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Unleash Your Inner Psychic!

Before I became a Psychic Medium and Mentor for my students I have to admit, that I was very apprehensive about the development of psychic powers.

Yes, you heard right.

Sure I had psychic dreams here and there or I just knew what would happen sometimes, but I had a few reasons why I didn’t want to take a closer look at it…..

After speaking with my students, I found out that I was not the only one that was hesitant in the beginning.

It turns out that there are 4 common misconceptions about the development of psychic abilities.

Here they are:

1. That it is against religious believes
2. That it attracts dark forces
3. That You will only foresee negative events
4. That only a few chosen ones have this gift

Let’s take a closer look at each one of them:

1. That it is against religious believes:

The three big religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam all base their believe system in part on the old testament of the bible.

In the Old Testament it says that there was a dream interpreter named “Joseph-The Owner of the Dream”. He was an advisor of the pharaoh and was a respected man. He was obviously a psychic and it was quite alright back then - and so it is today.

2. That it attracts dark forces:

Just as in any profession you can make a conscious decision in which direction you want to go:

In the case of the psychic world you can make a conscious decision to work only with positive energies, angels and the connection to God (Or the source).

So your focus can be clearly on the positive forces and energies, thus manifesting only positive experiences.

3. That you will only foresee negative events:

Before I refined my psychic abilities I used to have bad dreams that turned out to be true. So I was very hesitant to learn it. I found out that the right attitude towards these events is very important.

And once I entered the psychic world I received more and more positive information and with the help of angels and the healing energies of The Source (God, Creator, Spirit) I was able to help others and myself.

The thing is, when you have psychic experiences, the spirit world is trying to tell you that it's important to take a closer look at the possibility that you are in fact psychic.
Now if you would have only nice dreams you wouldn’t pay much attention to it. They need to get your attention in a more dramatic way by sending you dreams that you'll remember.

And so once you are opening your mind to the possibilities of the spirit world you will be able to see wonderful things happening.

4. That only a few chosen ones have a psychic gift:

Fact is that everyone is born psychic and that it gets lost over time.

That’s why children are usually more psychic. They might see their grandma that has already passed. Or Children that speak different languages are able to play with each other and understand each other.

It is now up to you to reawaken this gift…

The beauty of discovering your own spirituality is that you will be able to connect better to The Source, The Universe or God (with respect of what you want to call it) and with it to send out your wishes and desires by using manifestations.


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