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Total Xplosive Training

First off, tell me if this sounds familiar?

“Speed is all about your genetics” or “face it, it’s not in your genes to possess that kind of size or strength”.   Trust me, I completely understand because I lived with those lies and many more my whole life.  That’s why I’m ready to show you the solution that I guarantee will change your life.  Get ready to see how athletes are reversing their poor “genetic situation” to become top prospects that rewrite their future.

But before I give this to you, I need to tell you some truth that you don‘t want to hear.  Without even knowing you, I can promise you personally…Your training is literally stealing 85% of the athletic potential you should be using in this upcoming season…

No worries though, I‘m here to expose every last performance gimmick + speed & strength coach that has been holding you back.

Not because I read something in some “secret book” or because I bought some “magical shoes” that made me fly.  But because I lived it my whole life and finally found a way to “U-turn” my career.  You tell me…
Does This Hit Home?

You bust your tail your whole life trying to find hope in anything to save the small amount of time you have.  You buy every training “gimmick” out there from speed machines to the newest training books and become broke in the process.  Still doesn’t work, so you hire the “best” coaches around but you feel empty & lost because they can only take you so far then drop you off, only to waste precious time.

You start becoming desperate & feel pressure because you realize it’s make or break time with your competitive years coming to a crumble and taking your dreams down with it…

But you don’t quit, forget what everyone talks, your going to make something happen.  Finally after tireless nights of studying & exhausted hours of “hands on” experience, it hits you like a ton of bricks from the sky.  You find the solution that can overcome this genetic curse that has haunted your athletic career.  It can now be demolished & you discover a path to promising results…


Hope overwhelms the realization that your biggest dream CAN come true.  You know, the one you only imagine on your pillow at night.  The dream that your peers laughed at and family secretly doubted behind your back…

Anticipation builds as you start becoming that freakish fast & powerful athlete that fans whisper in awe about.  You develop the swagger that finally earns you the respect & recognition no one gave you.  It’s time to earn that scholarship or sign the multi-million dollar contract that separates you from everyone else.
You See Like YOU, I‘m Not Just
Talking It, I‘m Walking It.
Here‘s What Happened Next…

As the underdog my whole life, I uncovered a unique method (the solution us athletes needed) of how to make my biggest dream come true and DID IT through hard work and rare training.  It was time to take this new freakish specimen I constructed, to the biggest D-1 powerhouse in the country.

Driving my truck hours south with only the clothes on my back, I only focused on one goal, making this dream team somehow.  I slept uncomfortably in the backseat of my pickup, outside the athletic department, that night. Then the Florida sunshine woke me up with  beading sweat, which stuck to the seats early that morning.  Nervously approaching the doors of the office, I could smell the stench of body odor and unbrushed teeth as I began pacing the hallways, receiving awkward looks from each office along the way.

Finally, I worked up the nerve to poke my head in the recruiting office only to see a 6’7 330 lbs. mammoth of a man shuffling through paperwork.  Hesitation hit me, he barked out with his head down, “what do you need, I’m real busy”.  Right then only 3 words crossed my mind, “Let’s Get It”.  Ferociously, I began spilling out the journey I have been on for the past 84 months of my life and what I did to finally get here.

Finally, lifting his head & looking me in the eyes, to my surprise he proclaimed he respected and took a liking to me.  He explained, he would help but regardless needed something to prove I could compete because they were too competitive to deal with walk-ons.  A grin came across my face from ear to ear & my new  training flashed through my head, I confidently replied, “whatever you need me to do, I’m Ready”.

This newly developed “elite caliber athleticism” was put on display like artwork that morning, you know the brand new breakaway speed & elusive power recently gained.  With no hesitation, he handed me the training room packet & escorted me to the compliance office as he said the words, “Get your eligibility & physicals squared away, then you start practicing.”

The world paused at this moment, sinking into the waiting room chair my head collapsed back against the wall behind.  My body was numb as I stared with a blur into the ceiling light.  My soul was howling with unexplainable joy & the haters were silenced, the new “cutting-edge” training paid off. 

The next day, after arriving home, I packed my bags in record time to get back anxiously and start grinding.  Resting for a minute on the porch, the phone then vibrated, it was coach, I was thinking, “dam he’s going to get on me for not reporting to workouts today”.

Instead in a matter of minutes, I was lifting my face off my palms, only to open my eyes and see they had been washed clean with tears.  They ran down my hands to form a small puddle between my feet.  My chest felt like it sunk in to my spine.  Coach was lost for words when telling me, NCAA deemed me ineligible & nothing could be done to play for the team.


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