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Play Golf? Want to WIN

I am a professional tour player.

    At European Tour Qualifying School I missed a stage cut by one shot, when I analysed my rounds I had over 20 putts lip the hole and not drop, not to mention the ones that came up short or rolled past, the rest of my game was pretty solid but my putting had to improve.

    I tried to find a specialist putting coach, not a pro that taught putting but a real specialist putting coach, the only ones in the UK were too far away and very expensive. I HAD TO SORT IT OUT MYSELF, which was a blessing in disguise because I went right back to basics and I learnt so much more that way, now I'm passing the knowledge on to YOU!

    After 3 months of really hard work I improved my putting average by just over 2 putts per round. (At professional level this is a massive margin).

    With this performance level I would have won the qualifying stage instead of missing the cut.

Who is this e-book for?

It is for anyone who genuinely wants to improve their putting.

It contains all the information you need to make you the best putter you can be. I’m not telling you that you can hole every putt or never three putt. Even Tiger Woods has the occasional mishap, but this e-book will transform your putting. For the cost of a couple of lessons you will have an essential reference manual that you will be able to refer to for the rest of your life. Most players forget what they did in a lesson within a couple of weeks and revert back to their old ways because they never take notes.

I play with amateurs socially at my home club. Many of them make improvements to their games and have a couple of good rounds, maybe they had a lesson or someone gave them a good tip, but I have noticed that when I play with them a few weeks later they have usually fallen back into bad habits, because they do not make the improvements PERMANENT.

This usually happens because they do not fully understand WHY they are doing a particular thing. When someone understands WHY they do something they are much more likely to retain the information, so I have been as concise as possible.

The e-book contains over 130 photographs and many quality diagrams.

PRO’S DO NOT LEAVE PUTTING TO CHANCE. The relationship between pace and line is crucial, no guesswork.I’m sorry but you will not learn how to putt in five minutes. “If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well”, so with the right knowledge and a little effort you can do the job well. This e-book is full of solid information you will not find anywhere else.

When I started writing the e-book I was told, “over-deliver”, so I’ve tried to.

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