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The Total Bully Solution

If you have a child between the ages of 5 and 12 who is being victimized by bullies, you’ve come to the right place.  You’ll find help here.

If you even suspect that your son or daughter being bullied, please take a few moments to read this letter. It may be critically important to their safety and well-being.

The fact is your child probably will NOT tell you that they are being targeted.  Odds are, they’ll even deny it. That’s because there’s tremendous shame in being humiliated, in getting publicly snubbed, in confessing that your friends have turned on you.

1 kid in 10 is tormented every day. Your child could be the one eating lunch by themselves – and they might be keeping it from you.

As a savvy parent, you know your kid better than anyone, and you can sense something’s wrong.
I urge you: Trust your intuition. For each horrific news story about bullying, there are grieving parents thinking, “If only I had known….”
You love your child more than your own life.  You’d do anything in the world to protect them from harm.  You’re furious that anyone would injure your baby. I understand exactly how you feel


If you’ve tried everything to get your child some peace, and are at the end of your rope because nothing has worked, I can assure you – it’s not your fault. Because everything you’ve been lead to believe is flat out wrong.

There’s a colossal industry that’s grown around the anti-bullying movement.  Its big business, and politicians, school boards, and the most popular “gurus” are all in on it. They’ve been lying through their teeth to you to keep the money circulating.

Let me tell you something they don’t want you to know:  Anti Bullying laws don’t work!  In America, 45 states have enacted them and nothing has changed one iota. While I’m at it here’s another thing they’re trying to hush-up: School anti-bullying programs are a complete failure. In fact, scientific research suggests they often make the problems worse!
I have a proven track record of success. Over the course of my professional career, I’ve helped hundreds of children achieve true confidence (I’m known as the ‘go-to guy’ for the tough cases)
And I understand what your child is going through –Because I went through it myself!

I was a sick kid... painfully frail, emotionally sensitive... and an easy target for my more predatory peers.   That is, until I discovered the secret...that stopped my tormentors in their tracks  (I’ll share that powerful trick with you and many more)


The Total Bully Solution is a responsible blend of peaceful psychological tactics, enriching principals of personal development and fundamental self-defense skills.  Every aspect has been field tested and proven effective. 

Using an  interdisciplinary, 3-phase  approach,  I will teach you … step-by-step… the little known secrets that will give them the edge in every situation – they’ll learn how they can defeat bullies easily and never be bothered by them again.

Your child will learn to conclusively banish the entire spectrum of social cruelty,  from name-calling, vicious gossip, & intimidation, to physical conflict.  This course is comprehensive, flexible and  fully customizable to fit your child’s unique situation.

Imagine your child brimming with confidence. Relaxed.  Standing a little taller.  Laughing more.  Making new friends.  Picture them looking forward to school and getting excellent grades. Radiating joy in every smile. Relishing their life again.

In just two short weeks, your child could be jumping into each day with enthusiasm.  Free of hassles and enjoying the respect of their peers.  They’ll be sleeping better at night, and so will you, knowing that they’re happy and secure.
You are about to learn:

How to detect the signs and symptoms of bullying your child might be trying to hide (pg 9)
Uncover why bullies are picking on your kid in the first place. (Remove the cause, end the problem!) pg. 23
Employ the Irresistible Power of Operant Conditioning to vanquish bullies without throwing a single punch! *It’s so incredibly effective because it’s so subtle -the bully won't even realize what's happening to him!
Capitalize  the “Mirror Effect”  to develop charisma and win loyal friends. (pg. 35)
What your child should never say to a bully (pg. 16)
Efficiently dealing with rumors and gossip with “verbal Aikido” (pg. 30)
Role-plays that prepare your child for real-world situations

 The MOST AUTHORATITIVE children’s self-defense course available online.
The best part – you don’t need any experience at all to teach it to your child!

What Sir Isaac Newton did in elementary school that completely conquered his bully, elevated his social status and paved the way for his academic supremacy. (It only took moments, and your child can do it too!) pg. 37
The 6 Essential Rules of Force (pg. 40)
How to discover your child’s “Kingdom of Excellence”, and why it’s so vital (pg. 41)
An 11-point coaching guide (tips and tricks that the pro’s use to skyrocket maximum performance)
Transforming fear from chilling paralysis into dynamic energy

Making sure the bullies NEVER COME BACK

15 points to polish courtesy (pg. 78)
8 ways to nurture empathy and kindness (pg. 81)
Cultivating character and virtue (pg. 83)
Promoting self-discipline and self-control
Strengthening assertiveness (pg. 77)
Making good decisions – the 18 Questions of Clarity (pg. 86)
A 5 point plan that ignites appreciation and joy every day


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