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Change the colors of billboards in the AdSense automatically!

Publisher of ads from Adsense, you may see that there are more of a combination of color and fit one of your ad units, and is willing to switch between those combinations of each period .. Is it possible to do so in an automated manner? .. More than half the number of Adsense publishers did not try it in advance .. Continued with us; to become one of the other half!

If you are the owner of a site, and have many returning visitors always Returning Visitors, Vanma what will get sooner or later the so-called blind to see ads; the familiar places and the colors of your ad units by virtue of repeat visits to your site and therefore would no longer exist Dguetathm on your ads. Since the Google Adsense (What Sabch and needed only the thought); has allowed us to publishers so-called "multiple lists the colors of the ads" or Multiple color palettes.

This feature allows lists to select 4 color pre-designed for a maximum of one advertising unit, so you switch between them automatically with every visit to a different page of the site containing that unit (Oh God .. imagine!).

Suppose you want to create a new ad unit size of 125 * 125, and want to be the following forms and colors so as to automatically switch between them

 1 - From Control Panel Home Adsense, enter the tab: Adsense setup and Color Palettes.
 2 - Select the appropriate color for the title and link text, and the framework for creating your list, the first color, and choose a name after her and not to test blue and then press the Save Palette.
3 - Repeat the previous step to create the three other lists of color names and save Test red, Test yellow, Test green, for example.
 4 - Now head up the tab and choose the Get Ads Adsense for content and start moves to set up a new ad unit size 200 * 200 in the usual way
 5 - When choosing a color ad, click on the drop-down menu and select Palettes of Use multiple palettes.
6 - press the Ctrl button on your keyboard to start down the multiple-choice, and at the same time press the names of menus, and color that we have created in advance.
7 - completed the steps to create a traditional ad unit to choose a name, as well as her own Channel that you want, save the code and put advertising on your site or blog, and wait less than 10 minutes.
 8 - In order to assure your heart, do Refresh the page marked with the announcement, and you'll find that each time new colors will appear to Ouhdtk ad .. De sweetness eh
 Can choose the default color menus designed by Google Adsense and named (Open Air, Seaside, Shadow, .. etc) in the same way, rather than create your own lists that you want.

 Can also be applied to the above ad units that you created earlier, without the need for a new one .. All you need is access to the Manage Ads tab, then click on Edit Ad settings in front of the ad unit you want, and then make the adjustments mentioned.

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