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Premium Stock Newsletter

Lets cut to the chase.  You are probably here today because you are interested in how to make more money in the stock market. You are in luck because I am not here to waste your time. 

Today I am going to reveal a secret to you, a secret that has made my life worthwhile and helped me earn a fortune.  My secret of earning money is simple and very easy to understand.


Before using this system, I was just a another average Joe living a average life.  I got up at 7 am everyday, got dressed, got in my car, drove an hour in traffic to my average 9 to 5 corporate job.

After work, I got in my car, drove another hour in traffic to get home and would barely have time to spend with my family.  At the end of the day, I made just enough to get by.  I was a slave to my job.  Most importantly, I was not happy.

I knew this wasn't the life for me and that there was something better out there.

Today, 3 years later, after countless hours of due dilligence and research,

Me and my team of traders all make any where from $150,000 - $750,000 every month from trading stocks with this proven system!

Yes it’s true and we do sleep and get to spend good time with friends and family as well. We don’t overwork to earn this amount. 

Our secret to earn this great income every month is by trading certain stocks at the right time that have the potential to gain any where from 50% - 1000% in a matter of days.

Yes you read it correct!

This trading system can change your entire life and make you filthy rich if you will go my way.


With years of experience and knowledge, I know inside-outs of the stock market and have been able to deduce a method of picking and trading stocks.

If you calculate we make and average of $25,000 a day and a little over whopping $10,000,000 in a year.

You must be probably thinking how do we do that?

The Secret is Through Trading Undervalued Penny Stocks at the Right Time.

Why Penny Stock You Ask..?

Because thats where all the explosive gains of 50% - 1000% are happeneing. When was the last time you saw a stock like Apple or Yahoo gain 50% - 1000% in a matter of days?

It is alot easier to find a Penny Stock that goes from $0.05 to $0.75 rather than a stock that goes from $10 - $150.

Ever see news of penny stocks gaining over 500% in one day. Ever think about how much money those people who bought the stock 1 week earlier made?

Think about how happy you will be if the stock you bought Gained over 100% in a matter of a day.


The question now lies in how to pick the right penny stocks and buy them right before the big Break out gain?

Thats the key here. Investing into a stock at the right time BEFORE the BIG gain.

With the Hole In One Stocks Premium Newsletter, thats exactly what we will reveal to you. My research team has put this system together into the Hole In One Stocks newsletter that is so easy to follow.

You will get email alerts on the HOTTEST undiscovered Penny Stocks right before the BIG Gain. You will get the PICKs BEFORE the crowd.

Penny Stock Promo Headquarters

There's an old saying in business that states, "The bigger the risk, the bigger the potential reward." That's exactly why most investors turn to penny stocks when they are looking to make huge returns on their money. There is no other place in the world where an investor can double or triple his money in just a few hours or days rather than the months or years required by other investments


However, the problem that most penny stock investors fail to realize is that the catalysts behind such moves often have little to do with the financial reports or fundamental aspects of the companies they are following. The sort of short-term action that guides a penny stock up 100%, 200%, or even 1,000% has much more to do with what's going on behind the scenes.
I'm going to let you in on a big secret you may have not known...
These Huge Moves Are Almost Always Due To Promotions!
Have you ever seen a penny stock run for days on end without being able to pinpoint what sparked such a run? Chances are it was a promotion.
In fact, out of every 10 stocks you see run up 100% or more, it's likely that at least 7 of those runs were due directly to stock advertising campaigns!
Creating excitement around stocks that soar in response to the smallest surge in investor demand typically gives those who got in early an insane 100%-1,000% return on their investment


... but, by the time you – the average investor – usually catches wind of these types of stocks, they've often doubled or tripled already.
Even though a purchase at those higher prices could still give you a big return, wouldn't it be nice to get in at the start of these runs rather than after they've already begun?
Well, the sad truth is that you simply can't do so...
The opportunity to buy a stock right before a massive advertising campaign begins is the only sure-fire way to consistently pull in huge profits with penny stocks.
It's like trading with top secret insider information... except it's legal!
Since you're on this site, you already know that I've been using this secret trading strategy to make a fortune with penny stocks.
Tens of thousands of dollars, each and every month...
... but that's not how things have always been!


Penny Stock Prophet" Reveals the Secret to turning $1000

If you haven't yet heard of James Connelly, it's probably because he is more commonly known by his nickname, "The Penny Stock Prophet," given to him by his peers due to his uncanny ability to discover "breakout" penny stocks just days before they experience RECORD gains.
In the last 12 months, Connelly A.K.A "The Penny Stock Prophet" has become an internet sensation due to his stock picking strategy, that has changed the lives of hundreds of his followers.
As a 19 year-old college student, Connelly excelled in his studies. In his own words, "School was just something that always came naturally for me. It was too easy, and over time I just started to lose interest. I wanted something different, I needed to find something else to challenge me. That's when I decide to turn to trading stocks."
Connelly always had an interest in the stock market, even at a young age. When he was still a teenager, Connelly's father taught him how to read charts, and quarterly earnings reports. "My dad even got me a subscription to the Wall Street Journal for my 16th birthday, " says Connelly.
Having an understanding of the fundamentals of the market, at such a young age, was advantageous to Connelly's eventual future as an investor. The prospect of riches, and the unlimited possibilities that the stock market offered, soon began to recapture Connelly's imagination


