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How to Give A Better Wedding Toast Speech

The toast is a very important moment in the reception, it represents a bond, a trust and a blessing for the couple from a close and beloved relative or friend. However the mix of alcohol, music, nerves and partying can sometimes lead to a less than favorable speech. Or perhaps you just don't even know where to begin in the first place. Not the best writer? Don't worry about it, here are some tips that will make sure your speech is priceless.

Keep it short
Long speeches, no matter how good, intriguing or touching, will cause some of your guests to fade out and lose interest. If you keep it brief you'll have a better chance of maintaining the interest of all the guest as well as staying on track in your speech and remaining focused. An unfocused speech can trail off on a million tangents and sound like a senseless murmuring. Get to the point, make it and then raise your glass. Short and sweet is always better than long and winding.

Avoid embarrassing stories and inside jokes
While these might be funny to you and your friend or relative they won't be to everyone else who isn't in on the joke or those who are the ones who were embarrassed in the story. It is not the time or place for embarrassment so leave it out. No inside jokes because you want people to feel included and if they don't understand the message they won't be included and then they might actually think you are ridiculous.

Do not insult anyone
No making fun of or belittling anyone! If you don't like your friend or family member's other half that's fine but don't express it on the grand stage of their wedding. There is a time and place for that but this is not it. Especially do not make fun of or insult the bride. This is her day. If you don't have anything nice to say about either the bride or groom then don't say anything at all. Keep the speech nice and pleasant, this will not only please the guests and happy couple but also keep your butt safe from being jumped after the reception.

Speak slowly and clearly
There's nothing worse than being able to hear or understand a person. If you speak too fast your entire message will be lost. If you mumble your speech will be lost. Speak slowly and clearly so that everything you are trying to express will be heard and understood.

End it on a high note
Finish off the speech on a positive note. Make it light and sweet or deep and heartfelt but keep it on a good and happy notion. You want the couple and the rest of the guests to be smiling at the end not glaring at you or looking away with questionable frowns. Raise your glass and ask everyone else to, then say your final line and drink up. That's it, you made it through your speech!





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