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How to Increase Your Drive Distance by 15 to 20 Yards

Don't you think it's interesting that athletes in every other sport go on to break records like running (the four minute mile barrier) and baseball (record home runs), yet golfers still can't break 80, or even 90 after years and years of practicing and playing? I bet a few of you have yet to break 100 and haven't seen any rewards for the hours and hours of effort you have put in. Maybe you've read the same statistic we have. Did you know the National Golf Foundation reports the average male handicap is 16.2 and the average female handicap is 28.0.

But, here's the real problem. Did you know that these same statistics haven't changed for over 20 years? Yes, it's true. The average male and female golf handicap is exactly the same as it was way back then. Now, how the heck is this possible?

Is it because we don't have access to enough swing instruction information to help us improve?

Is it because we aren't seeing advances in equipment, balls or technology so there is no way to get better?

Or maybe we don't have good role models on today's tour to set good examples?

Surely you don't believe any of those three are true. Maybe, just maybe, it is the opposite...

Maybe there is just too much technology and too much information and no way to know how to process it...and maybe, just maybe...

There are too many golf fitness and exercise programs and it is simply too confusing to try and choose one. In fact, here is what one of our readers and avid golfers Gus Mestak asked...

In the process of this confusion, there must be some questions we're not asking and answers we're not getting. But, what? What are we missing? What is the real secret to improvement with the game.

Why the Great Golf Fitness Lie Has Got to Stop

Have you noticed how many golf fitness trainers have popped up within the last few years with all their fancy titles and 'swing fixes', yet you still haven't seen the changes to your body or your game, even though you've spent countless hours and ridiculous amounts of money trying to improve. Some of you have even driven hours to see a  so called 'expert' only to find yourself playing exactly the same way, round after round.

Here's the real truth about golf and exercise...

      -if you perform the right exercises and stretches for your game, you WILL SEE AND FEEL A DIFFERENCE and that difference is game changing and translates to immediate improvement on the course

     -you do not have to pay thousands of dollars or travel the entire Northwest, Southwest, Northeast or Southeast to find the answers that can give you longer drive distance of 15 to 20 yards or more


     -there is a quick and easy answer to getting a golf body you're proud of and a game worth bragging about...and it's closer than you think...keep reading

Let me ask you a question. If there was some very specific reason why you weren't improving with your game, would you want to know?

If someone, somewhere, could tell you that if you 'fixed' your grip or changed your stance or performed a very specific exercise designed to help you drive the ball further, would you do it?

I bet you would. And this is the nature of the problem. Golfers are not getting the results that they want and they are not getting the results they're paying for.

In the professional world, this could never happen. Since I've had the privilege of working side by side and hand in hand with players on the professional tours, I may have some unique insights into the process of improvement.

You get one chance and that's it. Keep in mind that a PGA or LPGA Tour Player can hire anyone they want from virtually anywhere on the face of the Earth. In order to secure your place as part of 'their team', you absolutely positively MUST produce results.

If a fitness trainer can't add value to their game (or yours), they're fired. That's it. No other way around it.

Do you really think a tour player cares about which exercises or stretches they need to do? Which swing training aides to use? Or which drills to perform?

NO! They do those things that bring them results and don't waste their time chasing the next 'big thing".

Serious Golfers Are Not So Different From

Tour Players, Here's Why...

Let's define the real problem so that we can find the right solution. After hearing regular complaints from golfers all over the world regarding the frustrating state of their golf games, their health and their fitness, we knew we had heard it before. Not being satisfied with playing performance is not an isolated problem. It's something all players have in common.

Here's what all golfers are looking for...
Increase drive distance by 15 to 20 yards or more, although many would be happy with an additional 10 yards (just ask a tour player how important a few more yards would be to their game)
Increase energy levels so they feel refreshed and ready for the back nine. Some even wanted to finish with more energy than when they started! (ever been in a situation where it was hotter than expected, playing time was longer than expected?)
Get lean, strong and flexible so they could get the most out of every shot and feel good about themselves again
Reduce their handicap to a single digit or get their level of play to match even the most serious competition (there will always be another level of competition. How will you stay prepared?)

    But, this wasn't enough...

    You see, we were getting letters and e-mail from golfers of various ages, different skill levels and genders. So, we also had to address these important questions...

    Which exercise program is best for me at the tender age of 72?
    What if I'm a woman? How should I adjust a golf fitness program to best meet my needs?
    I'm 19 and playing on the college team. My coach says I have to do the school program, but I don't trust it. Can you help me?
    I don't have a lot of experience working out. Will this program give me a fresh start and explain the basics?

    and last...

    I am very serious about my game and already compete in mini tours and qualifiers. I don't want a program geared towards hackers. I need the best program I can get for my game!


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