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Training On Writing, Publishing & Promoting Your Book

Are YOU One of These "Undiscovered Authors"?

Tell me, does any of the following sound familiar to you?

      Have you ever sold yourself short or told yourself that you don't have what it takes to become an author, or that successfully publishing a book is something reserved for someone better educated or more well-spoken?

      Or, have you convinced yourself that you don't really have anything of interest to share - nothing that would be of value to the world at large?

      Or have you just plain gotten LOST in all of the contradictory advice and endless options when it comes to writing, publishing or promoting your book?

If you have been fostering any of the above fantasies, then I'm REALLY glad that you found this page!

It's time that you put those beliefs behind you, and BECOME THE SUCCESSFUL AUTHOR YOU WERE MEANT TO BE!

There lies within you an UNTOLD WEALTH of wisdom, stories, advice, or experience that will NEVER find its way out into the world unless you resolve now that you are going to write, publish, and promote your book successfully.

And don't worry about the details! I can help you tremendously with those. ;)
Life As A Successful Author

As I reflect on my own life, which began in a remote little village in the South American country of Guyana, it all might have turned out SO DIFFERENTLY...

You see, in my humble beginnings there were many people and forces all around me that might have conspired to convince me NOT to try...

...To convince me that I was somehow subject to my circumstances and held no power within myself to change them.

Since then, I have dined with heads of state, been welcomed as a dignitary and renowned speaker in dozens of countries around the globe, and received accolades from many who say that I have somehow touched or inspired them, or in some way helped their lives become better.


In saying all this, in NO WAY do I wish to boast.

Rather, I mention it to make a point...

The point being that ALL of these wonderful experiences that have graced my life are directly the result of being a successful published author.

Here are just a few of the benefits of being a successful published author that you may not have considered:
More Business - If you are a professional (executive, doctor, chiropractor, real estate agent, attorney, or ANY independent businessperson), there is NO better way to improve your credentials and your business than by becoming a published author.
Respect & Status - Published authors enjoy a level of respect and status in society similar to that of professional athletes and stars in music and film. You will be viewed as a "celebrity" in your target market, and your friends, family, and social circles will look at you in an entirely different way.
Speaking Engagements - Publishing a book is a GREAT way to build your reputation and attract speaking engagements. I have traveled to the far corners of the globe due to such invitations, and have had many wonderful experiences and made incredible acquaintances in the process.
Instant "Expert" Power - As a published author, you will instantly have attributed to you the status of an expert in your field. Doors of opportunity will open to you far more easily, and people will seek you out for your expertise.
Double Your Income - Outside the possibility of creating a great income from your book sales, upon becoming a recognized, successful author you can command a higher base or hourly rate for consultations or services, whatever your profession may be.


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