"The stock market to me was just a big puzzle. It fascinated me. I felt that if I could figure out the pieces to that puzzle, I could develop a strategy that would give me a huge advantage over other traders," Says Connelly, "I knew it would take a lot of trial and error, but I was convinced I could develop a method that would give me an edge in finding the next breakout stock."
On a whim, Connelly opened his first trading account his freshman year in college. "Initially, it started off has just a hobby. I wanted to learn the process, and start small. Once I figured out a strategy that could win consistently, then it was time to turn it up a notch."
Connelly began like any other investor. Studying charts, utilizing resistance calculators, analyzing financial reports, and re-learning the basic fundamentals of trading.
Connelly's hobby soon became an obsession as he began skipping his classes, preferring to spend the majority of his time researching and trading stocks.
"I was making more money from my dorm room than most people make at their jobs, so I just figured going to class was a waste of time. I was on to something, and I wanted to keep the momentum going."
To Connelly, spending the day trading was more exciting and satisfying than sitting in a classroom being lectured. Eventually, college became an afterthought.
Over the next few months Connelly spent hours in his dorm room pouring over charts, analyzing trading patterns, volume, resistance levels, and any other identifiable factors he could find to help him identify a point when a stock was about to experience a bullish trading pattern.
Connelly was convinced that that winning stocks must have similarities, and that if those similarities could be discovered, it would be the key to identifying breakout stocks before they happen.
"I felt certain that I could create a strategy that could identify a breakout stock, before it began to rally. There had to be a signal, something that could be used as an identifier to 'red-flag' a stock that was about to see a major move."
Connelly eventually discovered 4 key variables that he believed was the secret to identifying a breakthrough stock. To this day Connelly has not released these variables to the public.
"I've been offered a lot of money to sell my strategy, but that's not going to happen. I want everyone to have the opportunity to profit from my strategy, not just someone who will pay millions for it, and keep it all to themselves."
What Connelly is willing to share with the public, is how identifying the Psychological Support Level (PSL) of a given stock, is the key to his method being so successful.
"While the 4 variables I discovered are still a closely guarded secret, what's not a secret is how PSL can be catalyst to finding breakout stocks. It is the 'match' that lights the fire." Connelly continues, "Most people don't understand how incredibly important PSL is, in discovering under-valued stocks that are about to skyrocket."
Psychological Support Level is nothing new in the trading world. It is the activity of human behavior that can cause a stock to be sold at well below its actual worth. In fact, many investors believe PSL is one of the most important factors in identifying under-valued stocks. However, just discovering undervalued stocks is not enough



Discovering the undervalued stocks that are about to move,
that's the hard part.

"I became interested in the possibility of creating a strategy that utilized PSL to identify and predict human behavior and its influence on a winning stock," says Connelly. "I was certain if I could find a way to combine this with the 4 key variables I discovered, I could greatly outpace the overall market, and see rapid percentage gains in my portfolio."
Connelly believed that PSL was the "missing link" to creating a strategy that would maximize profits and potential gains in the market.
PSL is currently used by mathematicians to predict and determine how human behavior affects population growth, crime and even terrorism. It's called Psychometric Science, and its no longer science fiction. So Connelly posed the ultimate question.

Why Not The Stock Market?

Connelly felt confident that PSL, combined with the 4 variables he had discovered, would prove to be the missing piece of the puzzle that could help 'predict' a bullish trading pattern…. Before it Happens!

The Result?

After months of trial and error, tweaking and testing his strategy; Connelly was successful in creating what would eventually become one of the most popular and wildly successful stock picking strategies in recent memory.
A strategy that when applied, could predict solid gains in the market 24 to 48 hours…before they happened.
When Connelly tested his new stock picking strategy over a period of 30 days he experienced an average gain of 28% on over 11 trades. For any other investor this would be a resounding success...

...but Connelly was not satisfied.

He had a better idea. Since PSL was going to be such a key factor in determining which stocks were about to move, why not implement this strategy in a place that PSL plays the biggest role in discovering winning stocks?

The Micro-Cap Sector! A.K.A. Penny Stocks!

Because PSL plays such a huge role in the micro-cap sector, Connelly was convinced that if he switched his strategy toward micro-cap stocks, he could achieve even greater gains than he could on the big-board stocks. The Results Were Astounding



How to Hack the Stock Market

Look, I don't want to be rude - But I'm looking for a small group of intelligent investors to be taught my stock market loophole.
So complete the 5 question quiz below. If you have what it takes - I'll see you on the other side. 


my secret trading formula

How I Invented This formula
And Why Is It So Profitable?

