الاثنين، 23 مايو 2011

Quickest Way To Rank On Google Today!

 You're About To Discover A Stupidly Simple Way To Generate A TON Of Traffic And All For FREE

It's time for you to stand up, take action and become master of your financial future!

Finally make all the money you’ve ever dreamt about and live life on your terms!

"OK, that’s great Phil… but why would you want to share this with me?"

Well, when I discovered this incredible system I was making a nice six figure income as a consultant in the utility industries - well the income sounded great but the out-goings were massive.

You see to earn this kind of money I had to work away from home five days a week, this meant time away from my loved ones, missed birthdays, family events etc.

 It also meant two homes, two cars, two lots of living expense and my "entertainment" costs were extortionate.

The strains on my marriage and family were adding to my stress and I was simply dying trying to earn a living!


Just to make things worse… it had become impossible to save any money for those unforeseen emergencies I was now living well above my means...

Here’s the straw that broke the camels back for me

The company I worked for told me if I wanted to stick around I'd have to reduce my day rate by some 30% - this was a huge drop and pretty soon the credit cards were beginning to get maxed out as I was tried desperately to juggle things around... robbing Peter to pay Paul

 ... In fact in a few short months I found myself at my lowest ebb.

The writing was on the wall I knew I was about to lose my job but that was the least of my worries you see I had something much more serious on my mind...

 “If Like Me… You've Been Looking For Or Even Tried A Few Online Marketing Courses, Then You're Probably Just As Disillusioned As I Was!”

You've no doubt jumped from e-book to e-book, bought the latest "Done for you product" hoping it will solve your marketing problems forever...

The truth is, these things are doomed to fail from the start... at best, they’re written in such a way you never really ‘get it’ at worse; they never really worked anyway!

What does this mean…

Well, most people (me included) put them to one side promising to use it sometime!

And then go out and snap up the next "wonder FIX"... (I swear, sometimes these "guru's are no better than "drug dealers"; they give you a taste of the dream and you keep needing the fix!).


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