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How To Raise, Love and Live With Persian Cats

A Chance Meeting

Anyway, I grew up and moved on and recently caught up with an old friend. Both being cat lovers, we talked about the terror Kenneth inflicted on the neighborhood...and this got me thinking again...why?

The Search Begins...

And that was that. My love of cats and my girlhood love for Persians in particular set me on a mission to find the answers to why Marla was the angel and Kenneth the complete opposite...

Here’s where the story gets interesting...

I trawled the internet and gathered all the information I could on my beloved Persians...only thing was, pretty soon I had complete information overload.

It wasn’t that I couldn't find what I was looking for, it was just that there was soooo much and in so many different places...

“Just give me the information in one place please!!”

What I wanted was an all in one guide...a quick and easy reference to my beloved Persians so I could work out poor old Kenneth’s “issues” and plan how to have that perfect companion like Marla and not make the same mistakes that we made with chips.

It was so frustrating! It was there alright, how to properly bring up, care for, breed, and pamper your Persian...only problem...it took many long draining hours in front of the computer!

If you’re happy to spend your days piecing the jigsaw puzzle together, like I did, be prepared for your share of stress, wasted time, annoyance and sheer boredom. 

Anyway, back to my story...

And yes...I’ve discovered why Kenneth was like he was...poor Kenneth...more on that later...

When I sifted through all the data, the best care with a Persian really all boiled down to a few key foundations:

 Understanding the temperament of the Persian
 What to look for when buying a Healthy Persian, one without PKD
 How to properly pamper your Persian
 Reading and communicating effectively with your Persian
 The correct diet exclusively for Persians

But there was also a heap of other information on breeding, naming, selecting and grooming Persians.

And then it dawned on me that maybe others could benefit from all this information.

Fast Forward a few more months, add in some long hours at the keyboard and viola!


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