It all begins with a question - what did I do right?
Ask yourself this question and you will, more often than not, be led before a path for success inaccessible by asking "What did I do wrong?"
I am like you: I read all the books, absorbed every system of trading.
And I tried them, too. This included everything from sedate long-term value investing (Warren Buffet-style) to impulsive and fast-paced day trading.
I made money sometimes, but mostly watched as the long term stock picks lost value, then regained it, only to lose it again in a nauseating roller coaster ride.
And day trading - glued to a newswire in the hopes of swooping upon an opportunity before others do proved more difficult than I expected when interpreting news stories and trying to determine whether that story had already been "priced-into" the stock, came into play.
But about three years ago, while still in the process of feeling around for an investment strategy that offered safe, consistent, yet considerable returns, I one day happened upon something quite extraordinary.
I made money on a stock.
Ok, nothing special about that, true enough. I'd made money and lost money, and according to the amalgamation of theories offered forth by the myriad stock market gurus it was simply important to make more than you lost, right?
But as a lover of mysteries, particularly Sherlock Holmes, I decided to deviate from my typical "What did I do wrong?" approach reserved for mistakes and investigate the opposite: What did I do right this time?
So that is what I asked myself the day that I saw a stock I had purchased virtually at random climb significantly the day after I bought it.
And the answer to that question changed the way I traded stocks from then on.

Exciting Discovery: Ultra-Short
Term Value Investing

Each stock market investor has what he or she deems to be the best method for success... or in some cases, unfortunately, failure. I am no different.
If you are reading this page, then you have at least some desire to actually make money in the stock market, whether your current strategy has been "Buy and Hold", "Buy Low, Sell High" (!), or "Day Trading".
Notice I placed day trading in quotes. That is because I am now of an opinion that nowhere has a more laughable, emotionalist mentality been applied to the system of stock picking than is practiced by the majority of today's day traders. I know. I was one of them.
If you have doubts about whether yet another stock trading strategy can benefit you, then congratulations. You have all the rationality and sense you need to actually stop searching for one and begin using one that works.
If that describes you, read on. You have nothing to lose; this page is not long, it will not appropriate very much of your time. And along the way, be prepared for a discovery that will surprise you, the skeptic, most of all.
Also, be assured my system does not involve Technical Analysis, no Fibonacci Curves, no Bollinger Bands, none of that. It does not have anything to do with attempting to predict the future movement of a stock based on its past movements at all.
In fact, you could actually label my system Ultra-Short-Term Value Investing, though that might be a little cumbersome (and more than a little silly).
So back to that profitable stock. What company was it, you ask? Oh, I think it was Best Buy or Home Depot, honestly I don't remember. Because it doesn't matter.
The conditions that made that stock ripe for buying then may or may not exist any more, anyway. The important thing to ask was a new mental query in my head that was formulated something like this:

Did that stock rise suddenly on that day for a
predictable reason, can such a trade be repeated, and if so,
can it be repeated with foresight, safety, and regularity?

Now, mind you, that is the plainly drawn anecdotal version of a thought process that led to much research, that in turn led to the following answer: Yes



Dancer Rocketed His Trading Account

If you are serious about trading profitably this will be the most important letter you will ever read. Here's what it's all about…

My name is Jimmy Cox and, until very recently, I was a full time engineer and a part time trader. One of my hobbies was tinkering around with trading systems trying to dream up ways to make them work better. I tried out all sorts of ideas until… one day… I hit the jackpot!


I swear, I’ve never seen anything like this. I only wish I could take credit for it. To tell the truth, I wouldn’t have rediscovered this myself except for one day when I had stumbled upon an old book named “How I Made 2 Million Dollars In the Stock Market.”

You may have read this book or even heard the intriguing story about a young ballroom dancer name Nicolas Darvas who traded $25,000 into 2 million dollars within just 18 months by using the stock market. In today’s terms that would be worth well over 20 million!

His story was so amazing, on May 1959, the Time Magazine devoted almost a full page in its business section to the extraordinary stock market story. But here’s the kicker, Darvas remarked it wasn’t so much how much money he made that surprised him but rather the ease with which he made it.

Understandably, the deeper I began to dig into his story, the more fascinated I became and the more fascinated I became, the deeper I began to dig.
I became obsessed with the famed Darvas box trading method.

Nicolas Daravs
I read everything I could find on Darvas; books, reports, interviews, white papers and I even found a rare tape set that revealed some tremendous insights. Through hundreds of man hours work, I began to piece together the original Daravs trading method few have ever seen.
What I found most revealing was the fact that when comparing Darvas’ system to many other trading systems it’s clear why most trader’s lose money. In short, there is a “fatal flaw” built right into the design of almost every other trading systems’ entry and exit rules.
Because of this flaw no one (not even the top pros) have been able to rely 100% on their trading systems. In fact, until now much of a trader’s success has been the result of nothing except a raging bull market. It’s true, “all boats float on a rising tide.”
The fatal flaw.

99% of trading systems will give you too many false signals… they’re just not reliable. The trader is whipsawed in and out of trades and the only person who ends up making any money is your broker.
Traders, even the best of them, have had trouble with their entries and exits ever since people first began speculating on the stock market.
Now at last the problem is solved.
It took Darvas a lifetime of research, over $450,000 and a near fatal accident before he discovered a trading system so reliable I worry about the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) making it illegal.


Like most other trading systems it has its entry and exit rules clearly defined… but the difference isn’t in each of these components… it’s in how to all works together! Shockingly, to this day, I am yet to find another trader correctly applying the Darvas box method, as Darvas would have traded it himself.

