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Easy Way to Speak Japanese

Why do you want to learn to speak Japanese?

Are you traveling to Japan and want to talk to Japanese people?

Are you a home-schooled student who wants learn more quickly and easily?

Are you a student who wants to get an A+ or VHA in Japanese?

Have you learned Japanese before and want a fun refresher course?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this might be the most important letter to you.

Because today, I will share with you some shortcuts to Japanese success. Shortcuts that make learning Japanese easy, perhaps easier than you ever thought possible.

Imagine traveling to Japan and chatting with the locals and easily being understood.
You walk up to a complete stranger without any fear to speak in Japanese, you just say what you want to say and your words are immediately acknowledged.

It changes the way you travel and the way you relate to people.

In 30 days or less you could be communicating in Japanese, ordering meals, reserving hotels, asking questions, getting your point across and understanding what they say to you.

You can even get away from the over priced tourist traps and explore markets, meet villagers and go where the locals go as you draw on your command of conversational and functional Japanese to interact with them.

That's the best part of learning the Shortcuts to Japanese, you learn Japanese you can use right away on a variety of subjects to communicate in most situations.
I'll Show You Exactly How to Get through the Traps That Stop Most People from Finally Speaking Japanese

Takanori TomitaHello.
My name is Takanori Tomita, that's me on the left

I'm a native Japanese, and have been living in Japan for nearly 20 years.
Currently, I work as a Japanese translator and also teaching Japanese online, with other Japanese teachers.

I know what it's like to learn a second language. Because, when I was fourteen years old, I went to Australia, and I had to learn English from scratch.

From my own experience, I know that speaking another language can seem like an impossible task when you're faced with a mountain of vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

I've experienced first hand just how useless all the theoretical babble is when you just want to be able to get by in Australia.

The good news is that learning a second language doesn't have to be a struggle at all.
After years of investigation, I have discovered ways that make it possible for anyone to communicate in any language.

It is so simple!

So, I'll show you a completely different system that makes communicating in Japanese easy.

Once I show you how to speak Japanese, you'll wish you had learned this way in the first place.
If you had started this way, you'd be speaking Japanese by now.


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