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How To Feel Like A Good Parent Even When Your Teenager Hates You

 Teach Your Teenager That...IT'S OK NOT TO DRINK - IT'S OK NOT TO DO DRUGS

Do you suspect your teen is doing drugs or selling drugs? Then learn quickly on what to do to save your kid's life from further destruction. Find out when is the right time that you need to search your teenagers room. Learn to recognize the 4 levels of drug and alcohol addiction and quickly figure out if your teenager has an addiction. You also learn how to handle early drinking problems with your teen.

What if you could swiftly handle a situation where your teen is involved with a bad crowd? How to help your teenager cope with peer pressure by one simple approach. Or learn what to do if your teen is caught stealing from you or other people, vandalizing your things, or is involved with a gang.  How to decide when to seek professional help. Behavior modification, boot or brat camp - find out if this would be what your teenager really needs.

Discipline Without Any Guilt and Without Any Hard Feelings

Imagine being able to still feel like a good parent even when your teenager says, 'I Hate You'. Discipline your teenager without feeling any guilt. You'll be able to handle your disrespectful and abusive teenager without any more yelling, arguing or hard feelings. You WILL still stay sane as a parent even when you take away all privileges and your teen still tries to defy you. You'll learn to consistently keep to your disrespectful teenager's behavior expectations and mean it. Ultimately, you'll bring back peace in your mind and in your home. Wouldn't that be great?

Or what about if you could Learn To Communicate with your teenager that doesn't end in one minute and you being called inappropriate names or acts out in a violent way. Learn how to get your daughter or son to open up to you without pushing you away and get to the root of the problem in order to help her or him. You can have a teenager that is not afraid to talk to you about anything. Learn how to become that trusting parent. How would that feel if you could do that?
 Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover in "NO-NONSENSE PARENTING FOR TODAY'S TEENAGER - How To Feel Like A Good Parent Even When Your Teenager Hates You":


  How to Get your child to clean up their room without any ultimatums. Get your teen to follow the simple rules of the house ie. pick up their messes in the kitchen and put the dishes in the dishwasher, etc.
  3 simple ways to open up the lines of communication and affectively learn new strategies to stop the arguing and breaking the rules.
  Tired of your kid lying to you? How to handle the constant lying.  One parent even asked me, "How can I discuss anything with my children, even if they are going to lie to me anyways?"....and so I answered that question right in my book.
 The Best Method to stop physical and verbal abusive behavior from your teenager. Discover how to prevent your abusive teen's attitude from getting out of hand. Find out what to say and do when your daughter or son is in a full blown rage? Learn what to do if you don't feel safe in your home.
 The little-known way to learn how to deal with texting, cell phones and computer addictions - learn how to compete and cope with a teen who's Always Connected.
 Uncover what to do if your teen is sexually active or is being promiscuous.
 5 Proven Steps to what to do when your teenager is defiant, obnoxious or disrespectful towards you. What you can do if your teenager even ignores you and refuses to communicate with you too.
 Single Parent? A unique plan to keeping yourself from going crazy. Steps on how to handle your teen when they expect you to do everything for them, without any gratitude, appreciation for your hard earned money or any expectation on their part to get a job. As one parent put it, "I'm just the mail and the money giver". Well, you can say - No More to that!
 2 simple keys on how to deal with anger and rude behavior. If you don't feel like coming home from work because of your demanding, unbearable, cursing teenager who has all the control...learn how to regain control of your home and make it the peaceful place that you look forward to coming home to again.
 Discover 2 reasons why some teenagers constantly lie. Learn how to punish lying severely: uncover how to reward honesty and personal responsibility in order to get them to stop the destructive habit of lying.
3 tricks to get your lazy teenager to actually do his chores, do his homework and be on time. Great techniques to teach your teenager to comply with your rules and to learn to take responsibility for their actions. Stamp out your teen from doing things in the last minute or even saying things like, "Ya, in a minute".
 How to STOP your kid from abusing people he/she should love including you as him/her #1 victim. Say no more to your teenager using this abusive behaviour to get his or her way and to making you feel guilty. Find out what to do if your teen breaks things that belong you, trashes your house or threatens you physically. 
 AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes how to teach your son or daughter to have more respect for you as a single parent. Plus how to handle disrespectful behavior out in public or in front of your friends or relatives.
 New Powerful tips on avoiding the almighty power struggles with your child. Learn how not to get 'sucked in' to his or her manipulations. Do this and your teen will give up trying to 'push your buttons'.
 The Latest Coping Skills on how to deal with medical issues like ADHD problems, Bipolar Disorder, Depression and thoughts of suicide.
 Have you ever said this? - 'Will you two just get along?' - How to handle sibling rivalry. When to accept, and not accept, help from extended family. ie. from grandparents, uncle and aunts, etc.
 25 sure-fire ways to deal with step parenting and foster parenting challenges. When you feel like you keep getting the "you are not my mother, so I don't have to listen to you" look...how to deal with the huge issues of at least getting some respect from your step-son or step-daughter.
 Teach your teen about money issues and get him or her to finally realize that 'money doesn't grow on trees' and how to respect the value of money.
 How to handle the immaturity of your ex-spouse's parenting style. Learn what to say to get him or her on your side without the arguing and bickering.
 How to help your child deal with anger, grief and coping issues related to death or dying parent. What to do if your teen starts to rebel to changes at home, a move away from friends or new partners in the picture. How to show him or her that you care for their loss.
 How to handle your teenager's Immaturity, Inability to cope with reality or their Entitlement mentality. How to handle laziness or lack of motivation with your child.
 What you need to know about sexuality with your teenage daughter or teenage son. How to handle teen love and relationship problems. How to help your teen cope with life's disappointments and breakups. You think your teen is gay, but you're not sure. How to understand and cope with a homosexual teenager as a parent.
 A free and easy way to communicate the message 'I love you' but 'I do not love this behavior', even if your teen simply doesn't care if you do.
 Have you been looking for this for ages? New Discovery - Learn how exercising can literally turn any aggressive or hyperactive teenager around - they'll be more relaxed, have better grades, plus more great results.
 Bullying and Cyber Bullying - what to do if your child is being bullied or what if it's your teen who is the bully at school. How to stop it. How to build confidence in your child to say no to negative peer pressure.
 REVEALED! The hidden reality behind teenage drug & alcohol abuse and drinking & driving car crashes. Learn when to intervene to save your teen's life. Learn how to set limits, boundaries and consequences when it comes to teen substance abuse. When your teen is ready to drive - what you should expect from your teen in order to keep him/her safe and alive.
 A successful way to handle your own moral and low self-esteem as a parent and stop feeling like a victim of your teens undesired abuse.
 How to give positive encouragement to your teenager. Learn how to let go and trust your teen.
 The Secret Weapon for ultimately feeling like a good parent even when your teenager hates you: Learn that you are doing the right things for your teenager and to never leave guilt get in the way of being a disciplinary parent.
 What you must do when the going gets tough with your disrespectful teenager. What to do when you feel like giving up. The good news - how you and your child can and will survive the teen years.


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