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Photoshop Action Scripts Package - 70 Unique Designs!

These days, more and more people are getting involved in the internet world. To be a massive success online, people need one thing....a product to sell!  Sure, you can make decent money as an affiliate, but to make the real moolah you need to start thinking outside of the box and concentrating on releasing your own products and services.

Creating your first product may sound daunting, money, time perhaps even trying to find the right people to work with, but we have cut one part of that process right out, by putting together 70+ unique Photoshop action scripts!

One of the most important factors for selling your own products online is first impression, a first impression can actually influence people to buy from you, and possibly coming back for more in the future.

Now, as an Internet Marketer myself, and I have released well over 40 products in my time online, the one thing I have constantly craved is to be UNIQUE, there is nothing worse than looking like someone else, especially when it comes to graphics.

That's why I have invested heavily in One In A Million eCovers, mainly for myself, but also for my customers/members and email subscribers to stand out from the rest.

It really is THAT important to stand out from the rest, to stay ahead of the competition.....

One in A Million eCovers is "The Answer"

The #1 eCover Script Package Online!
One in A Million eCovers Action Script is Adobe Photoshop Actions – also known as Plugins – that work with your existing Photoshop software.

You can call this package a eBook cover creator, eBook cover generator, and also eBook cover software.

One in A Million eCovers Action Script Package is the fastest and easiest way to create your very own eBook covers and design.

This package is easy to use so even a beginner, who lack the skill of a seasoned designer or an experienced graphic artist, can also create an outstanding and professional result.

One in A Million eCovers Action Script Package contains more than 70 unique and creative script that allows you to create a variety of 3D product covers.

What it can do for you?

It converts your 2D image into 3D image with insane speed.  At the same time making your new design look professional and world class.


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