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Program Yourself Thin

Why do some people lose weight so easily-while others try everything possible and barely lose a pound? Have you ever wondered why being thin can be so difficult even though you want it so badly?

What if you could drop 5, 10, 20 pounds permanently all on auto-pilot...
no dieting, no pills, no deprivation.

If one article can give you the information you need to transform your mind and body once and for all, this is it. Once you have read this entire article, you will never be able to think about your body and how you lost weight the same way ever again.

Before you continue reading this article, let me warn you about what you are going to experience.You will find yourself learning things that are so obvious and common sense that you will wonder:

“How come I never realized that before?”

Relax. This is normal!

You are about to learn the most overlooked truth of how to create the body you want, and it is probably not what you are thinking.
You can enjoy a level of control over yourself, that you never dreamed possible. But you must do one thing. You’ll only have to do it for the next few minutes, but  this one thing could be the difference between a life of physical pleasure or emotional pain.
You need to stop and take everything you know about weight loss, all your beliefs and ideas, and THROW THEM OUT THE WINDOW. At least until you finish reading this article (you’ll see why in a moment).

You could spend the rest of your life struggling and fighting to keep your weight down. Jumping from diet to diet, always searching for the next miracle pill, but you know that you won’t have a thin lean body until you know how to control your mind.

Choices, Emotions, and Orgasms

Let's begin with two eternal truths about human behavior that will never change (and this is the key to why these methods will work for you).

People always make the best choice they have

The real reason most people struggle with weight is because they think that being thin will be too hard. They think being thin will be a constant struggle or even worse that they'll suffer through dieting and the weight still won't come off.

The biggest problem is that people give themselves crappy choices. They say:

"I can be overweight and eat what I want
I can be thin but be bored, stressed, miserable, and deprived."

When it's put like that, which would you choose? When your choices improve you'll be amazed at how quickly and easily you begin to lose weight.

People do things for EMOTIONAL REASONS

Why do people eat dessert when they want to lose weight?
Why do people smoke when they know it'll kill them?
Because people do things for EMOTIONAL REASONS, then justify it logically.This is why people struggle to lose weight. They think about all the reasons why they should go on a diet. "I'd be healthier", "I'd feel better", blah, blah, blah.
The problem is that when those logical sanitized reasons come up against the orgasmic thought that is chocolate cake, the diet goes out the window, it's no match.
My point is that people need to fight fire with fire. You need to get down and dirty with your cravings in a way that is effective and FUN.

That is where Program Yourself Thin 2.0 comes into play...

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