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The Swimmers Body

The Behind-The-Scenes Story Of How I Discovered The Swimmers Body System

The Swimmers Body Nutrition Guide, Weight Training and Cardio Program is the combined result of all our years training athletes, studying research papers, clinical trials and how we apply it daily to our normal everyday clients who have normal everyday lifestyles.

It was one such new client of mine, Mike, who was the inspiration for the program. Mike exercised regularly and ate what he thought were healthy foods with a protein bar and energy drink on the days he was exercising. He came to me after being frustrated by his lack of results.

Mike wanted to feel more attractive and sexier to women. He had already booked a holiday and wanted to feel confident enough to show off his body by the pool, at the beach and in the bedroom!

When I asked Mike what his goals were, his answers were typical of many of my male clients...

“I want to add muscle but not look bulky”

When we explored this more, Mike explained that...

“I don’t want to look like a massive body builder, I want to look defined and in proportion, more like an athlete”

Studies have shown it is extremely important psychologically to have a clear vision of your target shape. So I asked Mike...

“If you could have the body shape of any athlete, which would it be?”

After some thought he replied...

“I want a swimmers body!”

Mike explained that he had seen the swimmers in the Olympics and had been envious of their broad shoulders, strong arms and chest. But it was because they were so athletic and in proportion that he was so impressed.

Say this goal to most people and they will tell you to hit the pool. Simple right? Isn’t that how Michael Phelps, Ian Thorpe and Mark Foster got their bodies?


Any decent personal trainer will explain how professional swimmers will use weight training as a core part of their exercise program. Of course, swimming is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise and can help remove body fat, but it is not an effective way to build muscle because the resistance is too low.

So I designed a split weight training program for Mike. I then added cardio interval training. After time I added mini circuit training sessions to keep it interesting. I also spent time teaching Mike the truth about nutrition and created him a personalized meal plan.

Getting your nutrition right is like working out twice as often!

I dispelled the common conflicting information about what will build muscle and reduce body fat. I suggested eating smaller meals but more frequently, each with a lean complete protein and a complex carbohydrate. Mike's sugar intake was too high; increasing fat storage and his low consumption of healthy fat was reducing his testosterone levels and restricting his muscle building.

I started asking more and more men the same question. “If you could have the body shape of any athlete, which would it be?” The answers were quite varied until I started giving choices of the most popular answers. The swimmers body shape was constantly admired and often came top.

Then I asked women...

“What is the sexiest body shape of any male athlete?”

Many didn’t need any choices before saying a swimmers body. Even the ones who said a footballer or a sprinter all agreed that a swimmers body was incredibly sexy. They said that it was the toned muscle and attractive proportions that made it so appealing.

Meanwhile Mike was now motivated because he was getting the results he deserved. His dedication was boosted even more by the compliments he was getting. He was now wearing different clothes to show off his impressive physique. His male friends and other guys at the gym wrongly assumed that he was spending a fortune on supplements. Women kept prodding his arms, groping his shoulders and his chest whilst giggling.

What was the big secret?

A structured training and nutrition program focused on clear goals.

Mike was measuring his progress and adjusting the program each week. He was also spending less time in the gym for each session, but working out much more intensely.

I know what you are thinking. Even if this worked for Mike, how do I know it will it work for me, right?

It is natural to be skeptical. I often hear comments like...

“I believe you can do this but I just don’t think it will work for me... ”

“My genetics don’t allow me to add that amount of muscle... ”

“I would never be able to get to that low body fat percentage... ”

“I do not have the time to get those sorts of results!”

Have you ever felt this way?

I’m embarrassed to say that even I have.

Before studying the research and qualifying as Personal Trainer and Nutritional Coach, I too used to look at the pictures in the magazines and the guys on screen and assumed that only a fraction of the genetically gifted could ever get those attractive proportions.

It’s NOT your fault!

Misinformation from magazines owned by supplement companies; Advice from other guys in the gym who have no qualifications and have done no scientific research; Supermarkets pushing low fat foods (the right fats should be core to your diet); Advertising from home workout machines guaranteeing results with no effort. There are a lot of confusing and conflicting messages out there!

The TRUTH is that you DO need to put in effort in intense training to get results.

Do NOT listen to anyone offering the “easy way to an amazing body”. I am offering the fastest way to an amazing body because this is only for men who are dedicated. I offer a carefully structured training plan that will give you amazing results that are accelerated by proper nutrition.

I want to spread the truth about how to get an amazing body. It does not take fancy equipment or pills to get results. It takes planning and the right information. It takes a practical structured approach with clear goals to get an attractive body.

So I asked Kevin and Victor to add their expertise to the program as they had been involved in clinical trials and I wanted to leverage the secrets professional swimmers use in their dry land training. These guys usually charge THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for their time!

With our combined expertise we have created an outstanding product that can be tailored to your lifestyle needs. It has been tried and tested by thousands of people all over the world with amazing results. We consistently get feedback from men who now feel sexier and more confident from the amazing body they have developed.

I am so confident in the program that if you do not get comments from friends about how much your body shape has improved in 60 days then you can email me for a full refund!   

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