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New marketing tracking system

This affiliate marketing thing was supposed to be easy.

And apparently it is... for some people.

Every day there's a new story about some rookie who raked in tens of thousands from his very first affiliate campaign... Meanwhile, you're sitting in front of your computer, constantly refreshing your accounts and making less than it costs to drive PPC to the product.

Or worse yet...

A Big Fat Goose Egg!
But You've Done Everything Right.
Why Aren't You Making Money?

You chose a popular product from Clickbank, drove traffic using PPC and search engines... and then even applied every bag of tricks from the latest and most popular affiliate marketing ebooks... But what aren't you making any money while some people do it so easily?

I've been in this situation before and know exactly how it feels like but today that's all about to change. lways remember that failing the part of process that leads you to success, and your failure and frustration led you to here... to this letter.


Hi I'm Peter Yoon. I make a full-time affiliate marketer who only works few hours per week. I don't make millions of dollars but it sure gives me a life style that I want. For example, my wife is pregnant with our second child and I feel so blessed that I can be with her and play with my son any time.
You may have heard of me before. If you haven't, I'm a creator of Conversion Prophet, a conversion predicting software that changed hundreds of lives including mine. I used Conversion Prophet to immediately double the conversion rate of the sales letter that I used to sell a niche ebook. It went from $0 to $1,500 per month literally overnight. It was such a breakthrough for me that I made the software available to the public. And it changed the life of people who used it as well.

But, what does this have to do with Affiliate Marketing?


From $0 to $3,579.82 a Month
In The First 30 Days From Nothing

When I applied Conversion Prophet to affiliate marketing the result was even better!

It took my flat-lined affiliate website to make $3,579.82 in the very first month and still generates over $3,000 per month after a year later... without any effort at all.

I don't have to create a product. I can just promote an affiliate program... apply Conversion Prophet to transform the new campaign to pump out additional hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. I can basically set it up and forget it and money would keep roll in.

You can see why I became affiliate marketer after that.

And that's why I transformed Conversion Prophet into an affiliate-driven and much more powerful....


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