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Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training

You know what I'm talking about. I see the same guys come to the gym on a regular basis. As I looked around at these skinny saps, that's when I realized it's been a couple years and their mediocre physiques haven't changed one bit.

These Guys Are The Laughing Stock Of The Gym & Don't Even Know It!

I know it's kind of embarrassing to admit….I've been a gym rat for over 21 years and about a year ago, I too felt like my training had hit a brick wall…

I have definitely made some tremendous gains since I first started, but is that so amazing? Seriously doesn't everyone look different from when they were 16-years old and start weight training?

Some of these ads I've seen on the Internet just make me laugh. It's almost insulting. The before picture shows a 17-year old teenager, and the after picture shows a pic of a 34-year old man. Yet the headline says, "transform your body in 90-days"…. I'm not a rocket scientist but to me it looks like it should read… "Transform Your Body In 17 Years…"

You caught me in a rant… I'll probably have a few more of those.

I've had some growth spurts during my lifting journey but one thing I've learned is eventually your body will adapt and you'll have to try something new… It's just too easy to get in a rut and follow the same "NO Results" routine you're used to and the same old exercises you like….

I Decided To Be Different Than Everyone Else… Or I'd Be Trapped On The Same Dismal 'No Results' Hell Like Everyone Else!

It's true I was stuck in a training rut or a plateau as we call it. My training buddies and I along with most other gym-goers actually do pretty similar workouts.

This is how my workouts used to look. I'd pick 3 exercises per body part and do 8-10 reps per exercise. The last two reps would always be forced reps so I'd reach muscular failure. I'd pyramid up in weight so each set got heavier. Then I'd throw in one extra set at the end with lighter weight and call this a drop set just to get a burn. This Really Worked For A Few Years….

As A Beginner I Put On 30 Pounds Of Serious Muscle.

Anyone that has been training for an extended period of time knows that this kind of program is called H.I.T. It stands for "high intensity training". I've been a big believer in this system for a long time and still think it works.

However, I do strongly believe that at some point your body stops responding to it and that's the point I had come to. I was run down and over trained BIG TIME! Some guys say overtraining is just an excuse to skip workouts. I had been busting my butt in the gym but my gains stopped DEAD! …

When you're trying as hard as you can and giving it 110% day after day With NO RESULTS something is going on.


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