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Super Fast Website Building Software

Two Dirty Little Affiliate
Marketing "Secrets"...

Now, up to this point in time, I had been in internet marketing long enough to learn two important things...

First... there are no "real" secrets in IM, but one of the things the "gurus" understand that most people don't is automation. That is, using tools to work faster, easier, and smarter than other people.

Second... the easiest way to make money with niche affiliate marketing is to consistently build a lot of sites quickly.

But There Was A BIG Problem...

I began to look at the website-building software that was available.

And, what I found was that...

Some of the software was very expensive. One such program charges $197 just for the training to use their program. Another charges a monthly fee (which totals almost $600 per year).

Others were just too complicated and difficult to use. I wanted a program that was easy to use -- I mean really easy. You see, in my view, the more powerful a computer program is, the more it should do for the user -- not the other way around.

Still others required confusing set-up and configuration. I didn't want that kind of hassle.

My "Quest" Begins...

Eventually, it became crystal clear...

If I wanted a website builder that was fast, powerful,
and easy-to-use... I would have to build it myself.

So I began brainstorming, planning, and designing until I had a "blueprint" for the perfect niche affiliate website builder. Then, after the planning was done, I searched for a team of skilled programmers who were up to the task.

Because I was building the program for my own use, no corners would be cut and no effort would be spared.

And then it happened...

Finally, after literally months and months of hard work... my program was ready.

The result?

A website building program so easy to use that a 5-year-old child could do it.

A piece of software capable of building a complete, SEO-optimized and monetized niche website -- with tracking -- in as little as an astonishing 3 minutes and 20 seconds -- my personal best time.

So that was it -- the end of my story.

I had my new program and was rapidly cranking out niche affiliate websites. Life was good.


At least, that was the plan.

You see, one day, as I was building more niche websites, my wife, Bronwyn, walks in and says, "You know, I bet a lot of affiliate marketers would love to have your software..."

And, with that comment... the commercial version of Site2Traffic was soon "born."

Here's How Site2Traffic Works...

In a nutshell, if you can point and click, you can build a niche affiliate website -- and build it fast -- with Site2Traffic version 2.6.

You simply...

1) Click on each "tab" of the program...

(The user interface is split into "tabbed" sections so it doesn't overwhelm the user. Tabs make it super-simple to use and understand. It also provides a nice, gentle flow to the process.)

2) Enter a bit of information and click a few check-boxes.

3) From that point, S2T takes over and does the tedious, heavy lifting for you.

4) Finished!

5) Now, just "rinse and repeat" the process to build your own niche affiliate "empire."

OK... So I Cheated.
(But Just A Little Bit.)

As I mentioned, my best time so far is 3 minutes and 20 seconds (and that even includes automatically uploading the site, by the way). Of course, I was only able to do it that quickly because I "cheated" a bit.

Here's what I did. ..

Before running the S2T software, I put my articles in a new folder (so I could find them very quickly).

I also used Windows "notepad" to make a list of my Google AdSense, Amazon, and Clickbank ID numbers (so I could easily "cut and paste" them into the program).

Then, I just clicked the "build" button and the rest was done for me by S2T ... while I sipped a cup of coffee.

S2T is so complete that it can even create RSS feeds and upload the finished website for you via FTP (without needing any additional software).

It also offers you several easy options for tracking your site's traffic.

And, of course, it can build sites from a variety of design templates which are all built right into the program.

For your niche site's main content, you'll need some short, simple articles. (You can use PLR, write your own, or cheaply outsource it.)

But, in addition, S2T also automatically pulls in extra articles from EzineArticles.com (if you select that option). You simply specify the category to pull them from by "pointing and clicking."

The bottom line is that S2T lets you build more sites... faster. And that's how you win the affiliate marketing game.


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