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Ultimate Surplus Wholesale Guide

You see there is a huge misconception that all you have to do is find WHERE to buy products so you can resell them and make a lot of money. If it was that easy, most people who do it would still be doing it. The fact is that most people LOSE money because they didn't know what they were doing BEFORE they got in the game and they got burnt because... they didn't know what they were doing! This business is like any other business. There are things you MUST know if you want to succeed!

If you're like most people searching to make some extra money selling on eBay or online auction sites, or maybe just wanting to make some extra cash or even start selling products at flea markets or by starting your own brick and mortar business, you may be looking for the perfect wholesale, surplus, or drop shipping sources but you don't have a clue how to find them, not to mention knowing what to do with them if you did find them!

Heck, you may just want to find dirt cheap products to keep for yourself or give away as gifts. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, almost every electronic item including my garbage disposal has come from surplus products. Even my two Sony Vaio's I operate my online businesses on came from surplus product! ; ) I've even stashed cologne, electric razors, saws, you name it. All of these items were brand new of which I paid pennies on the dollar. Here are some of my treasures...
The problem is I kept a lot of these. Do you realize how much money I could have made if I would have sold these? OK, at least I didn't have to pay anywhere close to WHOLESALE, let alone RETAIL ; ) Did you catch that? I hope a light just went off in your head.

I realize if you're reading this, you want to make money right?

Well, most people believe they can build a business on the fact that they can "score" "hot" retail merchandise at wholesale or below wholesale prices or for pennies on the dollar and make a fortune selling them on eBay without having a clue of HOW TO BUY THEM!
The thought is if I can just find out WHERE to find the "hot selling" items, I'd start an eBay business so I can quit my full time job and stay at home and have freedom!

Is that really the truth?

What most people don't realize is the EASY part IS FINDING the products! Look around the world, there are billions of products sold everyday! They come from somewhere and someone is buying them to resell. You just need to know WHERE to get them and HOW to buy them at low enough prices to resell for large profit!

The problem is that most people don't understand that the money is made when you BUY the products for resell!

Most people will find a supplier, buy without having a clue what they're doing and many end up in a world of financial hurt because they didn't know what no one told them they SHOULD know! Most hype on the internet wants you to believe that if you buy "our wholesale lists", you can get access to all of these products that'll make you a ton of money


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