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Increase Pitching Velocity

Don’t blow this off like you are blowing off your career!

You don’t have the time or the luxury to walk away from this level of knowledge and this hardcore training program. Your career is too short to act like you got it made. Unless you are the hardest throwing pitcher in your state, then you have a lot of work to do.

You only get a few chances in your career to make a name for yourself and the fact that you are here, RIGHT NOW, tells me that you are not getting the job done or you are second guessing your ability to get the job done.
3X Pitching“Quitters never Win and Winners never Quit!”

I was 26 years old and completely out of the game of baseball, I still believed deep down inside that I would reach my velocity goal of 94mph. The reason I never let go of my goals, even when my window of opportunity was almost completely closed, was because I refused to give up or quit. I knew that if I didn’t keep my hopes alive, even against all of the odds, regret would eventually take me down. The only thing I fear is regret. I knew that it would be harder to live with the regret that I didn’t work hard enough to reach my velocity goals, than to live with the blood, sweat and tears of working to accomplish my goal of 94mph. Trust me, you don’t want to be that guy who is always saying, “I should have or I could have thrown 90, but my coach screwed me, or I hurt my arm, or I partied to much.” That guy is a loser in my book!
3X PitchingSo why does everybody want to throw hard but only a handful can?

I am sure you already know this but velocity is like a drug. The day you can throw the ball past every hitter in the lineup is the day that you feel invincible. What pitcher wouldn’t want to feel this? This will also give you confidence that will get you to the next level, so velocity is king when it comes to dominating the game, making scouts notice you and this is why everyone wants to posses it. The reason only a handful of pitchers can throw hard, is because most pitchers only rely on their genetics to determine their velocity and those who do not have the genetics, just make excuses for why they can’t throw hard. Most pitchers that I meet, who think they do not need help with velocity, think that if they just throw long toss everyday, or not workout because it makes a body builder not a pitcher, then it is only just a matter of time before they start throwing hard. This is the recipe for regret! If you don’t act now to take advantage of the little time you have in your career to be a star, then regret is all you will have when it is over.


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