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Rift Blueprint

It doesn’t matter how long I’ve known someone – there’s sweet satisfaction in kicking their butt in a brand new game.

I remember being the first of my friends to hit Level 60 in World of Warcraft. The first to reach 100 Gold in Age of Conan. The first to rack up 1,000 PvP kills in Warhammer.

And I rubbed it into the faces of my buddies. And when they beat me to the punch, getting an epic mount first or dinging 525 in their professions after Cataclysm launched, I took it gracefully.

That’s the fun of a good MMO – you give and you get and at the end of the day, you’re all still friends.

That’s what makes Rift: Planes of Telara such an awesome game. It’s a classic style MMO. You complete quests. You earn money. You kill big bad dragons and their minions.

And how would you like to be the first to...

    * Reach Level 50?
    * Win 100 Warfronts?
    * Defeat Maelforge or Regulos?
    * Earn 1,000 Platinum?

When I got my hands on Rift, I wanted nothing more than to hit the level cap as fast as humanly possible and to show my fellow players and friend alike that you can’t mess with me.

And along the way, a simple truth became once again apparent…

“MMOs Are About Winning – If You Want to Dominate, Be Ready to Win!”

    * You can’t sit around farming for hours
    * You can’t sit around guessing at the best souls
    * You can’t just hope people show up to help you take out a Rift you opened.

More than any game I’ve played in YEARS, Rift is a game about creating the ultimate character and taking him or her out and stomping on your enemies - with big metal boots on.

You have to obtain every soul available in your calling, tweak each of your four soul layouts and be ready to take on PvE, PvP, or solo play like a pro - this is a game about shfiting priorities and being ready for anything. No longer can you get by with a five line macro and a bag of cheetohs.

But, don’t worry. If you’ve been watching Rift videos and tinkering around in the beta and are seriously considering playing this game, it’s absolutely possible to be one of the top players.


It’s possible to dominate in ways you never dreamed of and I have the formula to get you there.

Because let’s face it – you know how this works. You’ve played an MMO before. You’ve gotten knocked around a bit in PvP and taken out your share of end bosses.

When it comes right down to it, you have the strategies you need somewhere inside you already. You’re actually ready to do this.

You just don’t know it yet.

When I logged into Rift for the first time, I knew that things needed to be different and that you needed strategy that you could actually use, not the same old tired crap that people push out there whenever a new MMO hits the market. The soul system alone was riddled with complex decisions. there are more than 50 possible combinations to choose from and thousands of possible ability selections. Then, you actually have to use them. Plus, there are two factions, six races, and thousands of gear options. I haven't seen a brand new MMO this deep in YEARS.

I’m serious – ask yourself two questions right now – do you want to be more than just another gamer, and are you willing to change how you look at this game to do it?

15 hour days just to catch up to your buddies in Scarlet Gorge or Moonshade Highlands


Walking around with grungy old greens hoping you get lucky and a Rift doesn’t open on your head.

Not So Fast.

Running in circles trying to make Platinum by farming low level mobs - not even sure what to sell on the auction house.

Never Again!

This isn’t just a bunch of empty promises. This is the stuff I’ve been working on in MMOs for years – I have seen the tricks people employ. I’ve seen the strategies that work and the ones that don’t.

I’ve tried it all and I’m here to tell you that I have what you need to…

“Load Up on Hundreds of Platinum, and Dominating Everyone You Face in Warfront after Warfront!”

I know you’re thinking about it. How you will be the first to ding Level 50. How you’ll hit 100 Platinum before your friends. How you’ll have the freshest mounts and all the souls you need to create the perfect character.

And the best part is that what I have to show you doesn’t require cheats or buying platinum from some gold farmer. You’ll be ready to do it all on your own using the tips I have in my new guide.


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