Why am I sharing these secrets?
Understandably, you may be a little skeptical and I don’t blame you. If I were you I would be thinking, “if this trading system is so fantastic why would he be sharing it with anyone?”
Well, over the past 3 years I have been quietly extracting huge profits from the market, and NOT sharing my results with anyone. Looking back I now realize I had fallen into a self limiting mindset by keeping these trading secrets to myself… I mean, these secrets weren’t even mine to begin with.
It has always been a core belief of mine that the world is abundant and that there is more than enough for everyone. Sadly, over recent years I had forgotten these fundamental truths and this has taken its toll in other areas of my life – it’s funny how the universe works.
I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say…

I am setting things right.

I have decided to create a unique training product that shows the individual trader — from beginner to pro — how to identify stocks ready for a significant market price move.
I wanted to create a simple (yet comprehensive) step-by-step "system" that would allow ANY trader, at ANY level, to learn how to use the Darvas box method properly, quickly and effectively



looking to invest in the penny stock market

David Roy have spent around 7 years and developed a secret system which analyzes multiple factors for determining when a stock is about to break out of its “normal cycle.The system is able to identify winning penny stocks long before the investor interest (volume) arrives…which means the system can identify the correct time to buy, assuring that you get in at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE and see the LARGEST PERCENTAGE OF INCREASE!.


David's system scans thousands of most undervalued companies Daily and discovers the ‘buy point’, “Stoploss point” and “Profit limit point” so that you know exactly when to buy…putting you ahead of the wave of investors that are about to come pouring in!

It’s a simple 2-step process.

Step 1: Read your email . (Probably something you do anyway.) Be sure to check for the signal alerts that we will send you.

Step 2: Decide how much you will invest and in which stocks. Sit back and let your money grow.

If you start following BestPennyAlerts stock picks with just $200, you can turn it into $1,000 in your first month. You can then turn that $1,000 into $10,000...that $10,000 into $50,000...you get the picture!

This is the reality of compound interest and superb investing when they are paired together. If you think my math is off, please check it for yourself. You’ll see firsthand that compound interest truly is very, very powerful. Check compounding calculator here

It doesn’t matter if you start investing with $100 or $10,000. The gains still add up very, very quickly.

Of course not 100% of the picks issued from our newsletter result in net gains but a high goal is still very reachable in a short period of time even when a few net losses need to absorbed.

However, if you have absolutely no tolerance for risk, this newsletter is not for you. We do not want any of our subscribers to be the type of investors who can’t handle taking a loss. It does happen often with microcap stocks. Due to their volatility, they can increase in value quickly or decrease quickly also.

We do minimize our losses, but one needs to bear this truth in mind before he or she joins our newsletter.


The Real Truth About How You Can Finally Become a Profitable Trader

The approach I have taken in my trading course is to debunk what most others peddle as "secrets" and disclose what the activity of swing trading is all about.  I don't offer you exaggerated promises, I provide swing trading strategies and methods that work for me as well as other traders and even more importantly, I explain "WHY" they work and why you must trade within your own trading comfort zone.  I am so confident that I can teach you to trade, I guarantee positive results if you are willing to learn and apply my methods. At the end of the day you must come to realize that nobody will ever manage your money better than you!  You won't find hard selling tactics, made-up testimonials, or wild earnings statements here but you will find that this is one of the most useful courses you will ever encounter for furthering your trading education. To prove it to yourself, please read the rest of the information on this site and don't forget to download the free chapters.


Fast Cash Grabbing Short Term Options Trading

If you are familiar with Options on Stocks, you'll know the extreme leverage you can have using stock options. You can control $100,000 worth of stock for as little as or even less than $1,000, for one example. Also understand that when you buy options your risk is limited to the amount you invest in an option. You just need to know the secrets of Options money management and then trade options with a good, solid stock trading system just like... SlingShot Options !
Did you know that SlingShot Options Allows access to members Only SlingShot System Trades that have netted out 1,671 points in options profits in 14 months?
Today Could be the day you are allowed access into this secret society of members who are "striping the stock and options markets bare" from week to week!


In a 14 month sampling (the start of service to date of this typing) of the SlingShot Options system produced 639.40 options profit points at the silver level membership and 1,671 options profit points were produced on the GOLD level membership.
What's an option profit point?
it's one point of profit in an option which equals $100 profit on 1 contract or $1,000 profit on 10 contracts... So 639.40 profit points on 10 contracts per trade = $639,400 profit.
From: The Trading Desk of Chris Kunnundro with Tony Vachelli
Dear Options trading Friend,
We are proud to introduce to you today SlingShot Options, an options trading signal service that sends you option trading ideas with entries, stop losses, profit exits and trailing stops - the whole shebang.
We feel that we've created an options trading service that's actually practical, doable.
Look, we hate losing. But our fervent desire for accumulating profits is even greater than our hatred of losing. Sometimes it's hard to understand on an emotional level how to make profits in trading, large profits. We can all tend to get caught up in the minutia and miss the BASIC trading signals that will bring us big profits. And if you have any options trading experience you KNOW that the obvious signals are the ones that make the big money. Its just that we tend to get scared emotionally and confused at those times and do not pull the trigger. Funny how it always wants to work that way.
So we've devised a 'little' system for making money in options that sends you option picks to your email:
You get the signal at night and place your order before the market opens! You don't have to watch the market all day. Yes you can do this now with advanced options ordering available at many options brokers.
Here is how it works:
First we send out an update when a signal triggers. The entire process of entry is done before the market opens. If the stock moves above our entry price for an up side trade, or moves below our entry price for a downside target.
You set a 'contingent order' to enter and and another contingent order for a stop loss order on options from the entry and stop price we give you. Almost no thinking involved! :-)
Once your order is filled you can place a contingent order at the stock stop loss price for a more accurate stop loss.
From there we will send out the trailing stops - and you just move up your contingent order stop loss price to match. Some times if we get strong gains, or extreme gains we'll send out profit maximization exits to take in maximum profits


