السبت، 24 ديسمبر 2011

It’s eleven o’clock

at night and your cell phone rings. You pick it up thinking the worst. Who calls anyone that late at night unless it is bad news, right? You are worried that your elderly mother has been rushed to the hospital or that your son has been in a car accident. However, when you nervously answer the phone all you hear is laughter and the person or persons on the other end quickly hang up. Okay, so it was a crank call. That happens. In fact, you can remember making a few in your younger days. The problem is that these calls continue. The same number always registers on your caller ID and your answer is always met by laughter. Okay, so you could turn your cell phone off, but what if there really is an emergency - your daughter has a flat tire or your wife has car trouble on the way home from her second shift job – you will not endanger your loved ones to accommodate some teenager’s whims. But what can you do? The police are too busy to be bothered with nuisance calls.
With crime rates rising, every available officer is utilized tracking down actual criminals, not bored teenagers. Every time you try to call the number the phone is turned off and you are sent straight to a nondescript voice mail. You could be a victim and replace YOUR cell phone. This of course would result in you being assigned a new number and thus foiling the caller. But why should you have to go to the expense of doing this when you can go to This site will allow you to type in the offending number and using their reverse look-up system you will instantly know who the phone belongs to, where they live, if they have a criminal background, and other pertinent information. It could be just a crank call, but what if it’s that disgruntled ex-employee, or an angry ex-spouse. Now you can know and take steps to address the problem. If it is a crank call, Junior’s parents probably won’t be too happy to hear about his antics. If they don’t respond a call to the authorities claiming harassment will probably take care of the problem. If it turns out to be someone of a more dangerous nature, such as the disgruntled ex-employee or the angry ex-spouse, you can take steps to protect yourself before the situation escalates.


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