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The New Banana Diet

“I Felt So Fat And I Had
Absolutely NO Willpower To Diet or Exercise!”

It's true, as painful as that is to admit. It was totally depressing. I didn't think I was ever going to be thin again.

Then a Japanese friend of mine introduced me to a diet that was taking her country by storm, making people lose all their extra weight without even having to exercise. Better yet, she told me I would hardly even have to change my normal eating habits.

What was this diet and why hadn't I ever heard of it?

Well, I hadn't heard of it because it was developed in Japan. And it was so effective there that virtually everyone in Japan that wanted to lose weight was on it. The entire country was running out of bananas!

“Lost 37 Pounds of Fat... Without Exercising”

The Banana Diet was actually created by a top-notch pharmacist in Japan who wanted to help her 31 year old fiance lose 37 lbs of fat.

Being from the West, at first I thought "This can't possibly work!", but then I started doing a little research and I found out just how amazing a banana is!   Here are just a couple of banana facts:

    * Bananas contain a large amount of an insoluble carbohydrates called “resistant starch.” Resistant starch, taken in the right way at the right time, has been credited with initiating fat burning and melting away excess body fat

    * Bananas contain enzymes that, when taken at specific times, will speed up
      digestion and ramp up your metabolism to levels you won't believe

    * Bananas can reduce blood pressure, give you healthy skin and hair, and are naturally heart healthy

    * Bananas are one of the only fruits that you can take with an ulcer. They actually can soothe your stomach and reduce heartburn.

    * While the calorie content in bananas is only 95, they contain just 0.5g fat and provide a huge wealth of additional benefits

The more I read, the more interested I was.

I decided that there really may be something to this diet, so I went back to the source. I learned that Sumiko's fiance, Hitoshi, had spent a small fortune on different diet programs (starting to sound familiar?) and had tried a truckload of different exercise and weight loss systems. But, just like so many of us, he just couldn't drop any weight - no matter what he did.

Out Of Desperation Came The Answer

It was one of those events that everything has to come together or it just won't happen.

You see, when this cutting edge, professional pharmacist saw the difficulty her fiance was having with losing weight, she devoted herself to creating a plan that would let him lose weight without having to put out any extra effort.

Sumiko was able to combine her extensive knowledge of modern medicine with her expertise in ancient traditional Chinese herbal medicine and create a diet that had her fiance's weight melting off in just a matter of days.

For the first time in years, he was able to actually lose weight.  A lot of weight!

In fact, he lost a whopping 37 pounds of fat and, because of the startling new methods Simiko designed into this diet, he lost that much fat without having to ever hit the gym even once!

Even better yet , he hardly changed his normal eating habits at all, and he still lost 37 lbs of fat.

Sound interesting? It should. When Sumiko's fiance told others about this diet on one of Japan's social sites, this remarkable diet began sweeping across the country, and is just now hitting the rest of the world.

This little diet developed over in Japan has become so popular that Time magazine devoted space to it's amazing qualities in its October 2008 issue.

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