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Memorize Names, Numbers and Everything Else


When you finish this course you will be able to meet 50 people in one hour and remember all their first names! Let us repeat, we understand that this is impossible for you today, but it is only impossible because you are TRYING TO MEMORIZE THE WRONG WAY! Once you learn the right way, the impossible becomes common place. And you PROVE this, at the end of this course, or you don’t pay a penny!

This again, is one of the ‘final tests’ you will perform at the end of this course, to prove to yourself- and your friends the kind of ‘Tape Recorder Memory’ you have now developed.
This is what you will do –
Have one of your friends shuffle a deck of cards thoroughly then hand them to you. You will then perform a simple system that that enables you to burn each card into your memory. You will hand the cards back to your friend and repeat the cards in the exact order forwards and backwards! Then you friend will be in disbelief when they ask you to name the 10th card from the top and you instantly give them the answer!

You can perform this ‘trick’ over and over, as long as you wish. But far more important are the dozens of applications of this simple ‘Memory Photographer’ device. Here are just a few of the new skills you will apply this to:

    Build confidence and gain respect as you give 30 minute talks to large or small groups without using a single note
    Develop important relationships as you recall birthdays, names and key details of those you meet
    Add more words to your vocabulary in a week than most do in a year
    Learn a foreign language quicker than you ever thought possible
    Study in 1/3 the time and get better grades!
    Memorize jokes instantly when you hear them and create a mental database of jokes for fun at parties
    Memorize your favorite poem, quote or scripture instantly even if it is 200 lines!
    Become an overnight genius in any sport you chose – football, baseball or basketball as you memorize all the stats for every team!
    Retain what you learn from seminars, workshops, CDs, DVDs and classes. Most will spend thousands of $$ on educational material and can’t recall a single point a year later. Take the knowledge of information off of your bookshelf and place it in your mental computer…forever! Imagine having all the knowledge of your favorite author or speaker in your head! Now you know what they know!
    Attend a class and recall all the key points forwards and backwards
    Memorize all the key points of your products in minutes even if you have 50 products
    Memorize a deck of cards in only minutes (remember what cards have been played in a game)
    Flow through your sales presentations effortlessly when you have all the details in your memory
    Advance rapidly in your career because of your endless knowledge
    Be seen as the 'go to' person because you seem to have all the answers in your mind
    Triple your confidence because you feel prepared
    Memorize a room full of 100 people at a party as you call everyone by name
    Win friends and influence people who you show them the respect of remembering their name
    Teach this system to your children and watch as their confidence and grades dramatically improve

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