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Raw Food Diet for Weight Loss

You’re about to discover a raw food diet that can work for you. With nothing more than a simple shift in the way you’re eating and living, you can start to enjoy your healthiest and most energetic life ever!

Which means that you’ll never again have to worry about spending hours in the kitchen preparing tasteless “healthy” meals. Never again will you have to worry about having 2 wardrobes to accommodate your weight fluctuations. Never again will a lack of energy hold you back from what you really want out of life!

What that really means to you is that you’ll finally live life on your terms! You will enjoy the incredible health and beautiful body that you know you deserve! No longer will you struggle to fit into your clothes OR have trouble getting out of bed in the morning OR look and feel older than worn leather!

And the reason I say that is because the simple raw food diet that you’re about to uncover on this page has given the life back to thousands of people (myself included) just like you by empowering them to eat healthier (with less effort), overcome years of bad dietary habits, and skyrocketing them to envious levels of energy, beauty, and radiant health. Unfortunately, you'll never hear this information from your doctor, dietitian, or other even other "diet experts" - after all, you being sick and unhealthy keeps them in business!
From a Very Young Age...

I have been fascinated by human performance and pushing my body to the limits. My dream was to play professional soccer (a dream that I eventually realized) but during the process of training, playing, working out, and going to school, my health took a turn for the worse.

When I was in my last year of high school, I lost all of my hair to an auto-immune condition called Alopecia. As you can imagine, it was a pretty tough time but I think I did a good job putting things into perspective. After all, there were people all around the world suffering much worse.

Nonetheless, I went to doctor after doctor and saw all the specialists. They all told me the same thing. That they didn’t know what caused Alopecia and that they could inject me some cortisone to supposedly help. I declined.

Fast-Forward a Few Years

After having graduated from university, I was now playing professional soccer in France. I was training twice a day and playing 1-2 games per week. My body was breaking down and I was constantly tired. I remember having to take naps every afternoon. That’s certainly no way to live!

To boot, my bad childhood asthma and eczema had made a dramatic comeback and I didn’t know why. Was I falling apart? I lay upright in bed some nights because even my steroid puffer couldn’t help me breathe easier. And, I couldn’t stop itching my hands since they were covered in eczema. I felt terrible.

When I look back on those days I can tell exactly what went wrong. You see, all of this stemmed from my childhood where I was fed foods that my body was heavily allergic to. Over time, and as I continued to eat these foods, my body hit its “allergic load”. My immune system went hay-wire and started attacking my own body – hence my alopecia.

My asthma and eczema flare-ups were also food-induced. Because the “dead” foods I was eating were literally toxic to my body, they produced inflammation, manifested as a tightening of my airways and skin breakouts.

But Yuri, What Does This Have to Do With Me?

I tell you this story because it has everything to do with you. Although I never struggled with excessive weight, it seems as though my expertise lies in that arena. I’ve personally helped over 15,092 people lose weight while dramatically improving their health! The thing to remember is that whether we’re talking about losing weight, asthma, skin problems, a lack of energy, or auto-immune disorders, the cause is the same!

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