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Member Money Magnet

Chances are, you already know about how popular membership sites are. That kind of residual income is the "be your own boss" dream situation!

So why isn't everybody doing it? If it's such a successful model…then why do people still "go to work"…why not just do this?

The truth? It's not necessarily easy if you try to figure it out on your own. If you've looked into having a membership site of your own before, you know all the decisions you are presented with. It just seems very complicated. And it is, if you don't have any help or experience with building a membership site.

Let me re-state a little differently…it's not simple.

You see, unless you know what you're doing, it can be a very difficult thing to be successful. Let me tell you why…and then I'll tell you why it won't be nearly as hard for you…
5 Reasons Starting A Successful
Membership Site Can Be HARD!

   1. Membership sites require a significant amount of setup.
      You need an idea, you need materials, you need a site, forum, members page, vendor for payments, content for the members, and many more things. It can be overwhelming, and if you're working without the help of an expert, it's easy to fail to even get a site launched.
   2. Successful sites must have an angle…a niche.
      You can make a successful membership site about almost any subject. It needs to be something you either know very well or enjoy learning about. The desire to create doesn't automatically breed success, though. You must find a niche market, or a place for your product to thrive. How will you find it? How much do you know about marketing, positioning, sales?
   3. Membership sites require…well…members.
      In order to be successful, you must find paying members. There are many ways to do this. How many loyal followers do you currently have? How many ways do you know to find subscribers?
   4. Successful membership sites have great content in abundance.
      If you're going to be successful, you'll need to generate content regularly. Good content. How do you know what subscribers are looking for? How much is enough? How will you find ideas for fresh, new content? There can be a lot of pressure put on content creation…and writers block is worse when you're under pressure.
   5. There is constant pressure to keep members paying.
      You never know what may cause someone to drop out. If you're going to keep members, you have to constantly monitor, evaluate, and adjust what you give, how you deliver the product, and what your customer base wants.

Do you know how to do all of this? I sure didn't when I started.

I could have gotten where I am today in a LOT less time by following a pro. An expert. A guide.

I'd give anything to have had all my questions answered when I was starting out in 2005 with my first membership site. Instead, I succeeded by living through tons of mistakes and with a lot of luck. And in twice the time it could have taken me with the right guidance.

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