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One-Way Links Search Engines

    Generating Loads of Quality One-Way Links Can't Get Any Faster or Easier Than This!

So, what does this technique involve?  Well, the first part may surprise you.  Because you probably already use it on a regular basis.

Yet, you only gain a tiny fraction of what it has to offer.  It's simply this... posting to forums and message boards.

You see, forums are the centers of where your customers go to learn, network, and share ideas.  Inside, customers exchange links in  "Signatures" after their names.

This means every time you make a post, as many as hundreds (even thousands) of eyeballs see it-- and blast your site with incoming traffic.

And, what's more, the traffic is just the tip of the iceberg.  The main benefit of posting in forums are the...

    High-Quality Links Search Engines Love!

Since forums are full of always updating content, search engines scour them like crazy. As a result, the spiders scurry their way over to your site too.

This means your pages are more likely to be indexed into the search engines (which is vital if you want to make money from sites as quickly as possible)!

Plus, you shouldn't forget these links last ages.  As long as you post valuable comments, then you get backlinks (to help boost your search rankings) pointing to your sites for years to come.

Of course, the problem with posting to forums is that...

        Submitting To More Than A Few Forums Sucks Your Valuable Time Dry!

You see, one of the biggest time wasters many marketers and website owners get pulled into are forums.

This is because they're so content-packed that it's easy to spend all day there responding and reading other people's posts.

And this is often costly.  Because you could be using your time to drive twice as much traffic using one of the many more effective promotion techniques.

Simply put, when it comes down to it, forums are just not a serious method of promoting your websites.  Because there's just not enough time in the day to make posting worth your time.

This is why I developed a new solution to make forums a more practical advertising solution. In fact, with this new tool, forums are now...
A Surefire Way To Get A Barrage Of Quality One-Way Links Pointing To Your Sites Quickly and Easily!

The solution is called Forum Equalizer --  It's a new tool from Rod Beckwith.

You may be familiar with some of my other top-selling tools I developed like Press Equalizer, Instant Article Submitter, Adword Generator, and countless other tools that increase profits and save time for marketers, webmasters, or search engine experts like yourself!

Forum Equalizer is a PC software that automates the submission of your ads to an ever-growing database of over 131+ forums that accept free advertising!

Together, these forums have a growing member base of  324,722+ people that have access to your ads!

Now, instead of getting only a few links from your time spent in forums, you get dozens of high-quality one-way links with a few clicks of your mouse!  It's all done for you on autopilot!


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