up" part


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if you are looking for a system developed by millionaires, that is proven to generate me $171,168.06 per month then this may very well be the most important letter you will ever read!

Because, I'd like to give you full access to the exact tools, tricks and resources I use every single day to make this unbeatable system drop massive cash into my bank account month in and month out.

Let me tell you a story about this club that I've created for you:

My name is Mack Michaels, and let me tell you, I used to work hard. Really hard... like millions of other Americans... while hardly getting by, living paycheck to paycheck.

I always wanted to live the "American Dream" but no matter what job I had, I could never get anywhere close to making enough money to live the life I have always wanted.

From fast food to a Fortune 500 company, I tried everything to secure my family's financial future.

No matter what I did, my bank balance was always close to zero at the end of the month and, my credit card debt kept piling up. I hated my jobs, my bosses, the debt, and most of all...


I hated not being able to provide my family the life I wanted to give them.

Then, when I thought things can't get any worse, they did...

I remember the exact day. It was December 7th (my birthday) and I'd been laid off from the only job I had. Christmas was fast approaching and I planned on buying my wife a very special Christmas gift (the kind that shines in the light and could only be worn on her ears).

But all of a sudden, there was no way I could afford that gift. Forget presents, I didn't even know how I was going to afford putting a roof over our head and food on the table after my last paycheck was spent.

I felt like the world was crashing down on me, I had to do something fast, very fast, before my family and I were out on the street. I needed another way to make money immediately. And as I was thinking about it, I asked myself: Before I make any moves that will tie me into another job I'll just end up hating, why don't I consider what it is I want, and more importantly, what I don't want in a job?
I set myself a New Years resolution. My New Years resolution was to quit making excuses and actually do something about my life. And this time I didn't just forget about my resolution like every year prior...

That's right, I took ACTION! Here's how it happened...

After thinking it over, I began telling people about the type of job I wanted. The people I was showing my checklists to did not take me seriously. They actually laughed in my face and said I was dreaming and needed to get my head out of the clouds.


I didn't even know if something like what I wanted even existed. But I made my mind that I was going to look for it until I found it.

You could say my quest for this buried treasure of a stress-free and happy lifestyle that comes with working from home had begun...

I started by going to some of the popular Internet Marketing forums online and signing up for every "Work at Home" opportunity I could find.

You would probably faint if you saw how many credit cards I maxed out from buying into "The Dream" that comes with working from home.

Seriously, I spent tens of thousands of dollars that I didn't have (remember, they were credit cards, and lots of em) trying to find a job that would just work.

It's sad to say that out of all of the money I spent ($23,769 to be exact), 6 months later and the three jobs I had to work just to pay living expenses and the minimum payments on those cards, my expensive quest came to an end.

You see, when I was on this "Quest" to find out how I could find the job that meets everything on my checklist, I didn't have much going for me.


Step-by-step affiliate marketing beginner course

For years and years, I wanted to make money online but didn't really know where to start. We've always lived paycheck to paycheck, and I knew there had to be a way to change that. I tried having my own Internet “store,” where I sold actual physical products. Too much work for too little cash. I tried designing web sites for people, but I realized I was still working for someone else; plus all the hours I put in didn't translate into decent earnings. Finally I stumbled on affiliate marketing and knew it was the answer I needed.

Once I found success with my methods, I created an affiliate marketing home study course for beginners that teaches solid, ethical, and proven techniques for making money online to people who have NO experience in online marketing or creating web sites. Even if you feel like you need Affiliate Marketing for Dummies, this course will teach you how. It's available for immediate download, so you can get right down to business with the Schoolbook lesson plan within a few minutes from now.

Affiliate marketing most often consists of the creation of web sites around certain topics. You become an affiliate of online merchants and promote their products on your site. When someone clicks on your links, they are directed to the merchant’s site. When they make a purchase, you get the commission.

• No handling monetary transactions
• No inventory
• No shipping
• No customer service

All you do is drive traffic to these merchants' sites. Simple concept, huh? But when you're looking for legit ways to make money from home,
...it’s very difficult for the affiliate marketing beginner to determine what’s legitimate and what’s not. Scammers bank on this. Literally.

I get so tired of hearing about enthusiastic new Internet marketers getting conned out of hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars by lowlifes who prey on their inexperience. True, newbies aren't exempt from the personal responsibility to thoroughly research something before getting involved, but sometimes they just don't know what questions to ask. So the make-money-from-home scams keep snagging victim after victim, such as the "make money from Google" scam sites that are everywhere.

In the end, legitimate Internet marketing gets a black eye, victims are hurt, and scammers are living large. There's something wrong here.

Yes, there is a one-time charge for my course. However, it's not the charging of a fee that makes something a scam. It's the failure to deliver on one's promises.