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Web Traffic Machines

Rather than sing the same old song and dance about where I came from and how poor I was as a kid (which would be totally accurate) I would rather SHOW you where I am today and TEACH you how to get here too.

I am a professional, I have generated more money, and more free traffic than most people can even IMAGINE... and I can take you to where I am, but only if you pay attention to the details.

When I mentioned that you may not "know" me, it is because I truly have always preferred to stay "under the radar"... But you can bet your bottom dollar that my software is known by every major marketer in the Internet Marketing industry (even if they can't get their hands on it)... Why? Because I am the biggest and best in this industry at what I do.

I'm not bragging to you here (or at least that's not my objective). My point is for you to know right up front that I did not reach this level by creating substandard tools, or using flaky systems to generate traffic.

I am known in certain circles because I am THE go to guy when it comes to SEO and web traffic software [period]. In fact, it would be easy enough for you to do some basic research and find that my software company is one of the largest Internet marketing software companies on the entire internet.



Enough about my escape from poverty, and enough about who I know and who knows me... Lets cut to the chase and get to the real point... How YOU can greatly benefit by 'doing what I do' rather than doing what I say.

If you’ve struggled in any way to improve your life or to get out of a dead-end job, I can relate. I’ve been there too.

If you’ve had a hard time creating a profitable internet business, I know your pain. I was there too... but not for long!

Although I had a gift--a natural understanding of online marketing--it literally took me years to create, test, rebuild, retest, and rebuild all of these programs... and now they are already well proven to be the very best that the Internet has to offer.

So, together.... let's save you some time, in fact, let's save you a LOT of time...

Let's save you the aggravation and frustration associated with figuring out what methods, systems and strategies will or will not work...

Let's save you tens of thousands of dollars in software research and development costs, and together, let's just bring you right to the big show... with all of the work already done for you.

Sound good?


How to Get No Traffic

Lets get to it!

If you already have a website, then you've probably discovered how easy it is to get ZERO traffic.

If you want to guarantee that you won't get any visitors, go ahead and keep waiting for them to arrive. All you have to do is NOT take action.

Personally, I wasn’t satisfied to sit there forever waiting for visitors to arrive while my website went stale.

At the same time, I wasn’t willing to whip out my credit card and become a slave to “pay-per-click” like so many internet marketers are doing.

What I wanted was FREE traffic, and lots of it.

So I studied search engine optimization (SEO) and learned the ropes. I became pretty good at it. The problem was; it takes a lot of time and work to keep your website on top of the search results.

So I started developing ways to make the process easier and quicker.

I could see so clearly the correlation between getting traffic and making money. I KNEW that if I could get targeted traffic, I would make money too.

So I quit my job and went all-out in my quest to create a "perfect traffic system".


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