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Flying in Four Vertical Jump Program

Have you ever wondered what may be holding you back from the giant vertical jump you know your body's capable of?

Or why you've barely been able to increase your vertical jump up to this point, even with all the time and energy (and often, money) you spend on improving your hops?

If so, then you've most definitely come to the right place.

You see, on this very website right here and now, I'm going to reveal to you the REAL reason why you've never been able to truly and drastically increase your vertical jump and then, I'm even going to reveal to you the one thing that has been holding you back from the giant vertical jump you know your body's capable of.

And if you're truly the action-taker I think you are, I'm even going to provide you with the most advanced and strategic vertical jumping solution ever developed to rapidly increase your vertical jump to the exact height you want it to be -- in as little as 28 days.

URGENT NOTICE: I am aware I just made some big promises. If you choose to believe this is just another "gimmicky, marketing trick", then you've clearly landed on the wrong webpage. What I'm about to reveal to you works, and it works well, but it is most certainly NOT easy.

To increase your vertical jump as drastically as I'm promising to you right now takes some very hard (but very doable) work. If you're the type who's afraid to roll up their sleeves every once in a while, this solution will never work for you. Now here's..

The ONLY Problem: The "Giant" Vertical Jump Dilemma

In order to drastically increase your vertical jump in the shortest time possible, two things must happen:

1. You need to solidify and concretely lay down your Vertical Jump "Foundation".

2. You need to produce a LONG-TERM training effect, based on short-term workouts

Not necessarily a simple task, right?

To solidify and build up your vertical jump "foundation", you need to train your body for optimal movement patterns, muscular activation and joint mobility, which normally can take up to 3 months of dedicated time and effort.


And to produce a LONG-TERM training effect based on short-term workouts, you need to strategically train with varying bouts of frequency and intensity for short periods of time and then follow up those high-effort times with "focused recovery" times.

Unfortunately, building up your Vertical Jump Foundation and producing a Long-Term Training Effect at the same time only causes "overtraining" and confusion within your body, because the increasing physiological demands outweigh your body's ability to recover fast enough.

We call it the Vertical Jump Catch-22: You try to build up your foundation, while simultaneously training for that elusive Long-Term Training Effect that leads to such explosive vertical jump gains, but you're left with just one thing:

A Tired, Overworked Body That Refuses To Jump Higher

The simple fact is this: Until today, drastically increasing your vertical jump in the shortest time conceivable was impossible.

Sure, you might be able to add a couple inches every now and again, but we're talking about up to 12 inches in 12 weeks here...

…and besides unproven, over-marketed programs that may or may not ever deliver on their promises, this is the first time science has met experience for REAL, verifiable vertical jump transformations.

Sure, you may know someone who gained a significant amount of inches on their vertical jump in a short period of time, but a "genetic vertical jump" and an "earned vertical jump" are two critically different things.

Most people understand basic DNA-coding as much as the next guy and understand our DNA pre-determines a lot of things for us in life, including our speed and power as evolved human beings.

And anyone you know who gained a truly significant amount of inches on their vertical jump in extremely short amounts of time did it because:

A) They were born to jump high and it just took a little longer for the vertical jumps to develop..

These are your "genetic vertical jumpers". They could spend all day sitting on the couch eating potato chips and watching TV and they'd still jump out of the gym.


B) They fortunately stumbled into a combination of Foundational Vertical Jump Training strategically matched with Long-Term Effect Training, which rapidly increased their vertical jump in a very short amount of time.

And unless you're one of those "genetic vertical jumpers" who was just born to jump high, you too are going to need a solution that combines the most important parts of Foundational Vertical Jump Training with Long-Term Effect Training to rapidly create massive vertical jump improvements.

But it can't just be thrown together -- as we agreed on before, combining these two lethal vertical jump strategies together almost always leads to "overtraining" and confusion within your body.


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