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How to Easily Double or Even Triple Your Income

You see, I'm a fitness trainer. And I know a lot of other trainers. And if you're like most of the trainers I meet, you secretly wished you had more "high testosterone" clients.

You know the type -- the kind of guy who loves it when you push him to his limits. These are military guys (and gals)… cops… athletes. They show up ready to give 110% every time. These are your "no pain, no gain" clients.

You gotta love 'em. Every single one. Because these people are the reason you became a personal trainer!

But look at your current business. How many of these "go getters" do you actually train in any given month? A handful, if you're lucky.

And look at your current clientele. Do you ever get the sneaking feeling that these women woof down a Hershey's bar or a bag of chips just as soon as your session is over? And I bet you know these clients are going to return to all their bad habits the day after their last session. You're just giving them a quick-fix "Band Aid" in time for a reunion or a day at the beach.

Point is, wouldn't it be great to have more serious clients? And wouldn't it be great to…

Get Paid MORE Money to Train Your Favorite Clients?


Now you can! And all you have to do is run an athletic boot camp!

Hear me out on this...

Here's Why Running an Athletic Boot Camp is the Best Business Ever:

You get paid more while working less! Instead of training one client at a time, you can train 10, 15…or more. That means you get paid more for every hour of your time. It's an easy way for you to double or triple your current income… while working fewer hours!

You never have to worry about "no show" clients! All your clients pay up front, so a no-show doesn't hit your pocketbook. And since you're running a class, the no-shows don't waste your time because you still have a dozen other eager campers to train!

Getting clients is easy! The economy is tough right now, so your clients are tightening their belts. They're looking for fitness solutions that give them the most bang for their buck. A fitness boot camp is the perfect solution for them, since it costs less than a personal session… but they'll still enjoy great results! That means it's easy for you to fill all your classes with eager trainees!

Let others bring clients to you! The coaches in your area desperately need someone to train their athletes for speed, agility and conditioning. They'll happily refer their entire team to your boot camps!

You get to train your FAVORITE kind of clients! Forget about running a "bride boot camp" or working with people who want to get "magic bullet" results while doing as little as possible. Now you get to spend every day working with real athletes who aren't afraid to sweat!

And you get to REALLY train them! You get to build real, lasting results and train them like they need (and want) to be trained! No more "Band Aid" or "quick fix" training!

You can custom-tailor your camps for maximum profits! You can design your camps to follow the sports seasons. This is an attractive marketing point that makes it easy to fill your boot camps with eager campers!

It's an untapped market! Everyone runs specialized boot camps like boot camps for women. But look around your hometown - I bet no one is running a boot camp for athletes. And that's why you can cash in and dominate this market… while enjoying every minute of it!

Listen, if you're not convinced by now that running an athletic boot camp is the sure path to putting more money in your pocket while making you happier, then maybe you're not cut out to run an athletic boot camp. Maybe you prefer to help soccer moms melt fat.

If that's what floats your boat, go for it. But hit the back button if that's you, because…


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