We'll use short term options for the best bang for our buck. We can use the near term, short term options because our trades rarely last more than 2 weeks, usually exiting after 3 to 5 days. So we'll use options upto 2 weeks until expiration. It's pretty wild!
Yes. With near term options we can squeeze 3 Fold gains or 200% profit gains out of a 10 point move (i.e. options going from 3.00 to 9.00). There is no sense or logic playing any options out in time because of our SlingShot System - which is based on 'Momentum Now'. (SlingShot Options is the ideal membership for us 'Microwave Generation folks'!
So don't be too surprised if you see these types of options explosions in your account. We don't want you to get overwhelmed or too excited. Why? We want to make sure that if you do trade options that you use good money management position sizing. What's that? Simply put: Your options position size should be a small percentage, and the same percentage of your portfolio size, every trade, every time. NEVER go bigger. Maybe smaller. This is the FASTEST way to get huge while keeping your money in options trading (with a good options trading system of course).
Ok ok. What about losses? "Costs"? How much loss is there?
Your best bet to answer that question is to look at our performance page. With winning percentages in the 70 to 80% range plus recent accuracy enhancements your probability of winning on a net basis is pretty darn good.
But costs or losses mean nothing, NOTHING if you can net out profit.
Just because you make a sweet gain (i.e. turn 3.00 options into 36.00 !) one trade does not mean you'll make that the next. The markets cycle big, small, medium small, big, big, small small small etc... That's just the way it goes and that's just fine with me! It's still more than incredible you have to admit.
We use momentum pivot indicators that have stood the test of time, good markets or bad, up, down, or sideways markets... So you can be assured we are pumping out solid signals.
We make no promises on future performance because we can't and are not allowed to in the world of price markets. But we can say that the SlingShot Options trading system puts us in a very good probability to win most of the time. And that is what counts if you want to make a good living from options trading.
More importantly the SlingShot System is designed to take out maximum profit points. We look to play stocks that MOVE since those stocks produce the best results in options



Big 3 of profitable Emini trading

Why is it that most trading books and courses that you have come across are full of advice such as "you need to have a winning attitude...", "it is important to get in touch with your inner self..." psychological mumbo jumbo. It is because their authors either are not willing to share their strategies, or they don't know how to properly convey their strategies to the reader.
If you are trying to start a trading career you are probably trying to find out what is it that separates the minority of traders that are making consistent profits from the vast majority that is consistently losing or struggling just to break even. Do winning traders have some special talent...? Do they have some inside knowledge that is not available to others...? Is it that they have a positive winning attitude...? ...a better computer and software?

It's none of the above!


Let's have a look at the figures below.

emini trading 1        emini trading 2

These are 1-minute candlestick charts for S&P-500 E-mini contracts for two different trading days covering periods from 930am to 12pm. You can observe that horizontal lines are representing major support and resistance areas. What would you say if you were told that these lines were drawn before the start of these two trading days? That's right. Successful traders know where the major support and resistance areas will be located before the start of regular trading hours.


candlestick courses

Much has been written on the subject of candlestick charting and trading but most of it leaves the trader with more questions than answers. Candlestick charting is one of the most powerful tools a trader can use to quickly determine the mood of the market. Better yet, it can be used to accurately predict turning points in any tradable market.
Then why has your experience with candlestick charting produced mixed results at best? Because candlestick charting has to be applied with present day market analysis to produce valid signals! No, I don’t mean using a “magic” trading system or a pack of useless indicators. I mean a simple, straight forward approach that will produce valid signals



Not All Candlestick Reversal Patterns are Created Equal!

Most candlestick courses or books on the subject of candlestick charting will teach you the signals and maybe a little about using indicators to find a stock at the bottom or top of a trend. But what they don’t tell you that those same signals can happen at any point on any chart you look at. Just as an example, lets take the bullish engulfing reversal pattern (shown at left). The bullish engulfing pattern is an extremely powerful reversal signal and most will tell you that. They show illustrated charts that will demonstrate the bullish engulfing pattern that formed prior to a nice uptrend as it was found at the bottom of the previous downtrend. Well, it’s easy to show you what’s happened in the past!
What they don’t tell you is, this same pattern can show itself anywhere on a stock chart…not just at the bottom! Check it out for yourself! Find a candlestick chart of a stock that trends up and down and see for yourself. You’ll find the bullish engulfing pattern in the middle of up trends, tops of trends, down trends and bottom of trends and only one of those will get you into a profitable trade. The same is true for all candlestick reversal patterns.

So…Why Trade With Candlesticks



At this point you might wonder why you should trade with candlestick charts at all! I mean if there are so many invalid candlestick signals then why use them? Good question and the answer is simple! Candlestick Patterns are strongest when used along with a proven price action trading method and a little common sense.
The Candlestick Trading for Maximum Profits course not only teaches you in-depth candlestick trading but also how to couple it with our simple yet powerful price action trading system. These two powerful methods combined bring extreme trading accuracy and profitability.

