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StumbleUpon Domination

Needless to say, my Dad was impressed. He didn't acknowledge it, but I'm making more money than he is at the moment. He'd seen me struggling for over a year with affiliate marketing and Pay Per Click programs. He knew I was giving Google half my wages every month. And he thought I was crazy to do that. He kept saying -

“Isn't there another way of getting some traffic? A way that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? Using Adwords is just going to send you broke.”

He was right, of course. Google was sending me broke. I didn't tell my Dad, but I was in the hole for about three thousand dollars. And some of that was on my credit card. But I was determined to make a success of my online business. I'd put too much time and money into it to just give up and walk away. I'd had some success building blog sites and sending Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click traffic to them and getting commissions on affiliate products.

...until Big G decided it didn't like my blogs any more and de-indexed some of them. But what was worse was the outrageous click price increase on some of the keywords - keywords I'd been getting for only cents a click were suddenly costing me dollars.


And Google was reducing my Adwords Quality Scores from 7/8/9 down to 3/4/5. Which of course was driving up the click price and playing havoc with my ROI - “return on investment”.

I'm no financial genius but I know you can't afford to be paying two or three dollars a click for most keywords. It just doesn't add up. It really doesn't . Google Adwords can be brutal. Its like playing craps – looking for a “7”. First it's your friend, then its your enemy. And the Yahoo PPC program is just as bad.

What is it? In a nutshell...it's a walk-through guide that shows you how to build websites that will be accepted onto the StumbleUpon network and how you set up PPC campaigns to drive targeted traffic to those sites.

What's so hot about StumbleUpon you say? I'll tell you in a minute. See - I wasn't thinking of sharing this. It was my Dad's idea. One day he said to me “You know – you could sell this system...there must be plenty of people who'd like the chance to make this kind of money”.

At first I wasn't convinced. Why would I want to run the chance of killing the goose that lays the golden eggs by showing everyone how I'm making a killing on StumbleUpon? But then I realised there's plenty of room for everyone – there are hundreds of niches. I could sell thousands of copies of this and it wouldn't make any difference to what I'm doing. And half the people that buy and read this system won't implement it. In fact it's probably more like three-quarters of the people who buy this won't do anything with it. Why? Because everyone's looking for something that's Instant Results...push-button...no work required.

Well “Good luck with that” is all I can say. The StumbleUpon Domination system takes a bit of work. But nothing too daunting. It does involve building Wordpress blogs – but if you've never done that, don't worry. It's not that hard and I'll show you how, step-by-step.


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