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Powerful Hypnotist

Why Some People Shouldn't Buy This Course...

There are definitely some people who should NOT buy this course. No offense, but if any of these describe you, well... you should probably not be on this web page...

Please don't buy Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Workshop if you don't intend to do hypnosis.

Jeff starts the workshop with two rules:

1. Never waste a good hypnotic state... ever!

2. If you have no intentions or plans to play with this at all, you have no business being here.

So if you're the kind of person who wants to learn all the hypnotist's methods -- but never go out and do them, use them, play with them -- save your money.

Just 55 Minutes into this Course, You'll be Ready to Start Hypnotizing People

... and by the end of Module 1, you can actually begin dropping people into hypnosis, deepening the state, putting them through a brief "blitz" (designed to allow them to concentrate better, learn more easily, enjoy the experience) and bring them out of it feeing refreshed, alert and fantastic!

How do I know that? Because I was there when the video was shot. I had never hypnotized anyone before in my life, but roughly an hour into Jeff's class, when I said 'sleep,' this guy's body just went limp, his head fell forward and practically landed in my lap. It was freaky!

So I now know first-hand that Jeff's methods work, and they work really fast.

Nowadays to me, hypnosis is a gigantic playground. I had been interested in it for years... In fact, I had spent a bunch of money on a bunch of courses, but I never felt comfortable or confident enough to actually do anything with it. Now, after taking this course, I can actually do hypnosis. I did it myself and so did every other person in the workshop... no exceptions! That's why I'm so confident that you can too, when you get this course.

Jeff's workshop is for serious players (or even serious beginners) who really want to have fun doing hypnosis. That's right, being serious about hypnosis doesn't mean you can't have fun with it. In fact, it means just the opposite....

Everything Jeff teaches is about being able to have fun, help people and make money (if you want to) using hypnosis. It's what he does every day, and it's what he teaches. In fact, I think that's a big part of what differentiates him from all the dabblers, sidlers and pseudo-intellectuals out there.

He doesn't dabble in hypnosis. He does hypnosis. He doesn't blab for hours about theory, he drops people in seconds, fixes their problems and brings them out. No fuss, no mess.

And if you are willing to follow his system, put it to work for you, and do what he does (and shows you exactly how to do in this powerful training), then I am convinced Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Workshop will allow you to truly learn, practice and master hypnosis.


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