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Students prepare for exams all year

If you are after a fulfilling future or a better job, then getting into an undergraduate university program is the first major step you need to take. You may have finished high-school years ago … with a huge gap between these two points … or graduated a few weeks ago.

It doesn’t matter.

What’s important is that you’re going to take this big step in your life … and no matter how competent you are, you’ll need all the help you can get.

I’m here to offer you that help.

I’m not telling you that you can pass test by doing nothing. No way, that would be stupid and dishonest of me.

Instead, I’ve been in your situation, I know a few of the problems you are facing and what you’re trying to do. I know that you are competing with many people for the same limited spots … why you may feel intimidated by the exam itself … and how with a full time job, taking time for study is a luxury.

I’ve failed once, tried a few things out, most of them didn’t work but some did.

And I want to show them to you … and teach you how to be laser focused on the STAT requirements and pass with ease, nothing more, and nothing less.

The STAT Code Cracked …

Compared to where you are now, I think you’ll consider me the least qualified person to give you advice about the STAT exam. I’m no academic doctor or a 180 IQ genius.

To be honest, I’m not even that smart, compared to most candidates sitting the STAT exam.

I left high-school in year 10 … finding no real reason to stay. The entire theoretical B.S. and the fact that most people succeeded in life without any formal training made me dread the educational system.

For years, things were great. I made a lot of money, changed jobs very often and felt superior to anyone “wasting” their time in high-school and university.

But this lucky streak came to an end.

One day, after seeing how almost all of my friends made easier money after graduating university … and I had a desire to achieve something greater in life than changing jobs every 3 months … I decided to become a nurse.

Even if all my friends laughed at the idea, I found being a doctor to much of a headache and nursing was the best way to help others, grow and experience new things.


After a few weeks of research, I was determined – I was going to become a nurse.

But there was only one problem, the STAT.

I tried to find more info about the Special Tertiary Admission Test … both in the ACER booklet and online. Everyone was saying the same things … who, what, where and when … but failed to give me any real help.

Yet, I gave it my best shot. Even though I hadn’t sat an exam in years, especially not a serious one like the STAT. After performing a few of the sample questions I went into the exam feeling nervous, actually very nervous. There were so many people there. It seemed like everyone was smarter and more experienced at this stuff than me.

When the results were released a few weeks later, they weren’t good. A result of 127 meant I did not get a position at the university I aimed for.

The following year was completely different. My eyes were open to the STAT experience, I had a taste of what was to come and nothing could stop me. That year I achieved a score which allowed me to cruise into my first choice university and degree. It’s an amazing feeling.

Since then, I’ve developed a system which will help anyone get ready for this exam in record time. It’s not a magic bullet, but if you’re going through the STAT for the first or second time, then this will decrease your learning curve dramatically.


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