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Reverse Cell Phone Lookup – Saving Relationships?

The opening days, weeks and months of a relationship can be beautiful. But, they can also be stressful. As two people are getting to know each other better and learning what the other person likes or dislikes, what makes them angry, or cheers them up, they often run across little imperfections that make them pause and ask, “Is this guy really for me?” “Is this girl the one for me?”

During this potentially stressful time, a couple does well to eliminate every unnecessary cause for argument or suspicion as quickly as possible. So imagine yourself in this position: You are sitting in the car, waiting for your boyfriend to come back from the ATM so you can go to the movies together. He's left his cell phone on the dashboard, and it starts ringing. You steal a quick glance at the screen and see a number you don't recognize.

You think nothing of it that time, but later on in the evening, during the movie, his cell phone rings again. You see the same number again, and when he sees it, he immediately says that he has to take the number and steps out of the movie. Now you're seeing red. Who is this person that keeps calling? Is it another girl? Is he seeing someone behind your back? Is it a buddy of his looking to have him go do something stupid with “the guys?” Is it a drug dealer? Is your boyfriend really who he says he is?

Whoa, let's just relax for a moment here. Being the fairly level-headed girl you are, you know that the last thing your budding relationship needs at this point is a series of increasingly paranoid suspicions running freely through your mind over a simple telephone call. So how do you relieve your thoughts without causing an argument?
Here is where the wonder of modern technology comes to your rescue. With reverse cell-phone search technology, available on dozens of websites for a modest fee, you can immediately discover the name, address, and other details about the person who is calling your boyfriend! And he doesn't even need to know you were suspicious!

This technology has been around for years now for land-line phones, although many people did not even know this existed until online phone book sites began offering reverse look-ups as part of their standard services. Before then, it was often used by private investigators and people in law enforcement. But today, reverse look-ups are common place, and advanced public records searching is becoming more common as well. Only recently, however, have the largest cell phone companies made their databases available to the public in this way. That means the reverse search technology can now be applied to cell phones just as it has been for land-lines.

In this mobile world, that fact dramatically expands the peace-of-mind factor for anyone who is suspicious, but doesn't want to start a fight. Who knows? Maybe you'll find it's the florist calling back to let him know his order will be delivered later today!


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