Learn To Find The Best Trades The Market Has To Offer!

I’ve written a course that will teach you how to distinguish between true reversal signals and the more common false signals. “Candlestick Trading for Maximum Profits” is not only an in-depth study of candlestick charting but also a study of a candlestick system of trading. I’ll teach you everything I do and use to make money in the stock market using my candlestick system.
I’ll show you how to spend less than 20 minutes a night finding candlestick trades that are at the point of making a move. No more wasted time just staring at chart after chart wondering if you are going to get it right! No more wasted time spent just looking at hundreds of charts a night that have no potential trades at all!
I will teach you to spend less time searching the market and more time trading it profitably. You’ll soon be so confident in your trades that trading will be fun again!
Candlestick Trading for Maximum Profits

Full Screen Video Training

Candlestick Trading for Maximum Profits features high quality, full screen training videos streamed right to your computer. Our training videos are some of the highest quality in the financial education industry and will teach you the candlestick trading methods visually along with the written material.
Candlestick Videos

Our New Member Area

On January 9, 2011 we launched our new updated version of Candlestick Trading for Maximum Profits and also our new website. One of the most exciting features of our new website is its member area!
In the first version of Candlestick Trading for Maximum Profits it was difficult to keep in touch with our students. It wasn’t long before I realized the need to provide ongoing training and give updates to the course. With our new member’s area I can do just that! Now, anytime I post an update video or add to the course I can notify all of our members by email and they can simply login and view the update!
I’m really excited about this new feature of our site as it allows me to continually add value to the course itself and also to change with current market conditions



Options University

From the first introductory step, of getting a fundamental grasp of the basics of the stock market, to the point when you are making stable and profitable trades?
For me, it took 10 years of research, testing and information gathering. Ultimately, I created a robust and effective trading software that could do all this hard work for me...
Now I can call myself a ‘successful’ trader, with the ability to achieve 87% winning trades which has given me an overall increase of 336% in my trading account, over the last 12 months.
And now I have nothing to do but gain the profit.


How Would it Feel to Gain More Consistent Profits in Your Stock Trading With Ease & Confidence?

For those of you who are trying to perfect your own market models, and spending money foolishly on other useless market analysis tools, you need not waste your time any longer.
Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself.
My name is Konstantin Grek, and I started my financial programming software career in Vladivostok in the Far East of Russia, in 2000. Now, I’m a top financial programmer and head software engineer in Options University.
I was 22 years old, when I graduated from the Russian Far East State Technical University with a Master’s degree in Math, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Systems.
From that moment, I started building my own software system, based on the most current research in Neural Network Theory.
It turns out, by applying advanced Neural Network Theories, (and after years of hard work and dedication), I was able to develop my own signature software system…that would not only produce stable results with the highest accuracy possible, but would allow me to make, consistently, the most profitable trades I had ever seen!

This Software Will Give You the Security That You Are Placing Your Trades in the RIGHT Trend Direction, So That You Can Maximize Your Profits…On a Regular Basis



During my career, I’ve created dozens of trading systems: automatic, self-organized, model-based and many others.
I’ve also developed a great number of market analysis tools, scanners, custom technical indicators and plenty more complex trading tools.
Unfortunately, I cannot share all of the information and details on these projects as they were developed for financial firms, so I am under non-disclosure agreements.

The truth is, Most of the top Financial Organizations in the World Have Their Own Treasure Chest Full of Valuable Secrets, Especially Those That Make a Lot of Money



rading Secrets Revealed 2.0

In this course you'll discover specific step-by-step trading money management strategies, used by successful traders, that you can literally drop into your current trading system and see immediate profit increasing results.

Here's just a few of the things you will discover:

  • The 3 critical risk management components that your trading system must have - without just one of these components you're guaranteed to fail.

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to turn your current trading system into a cash generating machine. It's easy to discover your 'trading edge', once you know how.

  • How to strategically minimize losing trades and eliminate big losses.

  • The fine art of letting your profits run. Are you selling your positions too early or are you holding on too long?

  • Are the risks you are taking guaranteed to send you broke? Discover the golden formula that calculates your position sizes for you and guarantees you stay in the game.

  • How to calculate your worst case scenario even before you enter a trade. This is guaranteed to make it easier to sleep at night.

  • The secret to managing open positions - you too can learn this disciplined approach usually reserved only for professional traders.

  • The ideal amount of money you should trade with. No more guess work!

  • The single best way to calculate your stop loss and save big $$$. Without knowing this method you're flushing money down the toilet.

  • The one ingredient you literally Drop into your trading system that can triple your profit! - you'll want to know what that one is.

  • And that's just a taste of what's covered


    Trading Master Plan

    What Is Trading Master Plan?

