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oint-and-Click Learning System

How long have you been trying to make money online?

...6 months, maybe a year, maybe more?

I'm guessing it's been more than a little while.

Trying one program after another with little to no results.

Sure, maybe you've made a little bit here and there, but nothing to write home about.

Before long you start thinking it's all just one big conspiracy.

Well, I’ve got some some news for you...

“You’re Damn Right It Is!”


I hope you don’t mind the adult language... I just get a little worked up about this.

You see, it’s not so long ago I was trying to figure out how internet marketing works.

It started out during college, when I was looking for a way... any way... to avoid having some lame 9-5 job after graduation.

Of course I read about internet marketers making millions online... and I figured that if I could just do one tenth as well... I could save myself from "cubicle hell."

So I bought into the dreams they were selling.

I handed over my hard-earned cash... and ended up with nothing but a few re-hashed e-books, and no clue what to do with them.

After getting on a bunch of email lists and poking around in forums, I figured out what was going on pretty quickly...

Internet Marketers were promoting Internet Marketing products from their Internet Marketing buddies... to make a buck off of Internet Marketing newbies!

And the worst part was... they only revealed enough information to get you to buy the NEXT “latest and greatest” product.

When I realized that...

“I Got Downright Furious!”

I was worried about way more than the money I spent on e-books.

Because it wasn’t just the money... I was looking for serious advice, and I had no where to turn.

Even though I wasn’t a big success online, I was doggedly determined to make it happen.

I even went so far as to drop out of college to pursue my internet business (which had yet to turn a profit).


As you can imagine... that did NOT go over too well with my parents.

In fact... they almost kicked me out of the house and onto the street!

With nothing but disappointment from “gurus,” and my parents freaking out, I knew I had to make something happen.

Rather that put my fate in the hands of someone else...

“I Became A Scientific Detective”

Looking back, I can see why things didn’t start out well... I was listening to a bunch of “one trick ponies,” marketers who could only sell IM e-books.

So I took my fate into my own hands, and I scientifically broke down every single aspect of profitable online business models.

I’m talking everything:
    The Markets That Bring In The Most Cash
    The Strategies That Separate The Big Dogs From The Has Beens
    The Techniques That Generate Massive Paydays
    The Leverage Points That Allow Complete Time Freedom
    The Real Secrets That No One Was Coughing Up Of Their Own Free Will

Simply put, I stopped believing the hype, and I started uncovering where the real money was being made online.

I began reverse engineering the formula for success.

One-by-one, I dissected how all the gurus were REALLY making money. Not how they SAID they were making money, but the exact strategies they were using to put money in bank and food on the table.

How did I do that, you ask?
    I Analyzed Their Business Models From Top To Bottom
    I Purchased Their Products And Picked Apart Their Upsells And Downsells
    I Uncovered ALL Their Organic Google Rankings To See How They Ranked Where They Did
    I Used A Free Online Tool To Analyze Their Sales Letters Over Time, To Learn What They Learned
    I Uncovered What They Were DOING, Not What They Were SAYING


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