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Creating a Six Figure Income In Weeks

Thank God I am still alive. It took massive changes in my life but it has been worth it. Do you need to make huge changes in your life? Do you want huge changes so you can "re-launch your life?

It's true... the Dr told me make changes or you are as good as dead.

    I Cheated Death To Tell You This Story of How Easy Success Can Be Achieved!

Roy Here Just 200 Yards From My "office" Window

It was 7 years ago now. I  just collapsed right there on the floor of my office. Ambulance. Blue lights flashing. Sirens. It was terrifying.

I'd actually had a suspected heart attack. It turned out to be something called an oesophagus spasm. All I know is that it was darned painful and it sure as heck felt like a heart attack! I know one thing though. I really thought my time had come, that's for sure!

I was running my own small business at the time. Nothing fancy, but I managed to get the bills paid each month (usually). The thing was though, that after paying staff wages, office rent, and all the million and one other overheads involved, I was actually earning less than some of the people who worked for me!


I was slaving my guts out, 18 hours a day, 7 days a week to support my staff!

The Dr told me that this oesophagus spasm thing had been brought about by stress and that I had to completely change my lifestyle or next time it could be the killer heart attack!

I had no option, I took their advice, slammed the doors shut on my stressed out business, paid the redundancy checks to my staff and made sure they were set up with new jobs (with my competitors!). The upshot was...

    I Had 12 Weeks To Create My New Life Before My Last Cash Ran Out!

When push came to shove and all the bills had been paid (I had no idea just how much it would cost to legally close a business properly), I was horrified to find that I had only just about enough money left to cover the mortgage and household bills for the next three months!

I had no business, no job and 90 days from now the bailiff's could be knocking on my door. And I thought I was stressed before!

I couldn't get a job, because all I knew how to do was the same sort of business I'd been in before. The business that had caused all the stress in the first place. To be honest, I spent the next month doing not much else but worrying frantically about what I was going to do to keep the wolf from the door. Time was passing and I now had just two months left before the money ran out.

    If You've Ever Been in the Position Where You Don't Know Where the Next Penny is Coming From ...

info product creation brings this lifestyle - image     ... and you have no idea how you are going to pay the next mortgage payment or how you are going to put food on the table for your wife and kids, then believe me I know how you feel.

If you've ever had your wife look at you in that certain way that says "I really love you, but I'm getting scared now. When are you going to DO something!" Man it just cripples you inside. And all the time you're frantically trying to think of a way to get out of the mess you find yourself in and to somehow regain some self respect.

Life Is Now Very Different!

I look back now at how things were at that time and it truly feels like some other persons life I'm looking at. Now I know just how easy it is to make fifty times what I was making before and to be able to do that by working only when I feel like it, instead of putting in 18 hour days, well I just wish I'd known then what I know now, let me tell you!


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