    Here's just a small preview of what you're about to learn in the Trading Master Plan:
    • How Understand & Utilize highly profitable Japanese candlestick charts and patterns. You’ll be able to get in trades earlier and exit with more profit and higher reward to risk ratios.
    • You’ll learn supply and demand concepts that move the markets. I will show you how to ride waves of demand up and sell when it begins to fade. Take advantage of novice traders who make the same mistakes over and over again.
    • I’ll show you the core concept of price cycles. Using this concept will keep you on the right side of a trade every time. You’ll be amazed how much easier trading becomes when you stay on the side of the power and let the river take you upstream.
    • You’ll get in depth training and understanding of core technical analysis concepts. You’ll know when to buy and when to sell before you enter a trade. Just using support and resistance is the basis for hundreds of successful trading systems.

    • I will teach you 8 dynamic buy and sell setups that are proven to work and have stood the test of time. Combined with the money management rules you’ll be stacking the odds in your favor BIGTIME this isn’t gambling, this is trading with an edge.
    • Discover how to strategically place your stop loss and save yourself from huge losses right out the gate. With your proper stop loss and risk management in place you’ll have the confidence to follow your plan knowing that the odds in your favor.
    • Also features my 23 trading rules that I use to trade in today’s markets. These rules have made and saved me thousands of dollars, some of them I learned the hard way… but you don’t have to.
    • I will give you my unbelievable proprietary profit taking formula that will skyrocket your profits. It’s super simple to use and gives you the ability to exit near the top of huge moves and the best part there’s absolutely no guess work… it tells you exactly what price to sell at (what’s that worth to you?)


    PLUS, you get all these BONUSES...
    • 15 Case Studies from Actual Trades. These visual journals come packed with valuable trading knowledge. Learn to read supply and demand by examining the details from these trades.

    • Members Access To Trading Video Lessons. You will have instant "MEMBERS ONLY" access to a growing library of trading video tutorials, chart lessons and mp3 audios and Ebooks.

    • Money Management Calculator Software. This amazing tool will... Automate your trading, freeing up more of your time. Maximize your profitable trades, while minimizing any losing trades.
    ...and much, much more!
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    Make Money from the Stock Market During the Recession

    Have you lost your CONFIDENCE?

    If you've lost money in the market it can destroy your confidence. My system will allow you to trade with 100% confidence again because instead of hoping to make a profit by guessing what to do, you'll have a plan.
    Remember what I said at the top of this letter... this is not about hype. I will never guarantee you will make money with this business because I can't tell how you'll use the information that I'm going share with you. Your success in your investment business depends on only one thing: The decisions YOU make.
    The only way for you to make the right decisions is by having superior knowledge. Once you understand how to REALLY make money, you will trade with total confidence. That's what I can do for you and I do not say it lightly, it's true.
    Also, I cannot give you official investment advice because I am not an investment adviser registered with the SEC and I am not a CFP (certified financial planner), so if you watch the videos and you see me trading a certain ETF or stock please do not interpret it as a recommendation.
    I can show you exactly what I do, and how I do it. I'll teach you virtually everything I know about this business; but the actual decisions you make with your money is up to only one person: You.
    I can tell you with a high degree of certainty though -
    There is no one who will tell you what I will share with you. No one.

    You could pay $5,000 or more to attend the top trading seminars, and you still won't learn what I'm going to teach you!

    I went to a $5,000 'high level', 'super advanced' seminar last year put on by a 25 year veteran - a former floor trader and market maker in options on the CBOE.
    I went to another 2 years ago that costs $3,000 and I got one tip from it - how to tell if a stock is in a "channel"... no kidding, that was it! 3,000 dollars

    What I'm going to teach you will blow away anything that I learned in any of these seminars. I'm not kidding. In fact, I'd say, in truth, they were almost a waste of my money.
    I say 'almost' because they did help a little but they lacked practical application of the knowledge they presented - it was mostly theory that left the attendee no better off, in practical terms, than they were when they started.
    This course is the real deal...
    It really works and very few people (even professionals) teach anyone how to do this. I know this for a fact because I've talked to some of the pros, and either they don't know this system, or else they are not willing to admit it.
    But there are a few guys who really know this stuff inside and out (one guy is sort of teaching this and the others are not teaching it at all). I found them and picked their brain over and over until I figured it out and came up with a system based on what they told me.
    Most of them didn't even know how to explain what they do-- it's like instinct to them and they couldn't express what they did in a step-by-step coherent way, so I really had pull it out of them.
    Then I put together what I learned, and came up with a complete business system that anyone can follow.
    I'll just say that I think it will surprise you how profitable and easy it is to run - and just 15 minutes a day is all you need.
    On the other hand, if you want to make this a full-time business - you can! There are plenty of opportunities to make even more money if you have more time to devote to this business.
    So let's see if you're the right kind of person to take this course:

    Terry’s Options Strategies

    Terry Allen holding the White PaperAbout Terry’s Options Strategies White Paper:

    Terry’s Options Strategies for stock market success is a 70-page White Paper. A Harvard Business School graduate, former college professor, and CBOE floor trader, Dr. Terry Allen shares four profitable Stock Option trading strategies designed to generate exceptional market returns.
    Using his popular 10K Strategy, Dr. Allen has made over 50% a year several times (after commissions). And he will show you how to do it yourself.  

