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How to Use Your Own Subconscious Energies for Health, Prosperity

And that's simply a matter of learning how!

Hi, my name is Tony Mase and I'd like to share an exciting discovery with you...

I've been a very serious student of the works of Wallace D. Wattles for several years now. Although he wrote several other books, Wallace D. Wattles is best known for his classic masterpiece, "The Science of Getting Rich", which has shown generations of readers the way to riches.

During my extensive research into his writings, I discovered he also wrote another equally if not even more important book - one that's very rare and practically unknown.

Recently, after several years of searching for it, I finally found a copy of this "long-lost" book by Wallace D. Wattles that'll show you exactly how to use this power to get whatever you want.

This book has had an absolutely profound effect on my life, as I know it will yours, and I take great pride and pleasure in sharing it with you...


"The Personal Power Course"

I've formatted this rare masterpiece by Wallace D. Wattles into an easy to download, easy to use ebook.

The Personal Power Course ebook is divided into ten lessons:

      Lesson 1 - Fundamentals

      Lesson 2 - The Physical Side of Health-Culture

      Lesson 3 - The Mental Side of Health-Culture

      Lesson 4 - The Physical Side of Wealth-Culture

      Lesson 5 - The Mental Side of Wealth-Culture

      Lesson 6 - The Development of Talent

      Lesson 7 - The Retention of Youth

      Lesson 8 - Marital Happiness

      Lesson 9 - Special Application

      Lesson 10 - Opportunity

Wallace D. Wattles originally wrote the ten lessons included in The Personal Power Course ebook as a series of monthly lessons. Each lesson builds upon the previous one to construct a complete, simple, practical, easy-to-understand, step-by-step system for getting whatever you want out of life, whether it's...

      Loving Relationships

      or Anything and Everything Else You Want!

Although formatted for easier viewing as an ebook, The Personal Power Course ebook contains the entire, unedited text of the original edition.

Nothing has been left out. No words have been added or eliminated. None of the wording has been changed. Words that appeared in all capital letters or Italics in the original edition, appear the same way in this ebook. You'll be reading this book exactly as it was originally published and...

Exactly as Wallace D. Wattles intended for you to read it!

The Personal Power Course is not just another so-called "self help" book. Many books of this type are long on theory and "optimistic jollying", as Wallace D. Wattles called it, and very short on practical application.

Quite the contrary, it picks up where other works usually end...

The Personal Power Course ebook contains the complete, simple, practical, easy-to-understand, step-by-step system for getting what you want YOU'VE been looking for!

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