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Horror Wedding Toasts

Giving a wedding toast is a customary part of a wedding reception for fathers and if the bride and groom wish, anyone else who wishes to make a statement and share their well wishes.
However sometimes this time honored tradition takes a sour turn and the toaster ends up making himself look like a complete idiot. The worst part? It's all caught on film and there are most likely photos to go with that. Here are some tips on what not to do in order to make it through your wedding toast not only alive but in good standing.
If you plan on giving a toast then limit your alcohol consumption prior to toasting time. Alcohol has this funny effect on most people of making them look and act obnoxiously, slur their words and say things they probably shouldn't. After the toast go ahead and drink up but do yourself a favor by having some water before you get up to speak.
Telling the truth is great but there is even a time and place for that and this may not be the time to tell the groom you can't stand him, that you accidentally killed the family cat or reveal that the maid of honor is having an affair. This is not about you, it's about the couple's happiness, make sure that remains the topic of your toast.
Keep it short. There may be others who want to toast as well and there are a lot of other items to fit into the night. Save everyone's ears by making it brief.
Watch your sense of humor, it may not sit well with others and some may even be offended by it. Funniness is great, but only in the appropriate context and time.





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