    Turbocharge Your IRA, Roth IRA, or 401K


    We all know anyone can trade Options with a cash account. What many people don’t know, however, is that they can use an IRA (and Roth IRA) to trade stock Options. Most intelligent people have set up a Roth IRA, 401(k), or other qualified retirement program. For some of them, it may be the only stock market investment they own. Regardless, they have made a wise move. These plans offer immediate or long-term tax advantages, and relieve the owners from depending on paltry Social Security payments for their retirement years. My strategies provide a means of dramatically increasing the value of both your cash accounts and your existing IRA (or Roth IRA).

    Dynamic Trend Trading system

    I started my trading journey over 4 years ago and after purchasing countless courses and systems ended up blowing 2 trading accounts and all my savings in the first 2 years. This left me pretty bitter and gun shy of ever wanting to attempt trading again. It was literally 3 months after blowing my second account I was introduced to my mentor through a mutual friend. What then followed has given me the faith and confidence in myself to succeed and get back up on that horse to give it another shot. I then started my apprenticeship with my mentor and over the last 2 years I have been transformed into the confident and successful trader that I am today.
    This is not the part where I tell you I make an insane amount of money every month. Successful traders do not achieve success overnight. With my mentors consent, we are making this trading system available to both experienced and newbie traders alike.


    The Dynamic Trend Trading system was developed by a professional trader on the Chicago Exchange and this is the exact system he trades on a daily basis. You can trade this system confidently, knowing that other professionals are also trading it.
    This is a system designed by a professional trader that produces consistent returns in any market from stocks, indexes, forex and commodities. To this day I work with my mentor full time from the UK trading the stock and forex markets



    The Trading Pro Coach

    Nobody likes losing money. I've been there and done that. Perhaps that's why I have compassion for the millions of people who are currently losing so much of their financial worth.
    People are losing their stock portfolios, losing their 401k's, losing their jobs due to the sour economy, and just generally getting spanked by Wall Street.
    Unfortunately, I can't help the "masses" avoid financial loss.
    It's just a part of how the game is played. Someone is always going to lose money.
    However, I CAN help those who are willing to help themselves. And since you're here reading this page, that includes you :-)
    In other words, someone is always going to lose money, but that 'someone' DOESN'T have to be you!
    And what do I love? 


    I LOVE empowering people to achieve success in their lives.
    So I guess that this love and hate are what motivated me to create the Trading Pro Coach for you.
    You will NOT find this system being taught by ANYONE else, and it absolutely has the potential to drastically change your life for the better!
    However, I'm NOT going to feed you a bunch of 'get rich quick' hype, because that's not what the course is about, nor is it my style. 
    So you're probably asking yourself, 'Why would he give away these secrets?'
    To answer that question, I will tell you that there are three reasons why I want to teach you this business...

    1) There's no reason not to teach you my secrets.

    Seriously. I have nothing to lose. The markets are huge and worldwide and anyone can trade them without decreasing the opportunity. In fact it would only make things better. The more traders, the more money we can make and the more liquid the market becomes.
    It's really a win-win-win.
    Unlike other businesses - this business only gets BETTER as more people do it.

    2) I am a business person but I am also a teacher.

    I have been teaching people how to use the Internet to start a business since 1999. I have taught thousands of people how to make their living online so teaching is something I love to do.
    There are not many people who really understand this business and are willing to teach it to others.

    3) Frankly, a little extra money from selling this course means more I can put to good use in my trading business.

    Obviously I put my money where I get the largest return for the amount invested.Most of the money I make from selling this course goes directly into my trading business.
    I don't know what your abilities are or how fast you can learn this business as I teach it, so I will never tell you how much you could make. But 5% (or much more) per month is a very reachable goal. Returns can be as high as 62.5% (ROM) - that's $1,000 for every $1,600 invested



    Forex that could make anyone rich

    The buy sell arrows-signals that win most
    of the time  - never seen before secret combination of Forex tools &  indicators together.  No lagging, no repainting,
    no  false signal, no losses..
    FINALLY our programmers have been able to implement something really incredible: The magic buy sell arrows FX software that could generate an incredible amount of money to your account- if you follow all the rules. Even if you are a beginner, it will take you only a couple of minutes to master - it is totally plug-n-play, there is nothing to learn - Green arrow BUY, Red arrow SELL.
    With all the indicators and systems to choose from, there just seems like someone should be able to come up with something that works!
    And while the “Holy Grail” system that is effective 100% of the time is nothing more than a Forex Traders dream… there is one trading tool that is very accurate and profitable if you follow the rules.
    This is a brand new software, never seen before on the market! This is something very special!
    We have used a brand new never seen before (first published March 2011) secret combination of Forex tools and indicators together - this is "something fantastic!"
    We are not talking about guessing if price will go up or down. We are talking about a brand new Forex BUY SELL ARROWS software that actually knows on which levels price will stop, and suddenly reverse and when to enter and exit a trade. The software will automatically alert you
    when to buy when to sell, where to put a super tight stop loss and when to exit your trade obtaining never seen before maximum profit!


    So, what is it...? A Forex buy sell arrows  is a piece of software you apply to your Forex trading platform. My indicator watches what the market is doing in real time and generates signals to place a trade. The indicator is only half of this equation. The other half is you! When a signal is generated all you have to do - press BUY or SELL! That's it!  No more thinking! Don't be scared!

    Update March 31, 2011: Actual signals screenshot-
    The Buy Sell Magic in action!
    Mega profit on a strong market! 250 pips per signal in 1 day!